Team Billings

Friends, I love this country and I am doing my best to return her to her glory. But I am also wise enough to know that I am just one man and I can only do so much alone.

That is why we created Team Billings. This is a grass roots level project utilizing the help of other like-minded Patriots. Our mission is to break through the fake news media's grip on the minds of much of our nations fellow citizens.

We are non-violent soldiers fighting to raise awareness, expose the far-left, woke agenda and put America First Again.

This is a volunteer position that requires experience with video editing software. You should have good internet services.
Time investment expected: 1-2 hours per month.

This is a volunteer position that requires you to provide raw and edited video footage of political events, community functions, school board meetings, etc…

This video well be used to raise awareness about both leftist insanity as well as stories of Americans doing things right.

You should have either a phone or camera capable of filming in 1080p minimum.

Videos will be made available to all of the hosts on our network and you will be given video credit in news articles and programs.

Time investment expected: Varies by event

This is a paid position. The right candidate should be someone with contacts and access to high-level government officials, news makers and members of the American Patriot movement.

Estimated time investment required: 20-30 hrs per month

This is a volunteer position. This person will be responsible to post timely news articles, comments, memes and video clips to legacy social media platforms in groups and pages and your own profiles if you choose.
Time investment expected: 

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