“If I Were the Deep State” Spoof of Paul Harvey’s Classic Speech on Satan’s Ambitions

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The Dilley Team for Trump has just unveiled a remarkable new video that has garnered high praise. Citizen Free Press shared this exceptional creation, titled “If I Were the Deep State,” earlier today.

Produced by a conservative creator, the video is impeccably executed and effectively captures the malevolence of the current lawless administration in Washington DC, along with the unelected bureaucrats who are undermining our beloved America.

Addressing various grievances against the Deep State, such as instigating conflicts, imprisoning Trump and his followers, and persecuting Americans who dare to question or oppose alleged election irregularities, this video is a powerful critique of the Deep State’s actions.

Here is the transcript:

If I was the deep state, and I wanted to destroy America, I would rig the election with a puppet candidate, one that was so compromised that they would never say a word about it.
I would create a false flag that allows for mail in ballots.
I would be in charge of the ballot counting machines.
I would create a false flag to blame all who question the results of the election.
If I was the deep state eight, I would prosecute anyone that went against me.

I would sue and prosecute anyone that spoke up about the fraudulent election.
I would use my powers to shut down all your Internet businesses and bankrupt you.
If I was the deep state, I would make everyone an example why you should never question a democrat ever winning an election.
I would imprison my foes.
I would use my corrupt Das and blackmailed judges to destroy you.

I would make sure all crimes I ever committed never happened.
I would prosecute my biggest competition.
I would make sure they could never run for office ever again.
If I was the deep state, I would convince everyone that Ukraine Nazis were good and women are men.
If I was the deep state, I would own every politician that mattered.

If I was the deep state, I would push my pedophilia ambitions on you.
If I was the deep state, you’d question your sexual identity, but not the medical establishment.
If I was the deep state, you would fear to ever resist me.
If I was the deep state, you would wish I was really the devil.
If I was the deep state, I would say mission accomplished.


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