Ladies and Gentlemen:

Welcome to the show where we join in Determined Prayer and Determined patriotism!

I started this show in February of 2020 after having been furloughed from a 23-year human resources executive career in the manufacturing & healthcare industries. I was a victim, as were many of you, of the wildly unnecessary economic shutdowns due to the (highly survivable) CoVid19 plandemic. It was at this time I took note of our beloved Republic in a new way…It is under attack from within and from outside our borders. I drew this conclusion: The elected class of the Democrat party in the United States has transitioned into a mixture of Communism and Socialism and have become the Commusocialist Party. And make no mistake: They are NOT an American political party.

They are anti-American. The radical left and their elected class want to radically transform America away from the Divine Providence of God who inspired our Founders to write the three most significant documents (other than the Bible) in the history of mankind:
1. The United States Declaration of Independence
2. The United States Constitution
3. The United States Bill of Rights

After seeing all of this transpire and with firm belief that God was calling me to journey (finally) on my true path, I started the podcast, “The Right Side With Doug Billings.TM”
After only 7 months, the show gained world-wide attention. By January of 2021, just 11 months after starting the show, over 23 million people were stopping by my YouTube channel. They, of course, cancelled me when I hit those numbers. But God guided me and I met incredible people. In a short amount of time I had a TV deal with BEK.News.

One of the key reasons the show is successful is, and I mean this, not because of me. It’s because of the show’s message. Most people in the world live their lives with conservative values. They want to hear a solid, honest conservative voice. And I take great joy in pointing out the intellectual immaturity of liberals!

Many of the people I met made comparisons of me and Rush Limbaugh. General Mike Flynn, Lin Wood and Glenn Beck all commented on this. Now, Rush was a mentor to me and let be clear: There will NEVER be another Rush. I am 100% humbled, flattered and blessed that people mention my name and Rush’s in the same sentence. I promise you all, that I remain centered in God, embrace humility and realize that what I do is only one small piece of the effort we ALL must endeavor to undertake: The waking up of America and the world!

Today, my show airs in prime time at 8:00-9:00 Central time on BEK.News and on my website. I go head-to-head against the honorable Sean Hannity and the Commusocialist Anderson Cooper. I have BEAT Mr. Cooper in some ratings. The show ranks in the top 10 conservative political/social commentary podcasts in the world and has earned Neilsen and Comscore ratings.

Thank you for your support. It is an honor and blessing to be able to speak to you. You are the most intellectually mature audience in all of podcast land!

God bless you and all whom you hold dear.

Doug’s Bio

The Right Side With Doug BillingsTM is one of the most popular conservative and social commentary programs in America and around the world. Recent podcast ratings put the show at #10 in the United States and in the top 10 of news commentary shows in dozens of countries.

With his powerful voice, high-level guests and his ability to see through fake news, Doug Billings has brought The Right Side to relevance. He continually points out the intellectual immaturity of liberals with facts, truth, God and humor. General Micahel Flynn, Lin Wood and Glenn Beck have all said that Doug may well be the next Rush Limbaugh.

The show attracts high-profile guest and Tier-1 influencers: General Michael Flynn, Lin Wood, Patrick Byrne, Mike Lindell, Dr. Alan Keyes, Sidney Powell, George Papadopolous, Chad Prather, Clay Clark, Dr. Simone Gold, Joey Gilbert, Jim Marchant, Tom Homan, Senator Marsha Blackburn, Ann Vandersteel, Stew Peters and numerous others.

The show gives more than mere news. When you watch and listen to The Right Side With Doug BillingsTM you also get a dose of hope and inspiration. Doug brings Godly enthusiasm and optimism for America and the world to every show!

It’s no wonder that this program is being noticed and labeled as one of the most influential conservative political and social commentary shows in the world.