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Biden Official Damages Relations with Niger, US Troops Stuck in Country, 100 Million Airbase Abandoned

OMG! Joe Biden Just Handed $100 Million Airbase To Russians In Niger

Governor Abbott Pardons Sgt. Daniel Perry For Fatally Shooting Armed BLM Rioter in Self-Defense, Slams Soros DA in Fiery Statement

TX Governor Makes Another Bold Move That Enrages The Left

Vitamin D supplements lower risk of autoimmune disease, researchers say

Vitamin D supplements lower risk of autoimmune disease, researchers say

The Minority Report

Are Californians Fleeing The State?

⁣Joe Biden Says He “Works For Kamala Harris” In Remarks At Reception For AANHPI Heritage Month

President Trump Cleverly Side-Steps Merchan’s Gag Order After Serial Liar Michael Cohen Testifies

⁣Doctor Sounds The Alarm On Puberty Blockers

Bill Maher Trashes Stormy Daniels Testimony Over Blatant Contradictions In Past Interview

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Trump Leads Nation and Electoral College

Trump Leads Nation and Electoral College

Trump Allies Join Him In The Courtroom, Hammer DA Bragg’s Show Trial Circus
Wow! Look Who Is Coming To Trump's Defense In NYC Courtroom

The momentum of congressional support for former President Donald Trump's trial is slowly building. The recent delegation to the trial, led by House Speaker Mike…

Former Senior Policy Advisor to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton Charged with Child Sex Offenses
Obama, Hillary Clinton Advisor Busted In Child Porn Sting

A senior policy advisor from former President Barack Obama's administration has found himself embroiled in a heinous legal battle involving crimes against children. Rahamim Shy,…

Joe Biden Trips and Almost Falls at DC Event Honoring Fallen Officers
Unfit for Command: Dementia Joe Trips Again At Event

Joe Biden found himself in a precarious situation once again, teetering on the brink of another embarrassing fall while attending the National Peace Officers’ Memorial…

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