No Refund Policy:

Each payment in support of Doug’s show is appreciated. We hope that you’ll be with us for a long time to come. If, however, your situation changes and you need to cancel, you can do here.

Although refunds are not provided, you won’t be charged future fees from the time of cancellation. And remember, you can always sponsor the show again in the future.

For security purposes, This website does not allow for the changing of payment information.
Basic Membership Yearly
$120.00 / Year
  • Make The Right Side With Doug Billings possible
  • 10% off Store
Basic Membership Monthly
$10.00 / Month
  • Make The Right Side With Doug Billings possible
  • 10% off Store
Hello and welcome to the Membership Page!

Membership is partly about “perks” but it’s primarily about SUPPRORT of me and the show. This is how I make my living and I do it for love of country.

For a small amount, you can help me continue to produce and broadcast the Conservative American message that has become the fastest-growing program in all of podcast land!

And, if you’d like to do something extra, head over to our “Sponsor” page and choose the sponsorship package of your choice. Corporate and small-business sponsorships are enouraged. I can even create a page within my website for you to help peole find YOUR business or organization.

If you want to be a personal sponsor of the show, I’d love to have you on board.

In either case, you’ll be helping to combat the rise of Commusocialism and defend our Republic – and the WORLD – from its spread. There is even a way to hire me to speak to your company, organization or event. I’d love to meet your group!

There is more coming! Soon, I’ll be live streaming from the website – which only Legacy members and sponsors will be able to enjoy! There will be merchandise, memorabilia, patriot events and more.

I’d like to personally thank you. Truly.
God bless you and all whom you hold dear.