A Conversation with the Flyover Conservatives!

A Conversation with the Flyover Conservatives!


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8 replies on “A Conversation with the Flyover Conservatives!”

  • Iris Sanchez-Ortiz says:

    Thank you for all you do…sharing it on my Gab illy152, hope more come and watch your great work…

  • Elizabeth Dick says:

    All we are getting from you is talk, talk and more talk! Through out these months, you have presented guests that gave us so much hope. But you have slowly flipped and flopped on all of the hope presented – most especially Maria Zack. Now your plan includes solutions like to stop shopping at Walmart! What???? I see the solution as the Supreme Court finally living up to their oaths and standing up to the fact that there is proof positive that the 2020 election was stolen and a fraud! President Trump is the legitimate president and Biden and his minions must vacate the White House. General Flynn must get the National Guard to get order restored! WE THE PEOPLE have had it and if action is not taken soon, there will be another civil war! Enough!!
    Your guests tonight did little more than to giggle their way through the show. You talk and talk and talk! Time for talk has come to an end and so many of your fans have lost faith in you and all the repeating of your phrases and talk!

    TIME FOR ACTION! So we see you no longer believe in General Flynn, Maria Zack, Sidney, etc. We do not respect you are your giggling guests!

  • Madeline says:

    Doug, inquiring minds want to know.
    Where’s Maria?
    I thought she was going to be on once a month along with Gen McInerey.
    Bring Back Ms. Zack!!

  • Fred Spencer Taylor says:

    I love the notion that the mask partners with fear. I’m not in fear over Covid, but I’m FEARFUL of the confrontation I’ll receive not wearing the worthless mask.

  • Jeffrey Adam says:

    Thanks Doug

  • kathie ford says:

    YES! President Trump was and IS (we know he won) the best President we ever had.

    Wish so very much He was in the White House right now.

    On Her statement now, I totally agree w/her as well. Much darker, deeper than we could ever believe. I believe also what she shared the Lord told her. I am in total agreement.

    Last week, I heard the LORD say in my spirit “My Universe” Yes, it is HIS and only his. I also heard “Light of the world” in my spirit in regards to Jesus.

  • kathie ford says:

    This couple is such a blessing. I am appreciative and in agreement w/what they speak. Thank you.
    Interesting points of view and Godly perspective.

    I am amazed how I am seeing God placing, those chosen, who are such strong fearless Godly individuals on the frontlines in so many key public positions fighting for our Country, and all this evil. My prayer is for those to continue to speak out truth, educate and guide those who are searching desperately for hope, encouraging peaceful involvement in this fight. Clearly spiritual battle and real. Christ IS on the Throne. He sees all. He hears all. He knows all. In HIS timing he will deal with this evil. The enemy is a defeated foe by the Blood of Jesus Christ. He is an overcomer. Thus we too shall be overcomers in this battle with our Heavenly Father…

    Yes..Fear is NOT of God. Amen!

    I claim Jehovah Nissi.

  • Lisa Patterson says:

    I love your show! I really enjoyed hearing David & Stacey speak truth and positivity regarding our role as conservatives to do our part to save our country.