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  1. Ed

    If there is no plan to restore Trump as the duly elected president then we are just surrendering to the evil cabal and the Deep State wins again. No! The truth must stand and no matter who is against it, they cannot skirt justice. We cannot allow a stolen election and this house of cards must fall.

  2. Graham


    You’ve more than made your point re the plan is the people over the last week. I know it’s not your intention, but you come across as a tad condescending when talking about Patriots clinging desperately to the hope that the stolen election will be corrected soon by the military etc. Claiming that Patriots expect the President to return in a chariot of fire is taking it way too far.

    If you’ve thought this was a bunch of nonsense all along perhaps you could have made these thoughts clear months ago. I don’t want to see your reputation tarnished therefore suggest you move on from this point. I’m sure listeners have more than got the message.

    God bless,


  3. Denes

    The best Chanel, thank you so much.
    It won’t take decades to change America back to where it belongs, because the truth is on our side.
    Many greetings from Europe

  4. Lee Lanham


  5. Kimila Garrett

    I have watched the Patriot video’s since January, Why do they keep saying that Trump is blowing up dumbs, arresting the evil Cabal, military tribunals, and executions, and that he is coming back if it is a lie? In my 59 years on this earth, I have NEVER saw a protest accomplish Anything at all. They just keep doing what they want to do regardless. I have watched the candidates change sides and we don’t know what they stand for. They say they are Dem when it looks good, and Republican when it looks like they will win. So what you are Really saying, is nothing is happening with Trump. Why didn’t they tell us the Truth that Trump is not coming back. We are ready to fight for our country with guns if that is what it takes to save our country. If the military is doing Nothing, or Trump, we need to be busy. I have been to school board meetings, and stood up and gave my opinion on what was wrong. They ignored me and kept doing what they wanted to do, it accomplished NOTHING. That is like protests, it does no good, they just keep doing what they want to do. Since protests, going to school board meetings, and standing up does no good, the only thing left is to take up our guns, if all they are saying is a LIE. We need Truth from the beginning. They are holding America back with lies from defending our boarders, and defending our country if Nothing is being done. If we say we want an audit, the one’s that have over run us will be the one’s to say we will do it, and the results will be the same. We don’t know anything about being a sheriff, mayor, or road commissioners ect. They all lie when we vote for someone we think is right, they end up being the wrong choice, because they said, “I am for God, and country,” but then end up being evil. We don’t know anything about being on a school board. What good is it when the majority is against you? That is my questions.

  6. Cori

    Saddens me that there is no plan. So what hope have we? How can this country return from this evil tyranny.

  7. Lois

    Trump WILL BE reinstated – trust the plan!


    I think we should have an election day holiday. I very willing to give my staff off with pay as long as they vote

  9. Cecilia

    It’s hard to believe that despite all the evil people around us and the evil things they have done, that it’s very possible there are patriots who are part of a plan. We witnessed how President Trump did his responsibilities as POTUS. As a businessman he meticulously planned whatever he needed to accomplish. I believe there are many good people in uniform and some good politicians. President Trump said he will return. He loves America and its people. The forensic audit and cyber foreign interference neeed to be presented before SCOTUS. Let’s pray most have integrity, courage and follow the Constitution. We need to re-kindle our faith, hope, and truth and good will prevail.

  10. Kathryn Punnett

    Plan or not as many believe for the reinstatement of Trump we should all remind ourselves that our True Leader, Our God, has a plan that has been in place eternally. This plan always ultimately defeats evil and exposes each and every soul that is unwilling to live a life of moral values that lends itself to the greater good of mankind.

    We must not trust in the arm of another man’s flesh but on the arm of Our Eternal God. That is what makes us the most intellectual MATURE AUDIENCE IN PODCAST LAND.

    God uses whom he will and whom will make themselves available to enact His Plans. If President Trump yet has a part to play hallelujah! If not never fear there is someone that has been chosen to play this role in the saving of America. We were, are and will always be the Land of the Free and the home of the brave and this is not disputable. Thus America established on the phrase, ” In God We Trust” will be saved by that same God upon whom we trusted.

    It is obvious that most of your audience due to your silence on the topic until now have believed that you are in lock step with your guests who believe in this kind of a plan. Silence sometimes is not golden and states emphatically that you are not opposed to such narratives. It would appear that you have gone out of your way now to state emphatically that you do not believe in the spin that Simon Parkes and Charlie Ward have on the saving of America. It’s okay! We don’t have to agree on the means but only upon the source of the winning of this battle! It appears to me that all of you agree on this fact.

    You are doing a great job bringing guests on your show who have different perspectives as all no matter how they think and what they will accept need Hope! Hope is engendered in many with a , “We the People Plan”. Then there are those who believe in the military plan and call to action to reinstate Trump! Whatever one believes in what we have in common is that we all believe in America and that it will not be destroyed by the enemy within or without!

  11. Sue Holder

    You, General Flynn, Ann Vandersteel, Stew Peters, Sydney Powell, Lynn Wood and anyone else that you’ve “aligned” with have ALL mislead. I never heard any of you condemn the plan before, or actually say there was no plan before. In fact, there was PLENTY of implying. What happened to the STORM and TRUSTING the plan? Why have you suddenly aligned and decided to speak out now? Why no pushback before against the idea of the possibility military intervention? WHAT CHANGED? We certainly never heard any pushback at the freedom conferences that Trump’s not coming back, or pushback that there’s a not a military plan. Nope! You just let that ball roll!!! You took advantage of that situation and America’s desperate hope! YOU implied and you MISLEAD. You all lied by omission if you knew something and didn’t speak out earlier.
    Conservative Americans have been gut punched enough!!! We certainly didn’t deserve to be lead down the road to false hopes and a dead ends. Why was the motto suddenly changed? Why wasn’t “you are the plan” said sooner? Where’s the storm?
    Was false hope the only plan ever? Horrible, horrible plan. Asking people to pick themselves up and start all over after 10 rounds of gut punches feels more like a final blow than a “plan”.

  12. Sue Holder

    Oh one more thing before I tune out…
    “We are all in this together”
    Where have we heard this before? Probably not a great plan to use a leftist motto for covid as part your new talking points.

  13. Dave

    What happened to Maria Zack? We haven’t seen an interview with her for awhile. Is she ok?

  14. Steve

    Sorry Doug,
    The chaos will continue and the people can do nothing to stop it.

  15. Ironhead

    If the military does not do something then they have not upheld their oath to the constitution. There has indeed been treason committed against our nation and if nothing is done about it through the military then we patriots must. I appreciate your thoughts and really love your show but this must not go on without some accountability. I was raised by a Marine and I know what oath my father took in 63 and I know that he wouldn’t stand for the communists bastards taking our country and we can’t neither. If the 2020 election is not rectified then we will never win another one. Doesn’t matter how many school boards you talk to or how involved you get. These bastards must not be allowed to get away with treason and I am not willing to surrender like it sounds like you are.

  16. Dawn Hunt

    Doug, I have always enjoyed your videos. This one, however, had me a bit confused and annoyed. You always appeared to be been a supporter of some sort of plan and now suddenly you admit that you believe there is no plan? First and foremost, Our God is in control and his plan for this country was enacted long, long ago! With all due respect, does Colonel Mills have the proper security clearance to *know* about a military plan to help save this country? While I agree that We The People must take a a stand if we are going to save America, we will need some help in doing so. This election fraud is going to come out and that is going to create a Constitutional crisis. The military will be needed for continuity of government. That is a PLAN, my friend. Also, you probably should research devolution. Kash Patel has a 10 part series which explains what is actually happening in our country. Maybe an interview with Kash Patel would be helpful as well! Thanks for all you do!

    • Dbillingusr

      HI Dawn,
      You’ve never heard me say the military is in charge. If you’ve listened, you will notice I continually say God has already determined the outcome and is in charge.
      Now then: The military is not running our Republic. With the chaos at the border, the debacle of Afghanistan, General Milly’s treason, there is no way that the military is working up some kind of mythical “plan.” The audits, although needed, won’t be finished in a timely manner. Look at Arizona: Fraud is proven, yet because they have 2 RINOs involved, they aren’t pushing for a recall of their Electoral College votes. Devolution is interesting but it’s not going to cause military to create a takeover plan. Our Republic simply isn’t designed for that.
      The best thing for us to to is remain in reality and beging the hard work of Determined Patriotism… Getting involved and taking back our Republic…. We The People are the one and only plan.