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  1. Darlene

    This isn’t the only example of the media parroting one another. More examples were Russian collusion, impeachment, covid fear, January 6th insurrection, and now the attacks on the unvaccinated. All scripted. Verbatim.

  2. Sheri Smith


  3. Dan

    Have you heard from maria zach? I hope she is ok. I am a true patriot

  4. Andy

    Hi Doug,
    Thanks for the video addressing serious issues in Australia. I live in Adelaide & there are no covid cases here with places at 75% capacity open which is the opposite in Sydney. The media here is unbelievably full boar to get the jab which I am resisting but things are difficult with the majority of the public happy to comply. I can’t thank you enough for your program with great patriots bringing hope & surely this will lead to America rising again. I’ve been listening to your program for a few weeks now & it’s refreshing to hear things are slowly changing.

    Cheers Andy

  5. Jeremy

    What we are seeing in Australia is definitely heading this way as well.

  6. Cathy Crossley

    I have not listened to this podcast yet but wanted to know what happened to Maria Zack? Anything new developing from her team?

  7. Marilyn Chin

    Have you been on to see the tribunals that have been taking place? Several people have been executed. Bill Gates is undergoing his tribunal now.

  8. Jean L

    You have to realise that If You believe in Scripture.

    Entertainment and sports is pure vanity. It is the entertainment.

    You are “news”.

    Look to scripture for your direction and answers. All this was predicted. A thousand people think it is this or that way, but until it is played out where prophecy and reality of it playing out, you never know what it is.

    The narrative has been played out on the Hollywood screens. But that is their interpretation and who made it look this or that way?

    It is to get people to fit the agenda. So.

    National foot ball. Really Doug? What you spend on entertainment would feed 3-5 families. A couple kids back to school cloths and supplies.

    I am not saying not have a good time, but Christ never went to the Gladiator Games. That is what Football & Hockey are.

    The right side is just as bad as the commy socialist. My Bible says that there is only a remnant. We are not going to fix this world, we are not creating a great place to live. My Bible says we are Going home in the clouds of Glory.

    I get you, you are seeing and speaking truth about what is happening, but to speak truth you have to go to the only source that has truth about the future. That is God! Christ! The Bible! The Holy Spirit!

    So become familiar, we have some more plagues to go through, the Mammal Dolphins and Whales are dieing of a disease like Small Pox. They are related.

    Climate Change is not the industrial complex, that has been there, it is God withdrawing His protection. The 4 angels can no longer hold back the winds of strife.

  9. Fred Spencer Taylor

    It’s all by design, Doug. That’s their strategy…chaos, division, destruction making folks dependent on the government and then wah lah, totaltarianism.

  10. Kevin Cerezo

    Doug, without exception the mainstream media in Australia is owned (in the sense of bought) by the federal and state governments and by big pharma. They will not express any questioning or criticism of the tyrannical narrative. On the contrary, they actively promote what amounts to MK Ultra programming of their audiences. The alternate media is active but has to rely on platforms like Telegram, Bitchute, Rumble, and so on. As happens also in the U.S., voices that dissent from the mainstream narrative are censored on Facebook, Twitter, etc.
    God bless.