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  1. Ruth

    Great info.
    Bobby is brilliant.

  2. Gina Wright

    Hi Bobby,
    I saw your discussion on Doug Billings. Thank you so much!
    We did vote in the CA Recall. I hand delivered the ballots to the ballot precinct. Found a friend working there.
    We are in San Joaquin County and would love to know if our votes counted.
    Steven Wright
    Regina Wright
    Jacqueline Wright
    Nicole Wright

    God bless you in all your efforts in AZ audit. We continue to pray for your state and truth to be exposed.


  3. Cathleen Sweeney

    Fraudulections (my non-copyrighted word, feel free to use it) have been going on in California for decades; it is a red state. The GOP has unfortunately pushed, via their media slime buddies, promoted only “celebrity” candidates. They attempted to promote Bruce Jenner, but settled on RINO Larry Elder, a media guy, owned by his media bosses to whom he owes his success. Low energy, guy, who I am sure is nice, but not the enthusiastic man of action that we could have had in Kevin Kiley. Enough said. In this election, my ballot never was delivered to my POBox, one where I have received my mail and election materials for over 11 years. I went to vote in person, because I opted not to print a replacement at home (talk about a fake ballot!) So they printed a new ballot, verified my name, birth year, and registered address , then I filled it in with their pen, moved to the final station where they have you run it through a scanner and it comes up with an American flag to tell you it was successful. Results for OrangeCo. are found here: I have no confidence in the voting; I have not for years. I have had friends refuse to vote again. We all feel cheated. God bless you for your work toward true election integrity!

  4. Suzan Snook

    Sorry, but we could tell the fix was in a few days before. What do we do now?

  5. Michelle Parker

    We knew it was coming! Prove it and do something about it now!

  6. Patricia

    the people rose up, but Newsom and cronies had this rigged. The good news..a movement has started and is gaining momentum. This was just the warm up. He has 1 year left, then the real battle will commence.

  7. Kathie Ford

    We did rise up. He was not recalled because they cheated again. It was obvious.
    Now we are seriously concerned. Our state has been hijacked.

    I live in No. California. We are all so very very upset. We knew w/Nancy Pelosi being Gavin Newsom’s Aunt (by Marriage I believe) and Kamala previously part of the Legislature..

    Our state is corrupt and has been for a long time.

    It was a sad day for us. At this point, we have no clue what God is up to. Im a Worship Leader at a local church, and a strong believe. Still my heart is very heavy.

  8. kathie Ford

    FYI…California has several Counties that use and have used in the past Dominion Machines.
    CNN inadvertently showed 351,000 votes suddenly deleted from the “Yes” ( as in YES recall) category. This is extremely disturbing.

  9. Renee

    Well, it went down like we knew it would. It got stolen. Those machines have been in CA since at least since 2012. I worked hard gathering signatures etc. Until the 2020 vote is fixed… there is no 2022 or 2024. There is no honest elections ANYWHERE!!!!!!!!!