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  1. Michele Georgeson

    I watched a video yesterday of a woman at a police station in England reading charges against the leaders and others pushing the vaccine and how the police are to start arresting these folks, shutting down the vaccine centers and holding all vials as evidence.

  2. James Sullivan

    Doug you found a MOAB’s with these findings if MSM heard this it would be like hitting them with a 2Γ—4 they’ve been lied to so long. I am Grateful to God for you and your shows being a Truthseeker that Iam so keep up the amazing work the world will find out one way or another and you just made some eyes open I pray. God Bless you πŸ™πŸ•ŠοΈβ€οΈπŸŒˆ

  3. Markus Kartesalo

    Where are those documents?

  4. Stephanie N. Bach

    Do you know anything about the INTERNATIONAL CLASSACTION LAWSUIT going on in Europe? Is the USA taking part of this lawsuit ? I understand that Robert Kennedy Jr.’s book is also being referenced for the lawsuit.

  5. Warwick Aiken

    Please post the document on your site so we can follow this. If it is posted please make the link available below the video. Thanks.

    I agree this lawyer is stating the obvious and has made an excellent case to the MHRA, but of course the MHRA is in collusion with the government to push the “vaccines” as the only way to address COVID. So apparently this is the first step in seeking redress from the MHRA before going to court. It is clear the “vaccines” are neither safe nor effective. The death rate under-reporting factor to VAERS in the US is estimated to be anywhere from 15 to 44, and most non VAERS death data point to an URF of about 40. Therefore the deaths after vaccine on VAERS after the “vaccine” of about 10,000 US deaths actually represent 400,000 deaths. Please go to Steve Kirsch’s Substack to review the data his team has assembled. He has offered $1,000,000 to anyone in a position of authority over the vaccine approval to go on camera and prove why this is wrong and to justify the use of the “vaccines”. Of course no one will accept his challenge.

    You are probably aware but if not you should review the International Criminal Court complaint filed on behalf of 7 UK citizens bringing charges of genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and crimes of aggression against 16 defendants. You can go to and look at the report “Will these people be charged with genocide?”

  6. Steven Herron

    RE: UK Crimes Against Humanity

    This attorney’s brilliant letter may be the most significant British document since the Magna Carta in 1215. Wow!

  7. James

    Fauci made a spike producing jab that basically uses a GP-120 like code in the spike in 4 places that causes the lysosome’s to shut down phage responses and start making lots of spikes with more GP-120 like compounds. Shutting down cellular Lysosome phage functions allows all kinds of virus and bacteria to infect cells and also to set up autoimmune problems due to up regulation of the outside cellular responses that do lots of tissue damages.

    Yes, that is criminal and Crimes Against umanity

  8. Jean Porter

    Hi Doug
    We in the U.K. are still being asked to have the jab and they are still mandating the NHS staff in the U.K. have the jabs, you may want to clarify this.

    • Dbillingusr

      Thank you, Jean. I appreciate the information.