BREAKING NEWS from Maria Zack & General Tom McInerny

BREAKING NEWS from Maria Zack & General Tom McInerny


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218 replies on “BREAKING NEWS from Maria Zack & General Tom McInerny”

  • Cindy Durbin says:

    GOD BLESS YOU ALL 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲💯❤🙏🙌🙏🙌

  • Gina Curtis says:

    President Trump knows EXACTLY who his inner circle is. This is one thing I do not agree with, that President Trump was fooled. He has known all along what has and is happening. I believe it had to be this way, you can’t tell people, you have to show them.”

  • Mark Wayman says:

    Great show as usual Doug. That was a really good summary of what has been happening. I really enjoyed the new info as well. Thank you so much for all that you are doing to save our great republic. I highly recommend your show to all my friends and family. I pray nightly that the truth will get out to everyone and the Lord will bring these evil people to light. Hope to meet you one day at one of these events. God bless and carry on 👍…Mark

  • Lynn Anderson says:

    Doug, please asked when President Trump is back in office, will that mean Mike Pence will be VP?

  • Freda Wagner says:

    I wanted to cry I new in my heart that Trump was our President and Biden and his bug in his ear Obama were fake god help us what do we do ?

  • Freda Wagner says:

    Great show the world needs to know the truth !

  • Tim Morris says:

    I am proud of the work you do and what you are learning and sharing. I am sad to tears that we know so much yet nothing gets done to even slow the evil cabal globalists. God is the only way to win this spiritual war. This is evil driving the left and God has warned us about it. We are not in the signs of the time. We are in the time of the signs. bless you, thank you ~

  • Clifford says:

    I think the ultimate show would be both Generals side by side.

  • Martina says:

    Thank you, their is nothing more refreshing as the truth , be it good or bad …..
    To forward true information we feel confident when passing information to our family, friends,work colleagues ,Neighbours,
    What happens in America is echoed all around the world , even if our own governments are telling us lies , I would rather listen to the truth seekers to make my own mind up as I am sure many people do around the world
    So I thank you Doug , God Bless 🙏Stay Safe

    • Dbillingusr says:

      Hi Martina,
      Thank you for this comment of support. I’m honored and blessed by it and I’m happy that you like the show.
      God bless you.
      Ireland and the UK is the land of my ancestors…
      Cheers to you and all in Ireland!

  • Robin Mead says:

    Biden is not the President, plain and simple. We don’t acknowledge election theft as a legitimate means to gain the Oval Office or any other elected position! Step down, or face the legal consequences. The people aren’t going to stop.

  • KIM H. says:

    What about Russell Jay Gould?
    Please explain how he fits into all this chaos.

  • John S says:

    Enjoyed the show. Doug, just an observation. I am an infrequent listener but a true patriot. In listening to this show, you didn’t properly introduce Maria Zack or why I should trust her information. Since I haven’t listened to previous shows with her, you should consider that guests listening to your broadcasts have no idea who the guests are and introduce them as if your listeners have no idea. Do not assume that we know who your guests are. Also, Maria gave a decent introduction to the General but again, you could have done a more thorough job introducing him as well. It’s important to take the time to introduce your guests as if your viewers don’t know who they are each time so we can process the information they give us with a sense of whether it is trustworthy and they are in the know.

  • Diane Rose says:

    Brilliant intel, thank you from WE THE PEOPLE.

  • Michael Marler says:

    Doug, we are in crisis mode. This information needs to be made known to all Patriots. The Republic needs to be preserved. These traitorous scum need to be taken down. You have a powerful voice, make it be known. I am spreading this information immediately, we must get this out ASAP.

    • Dbillingusr says:

      Hi Michael,
      I agree… This information needs to be made known to all Patriots! Please share the interview and all shows I put out there.
      Sharing is the way to allow all Patriots to know the information.

  • Ellen says:

    Actually, none of this is surprising. Sadly, much of this continues. How can we change this?
    Our lives, our morality, our country right down to each community and family depends on stopping this.

  • Maggie Messenger says:

    Great interview. You’re a wonderful host Mr Billings with intelligent guests. I just wished this would get out to the rest of the world. They need to hear it.

    • Dbillingusr says:

      Hi Maggie,
      Thank you for this comment and for your support. I appreciate you.
      If we keep on sharing this message and the shows, the world WILL hear.
      God bless you.

  • Sue says:

    Where can non vaxxed people meet up, state by state?
    I heard 1x that we need to get together for support. Where in NJ, DE, MD, can I meet my fellow brave Americans who have no interest in getting the shot?

  • JoAnn Fahrenwald says:

    I thank God for this show and for all your guests who are working non stop to investigate and reveal at great price the evil that has been taking place around the world. Their standing for truth and integrity upon which this nation was founded, is not only encouraging but inspiritional. Now may every american arise and do whatever they can in the small area of the nation that they live in and demand that every office has people who will serve their citizens honestly and faithly according to our constitution. Thank you for your platform revealing TRUTH!!!

  • Yvonne Cook says:

    Thank you Doug for getting the truth out. The puzzle is being put together. Getting someone to actually care about the truth is the challenge though. Please keep up the good work. We must all try to spread this news. Again thank you. And thank you General McInerny and Maria Zack for caring and working so hard on our behalf.

  • Alfred Walker says:


    update info

  • judi ortloff says:

    I sure hope and pray we can reverse the election with these facts……

  • James C. Kostelni says:

    I thank you for this message.

  • Jackie Johnson says:


  • Donna Bullen says:

    Very informative and truthful reporting. Thank you for this interview!

  • Melanie Winsland says:

    Some VERY good news – and at last, ‘officially confirmed’, thank you – hope Donald Trump can soon be recognised as THE President again – from a patriot in the UK

  • Doris Mundy says:


  • Marlene Will says:

    Wow, what an Honor to listen to you all! From South Africa, we have the same problem… greed and corruption! Please remember us when your Battle is Won! Trump 2020!🌈🛐

  • Amy Barselou says:

    God Bless you Doug! We LOVE the work you are doing for us patriots! I can’t wait to meet you some day.🙏💪

  • James Trickett says:

    Loved this thank you so much. USA and global political corruption meet plandemic issues from these keen independent minds. Wonderful interviewees.

  • Steve Walsh says:

    The discoveries announced by Maria Zack are significant and terrible. I will use this as an example on a Facebook page I administer, the Federal Grand Jury Presentment Restoration Society, if it meets with your permission.

    There is a piece of our republic now missing for 75 years. It was removed by progressive statute amending one of the Bill of Rights without a Constitutional Convention being called and truncating an American liberty. It was the ‘watch-dog’ characteristic of our self-governance. In the first clause of the Fifth Amendment is the word “presentment.” Fundamentally, it was rendered “obsolete” by the Federal Criminal Procedures Act 1946.

    Presentment is the most curios word in the Constitution. There is no concept of it left in our culture, or what still remains is twisted beyond belief. I had to write a book about it: Fifth Amendment Right of Presentment: The People’s Missing Right to Question Federal Government by Direct Inquisition; Terminated by Tactical Fiat 1946. Essentially, presentment is the Right of the federal grand jury to initiate an inquisition, ex mero motu (out of their own desire), into federal wrongdoing. It was a tool of the grand jury to perform its work. That work, incidentally, was initiated long before the Constitution. Hundreds of years before the Constitution. Knowledge of federal mis-action could come from the jury’s own knowledge or brought to them from other than the U.S. Court or the U.S. Attorney. It was a method for the People to seek justice by-passing the entire government bureaucracy, itself. Today, the government only ‘polices’ the government and the federal government has acted with impunity, since.

  • NEIL MURPHY says:


  • Pamela Huey says:

    President Trump won by even more because thousands of his ballots were destroyed and will NEVER be counted. That is the worst fraud of all! Thank you all for fighting for us!

  • Jeff says:

    Sounds like Comey is singing at Gitmo

  • Don Ellington says:

    Maybe the General will comment on this later on in the interview, BUT , since he clearly admits that we are in cyber-warfare- WHY IS OUR MILITARY NOT INVOLVED TO CORRECT THIS SITUATION?

  • Don Ellington says:

    Ask Maria this question next time- In Mike Lindell’s documentaries they show that most of the invalid votes were initiated from China. Yet, Maria says the votes were changed from Italy. There is a disconnect here.

    • Dbillingusr says:

      Hi Don,
      Thanks for the comment. Both Mike and Maria have data that shows fraud from multiple countries. There is no disconnect. Maria just so happens to want to focus her researcch on Italy’s involvement. Nothing wrong with that. Collectively, the data she and Mike have gathered compliment each other quite nicely.
      Thanks for watching the show.

  • Don Ellington says:

    I agree that the audits are vitally important. What confidence do we have that the audit firms chosen have not been “captured” or compromised. We understand that the other side deals in bribes, threats, and death. Somehow we need to have confidence that any auditor chosen will provide an objective result. Not sure how to do this exactly- but it is a concern.

  • Michael says:

    Russell-Jay Gould needs to be on this show. I’m sure a whole lot of people would tune in to hear his story. It needs to be told

  • Connie Morgan says:

    Scientific fact, masks don’t work. Masks are ineffective and in many ways they harm.
    It’s a myth that masks prevent viruses from spreading. The overall evidence is clear: Standard cloth and surgical masks offer next to no protection against virus-sized particles or small aerosols. The size of a virus particle is much too small to be stopped by a surgical mask, cloth or bandana. A single virion of SARS-CoV-2 is about 60-140 nanometers or 0.1 microns. The pore size in a surgical mask is 200-1000x that size. Consider that the CDC website states, “surgical masks do not catch all harmful particles in smoke.” And that the size of smoke particles in a wildfire are ~0.5 microns which is 5x the size of the SARS-CoV-2 virus! Wearing a mask to prevent catching SARS-CoV-2, or similarly sized influenza, is like throwing sand at a chain-link fence: it doesn’t work. There has been one large randomized controlled trial that specifically examined whether masks protect their wearers from the coronavirus. This study found mask wearing “did not reduce, at conventional levels of statistical significance, the incidence of Sars-Cov-2-infection.” Heck, even the mask manufacturers are required to state this on the boxes, “This product is an ear loop mask, this product is not a respirator and will not provide any protections against COVID-19 (coronavirus) and other viruses or contaminants.”…. Say NO to Masks!!!

  • Watchman48 says:

    I have said for the last eight years or more, that there is no doubt in my mind that obama has hidden hundreds of millions if not billions of taxpayers money on heavily wrap pallets around the world, to be used to help corrupt future elections, and to promote his agendas for several years in the future…

  • Doug Crum says:

    Is there no end to the corruption in our United States government it is saddened me to see the how bad our state affairs have gotten to. thank God there’s a few good republicans left to stand up for democracy

  • Jackie Aley says:

    Great video! It gives us hope that justice will prevail. The deep state is in control and the true patriots must hold strong and not give in to this communist infiltratIon!

  • Bruce Albini says:

    As a retired law enforcement professional fo almost 30 years I have investigated all of this. I use many sites for info. It appears you & Simon are not placing enough emphasis on how evil the Rothschild banking cabal, Bill Gates, WHO, IMF, WEF, Bilderbergers, New World Order zealots are. The Rothschild cabal has bribed, paid off or blackmailed all the intelligence agencies, politicians, dictators & the rest so as to have nearly complete control over all of what is going on. I have prepared a 4 year summary this. Complete info on the Khazarian Mafia & how they have morphed into the Rothschild cabal. I would like to send it to you but I don’t want to mail the 60 pages. It covers all the topics you cover, covid, the 13 families, Satanism, adrenochrome, ritual killing of babies, Vatican, City of london, the money Trump took out of the Vatican Dumbs, 34.7 QUINTILLION dollars in gold & treasure. Seriously, you guys need to get on board & cover this stuff. Please provide an email address & I will provide it, no charge. I enjoy your show & consider your info valid & worthwhile.
    Thx, Bruce

  • Jim Dewar says:

    Maria, Maria, Maria….you have to be blind or ignorant if you think the 2022 “off year” elections are going to result in a “sea change” that will make all things right. Tell me: what has occurred in this country that leads you to believe the 2022 elections will be anything different than 2020??? Will local courts step in? NO! Will local administrations step in? NO! Will federal authorities step in? NO! Will federal courts, legislature, or executive offices step in? NO! This country will get the exact same results in 2022 that it received in 2020. Fix the problem first….then there MAY BE legal elections. Until then….voting is useless.

    • Dbillingusr says:

      Republican Julia Letlow WON a senate seat just a month or so ago!! We can still win. All is not hopeless. Default to the positive. Get involved. Continue to vote!

  • Laura M Swiercz says:

    Please tell the Dept of justice to get their grubby hands out of the AZ Audit. This is not just government overreach, this is Treason, this is Communism, this is a conspiracy to keep the American people from having a vote, and thats just one of their crimes! We will NOT TOLERATE THIS!! God will win!

  • Jim Dewar says:

    On the subject of bye-den….he most certainly is not the legal President of the US. Nor is he the “administrator” of the US. The US government as it stands now is a de facto government. Both the executive and legislative branches are – at best – de facto. The judicial branch is ineffective – at best. Bordering on criminally negligent at worst. Please look up the definition of “de facto”. Use it instead of any other construct.
    Thank you.

  • Miriam Barton says:

    i love President Trump…

    resident biden

  • Miriam says:

    i love President Trump, too

  • Jeannie J LeFrancois says:

    I wish you would read this & I could tell you all I know abt Anthony Fauci & why he is the way he is. As I worked public health in the 1978-professionally until 2009-2010 but now a volunteer. The General McInereny and Flynn need to know… we are not going to have chance if we dont!

    There have been to powerful pro vaxxers screaming to STOP the roll out on the vaccine!! 4% of Adults >18 were vaccinated last week alone, making it 57% of the US population. Dr Geert Vanden Bossche DVM, PhD wrote letter to WHO and Dr Michael Yeadon retired immunologist/pulmonologist Pfizer.

    Not many people left that could tell you the history of this man.

    First Anthony Fauci is a virologist, NOT A MEDICAL EPIDEMIOLOGIST.

    Get Don Francis to run the epidemic if he is still alive he was in San Francisco or have him recommend a good Epidemiologist he trusts.
    (We need a team, I can think of a few people as I know who could steer them.)

    If they look into Anthony Fauci, he is to the world what Heimlich Himmler was to the Nazis. I am very serious.

    Ralph Boric PhD in 1998 from UNC Chapel Hill, NC patented the Corona virus in a level 3/4 Bioweapons lab. Fauci got into it the first two times they tried to release the virus. SARS 2003, MERS 2008?, they started working on mRNA vaccines. The Chinese virologist from Wahan was a student at UNC Chapel Hill at that time. She went to back to Wahan releasing SARS against Iraqi/Iran US Enemy at the time.

    They need a team of Epidemiologists Infectious Disease experienced! (I have 36yrs and 9 epidemics under my belt, I can help but not MD)

    Second they got to get the vaccine STOPPED –
    Eugenics against the world will kill everyone. Even those that are perpetrating it. The plague is not this virus, it is the vaccine!

  • Laura Young says:

    Thank you Doug SO much for your hard work, dedication, wonderfully informing guests and more!

  • Scott says:

    I’m sorry but I’m getting a little tired of continuously hearing new evidence that deserves an investigation and nothing being done. We’re 6 months past the election where we supposedly have all the evidence but nothing has been done, experimental shots are being pushed on us for a fake pandemic and people are dying or being harmed by them. There will be no America left at this point if something is not done soon. We keep listening to the same talking heads while our freedoms are slowly being taken away behind the scenes. I think making us think something is being done is part of the plan.

  • Mark Vogl says:

    Allegations of diverting funds to two different accounts in Ghana and Switzerland are stunning. If true, the corruption within the Deep State and the government is massive. The complete silence of the US Intelligence community regarding this and the cooperation of the US State Department reveal treason at the highest levels.

  • Lisa says:

    Great interview!! I can’t wait to see HEADS start rolling!!!

  • Leonor Ferris says:

    Love President Trump , he still my President. I am very active in this movement, I travel to all over the country promoting Trump. I belong to many groups. I am a part of Making California Great Again Inc . Latinos4Trump. Keep fighting and praying for Trump’s return. God is with us all!

  • Wayartio says:

    I am glad to see some names being bandied about and they seem to be the same old bunch. I thought these deep state traitors were being rounded up and given tribuneqls. When are they going to get around to blowing the stink off Obama, Biden, the Clintons , Kerry, and the rest of the Haight Ashbury era hippies that are now in charge and set on ruining our country? There is military justice and citizen justice. Witch will it be! Time is running low and America needs justice and we are waiting and watching these treasonous bastards.

  • Lemuel Walker says:

    Please include me with your posts.

  • BrotherPatriot says:

    Read the comments. Many are valid and We the People are getting TIRED of the “evidence” that has no consequences. Start holding the criminals ACCOUNTABLE. Is America a nation of laws or not?
    HOO-YAH & God Bless ALL who Stand for Good

  • Terri says:

    Mike Pence is part of the swamp!

  • mirror says:

    Plan of Action. Stop the mainstream media. Then China. These things could never happen without a complicit media.

  • Judy hand says:

    Do you know they have some man persinating another that is spying for the dems. at the Arizona audit. You need to get him out of there.

  • Bob Fanucci says:

    The general doesn’t get it.

  • Kenny Hixson says:

    Yeah Maria what happened to that military satellite that changed all these votes. If Trump really had information on someone in Italy changing US votes I think something would have been done. Trump didn’t even mention it. How do these people sleep at night??

  • Sheila Herring says:

    The puzzle comes together and all the pieces are fitting. Pence should be charged with TREASON! The others in President Trump’s inner circle should also be charged with TREASON! We cannot allow this
    to go forward. Our entire so called government needs to be cleansed and the deep state must be rooted out! Was Meadows also involved? God Bless you and keep up the good work.

  • Sheila Herring says:

    Very good.

  • Ken Weber says:

    Not one dollar of that money on those pallets will ever be cashed because they are all counterfeit. We are in Faction Wars. Trump and Pence are high up in the “Order of the Black Sun.” This order wants all of you Dead. Pence and Chaney died during a blood sacrifice that was tainted. A Pence double was the one you all saw in the Senate that accepted the voting to accept Biden as the winner. Covid-66 was released into the water in India a few days ago and killed thousands. Covid-66 will coagulate the liquid in the heart, lung and gut and kill you. Covid-66 was made by the CIA in 1966. This was a test. The next test is the water supply in America, and you thought would be left out. Sorry, a new nightmare is coming your way. The psychopaths are working hard to kill all of the people on the planet…remember the UN Agenda-21, etc.

  • crystal e says:

    love your Show Doug – I totally agree with both Generals! you are the next Rush!!!
    Keep these great patriots coming back to your show!

  • David Noel says:

    Thank you Doug for your focus on getting great guests for you podcasts.

  • Neal Gumpel says:

    I’m a guy you want to talk to re: Billions over Baghdad
    Retired screenwriter with direct info but must be off the record for now.

  • Neal Gumpel says:

    I’m a guy you want to talk to re: Billions over Baghdad
    Retired screenwriter with direct info but must be off the record for now.
    Please DO NOT post this on your site

  • James Sancimino says:

    This is TREASON at the highest levels and ALL involved must be tried and hung for these crimes! Great show, Doug!

  • Susan says:

    Excellent show!!!!!! Thank you!

  • JoAnn King says:

    Thank you for this information.
    In the future, to mobilize us awakened citizens, could you please inquire what actions a common citizen can take to help with the disclosure, or to stand-up to leftist, DS congressional actions? For example, I live in a state where one must wear a mask to enter a grocery store, or retail store, etc. If no mask, no entry, no groceries to feed my family. What can we do about this? I’ve written to Congress, but I live in CA, home of Newsom, Pelosi (Newsom’s aunt), Schiff, and others. What can the lay-person do who wants to make a difference? Thank you!!

  • Mike Herpel says:

    Unless something is done soon there will be no elections that will be honest. The Swamp has already demonstrated that they can fix the election to come out whichever way they want and not be prosecuted.

  • Shelbie Knigh says:

    I don’t believe, for even a moment, that President Trump was “duped” by anyone. From all the research I’ve done, this plan has been in the works for DECADES. I dare say, President Trump was raised to do just this; as his history, even his bloodline, prove there’s more there than a tv personality & developer. It’s my belief, when people learn the truth of what went into this, the sacrifices that were made by many people (including many who had to pretend they were killed/died & lived in hiding), etc. this will go down in history as the largest, longest planned, most successful military operation in history. Something that’s as complex as this is, been in the works as long as it has, NOTHING is left to chance, no one is allowed “in” without serving a specific purpose. There is no “duped” here. Want a good example? Look at Amy Cohen Barrett. Look into her history. What her REAL NAME is. Do you think Trump (and everyone working closely with him) didn’t know who she was & the part she would play? Of course they did! It’s why they selected her. It sure the heck wasn’t a “mistake” or a “dupe.”

    I’ve been on this for the last 5 years now hard, and many, many before that without any guide, just researching based on instinct and all I can say is that I am so looking forward to the truth being released to the world. While I understand they have a plan & need to stick to it, still, I’m anxious no exhausted. After all, when you know the plan (or key points to watch for), then at least you have an idea of where the progress line is. But we, Americans and people of the world, are left with no certainty; only using our own research, combining it with others, etc. so it’s always a guess. And THAT. IS. EXHAUSTING.

    Thankfully, I’ve had my own “gifts” to rely on and those have led me along this long, winding road. It’s my belief, when people learn the disasters that were averted, they will be SHOCKED. Literally, fall to their knees in thanks & praise. Including those who haven’t yet woken up and believe Biden-actor is our President. Because, what I saw back in January 2029 (and documented on my Twitter, @beautydaughtmom now suspended), was TOTAL DESTRUCTION in Seattle. As in absolute destruction. And I KNOW what I saw. I KNOW what was planned to happen because I SAW IT.

    I was so sure, I was doing my best to prepare my family, stocking & storing food at a location away from the city, ready to leave before the time I saw it all happening. I KNOW it was going to happen…but something (clearly) diverted this. I have NO DOUBT it was our great military & President who saved tens of millions of lives because, if what I saw actually happened…it would have been horrific. Absolutely horrific.

    God bless.

  • Patricia williams says:

    We need to make sure to take out the deep state which are the most evil people I have ever seen and those people had control of our country. We will all need professional help after thus but let’s clean up our country and take the trash out. I want those traitors to go to GITMO for treason, child trafficking, interference in our election, thank you General and Maria…….two wonderful people and of course Doug Billings.

  • Carol Carlson says:

    This is the only scenerio that makes sense: the white hats knew the DS were planning to drop a bioweapon on us ( Event 201), and announced a Chinese virus before the DS was ready. That’s why Fauci said “No,no, nothing to see here” and Pelosi begs everyone to visit China town. Trump shuts down travel from China, the Left wants everything back to normal. Then, the DS knew they had to run with this, did a 180 turn, and announced a disaster with a need to shut down to “flatten the curve”. They begged Trump to act as a dictator, which he refused to do, so their tyranny was very obvious to all. Trump pushed a vaccine much sooner than the DS wanted as well, making them do everything possible to slow the release, then say you aren’t safe anyway. Trump is making their lies so very obvious. Trump knew this election would be stolen, and it HAD to be, so the world could see both this crap election, and realize all elections have been stolen for a long time. How else could we get the politicians to display their true colors so clearly? Without the insane covid hysteria, how else could everyone see the corruption in all governments worldwide? Since there were no extra deaths worldwide in 2020, and they admit never having isolated a virus, the only possible conclusion is either THERE IS AND WAS NO VIRUS, or this was the most inept bioweapon ever imagined. Perhaps this isn’t their vaccine, either, but just a saline shot or B 12 injection ( did anyone else notice that B 12 injections became unavailable right at the beginning of this? Injectable B 12 has side effects, too, and the placebo effect is powerful…very interesting). Maybe all the news stories of horrible vaccine effects and deaths are to WAKE US UP TO WHAT THEY HAD PLANNED FOR US. It sure would fit with what we know of Trump for him to do everything possible to protect the American people from harm. He has known EXACTLY who he was dealing with, from the beginning, and put people in place to make all the traitors obvious to all, thereby draining the swamp of all swamp creatures with one mighty blow. Totally wicked, DJT!

  • Lynnette Ramsey says:

    In the meantime the American people are still under attack from the vaccine and no one is defending us. Real people are dying. More than 911. So where is our military to immediately arrest the treasonous and hault the experimental shots which are killing us? Who is defending us from the countries that worked against us? This needs to happen NOW!!!! NOT tomorrow….NOW. The military had no problem mobilizing to supposedly address the issues of 911. Where is the defense of this country and it’s citizens???

  • Derwood says:

    You can watch the Arizona vote audit from 9 public cameras at azaudit dot orgg. and, govts like the CCP are tools and puppets of the real globalist banking families, so it is they who have really released the “pandemic” for purposes we know of. there is an old long-time conspiracy theory that says certain globalist elites eventually seek to vaccinate every person on the Earth. crazy talk, right? but it could never be coerced, there would have to be a massive scare to go with it so people would seek the vaccine. and even it won’t prevent you from being a carrier, it only protects you yourself, until a virus mutates. then you line up for additional series of shots?? do you know how risky that would be? plain common sense tells us that. remember the New England Compounding Company cases.
    I don’t have kids so when I’m gone it’s over for me. everyone else however, had best keep trying to protect their families as much as possible.

  • Jamie Harvey says:

    Thank you for bringing the truth to light. What can be done with this information? How can we get President Trump and the good guys back in charge of our country? We need action quickly. The bad guys have had their time and now it is time for justice.

  • Marian Hansen says:

    There was a major concern by Patrick Byrne about the people around President Trump. I really question that now and I hope President Trump is as well. The Deep state has been exposed far more then if he had been elected but can our country and our people recover.?? WE now have spent huge wasteful sums of money on covid relief packages not going to people and business that need them but going to blue states for their budgets plus lots of etc. At the same time major cities have been turned into nightmares, the borders are completely open, crime is on the increase because criminals are let out of prison almost immediately and we know that the government doesn’t give a d—-. At what point is it too late for even the Generals who seem oblivious to this American tragedy to step in and do what is necessary to save this country. Do they have to lose a child to these criminals who think nothing of killing children for any number of reasons. The tunnels under the US where children have been raped and slaughtered are being blown up but with unaccompanied children coming across the border this could start all over again. Wake up people, wake up military this is when your country needs you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Deborah Souza says:

    Doug the show was amazing as usual. The General and Maria always have encouraging intel.

    A question I have for you is when you’ve interviewed Simon on several occasions he has said the military is in control more than once. But the General, Maria, Sydney and General Flynn have said no.

    I am wondering why? Can you ask more about that? Sends mixed messages

    Thank you for all your hard work and dedication espousing the truth of the 2020 election.

    Can’t wait to have President Donald J Trump back in office🙏

  • Lisa says:

    America great AGAIN.

  • Lisa says:

    God bless America

  • Ray says:

    First time I have tuned in here, very impressed!

  • rachel says:

    Thank everyone so much for sharing this information. God wins.

  • Rogena Renae CASTO-DEARTH says:


  • kathy says:

    We know you need to pay the bills, but your guests just get into talking and then again you have to break for more commercials. Doug. Please find a way to cut back on those. I know we are only watching this time because of your guests, but we don’t watch anymore because it’s like half of your show is commercials.

    • Dbillingusr says:

      This comment is rubbish. There is 45 minutes of content and 15 minutes of commercials.
      I’m all for constructive criticism, but I’m not gonna let you lie and have mental meltdowns about sheer bullshit.

  • Christine Q says:

    I don’t call Biden the president either, he is only the current Resident, of the White House.

  • Blanca Siebels says:

    Excellent interview and rich with information. Rolling up my sleeves for action! Thank you!!

  • Douglas Emery Thompson says:

    This is provable Treason against Obama.

  • Angel Shaw says:

    Thank you so much for giving us, “We the People”, the news we need to save our country. Bless you and all your guests. I pray for safety for you all.

  • Elizabeth Dick says:

    This is absolutely incredible! This is what people have suspected but not to this degree! Doug, I hope you were able to introduce Maria Zack to Sidney Powell! These two woman are heroes!

  • Cheryl says:

    A friend sent me a video of your news report with some lady & Gen- I don’t know how to follow you- why can’t you have a YouTube channel- I tried putting your name or rightside news but nothing came up with you- one came up under rightside news but it wasn’t you –
    I’d like to follow all your reports & news but you can’t follow on a website & know when your speaking like FB or YouTube. I barely have time to look up sites to check every day.
    Just wondering why can’t get you a easier way? Just thought to ask.

    • Dbillingusr says:

      Hi Cheryl,
      I did have a YouTube Channel… but Big Tech canceled it because I have a conservative view of the world and of politics.
      You can easily follow me on my website, and at BEK.News
      Thank you for your support.

  • Jeannie J LeFrancois says:

    For those who are to some of the information… Trump did know the election was fraud… and Italy was involved. A letter went to 100% of the Congress & VP Pence 1/4/2021 before the certification. If Congress /Senate- had done per the constitution Pence was the bottom line calling for an investigation. The Riot at the Capital, Interupted things, as it started into the capital building like 16-20 minutes after the speech had ended. Not enough time to walk from the place of the speech to the capital in a crowd. The Mall is 2 miles long. 1mi from Lincoln Memorial to Washington Monument, then a second mile to the capital building.

    The sequence of events leading upto 1/20 inauguration where they (Trumps Team and Joint Chiefs) were going to expose the fraud, the tunnels were found under captial complex with trafficked slaves. Trump and Military Joint Chiefs, decided to was too massive of a trafficked population to get them out safely within the time frame and finally canceled exposing the corruption until the situation could be safely delt with.

    There are other things that have occurred. They tried to impeach Trump for an insurrection he did not cause.

    We just passed 6 months today, from election. The Dominion System was not placed under investigation until after the election.

    Give Joint Chiefs, Sidney Powell, Linwood, Mike Lindell, Zacks, and others some time…

    Remember OJ? That investigation took over a year to bring to trial. So really, this is much bigger! It is not just the election. It is the bio-weaponisation of SARS2-CoV19, Anthony Fauci’s Eugenics agenda with the mRNA jab, trying to round up all the corrupt Government officials, The Chauvin Trial, BLM & Antifa, defunding the police… Then the Biden Administration and trying to run the country on executive orders.

    This Country is a collection of States. Our states are bigger then most countries of Europe!

    The Quantum Financial System is being launched, cause all 209 counties are bankrupt. (As opposed to the deep state crypto currency.) Let alone CCP is fixing to attack Taiwan, and Trump & Joint Chiefs along with England and others leaders are sitting off Taiwan Coast to defend her if attacked by China. The EverGreen jammed up the Suez canal to disrupt international trade and get trafficked children/women moved.

    The Deep State is not just our politicians but world wide network. America is the last free country world wide. If we go down, without cleaning up the swamp, the world goes down…

    BTW, the real disease and Death will be seen 6-12 months after the vaccination roll outs! That started Dec 16… so 57% of our adult population is going to get sick and die within 36 months it is predicted by Several Vaccination Creators that are blowing the whistle to STOP THE VACCINATIONS. Dr. Anthony Fauci in my opinion will be compared to many more times diabolical the Dr Hiemler of Nazi War Machine.

    Fatality is predicted to be 75-95% depending on who you listen to. Dr Fauci was not who Trump suspected as a militant of the Deep State… however I have seen his stuff since HIV Epidemic and he did not get his claim to fame then. He in my opinion is a monster empowering Obama, Hillary, Gates, Soros, blah blah blah.

    So hang on, things are fixing to happen.

    There is Arise America Tour 84 stops in 50 states. There are a lot of patriots including Doug Billings doing a different tour!

    America that is asleep has been introduced to the corruption. All Americans have had to see how and why, we must take back America! Who is going to take it back,

    We The People… (not Trump) We, have to stop this! We must insure at the county level the corruption stops.

  • Carolee Jensen says:

    Excellent interview Doug!! Bruce Albini, I would love to read your file. It sounds amazing and would be very resourceful in awakening my family! I would be grateful if you’d share it. Thanks. (Cjensen67@hotmail)

  • Patty Thomas says:

    Obama should be in prison!!!! Biden as well, no way he wasn’t involved. Killary should be held accountable for the Benghazi deaths!
    Biden was installed not elected! We the People want our duly elected President Donald J Trump back!!!

  • Steven Bock says:

    Hi Doug I have some virus research findings to pass on to General Tom McInerny which Ive been sending around to Trump via others can you reach me and Ill send it over? Its research that’s come about from prayer, listening to a Kim C video and months of research on prophetic ministry and the Bible… BTW contacting Maria via her website too

  • Unise Mendez says:

    So when are people going to jail? How many more years and people do we need to “investigate”?

  • Unise Mendez says:

    All I care about is not more proof of more corruption, I just want to know when will the election fraud be yelled from the rooftop and TRUMP REINSTATED. WE ARE NOT LOOKING FOR 2022 OR 24! ONLY IDIOTS are FALLING FOR THAT!! WE ARE EXPECTING TRUMP BACK SOON!

  • Ingersoll says:

    1. Spell McInerney correctly (pronounced: mack in ernie)
    2. Please have him on as much as possible
    3. Thank you all for your work getting the facts to the public..

  • Elena Iove says:

    Great show, vital information! Thank you very much! God Bless and Protect you Doug and all patriots around the world!

  • Andreas says:

    Ich bin der Deutsche der seit dem 3 November alles live über mein einfaches Handy Phone
    Mitt angesehen hat und alles. Weiß was passierte ich habe am 6 Januar den Capitol Hill
    Angriff der Vom Deep State bezahlten
    Verbrecher gesehen und Gott hat mir die ganze Zeit geholfen ich habe bei Fakebook angefangen
    Und mit denen richtig Ärger und bin zur Zeit das 34 mal gesperrt und diesmal komplett ich habe keinen Zugang mehr zu Unrecht und
    Ich habe bei allen nur Für Mr.Präsident Donald J Trump und dem Kampf für Gott helfen müssen
    Duch die sich hier mier gebotene Möglichkeit zu genau dem Zeitpunkt am 3 November.
    Schicksal, Glauben und weit mehr wenn man
    Alles was wir heute wissen einbeziehen.
    Ich kann Sterne 🌟sehen NUR ES SIND KEINE
    Ich Will das die Menschen leben und endlich Menschen sind ich will FRIEDEN UND

  • Arya says:

    Still no mention if Jimmy jerk Carter and filthy royal of 1979for how they stabbed wonderful Shah of Iran and installed terrorist ayatollah Khomeini ( son of William Richard Williamson from Bristol city) and gavw him huge wealrh of Iran
    People need to learn when Iran is mentioned it should be the British Ayatollahs not nation of Iran with civilization of over 12000 years

  • Adessa Chui says:

    Americans, when you try to wake people up now, it’s a flush. NOBODY is listening, YET.

  • Ashley Walker says:

    President trump needs to listen and understand what’s happening with these vaccines. Hes losing so much support because of these.

  • Peter O'Reilly says:

    99.7% + survival rates. COVID was not the killer it was FEAR and the propaganda that ensued.
    The real Bio Weapon is the Jab! It’s NOT a vaccine. Next flu season will be very interesting as those taking the jab may have destroyed their immune systems, regardless of the other effects of the jab!

  • Ray says:

    Great show , sharing as much as possible in Australia . MAGA

  • Eric says:

    Charlie Ward Says That Money Is Wortless

  • David Lamb says:

    I agree, Gina Curtis, President Trump must have known the true nature of his inner circle. Certainly a great deal of his supporters did and he is obviously not a stupid man. The other elephant in the room is the experimental genetic technology they are calling a vaccine that according to VAERS has already killed in the past three months over three and a half thousand Americans (more than the combined total of all other vaccines over the past 15 years) and injured many more. According to many whistle blower experts this is just the beginning of what will become a tsunami of deaths, injuries and birth defects as well as making many people infertile. It is also now becoming apparent that the so called “vaccine” affects not only those who have been injected but also, through a mechanism that is not yet clear, those whom they come in contact with. Basically a bioweapon with the potential to kill and maim many millions over the next few years. I am a supporter of President Trump but surly he should have been much better informed about this?

  • LIZ says:

    The truth comes out..our President Trump will reclaim the money stolen from Americans. No wonder my spouse and I struggled with several jobs, even as degreed college employees, we have been lied to and used as chattels for our evil govt. They cheat and get away with it and we the people subsidize the funding legally through our huge taxes🤔

  • Debby says:

    Amazing wonderful news – thank you.

  • CelticFreckles says:

    I disagree with the general in saying that Covid 19 was an attack by China because anyone who did a little research can clearly see that the virus was in its beginning phases of creation even going back to the 1990s here in the USA with Dr. Fauci being one of the lead creators and Bill Gates one of the lead funders. They were trying to patant the virus in the late 90s but could not do so because of it’s biowarfare implications. In order to patant something as a virus it can’t be man-made so they had to figure out how to cross something from an animal over to human before they could “legally” patant it (hence all the researching of bats). They finally patanted it in the early 2000s sometime but around that time the US government was getting some heat as to why they would allow funding to this type of research and the labatory was shut down in North Carolina and moved to China where, you guessed it, the virus was released to the world in late 2019. I believe the democrats, or those few globalists at the top, were in cahoots with the CCP in this whole Covid Plandemic to gain power over the world so we can’t just blame the CCP for this worldwide crime against humanity. Also, if you noticed the Chinese people who were filmed dropping like flies in the hospital and outside I believe were all crisis actors as no other country had people just fall down dead like that and all the coffins shown in certain countries I think were fake as well. I believe the virus does kill people but not to the extent that the evils had hoped for. Pretty much the same crisis actors who also starred in other types of 2020 blockbusters, such as the great George Floyd Movie!

  • Terri says:

    Thank goodness for your program. The truth is told!!! When will our country return to normal? The demon-crats must be stopped!

  • Sheron Bachus says:


  • Jackie Underwood says:

    Why can’t I forward this video, and others to my friends and family via email???

  • Elizabeth Wiinamaki says:

    POS Obama, the Biden, the Clintons, George Soros and sons and the Luciferian Illuminati are about to meet their Maker and face eternal judgment. Everyone gets a chance to repent before death.

  • CelticFreckles says:

    Did anyone else just hear that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation just released thousands of genetically modified mosquitos in Florida? Interesting that they chose to release them into a predominately republican/conservative populated state. Well this is worse than Nazi, Germany. We need to put a stop to this mad man Bill Gates and all of his cohorts. What civilized world would put up with this type of behavior?

  • Marvin Clark says:

    Doug, my political science professor told me in 1973 that the US has cancer and that major surgery would be the only salvation.

    About the same time, the communist, Herbert Marcuse, was writing books to student communists, telling them: “GO TO WORK FOR THE BIG CORPORATIONS AND LEARN HOW TO RUN THEM.”

    NOW fifty years later, those student communists array the helm and their kids are staffing all the big corporations and government at all levels.

    I published my book in 2010 and told all of this. The BIGGEST Baptist preachers in politics IGNORED THIS 40 year lawyer and marched on to Liberty U. doom. Idiots.

    And yet….in 2021, Maria Zack and General McInary have finally fought their way to a mic willing to broadcast this “news.”

    The real travesty is that I was one of the FIRST non-communist, non-Jews, to be told (by a mistaken Jewish Communist in NYC) that the Frankfurt school even existed. And as a pre-trib Baptist, I was STUNNED to realize that the Frankfurt Institute of Social Research had been 100% Jewish Communist AND on retainer AT THE CIA for many years.

    Only now. In 2021. The truth about reality is finally coming out.

    Now, that “major surgery” probably means a horrible, bloody civil war for our children and grandchildren to bleed in. HELL!

  • Kemper C Allison says:

    This has to get out to everyone

  • Fed up with leftists says:

    Well this is all fine and dandy but nothing will come of this . It’s been 6 months since Election Day .6 months ! These accusations now are like throwing marshmallows at a brick wall . They will never break through . Trump got chumped . Q said elections secure sting operation . Dems read Q they went ahead and stole it because Q is a lie ! Trump gave up almost got impeached and let them have it . He could have used the military to stop it seize the machines and show the cheating .Pence could have taken the dueling electoral votes and trump could have won right then . Trump called the rally that caused a riot I think the buses of people dropped off (via police escort )at the capital steps were Antifa the police pulled the barriers back . You tube censored it and the msm was never goi g to show that !
    Trump got out smarted out played he was playing checkers and they played chess . He campaigned 25 times harder than Biden and got whipped. The msm has 99 percent of the trump haters and liberals convinced it was fair and square
    Now General M who hasn’t predicted a single thing correctly if he predicts it then it won’t happen just like Simon Parkes and “Dr” Charlie Ward . They will start the 5 g radiation soon and release a real biological weapon . Then blame the new mutant strain on anti vaxers . This was written in 1989 book called new world order . Trump isn’t coming back . He needs 6 states to flip then even then Biden Harris abd Pelosi would have to step down on their own .
    THEY NEED TO REFORM VOTING VOTER ID NEW machines and National Guard Ran Or supervised electionS Nation wide it we will never have a republic and never know who really won . Focus on the future . Trump is a traitor he had Executive Order 13848 , insurrection act the staffers act and plain old martial law to stop the steal . He didn’t uphold his oath to protect the constitution and we have communist agents like Biden Pelosi runni g our country giving away our secrets . Who’s the representative that slept with a Chinese spy and they have him on a top secret board . Don’t give me dr charlie Ward lies he is a swindler snake oil same with Simon Parker’s he went on tv saying he was having a sexual affair with an alien 9ft tall and he called her Mum . Even if that’s true your nuts for telling anyone and I’m do you believe it is true either way true not true but job . Not to mention sleeping with an alien is bestiality he could of brought disease to the whole planet he want thinking with his big head kind of selfish don’t you think ?

  • Bunch of Shitheads says:

    Stay off the drugs boomers

  • Angela says:

    I appreciate everything Maria and the General have done but they are not looking at the big picture. I am sure President Trump knows a lot more than we think.
    He said in his inauguration speech that he was returning the power to the people. I agree with Gina that it had to be this way.
    We have grown too apathetic. Time to get involved in our local communities and government. President Trump can’t do everything for us!
    What better way to wake people up?

  • Kathy Swaim says:

    So EXTREMELY HAPPY to hear that Biden will be stepping down in or by June 2021. Does that mean Trump will be rightfully back??

  • Chris Cooper says:

    None of this is new information. We have known all of this since the 2020 election steal.
    The real question is : WHY HAS THE US MILITARY FAILED TO ACT ? I believe it is because the military leaders are corrupt.
    They have failed to honour their oath. It is pure bullshit from the ex Generals and from Doug.
    The American people have been betrayed by their military and they will not forgive or forget – when the time comes.

  • Karen says:

    I don’t have to tell you wow but wow in regards to your latest interview with Maria Zack. I’m going to try to see if I can find a way to share these interviews not with the people that are on the same page but it’s the people on the left that I want To hear these interviews. I don’t need to speak with like-minded people, we’re already there. It’s the closed errors I’m hoping to open

    On another note your site has been working very well lately and with all IT issues/no this is generally the case so hi5 to you and the team

  • bold truth says:

    Great job to all of you and so great to have a go getter like Maria.

  • JUDY FORD says:

    Can there be a program to let us know what we can expect in the near future? Also – what will Trump do to protect himself from tradition his inner circle in the future?

  • Craig Murray says:

    Thanks for the informative interview!

  • General G says:

    General Fool, you are clearly wrong that masks don’t work. Masks are extremely effective against liquid transmission of the virus. If you don’t believe it, then put a on mask and then try to spit and see if you can spit liquid outside of the mask. Besides that, the CDC guidelines actually states that people should wear “face covering” not masks. This is consistent with the face covering being effective in reducing liquid transmissions of the virus. You fools are the one who made a big deal out of the mask not being effective against air transmissions. Fools first put words (mask) into CDC’s mouth (because CDC guideline states face coverings instead of masks) then try prove CDC is wrong. Instead, fools only prove their own words wrongs. CDC only recommended face covering, and mentioned no air transmission. Face coverings are effective in reducing liquid transmissions. Prove it otherwise.

  • Diane says:

    Why doesn’t Obama get arrested, Hillary, PELOSI, Bidens, Omar, Bill Gates, HARRIS….. THIS IS AN ABOMINATION. The sadness I have growing up in a military family it’s like my family died in vain for our freedom and constitution???? There’s enough facts! Please do something, respectfully!!!


  • Diane says:

    Why doesn’t Obama get arrested, Hillary, PELOSI, Bidens, Omar, Bill Gates, HARRIS….. THIS IS AN ABOMINATION. The sadness I have growing up in a military family it’s like my family died in vain for our freedom and constitution???? There’s enough facts! Please do something, respectfully!!!


  • Sylvain Menard says:

    Thank you for all you do Doug….wish we had someone like you in Canada……fully corrupted…..hang tight Patriots….truth will prevail!

  • Patricia A Melton says:

    I am starved for real news and I know I will not get it from mainstream.

    Thank you for whatever you can send me.

  • Bill K says:

    Enough already. We know all about the fraud, all about the crimes. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT FOR CRIPES SAKE!!!!!!!!

  • Picky2yet says:

    My comment is for Lynn Anderson in the comments – Mike Pence is evil and a pedo. It will be another Mike that will be the VP if you catch my drift.
    Also to Kim H. I would like to know about Russell Jay Gould also, what role does he have in all this. God bless America!!!

  • debrajmac says:

    Proof of foreign interference in the Nov election and Obama’s involvement in it was available way back in Dec 2020. Shit or get off the pot, “whitehats”. I’m sick and tired of this rhetoric while the Agenda 2030/Great Reset train barrels down the tracks.

  • Frank93905 says:

    General….millions of Combat Vets and Patriots are waiting for a call to Muster!!!!

  • Albert Franks says:

    I appreciate “The Plan,” but when the hell are they going to publicly arrest these treasonous, murdering pedophilic toads, so we can see these evil mf hang? Enough of the slow “awakening.” Those who “don’t get it by now,” are either hopelessly brainwashed, or Satanists committed to darkness.

  • Cindy says:

    Are you kidding ! Why do we think that by alerting the Media and calling on Congress is going to get us anywhere??? Never has.
    They are all in it together you know that. And do you REALLY think that Trump had no idea what Fauci and the crew were up to??
    Do you think he is a dummy? I think he knew full well, why else is he NOW telling everyone should get the vaccine??? And why did
    he start “Operation Warp Speed” if he is not in on ALL of this?

  • Patrick Tadeushuk says:

    I STRONGLY doubt that Trump had only an 11 million vote lead on Biden. That’s absurd. 68 million people actually voted for a mentally ill, incompetent traitor who campaigned from his basement? Your numbers cannot be right.

  • Paulette says:

    Thank you Doug, Maria & General McInerny for your tireless work to save We Americans. I am a resident of Hawaii & we got patriots in this blue state, young & old we rallied behind President Trump & we stand united with those in the mainland. I have written to Crazy Mazie, but she appears deaf to my concerns & to other patriots here in Hawaii, it looks like she sold her soul to the Criminal Left. We will continue to awaken the sleeping here in Hawaii & we stand strong for our beloved Constitutional Republic!

  • Susan says:

    This information has been out since last year. Why haven’t you all heard about it yet? Nothing has been done about it.. and the courts won’t listen so what do we do?

  • Nate Jenquine says:

    I am here to offer my words or rant to help me with this pain. I have followed and listened to these true patriots as much as i can. Gen F, Gen M, Maria, S.Powell, Lin Wood and others and for reasons I do not understand i can feel when The truth is spoken. I am just a Man with a family and love for this country greater then any money. I am burning internally as i witness the destruction of the footings that were built by patriots of past generations with their blood, sweat and tears. Also their families that stood up and suffered for the freedoms that we have enjoyed and use daily at no charge. If there is anything that i can do that would help this effort to keep our country and rid it of these parasites it would be an honor and my gratitude to all before us that faced this same battle. They stood up, stood tall and took the step forward to do what was needed to make this land the only place in the world, I want to be, want my family to be and that everyone wants to be a part of. Never could I have imagined so many souls that were handed this dream could betray everything these colors represent and the freedoms this country provides. after reaping the fruits, sights, glory that only America has and offers. How can anyone want to trade any of it for materials that dont provide anything you need to feel the real joys of life. Love, laughter, belonging, companionship, honor, integrity and satisfaction is not paid for with currency. So it is just infuriating and disgusting to be witnessing the attempt to trade this land for their personal gain while claiming they are not with an american flag in their hands. I would not even put their corpses in this dirt and would be the first one with a shovel to start digging the hole in the pits of hell as they deserve. Which is still more then they are owed for being a worthless, dishonorable, cowardice, spineless, piece of shit traitor of this great land. I Do feel lighter now. Thanks to all whom gave me that right to share my thoughts. These colors must fly high and proud now and for ever. United we must stand or divided it will fall. Lets all say ” NOT ON MY WATCH” and give our kids the only privilege i know…. enjoying this country.

  • Paulette says:

    Mr Billings,
    Excellent show from a genuine patriot.
    The best content from credible source/guests. & clear presentation of information.
    You are now my favorite show!
    Aloha from Hilo, Hawaii

  • Eric Delahanty says:

    Dammit, I Knew I Should Have Listened To Gen. Flynn. DJT

  • tvSquareEyes says:

    Thank you gentleman.
    Deep State …the lies that were to big to MASK.
    Everyday a new mask to hide yesterdays lies.

  • Jon Gonnering says:

    Good to find the Right news. Thank you for all you have done.

  • RL Reynolds says:

    Hey Doug,
    I am on old submariner who lives 20 mi. south of Branson. Was a health inspector here for sometime.
    Plus, I would like to help with setting up and being of service behind the scenes here in Branson.
    I even worked front desk at the Chateau on the Lake for a bit.
    Maybe have a chat. Rev.12:11

  • mario tum says:

    Thank to listen

  • Anthony McGuigan says:

    Thank you Doug

    Top Job 5*

    We love your great work here in Harrow UK

    Love & blessings for all your amazing guests

  • Sandra Millward says:

    WOWZA!!! It’s coming out, slowly, but surely!! Thank you for your Amazing work!!

  • Bruce says:

    Durham is a traitor, giving him any information is useless and only benefits the cabal.

  • Chesley Blacklock says:

    Great news, keep on reporting the news.

  • TimeIsNow says:

    Gina Curtis: I believe you’re correct, and Trump knew exactly what was going on, including who was comped.

  • Deodie Hammac says:

    I enjoyed this program very much. I’ve always, since I found out about it, word of mouth, it gets around…Your an asset to our country, a great Patriot, A freedom loving God loving true Patriotic American! Thank you for your service! Keep up the great work in getting out the truth…May God Bless you….Oh, and I wish I could join the event…..that would be one of my prayers…I will pray about it and I will find a way. If not in person, I truly hope we can watch live….

    • Dbillingusr says:

      Hi Deodie,
      Thank you for your support! I’m blessed and honored by it.
      I pray you can make one of our events and look forward to the possibility of meeting you and many other fellow patriots.

  • Jimbo says:

    I always love to hear Gen Mclnerny speak. I wish President Trump had him, Sidney, Gen Flynn & Lin Wood on his side last December.

  • Claude R Armstrong says:

    On GAB, as I intro the one Constitutional solution to end the communist invasion, 50,000,000 honest American voters who form a nation wide law enforcement force to back every county sheriff, there is good support, but it takes the whole American citizenry to join in one connected voice of Constitutional law to overwhelm the evil world.

    I say to spread this concept as a whole people requires tuning into these truth reporting sources, and to support and share and attend and stay true to exposing evil on every level no matter who or how hard the opposition.

    To form a single center for this would make it easy for the invaders to take it down, so spread this force across untold numbers of truth sharing and supporting resources.

    Look into Judicial Watch and American Center for Law and Justice with the Constitutional teams of Jay Sekulow renouncing and winning in Supreme Court cases against abortion, unlawful immigration, and unlawful election acts.

    Get this word out even world wide as so many people support the liberty under Creator America is dedicated to enforcing.

    Also know that these attacks are all aimed at Israel, where the original Hebrew scripture is officially kept by command of Creator, even as the people reject Him as Savior.

    To end American support of Israel is to have the entire world rise in battle against Israel, and we know the end of that conflict.

    Be aware, diligent and effective.


  • Donald Nahass says:

    I’m sure Obama has been taken care of…Haven’t seen him since the election…Hillary either!!

  • Mark Lambert says:

    Thanks on your side will back you .

  • Elizabeth Cooper says:

    An extraordinary disclosure of truth derived from some very fine, and quite enduring research work, Doug, Maria, and General McInerney. I am quite sure that Fake News MSM Mockingbird will not, on their own volition, cover this disclosure, and Social Media Giants will try silencing by censoring any disclosure also. The Obama/Biden et al. Presidential administration was no Presidency at all, but rather, a full fledged targeted Global crime spree against America. It should be no wonder to anyone why the power structures at the highest levels of all the criminals in action, kept trying with all their might, with the full weight of the Obama/Clinton/Bush corrupt parts of the US government, and with their global dark cult foreign enterprises too, to try to get The People’s President , President Donald J Trump, out of power by way of massively orchestrated multi-level Election Fraud in 2020, and all their other plots that failed before that. This is one of many examples of what these organized crime networks and Traitor’s did. As we know, there is much more beyond even what is disclosed here, as the Obama/Biden/Clinton/Kerry/Brennan/Comey et al. puppets knowingly and willfully served unimaginably dark and sinister puppet masters on many tiers of criminal activity. They, and their international cabal had literally everything to lose. And, throughout all the subversive plots against President Trump that had unfolded after he won the 2016 US Presidential Election, their Subversion, Sedition, global criminal conspiracy, Fraud, and Treason, even continued on through, and after the 2020 US Presidential Election, in the cabal’s desperate dark cult efforts to desperately somehow claw back power for the sinister puppet masters, and for the very well paid puppets themselves. “They never thought she, HRC, would lose, now they all lose” , and, “Larger than anyone one could have ever imagined”.

  • George A. says:

    Everyone needs to ask who is behind China

  • John Broughton says:

    The $64thousand dollar question referring to the old TV show line.

  • Martha says:

    Excellent !! Hats off and thumbs up to ALL of Doug Billings’s video productions. Thanks.

  • Alessandra says:

    Doug and guests
    Thank you for your hard work

  • Betty Saunier says:

    God bless you all Patriots. Too many are still asleep.

  • Brenda says:

    I saw two different spellings in your videos for Lt. Gen Tom’s last name, McInerny and McInernry, neither of which are correct. According to Wikipedia, the correct spelling is McInerney. Regardless, you’ve done a GREAT job with your interviews. Thank you very much. I don’t even mind your sponsors needful as they are to keep afloat. I will continue sharing your videos because there’s great value in the information shared. Eternal thanks!

  • Dominick j Di Donna says:

    God bless you on all your search .the good folks have to show power and strength to end these evil demons.this is our nation.forces of good always defeat evil God Bless and protect us AMEN

  • Amyann says:

    I’d love to see a list of names in Trump’s innner circle and who you think were:

    – straight-up Traitors, spies for the other side, leftist undercover operatives
    – Cowards
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    I’d like to ask if you can authenticate the news about the military tribunals going on at GITMO now. Interesting list of “guests” have been brought to their “suites” for an extended stay at the “spa” with a shooting range and other entertainment. Saw a list of VIP’s and celebs that may been vacationing or have already left the spa. It’s difficult to confirm these details as the communists are censoring everything. I understand the news of the tribunals may not be for everyone. Maybe that’s why it’s been very quiet….. ?

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  • Mitchell Cohn says:

    Q says sit back and enjoy the show patriots get your popcorn out🍿TRUMP2Q2Q will return very soon!! WWG1WGA 🇺🇸

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