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  1. kathie ford

    oh my gosh. He is outright lying…This is purgery. This needs to get to Sentator Rand Paul, Ron Johnson, MattGaetz whomever..

    I can’t understand a person can outright lie.

    Good thing the opposite is on film…

    thank you Jason.

  2. Melanie Loyd

    Doug, you are magnificent (MAGAnificent)! We live in Lawrence, KS! Cheers!

  3. Mark McVey

    Being a retired LEO, Hodges and his coworkers make me want to puke. He and his buddies will never be looked at as truth tellers ever again. Disgraceful! His testimony was coached big time by the Dems.

  4. Paula Harvey

    Officer Hodges and the other officers were clearly reading a script written by Adam Schiff. I just feel it. I just want to say thank you Doug Billings for telling the truth about so many things. We are in a fight of our life and God is leading our way. He is our Guiding light.

  5. Francis an ex-idiot?

    Your military must hate you a lot, to let Boden run the show for them? They are nowhere to be seen while many jabbed and dying, and Trump went into hiding. It should be terminated right away? By whom? How? LOL… Here is the real question: How many more deaths will it take for the military to step in? 1 death? 10 deaths? 100 more deaths? They don’t care. They are not even impressed with 45000 in a recent statistic. Maybe a 100 million?

    When they do show up, they will be heartbroken to break out of their secrecy and cover, especially preventing the last one of the people that have already die. The absence of your military is causing hatred upon them as traitors paying lip service like bidened-kremala border nightmare lip service.

  6. Lila

    Are we allowed to share this on our Facebook page

  7. Susan Powers

    Love your videos and posts. As a Conservative and Trump supporter, I am very encouraged that justice will come to those who have
    been part of the coupe to take down our country.

  8. Susan Powers

    Your reports are encouraging to Patriots….thank you for all you are doing!

  9. Tim Gerac

    Doug, I am a big fan of yours; however, I am disappointed in this video. In the video’s that were shown from Jason, where you hear I love you, it appears to me that “I love you” was dubbed on top of the video. It may not have been, but it surely sounds like it. What disappoints me is you have aired something like this without investigating it. I am a big fan of the truth, and unfortunately, we that are on the side of the truth have to be extra careful when “presenting something as evidence”, especially against the left lies, has to be above reproach. Otherwise people will stop believing you and people like you trying to get the other side of the story out there to the general masses who are to lazy to look at alternative media trying to figure out what the truth really is.

  10. Kathy Napier

    Love everything you do Doug!! You deserve to be in the top 5 for sure:) God Bless You!!

  11. Jennifer Tudor

    Keep up the awesome work Doug!! This GA gal listens daily! I met you at Cotton Hall during Kandiss’s fundraiser. Hope you are well.

  12. Mike Southworth

    I am not finding the links for Mr Jason Frank. Please post or send.

  13. John

    On the Dan Bongino Show yesterday, Trump finally speaks up on vaccines, he states, “I think I have to be a big vaccine fan because I’m the one who got it done so quickly, we got it less nine months, it was supposed to take five years. They would have never even gotten it done so I am a big fan. At the same time, I’m a fan of our freedoms and people have to make that choice for themselves and I would recommend they get it and get it done and they’re being protected and the vaccines turned out to be a tremendous thing….” While Trumps goes on to mention he is a believer of freedom of choice, he fails to admits he was conned by Fauci and the CDC. He fails to mention all the death and injuries of the vaccine or fails to mention the force vaccines on our healthcare workers, military service members or Federal employees. He got us into this mess and still promotes it.

    I support turning over Trumps stolen election, but I do not plan on voting for him in the primaries if he continues to deny the dangers of vaccines.

  14. Melanie White

    You can tell by what he is reading, that a professional speech writer wrote what he is saying.

  15. Cheryl

    maybe someone should look into his bank account to see how much he was paid to lie

  16. Catherine Zimmerman

    Our country needs truth and thank God for you Doug and all your truth tellers may all there voices be heard in these trying times!
    God Bless all and protect you always!!

  17. Catherine Zimmerman

    Our country needs truth and thank God for you Doug and all your truth tellers may all there voices be heard in these trying times!

  18. Jeneen Deal

    Why is Trump telling everyone to get the vaccine?