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  1. Sandra

    These are the worst two happenings on this planet besides abortion no no

  2. Isabelle Lauziere

    Worst than we can even imagine…horrible
    We are so drained with bad news to atrocious news…
    From Central Texas

  3. Regina stegall

    I thought the child trafficking was almost over with the railroad underground team of fighters!

  4. Hardy

    I like the content of your broadcasts – but I would like to find the date of broadcasting,
    since I cannot come here daily .. so that I would know how old the broadcast is ..
    maybe the date can be put into the title ..

  5. Alex

    Dear Doug,

    I have just emailed Steve Quayle who was having a conversation with you on ‘zombies’.

    I was sent a WhatsApp video of zombies and I want to sent it to you both.

    Please this is my cellphone: +44 7508 790 570

    Kind regards,


  6. Diann T. Read

    Does Christie work with Tim Ballard and his Operation Underground Railroad? I’ve been aware of his rescues of trafficked children for some time.

  7. Skopal Pat

    Excellent interview! Very enlightening as to what is going on at our borders. Would like to know more about the groups claiming them from cartels, ie., Catholic Charities . Thank you ❤️🙏🏻

  8. Dee Hager