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  1. Camille Bood

    I wish them great success. God bless them. I have a feeling woman will be key to saving our republic. Seems we are speaking out more and more as our children’s lives are on the line.

  2. Juli Daedelow

    Refreshing! So glad there are people in Colorado that know that we are a fantastic state and that the current situation does NOT reflect what we are about! Time for us to wake up and take back our state!

  3. BonnieT

    Hi Doug; love your program, never miss one, enjoy all. The young women on this show are so inspiring and it cannot be overstated how much they are needed. I don’t live anywhere near Colorado, but if I could vote for them, and if the voting system is still broken, perhaps I will be able to anyway ;-), I definitely would. Oh, if all candidates were so reasonable and caring. I will definitely be praying for their success, because America needs them and more people like them. ❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸

  4. Becka Ridgell

    Only problem with Neuschwanger’s human race simplification is that someone still needs to make decisions. Who gets to make the decisions?
    Therein lies the everlasting dilemma in American society and government.
    We, the People, give voice to our goals, yet the Republican party slows progress to a crawl.
    Marijuana could be legal by now and bringing $$$$ in revenue.
    Women are fully capable of making their own DECISIONS re: abortion.
    And keep God out of politics/government.
    Religious beliefs should be kept private so we can solve real problems together.
    Frightening, that this candidate was ever in law enforcement.