Commusocialists WANT chaos and WON’T Call out Evil

by Dbillingusrpublished on April 8, 2021

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Georgia Election Law, Ron Desantis and 60 Minutes, Simon Parkes, and Lin Wood takes over South Carolina GOP.
Exclusive! Part 1 of 4 with Lin Wood & Maria Zack, plus Latest news of the day on The Right Side with Doug Billings
Doug's exclusive interview with Lin Wood and Maria Zack discussing election fraud and how to overturn a stolen election. Plus, comments from Ann Vandersteel on news of the day.
Maria Zack is back to discuss the global cabal of the theft and fraud of an American presidential election. She joins The Right Side With Doug Billings for an depth look at the people and events in the United States and Italy with regards to the largest election scandal in history.
CompressedCritical Race Theory plus Lindell & Parkes
In today's show, Doug outlines the danger and deception of Critical Race Theory by giving a history of its founding. Including a look at the Marxist kooks who began its evolution: Herbert Marcuse, Angela Davis, Derrick Bell and Kimberle Crenshaw. Plus, we have more...Simon Parkes.

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  1. Joe

    Thank you for being the voice of true American patriots. Appreciate speaking truth and calling out evil. You’ve got my support.

  2. Debbi Kneebone

    I truly enjoy all of your interviews but I prefer the interviews to be all in one day. Thank you.

  3. Doug Screws

    Doug do you have any recent interviews with Maria Zack?

    Doug Screws
    Cullman, Alabama

  4. Catherine Walls

    What do you think of what Okalahoma is doing about the vacine and the braclet they are going to make people wear. This unthinkable I would rather go to jail then have the vacine. When are people going to wake up.

  5. Lori McCaffrey

    Good morning from Colorado! Love listening to your show. Have always enjoyed listening to Rush Limbaugh and his conservative voice and his strong stance against the left wing crazy ideas. As I discovered your talk show I soon realized you are much like Rush in you stance to stand up and tell the truth and call out evil as it is. Thank you for your talk show and your guests you bring to your show. I anxiously await the return of our President Trump with his love and concern for America’s best interest. Please keep bringing us the truth in a world filled with plenty of lies and half truths!