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  1. Doug Crum

    You Need to sent this to Governor parsons Missouri

  2. Doug Crum

    Love your show

    • Dbillingusr

      Thanks, Doug, for your support!
      Great name! 🙂


  3. Angel

    Thank you She is so smart and brillant woman Thank you God Bless you for say the truth and help us .

  4. Mike Parker

    Doug: I find this latest video alarming to say the least. That said, IF this is true that the vaccine does not provide protection, 1. Why is it being administered?; 2. Why did it seemingly work?; 3. Does it pose a danger in the body if it “breaks down”?; 4. Why has this not been exposed if true?
    I believe you owe the audience and anyone else listening an explanation of the issues. To leave it at face value as presented makes me feel as though 1. The jab as you call it, does nothing to prevent Covid; 2. It poses a huge potential lethal impact for those having taken it. Please explain on a future segment.

  5. John

    We know what’s going on, now what do we do about it? What can we do?

  6. Claudette

    Great reveal Doug! There’s much more though. The tip of the problem are INSURANCE COMPANIES. They are not only destroying our lives, even broader the very planet we live on. The rabbit hole did get deeper. Wonder if you would be able to stomach their stench. If you are angry about the “v” lies, your head will explode when you research life and health insurance, annuities, etc. The crimes are endless. Just look at NYC. A perfect example of the coverup system. Using the plandemic as the scapegoat to enrich the insurance companies. Murder humans to keep their coffers filled. What a twist in this diabolical scheme. Know what’s odd? Not one tv show, internet Vlog, nor scientific institution (CDC, NIH, WHO, AMA) or Military Industrial Complex are discussing this. What a charade‼️ It’s no wonder the masses are asleep. 😤💫

  7. Cecilia

    Karen gave a lot of information, at times too much detail.It’s not necessary to say the codes for the additives. However describing what their role is important.She needs to get to the point or she will lose her audience.

  8. Philip Tindale

    Dear Sir
    I started watching your show as you had in my view credible guests on like the two Generals for instance then I came across your videos with Simon Parkes and Charlie Ward🙄, I have to say if bullshit could bounce these two would clear the moon which puts doubts in my mind on the validity of your site, plus is Karen qualified to make her statements on the vaccine, it’s okay to make statements but isn’t she sales and marketing?.
    Yours Sincerely
    Phil Tindale

    • Dbillingusr

      Hi Phil,
      I’ll address your accusations & concerns. First, Charlie hasn’t been on my show in MONTHS!
      Simon is a friend of mine. We don’t discuss “BS” (as you put it) on my show… We have friendly conversations about general observations of politics and the state of play in America and the world. You see, I have multiple guests on the show… Each with their own information and opinions. I leave it up to the good people in the viewing audience to make up their own minds about what they believe. This is how my show and my website GAIN in credibilty – I don’t shy away from multiple, competing or various opinions. It’s up to YOU to decide.
      And, at the end of the day, Phil, if you decide that I lack credibility… That’s YOUR decision. I don’t judge you if you arrive at that conclusion. In fact, I wish you well.
      Let’s continue to meet in Determiend Prayer and Determined Patriotism! We’re all in this together.
      God bless you.

  9. Steven Herron

    Hi Doug,
    A few days ago I commended on the AZ Audit show. Since then I have not been able to get your shows to load and play. I downloaded your channel and checked my settings but that did not work. I’m getting other Patriot programs just fine.

  10. Jeff Brodhead

    “…you are absolutely WRONG that NIH is NOT involved in gain of function…” A DOUBLE-NEGATIVE RESPONSE.

  11. Jeff Brodhead

    Dr FAUXci.

  12. Jeff Brodhead

    Check into the effects of the CCP-19 JAB on PT scans.

    I was told the story by a friend, who as the patient, was told by the radiology tech, that the PT scan results would likely be confusing to to the ordering doctor
    …and they were just that – CONFUSING!

  13. JoAnn Fahrenwald

    BUT GOD….

  14. Elizabeth McCroy

    It is genocíde! Against humanity! We will get trough this together! God help us all! He needs to be brought back to our schools out business’s into our country! God lives the USA but doesn’t like what is going on Abortions killing unborn babies sex trafficking of children! He is very upset with us and now the jab that can kill all of us who took it! Our money says In GOD we trust! Wake up USA! Fight fir your life!🇺🇸🙏❤️😇

  15. Deirdre Edwards

    Thank you for exposing the evil works of darkness.

  16. Bruce Riecke

    Great informative in depth podcast of Karen Kingston.
    HOWEVER will you eventually ask the question “who are the people responsible for all this evil” Did I miss that??????????
    It is time for those to be named so We The People can press congress to put them up for trial on crimes against humanity.
    Please lets have names

  17. aaaaaa

    Step 1 – Act smart
    Step 2 – Say buzzwords
    Step 3 – Get people to agree with your horrible and idiotic ideas that are based in nothing substantial
    Step 4 – Profit

  18. Darryl

    Hi sweetie, Pulled up the interview with Karen Kingston but it will not play. Something strange is going on here. I’ve been trying to activate my new phone but it will not activate. When Sue tried to use her phone to do it her phone keeps repeating (call ended). I tried over the computer but that won’t let me do it as well. Again somethings strange. As far as Brad is concerned, he didn’t even know that I was there for several hours. The nurses told me he cannot leave until he has an assisted living place to go to. The docters feel that he is not in good enough shape to live alone and I agree. You likely know this already. Love you guys

  19. James

    Open to what she’s saying, but the rate of death for the vaccinated remains extremely tiny, a small percentage of 1%. Are more injuries/death coming form the Moderna dose. And of course we don’t know what’s being injected, so of course the doses could be much different, injury/death happening with higher dosages. But still, we need to stick with reality and what we can verify; I know a bunch of people who’ve been vaccinated and they’re fine, not even minor side effects. Kinda hard to accept the idea that there’s something sinister going on when socially, no one knows anyone who’s suffering injuries or death from it.

  20. mike reid

    Try this, “SPESS-UH-FISS-UH-TEE” specificity I just love phonetic spelling. Great show. Like Marsha Blackburn will put this on her weekly “dog and pony show” email, nah, the Senator runs from relevance.

  21. Missie Treskolasky

    Love the truth and it is all on your show . We all need to know what is going on in the country.

  22. Bob Garner

    So I’m trying to picture how this is done. It sounds like were talking about adding these lipid nanoparticles and the graphene oxide to MRNA molecules. How is that done? Surely it’s not like legos or tinker toys. We’re talking about billions or trillions of MRNA molecules being modified. Do they just throw them all together and they just cling together or do they build a few and then they reproduce? Please help us to understand. Thanks.

    And thanks for bringing this out into the light.

  23. Desty Ellis

    Honest question for Karen Kingston…
    I believe you and agree with you that these covid jabs are potentially lethal. Given their ingredients, how are so many who have received them not getting sick? Why only some?