Doug Billings - A Time to Look Upward

Doug Billings – A Time to Look Upward


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One reply on “Doug Billings – A Time to Look Upward”

  • J. Douglas. (not my full name, for special reasons maybe shared later) says:

    I just heard your program for the first time interviewing Simon Parkes. I’ve been a listener for over two years to Dr. Charlie ward, Simon Parkes, the Patriot Network etc.

    I love your voice, …were you by chance ever a radio broadcaster?
    I was a part time radio show host on a night time program, that they tell me, was the largest nighttime radio audience in the nation. ( Clear Channel 50,000 Watt)

    I was also the producer of the Original Dramatized king James New Testament, and the Psalms and Proverbs, which was offered to the entire English speaking world, with over 500,000 album sets purchased. Please, please none of this is to be boasting of myself, that’s not who I am. But, if you are at all interested, I am offering the digitized MP3 format totally free to an organization like yours that you might perhaps utilize to help defer your cost of operation.

    Together, we can help bring our Lords loving message to a lost in dying world.

    Well enough said for now, and again I want to tell you what a fine podcast type presentation I just heard.

    With blessings to you and yours,

    J. Douglas