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  1. Elizabeth Dick

    Doug – We have watched you for months. We have garnered so much hope from you and your guests to get us out of this nightmare. But over the past few programs, you have seemed to flipped and change your message of hope for us. I have followed the remarks of other viewers and agree that you have changed! Not shopping at Walmart or to stop drinking Coke is not going to get us out of this nightmare! You have lost fans! You do not seem to maintain the BIG factor of the proof in numbers and documentation that the 2020 election was a fraud and stolen! The Supreme Court needs to step up and get back their stones and announce all of the proof postive of this fraudulent election! They need to stand up and announce that the true winner was President Donald Trump and decree that Joseph Biden and his “administration” must vacate the White House and their offices and reinstate Trump as our legetimate President! These Justices took an oath to support and stand for the US Constitution which gives them the right to throw our Biden and get Trump back!!

  2. Laura Napoleone

    I understand the getting involved etc….but this country has been voting for the right people for years but it has been stolen from us and I’m getting frustrated when everyone says we put these people in power…we didn’t!!! All evidence points to the fact the Trump administration and now the military know the election was stolen so we are living through a coup (probably China) and are being told to go to school committee meetings???? Our constitution gives us more options then that!!!! I love Flynn but his advice will be meaningless in less than 2 years.

  3. Dagmar

    Great show.

  4. Catherine steele

    I hear you guys and thank you. All the questions were great. General Flynn answered all masterfully. What I heard was, the military does not have evidence of treachery and treason of the many political actors of this country. Of which WE THE PEOPLE see daily. And that it is up to WE THE PEOPLE to take action. It’s too little too late. We are not organized. The problems of this country are deeply embedded and too large for us slaves to take on.
    It is my opinion that if we had taken more responsibility early on and actually hold ALL office holders accountable, we wouldn’t be where we are today. But, it’s too late to wait another 8 years for us to overturn all the bad policies and vote out the treasonous leaders. We need BOLD ACTION now.
    1) We The People Republic militiamen …at every state capital..peacefully request representation EVERY DAY , EVERY DAY , EVERY DAY
    2) restore our Republic rally’s….EVERYWHERE
    3) run for office……local, state and federal

    Do you see how large of under taking this is? We need leaders like all of you….to gather resources, political supporters.

    Power to the people.

  5. Howard Thomas

    Sorry, but I do not think the General said much of anything??

  6. Christie

    Can we put out a version of the Constitution in plain modern English?

  7. Janine Brooks Hedrick

    OMG!!!!!!!! None of you held General Flynn accountable at all. Did you give back the wine Mr. Billings??????? Might just as well, according to Gen. Flynn. Mr Flynn and all he is saying is making him the most dangerous man in the country right now!!! This whole broadcast was a complete waste of time, the man did not even begin to answer any of the questions at all!!!! You cannot tell me that by my running for county clerk, or going to my school board meetings and stating my frustration is going to do anything in terms of saving this country from this enemy at the state that it is in right now!!!!! Sure it will be important AFTER the enemy is defeated, but if we do not have a military who is upholding the constitution and protecting us from this enemy, than running for school board or anything else isn’t going to save this country! Going now to the school board and standing up for our rights and our kids rights is important and people are doing it. Getting involved with county business and understanding what is going on is important, and people are doing it! BUT, He even said it himself that we can’t go forward until the 2020 election is addressed and fixed. THAT IS THE POINT!!!!!. He is talking out of both sides of his mouth! That is the whole point of all of this right now!! People needing to believe that there are people holding the evil accountable for what they have done in the theft of the election and everything else! What Mr. Flynn is saying comes into play AFTER the enemy is defeated, held accountable for what they have done. If that isn’t happening, if nothing is going to happen to the DS and the Cabal and all those who have done what they have done, then nothing I do going forward will make any sort of difference at all!!! THAT is FACT! That is common sense.. and you, Mr. Billings have to know that! Mr. Flynn has to know that. And if he doesn’t, then he needs to stop talking and go away, because what he is saying now is not going to inspire anyone at all. It will in fact, lead people to feel defeated and just give up. Let me ask Mr. Flynn some questions!!! The questions you all asked were softball questions, and no one pushed him at all in the fact that HE DIDNT EVEN ANSWER ANY OF THE QUESTIONS!!! We can lose it all, he is right on that that, but we are going to lose because of the comments he is making now. He is going to discourage everyone from wanting to go forward with his comments of “there is no plan, there is nothing happening”, that will take any sort of hope from people and cause them to just retreat and say what is the point if evil is not going to be defeated? Our country has no leadership of any kind protecting us!!!! Very scary. Stew Peters question was good, of which Mr. Flynn did not answer. There are over 500 people sitting in prison right now after having went to a “peaceful” protest!!! If our military isn’t going to protect us, if our government won’t protect us, our court system is not going to protect us, if those who stole the election and are taking over this country are not being dealt with and being brought to account, why should we believe we have any hope for a future at all!!!!! Mr. Flynn’s comments are very dangerous, completely disheartening. I have watched DJT at every rally speech, read his statements, listened to Gen. Flynn make comments as well, but now, if there is nothing happening behind the scenes, if there is no military working to protect us, if there is no “taking down the DS and the Cabal” clearing the path so that We the People can take charge and bring our country back, then there is NO hope, and we are DOOMED as a country. This broadcast and all that was said has made me very scared for my future, my kids and grandkids, and the future of this country. It is ridiculous to state and try to get people to believe that we can defeat this evil by running for school board or county clerk!! Utterly ridiculous! There is no common sense in that statement at all right now! We are dealing with evil, satanic, demonic, global tyranny, people who want to take over our country and set up a One World Order, – but you want me to believe that I can defeat that by peacefully protesting (when they control courts and law enforcement) and run for school board (when they control leadership of education) or country clerk ( when they control county government). Irresponsible! Prepare us to do all that yes, but do not take away the hope that there are people also protecting us while we do that, that the evil is going to be defeated, eliminated and held accountable. Prepare the people to step up and get involved and pay attention, but we have a country that is totally being run and controlled by satanic forces, but to say “there is no one working behind the scenes and there is no plan” makes me completely without hope and I know i am not alone! We’ve established the most elite army in the world, and when we need them the most, no one is protecting us!!!?????? Let me ask Mr. Flynn a few questions!!! First being do you understand the oath that you took to uphold the constitution and protect the country from enemies both foreign and domestic!????? He states that “we were blindsided and not prepared for what happened in 2020 election”. REALLY?? When everything we have been reading and hearing says otherwise!!!! Really???? We are being told constantly that ‘we have it all that is was seen in real time and we caught them in the act, had to set them up in order to defeat them, but now Mr. Flynn is going to claim “we were blindsided’ and had no idea any of it was going to happen. WOW! Unreal. If that is true, then he and DJT and Mike Lindell, Powell, McInerny, you and soooo many others need to start coming clean and say “we’ve all lied to you”. We got nothing and we’ve dooped you all. But, see, I don’t believe that! What I believe is that we do have it all, there are people working behind the scenes to bring down the DS and Cabal. He can flash the constitution at me and question whether I’ve read it, well, I’m wondering the same thing of him!!! I think Mr. Flynn is a bit too liberal for the work that needs to be done right now! He’s scared to have military roll down our streets and round up those who are causing all this trouble. But, God’s flipping tables, and he needs people to help flip them! By the words Mr. Flynn is speaking now, maybe, just maybe, God is still weeding out those who will really stand up to the evil. What I’m hearing from Mr. Flynn is that he is running around trying to set all the tables back up again because he doesn’t like the mess. We may be putting too much trust in Mr. Flynn.

  8. Jenna

    I love the message of “get up & take a stand” because we certainly have been an apathetic, lazy bunch who’s relinquished our individual sovereignty to those in so-called positions of power. We’ve been profoundly, deeply lied to, deceived, manipulated, poisoned &, well, enslaved… and most were too wrapped up in their misery to notice. But that’s another thing.

    But as for taking a stand; Stews point… his question is a real concern. Our judicial & media complex system’s been weaponized against us… against ANYBODY who “takes a stand” against the status quo… against the “official narrative.” I’m glad Flynn recognized this risk but I’m still not convinced our lives aren’t in danger if we step outside those bounds. I’ll fight with every ounce of my soul for my and my family’s life against any vax “mandates” but we can’t even refuse the stupid mask on my child to attend school! They aren’t allowing exemptions but even if they did, my son already told me he’s too embarrassed to be the only maskless kid (he’s 15… so, yunno, peer pressure). I feel like the mask issue is small potatoes compared to these other issues we’re facing as a country… but we can’t even overcome that!

    The fact is, so many of us feel helpless against this extraordinary powerful behemoth of evil! I feel like we’re in a game of Whack-A-Mole… and they’re smashing us down every time we pop our head up.

    It would help to know we have some level of protection behind us… like the military. But if, as Gen Flynn says, we’re on our own… then I’m just not sure how to fight this. Maybe because I’m a girl, I need a strong man (or army) to help me leverage this fight.

    Without question, I’ll fight to the death before succumbing to tyranny. I think I speak for many women when I say I’m just not sure I can risk being a political prisoner without Due Process. This is some scary 💩!!!!

  9. Camille Bood

    Its inevitable we will have to attack our government. Constitution says we can and the talk on the street is we will if this garbage continues with no help rom the military. This peaceful protest crap is pie in the sky.

  10. Sonya Waters

    Doug, If the statement is that it is us as the plan, why do they keep saying “TRUST THE PLAN”!?

  11. Chloe

    So pretty much, we are screwed and left with no hope. 😑

  12. Lisa Betten

    So it is our fault? I know I have always voted for the conservative on the ticket. Is me going to my local school board going to stop the cheating in local and federal elections? How will I be able to stop all the evil players that are WAY above my head?

  13. PSpagnuolo

    Q is obviously a psyop and the ‘trust the plan and ‘the military is the only way’ was 4 years of horse manure. Every branch of the system—judicial, legislative, and executive is corrupt to the core. We can say “do as we say or we will vote you out” but we aren’t really in a position to truly unseat them (peacefully at the ballot box) because they and their CRIMINAL cohorts control the counting so how do you hold legislators or even mayors accountable? If we are relying on ‘voting out’ people with a corrupt election system we are doomed. Elections have been riddled with fraud for decades and we don’t really know that ANY of the people in any office—local, state, or national—were truly elected by the people.

    Making a difference in local governments—most of them are corrupt too—is a long-term plan but I fear American will be long gone before that trickles up. God help us because clearly, we have to assume NO ONE in ANY public office is legitimate. Taking up arms in a bloody civil war seems inevitable and we are up against a global cabal that has controlled us for decades so our odds don’t seem very good.

  14. Gary Winters

    Doug Billings: You recently said there was no military plan to take back our country, saying that Wood, Powell and Flynn told you so, saying that the patriots were the plan. They had to tell you that, because they were following the strategies of Sun Tzu, a famous military strategist from several hundred years before the birth if Christ. His battle strategies are so good his book was used at West Point as a text book. Among his strategies were:
    Never reveal your plans
    Appear weak to the enemy
    Strike when least expected.
    Those 3 patriots had to answer no to your question.

    There is a plan in effect, for quite a while, for the military to be directly involved in taking our country back. Over the past several months, there have been quite a few clear signs of military action, to those who are alert. But, for that action to succeed, a critical mass of patriots need to be made aware of the need to take our country back. Your efforts toward that are commendable. Keep it up.

    There are some bloggers directly involved in the plan. they are involved in secrecy agreements, but they are still a good source of information.

  15. Frank Paul Atwood

    Parents can start by taking responsibility for their own children’s learning. They need to start by pulling them out of schools and home teach them as was done in the beginning of America. 2nd, stop putting people in as politicians who are owners of business’s that have prospered as a way of judging them by the money they make. Find people of truth, period. Yet I know this may never happen for in truth, if we we’re of God, there’d be no politicians period, as we would all live by God’s rules within ourselves, which many deny and have bastardized to be one with this world we are supposed to overcome, period.

  16. Michelle S

    Thank you Doug for bringing all these great Patriots together. You always have great interviews.
    However, this one was very interesting.
    It seemed unnatural. None of them looked comfortable other than Gen Flynn.
    I follow every single one of those Patriots, they seemed awkward and out of place.
    Surprisingly, their questions were very ordinary. It was very obvious that they didn’t ask what they would have otherwise asked.

    Brad was the real obvious one and seemed that he really wanted to ask something, but it didn’t come out right. He didn’t word it right, and it back fired on him.
    Bless his heart, he seemed very unhappy. He is a good man.

    So, I figured I would share this with you that people notice things ……..
    Thanks again for being a great Patriot and loving our country.

    Hold the Wine!

  17. Donna

    I heard your interview with gen flyn. Its so strange how all of a sudden everyone says there is NO plan. I have done the research and have listened to many who elude to a plan…I’ve heard “behind the scenes “ until I am blue in the face. The truth I believe now its all been a scam. I just don’t understand whyyyy. Its all very hard to see how our country is lost. I believed you guys were telling the truth along with trying to research and pray. You said it could take decades to fix this. At this point there isn’t enough time to fix it. Everyone is compromised. I don’t know to believe. A sad day for sure. DL