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  1. Jean L

    He is nw attempting to remove disable veterians monies if they dont comply to vaccination

  2. Eleanor Early

    Am hoping the Supreme Court will jump on this & “hopefully “ stop this unconstitutional act Biden & buddies are trying to pull off! Funny that all Congressmen are federally involved as well as all the “newcomers” that are streaming across our Border brining in Heaven knows what!

  3. Dawn

    Thank you Doug for your encouragement. Here in Auckland New Zealand still in level 4 lockdown. Love your show. 🙏

    • Dbillingusr

      Hi Dawn,
      Thank you so much for your support! Ipray for all ofyou in NZ.
      God bless you and cheers to everyone in New Zealand! We’re in this together!
      We will prevail… Believe it.

  4. Len D

    Love the idea of people walking off the job and demanding that this mandate be ignored! However! What about people who do work for the FED, STATE, etc. in emergency positions? Police officers, Ambulance drivers, Firemen, Prison Guards? How do they walk off? Any patriotic lawyers out there that will and can sue in Federal Court PLEASE HELP US ALL!!! Our original patriots founders pledged their lives, their fortunes etc. to free the nation.

    Can you do a class action law suit and ask for donations to offset costs?? If you can, contact me please! We need your help my family members starve to death!

  5. steve

    Doug can you mail me the names of the people in johnson county i can unite with to talk about cleaning up the corruption in our counties,cities and aschools here inmy state?

    i am steve parker
    po box 862
    shawnee mission ks 66201

    or send me their emails and phones numbers at

    i emailed you sometime back but never heard back from you

  6. Elizabeth Dick

    Obama, as the “puppet master” is Geppetto and Blundering Biden as the “puppet” is Pinocchio! Enough already! Just look at the 50 + college football games this past weekend that had thousands chanting : “F..k you Biden”!! And Biden at the 9/11 ceremonies were Biden was boo’ed over and over again! In PA, Biden with photo ops with school children – all wearing Trump hats and T-Shirts!
    There is so much hatred for Biden! People are waking up! Oh yeah – we are “woke” up! Joe better watch his back!

  7. Donnie A

    News Flash Joe we the people don’t work for you !!!! You work for us !!!!

  8. Camille Bood

    Doug, give the American people more credit. We don’t believe the President, MSM, or Fauci at all anymore. It’s all lies and we know it. Even idiots still wearing masks know it but their lake of relationship with the Lord leaves them in fear. But most admit they know its a lie. Fear is a powerful demon. I just tell them God has not given us a spirit if fear, but of POWER, LOVE AND A SOUND MIND. They rather ware the mask like a comfort blanket.