Doug interviews Ann Vandersteel & Joey Gilbert, (About the Dr. Martin interview)

Doug interviews Ann Vandersteel & Joey Gilbert, (About the Dr. Martin interview)


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27 replies on “Doug interviews Ann Vandersteel & Joey Gilbert, (About the Dr. Martin interview)”

  • Claudette says:

    My concern is….how can we refuse this poison if our employer is complicit with this fraud. Also, the fake President is advising all military troops are to be jabbed. What?????? This is unacceptable! Please give us some antidotes to this. Thank you.💫

  • Denes says:

    My favourite Chanel, greetings from Europe

  • Cecilia says:

    So thankful you picked up this revelation by Dr. Martin. President Trump, governors of Red States and Republican senators and representatives need to hear this from you, Ann, Mel K, Lt. Gem Flynn and Lin Wood.

  • afr malatesta says:

    Now what ?

  • mary weaver says:

    More and more is coming out!. Thank and praise GOD. We will win!

  • Terry Denman says:

    Please come to Cayuga County, central NY. We need to get this information out for people here.

  • Bob Halpin says:

    Doug even though we knew this is still jaw dropping. The details have raised my blood pressure, truly want justice. A list of the patent # and a short description would help know what we are looking at when we look up the patents. Looking forward to the next update. CHEERS !

  • Mark Lewis says:

    Mr Doug Billings:
    I “met” you a number of months ago; and appreciate the quality of guests you interview. Again, the majority of your quests are intelligent, well meaning, true Patriots, and seemingly righteous people. Again, I listen to many of your interviews.. and of course the latest; being Dr Martin, Ann Vandersteel, and Joey Gilbert. I know there is “Hope eternal” for those who trust in The One True God of Israel; Adonai/Yeshua The Messiah. However, regarding the temporal.. with the “deep” corruption and evil that face our world today, including the intelligence agencies, the judicial system, and others, how or who in the world can/will bring justice to the major players of this evil plot? As Mr Gilbert and many other will attest, there are monumental crimes that can and should be levied against so many individuals. I almost feel as though all the investigative research, findings, and proof positive “bombshells”.. are to no avail. I suggest that we as listeners need to hear who is not corrupt; we know many that are, yet we need to know who the righteous are that can and will make real difference in the name of justice.

    I would most certain appreciate and welcome a response.

    Thank you for who you are and all your efforts.

    Cheers.. and Bless you!

    Mark Lewis
    Woodbury MN

  • Robert J Firth says:


    I watched your show with Ann V. No doubt we and the world are under attack and in serious trouble. The enemy has planned all this for decades…

    Many of us were aware of the early origins of the phony virus and the planned release of the vaccine on humanity… I posted the following this morning which is excerpted form my article on the Patriots Soapbox site.

    So, this really is war! No bayonets- this time the enemy’s using needles. Train the door knockers, send Capitol police to arrest the veterans (white supremacist terrorists all). Oppress and defund any opposing the juice and speaking against the fraud. Silence and kill them all! Topple their statues, erase the history, close their businesses, make them submit to face diapers and take the vax. Don’t let them travel unless and until they take our juice. Make them suffer, close the schools. Paint their streets, loot and burn, kill their police. Subvert and indoctrinate their children. Divide them all by race. Collapse their currency and destroy the economy. Destroy them all, deplorable bible-thumping, gun-carrying, backwoods bumpkins! This is war!!!! AMERICA BURNING, http://WWW.ROBERT-J-FIRTH.COM

    My wife met General Flynn in Davie Florida. She and I are doing all we can to fight this thing. I flew 3 years in Vietnam and spent 5 in African conflict areas. I have seen the best and worst humans can and do to for each other. I have no illusions. Later I worked for President Reagan and had an office at Ft McNair. My job was to use contacts at State to get rid of any who might oppose his agenda. I learned that I was one of 50 spread over government doing the same thing in every agency and department in Government.

    Reagan had been president of SAG and governor of CA so, when he came to DC, he was a seasoned politician and understood partisanship. He knew how deep the swamp really was. When Trump was elected I sent letters and tried calling to advise him as to how Reagan handled Washington. Unfortunately, my messages never got to him or he never listened..

    My book PANDEMIC is a fictional novel presenting the story and our responce. I;d like to send you a copy or you can get it from AMAZON. ck

    If or when you’re in Boca, lunch is on me…at least until they cart me off to a FEMA death camp 🙂

    Robert J. Firth
    954 683 0824

  • will rodgers says:

    The China virus never passed the smell test. Fauci always was a crook and an interloper. I agree we are at war, but they took out the greatest leader and the only leader who was fighting them. They cheated and manipulated the nation and stole the election, because President Trump was winning too much for the dnc-/CCP so they used computer manipulation by \China to remove him.

  • Doug Crum says:

    I really hope that Donald Trump gets to see this I think this is a description I think this is a disgrace our country does these kind of things God thanks God-bless you for showing this video and telling people them doing this video and telling people the information they really need to know this

  • KC Sprague says:

    Fauci said recently that the next epidemic was going to be ebola–do you ave any evidence that ebola was actually concocted in reston Virginia? (see the book The Hot Zone). Since remdesivir given for ebola is found to be fatal, are we seeing the prep of the next wave? And what is the next wave of corona designed to kick off the cytokine storm in the ultra-immune-enhanced, and do you know anything about when it might get “sprung” on the rest of us? Thanks.

  • Curt says:

    Ivermectin is essentially a cure, but has been suppressed/hidden. Noticed this over a year ago, at which point I realized something bigger was going on.

  • Susan says:

    Thank you for trying to get this word out!
    I heard Gates Ted talks many months ago and his eugenic beliefs
    Jon Rappaport enlightened many in 2020
    I have researched this since March 2020 and I hope this will validates this crime against humanity to many who are blind and do not want to see
    The Lord said many times things in the Bible for those who can hear and see and are not deaf and blind !!!
    Now MSM must say it -many of my family and friends are still blind and will take a booster
    My son and fiancé really hurts a crime

  • LEN DOBRZYN says:


  • kathie ford (california) says:

    This is so very upsetting and angering. So many innocent people separated from loved ones, isolated and treated alone w/o any advocate, and basically murdered for money. OMG!
    It makes my heart cry hard for all those individuals. Im am sharing this information and US Patent numbers w/all I can.

    This has to be seriously circulated/exposed to as many as possible.

    To Joey Gilbert, Attorney….can We The People bring about a Class Action Lawsuit against these criminals? Can their assets be seized?


    we need to find out what the shot does to your body – rumours are that everyone that had the shot is going to get sick and die in the next 5 years –

  • bobo3 says:

    Ann Trump is still pushing the killer vaccine, no fucking excuses for him to still be !!

  • kathie ford (california) says:

    Contact Newsmax. See if they will be courageous enough to cover. Fox w/few exceptions possibly will not.

    Thank you for all this information.

  • Brandon Nilsson says:

    Doug, this is great information but I feel that if our election integrity is not restored to its original state of operation, the people who are responsible for the election fraud are not brought to sustainable justice and also the ones responsible for this covid BS then OUR war will be imminent. Your platform and others like it have given hope but that hope is fading every day. I am very aware of what is going on and I know without a shadow a doubt that the people of the republic have every right at this moment to overthrow every level of government with every means necessary. That’s our Constitutional duty!! Freedom and Liberty have NEVER just been given or given back without blood shed PERIOD!! The system that you and others are asking the people to use and have faith in will not fix the problems we are facing for many years to come. As long as money and power are attainable in politics then corruption will ALWAYS be a problem. We can vote and vote and vote but no matter how whole hearted the canidates are, one way or another corruption will find its way back in. I hope the systems Charlie talks about are real, for the sake of our people. I have so much to say, like many others, but it does no good like this. You should consider having joe shmos like me on to ask questions and give opinions too. People dont like to listen to politicians, why do you think Trump was so loved. Real Americans like to hear things in a real way. But what do I know, Im just a good ol boy from Idaho.

  • Jeremy says:

    So when will there be justice for this?

  • John Szewczyk says:

    I’d like to see what Post Master General of the World Russell-Jay:Gould has to say about the SHOT and Covid-19……????

  • Brandon Nilsson says:

    Doug, Im sorry, I didn’t realize that my comment yesterday was going to be posted for the public. I thought I was sending a private message. No worries

  • Connie Baker says:

    Action must be taken on these crimes against humanity. Greenberg trials

  • Joop Schagen says:

    Very good video.

  • Cassie says:

    Why is anyone surprised? I thought we all knew this was the truth. I hope all the people asleep will start awakening. I can only imagine how angry/stupid people will be after rushing to get injected with a shot that will kill them, all for nothing!

  • Dave Houghton says:

    They want everyone Vaxxed because if they own the Patent on the mRNA Sequence they technically own YOU!
    and this Video shows you How they will Own YU and your Property:
    Dr Rashid Buttar- The Canadian Plan