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  1. Margaret Miller

    Good Luck Bobby! The US Senate needs more good people!
    Correct, Illinois corruption runs long & deep. Pritizker, Rauner, Quinn, Edgar, Thompson were all worthless to the citizens.
    While in the new Capitol, (Denver) don’t forget Illinois. We need to be spotlighted at the Federal level.
    Illinois is RED with so much potential!
    Call out all RINO’s
    Cut taxes immediately & the size of government
    Business friendly tax cuts building outside the top 11 counties.
    Stop double dipping pensions
    Cap & stop ALL pensions at 5 years after retirement
    Break the teacher’s union & replace communist leaders & rank & file. No more indoctrination.
    Stop unemployment after 6 months
    Keep coal production going and support Telsa free energy
    Assist in unsealing the over 8,000 indictments
    Allow ICE to hold illegal aliens, cut funding, no more sanctuary state, cut Section 8, investigate tollway corruption, bunkers under O’Hare,
    Endorse Constitutional Sheriffs & Police Chiefs
    Speak with Adam Andzejewski directly

  2. Sodi Griffin

    I wish I lived in Illinois so I could vote for Bobby Piton. He will be a great Senator!

  3. J Owens

    Please contact Senate candidate Jackson Laymeyer in Tulsa OK to get data for Oklahoma analysized. He toured the Arizona audit and tried to get an audit in Oklahoma but was stopped by RINOs here. He is the pastor at Sheridan Church.

  4. Lynn Anderson

    Hi Doug! Please let us know what has happened to Maria Zach.
    Will she be coming back on your show?

  5. Sammy

    Sam is my name and have seen Mr.Piton in many interviews over the past months I love and respect the work he and his team have been doing in showing with his analysis of the 2020 steal ! He would be a postive and fresh new face this country needs in the Senate in 2022 if we do get there! He is an AMERICAN FIRST SENATORAL CANDIDATE ILLINOIS NEEDS !!! God bless him on his journey!!!