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  1. kathie

    Yes there is more red than blue. I’m a californian born and raised. It is so corrupt. The recall was rigged too. In our County Newsome lost the recall. In Placer County they had the bad machines that vote flip. They are online. A personal aquaintenance working a precinct there noticed their phone bluetooth did indeed pick up a voting machine.

    We need prayer for our State. Most of the state is red. I have friends that are normally not conservative that are disgusted by their own, or what used to be their own party.

    Californians are trying to fight back but we hear silence..even from our own supposidly conservative reps. Its very difficult and frustration for those of us who want our State turned around.

    Its SF, LA and now parts of SD that make Calif look blue. its not..believe me..we are RED.

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