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  1. Susan L

    EXCELLENT interview.

  2. Ott Attila Denes

    I admire David, who stands by his principles. This is the only way to eliminate this criminal evil. What amazes me is my horror that there are so few people who stand up and FIGHT for the most important struggle in human history.
    Greetings from Europe, which is slowly waking up.

  3. Diann T. Read

    Outstanding interview! I also follow Glenn Beck. I love how you two are shoulder to shoulder on teaching the divine origins of our founding documents. See this Constitution Day clip. It’s just under 7 minutes. This is how I was brought up to regard the Constitution, and why I was proud to take the oath to protect and defend it when I entered the USAF decades ago. BTW, I have never been released from that oath.

  4. steve

    Doug why you want to be another rush limbaugh,that guy was a gasbag republican.He ignored the corruption of both Bush and Reagan.speaking of,you have compared Trump to Reagan,dont even mention trump in the same breath as that mass murderer Reagan.Regan genocided africans,was involved in drug running for the CIA with clinton and Bush,as an actor he spied on other actors for the FBI and destroyed many careers falsely saying they were communists. He also created the worst debt in history worse than all presidents COMBINDED. again he was a warmonger who got the ball rolling for the destruction of America that each president all the way up to Obama expanded on.He was a traiter.

  5. Gisele Boisvert

    I live in small town Alberta, we received a vaccine mandate for full vaccination by October 22, 2021. Problem is our union’s are not going to support the rights of the unvaccinated. Seems our years of changing coats on unsuccessful elections, coupled with natural disasters, down turn in the oil field we can no longer negotiate fair contracts…we are years behind..only chump change…benefits have eroded..although we have managed to build a new headquarters for the union, kept parasites called negotiators and arbitrators in pay cheques….all along pushing the green new deal….we are feeling tied up in a gunnysack. We have noticed due to these lags in contract settlements our negotiators, employer reps, and the lawyers have formed comfortable relationships. What might you recommend? File a grievance on the last day? I am in my last few years before retirement and I could step towards retirement, but if we all jump ship..our junior generation is again disadvantaged. Thank you for your time.