Doug interviews Mike Lindell & Simon Parkes – 4/05/2021

by Dbillingusrpublished on April 5, 2021

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Administrator Biden is using E.O.'s to take our guns, while we deal with the Commusocialists, Islamic Domestic Terrorists, and the Border Crisis. We watch Ron DeSantis expose that the Democrats are communists, and we chat with Maria Zack.

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Georgia Election Law, Ron Desantis and 60 Minutes, Simon Parkes, and Lin Wood takes over South Carolina GOP.
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CompressedCritical Race Theory plus Lindell & Parkes
In today's show, Doug outlines the danger and deception of Critical Race Theory by giving a history of its founding. Including a look at the Marxist kooks who began its evolution: Herbert Marcuse, Angela Davis, Derrick Bell and Kimberle Crenshaw. Plus, we have more...Simon Parkes.

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  1. Betty

    What happened to the rest of the interview with Simon.
    Your old podcasts were better because they were longer.

  2. Gerri

    I tried watching on BEK but sound went out after a while.

  3. Carolyn Kusler

    What happened to the Simon Parks segment on Italy, etc. It wasn’t included!

  4. Maureen Burke

    So, what exactly did Simon say? I got nothing out of that interview.

  5. Blair French

    TUCSON!!! Will welcome you both with open arms!! and yes, the gem show is a jewel. Continued prayers for you both. Thank you for all you’re doing. God Bless!

  6. Chris

    You are gradually losing me, Doug….you interviewed Simon for what, 10 min or so? You implied he would continue after your lengthy ads and nope, no more Simon. Then you spoke for awhile and then added another piece of your Mike Lindell interview and finished out with 10 minutes of ads…it appears that your money making ads are your main focus….will Simon be back another day? Your 5 part Lindell interview has been a mess, in my opinion….I preferred Doug Billings before you became this arrogant and more interested in money and ads than in a good message.

  7. J Martin

    It is sad to see this show caring more about paying the bills then the massage. What happened to Simon Parks you didn’t hardly give him the time of day.

  8. David Herder

    Since you said this is the first of three interviews with Simon Parkes (which you did at the outset), we now expect two more interviews with Simon Parkes. I keep up with Simon’s videos as well… so it will be obvious when the next Billings/Parkes tag team podcast occurs.

  9. John Zimmerman

    Hi Doug, I tried listening on my IPhone like I normally do, and there was no sound. I switched to Google Chrome on my laptop and the sound worked. Great show. Thank you for maintaining and spreading sanity in the midst of the chaos we are facing in our nation. It’s refreshing to hear the truth with conviction and with passion as you deliver it. You are a beacon of hope to all of us Patriots! God Bless you Sir!

  10. Victoria S

    Thank you for your comments on Easter. God bless.
    As for Simon, I wish you would have asked him about his change of plans once he comes to the U. S. He said he was going to divide his time between Florida and the UK. The last time he was on your show, he had planned to have a place in Florida, Texas, and Arizona. He had said that Trump would return and that the WH would be in Texas. What changed about that, or is he not permitted to say?

  11. Victoria S

    I must agree with some of the others, in that I do not like the way you are interviewing people and then breaking that interview up into very small pieces to fill in on several shows.

  12. Clive Jennery

    Dear Doug,
    Greetings from the UK. I enjoy your podcast and the honesty you present.
    What happened to your interview with Simon Parkes? I was keen to get an update on Italy, and the Vatican satellite system, that was instrumental in the US election fraud.
    Further, clearly world problems highlighted by the fraudulent election in the US, and responses to the Pandemic, are relevant to life in the UK too. We have a Police Force here that are out of control with “over reach” powers that cannot be considered “legitimate” policing. And now our Government has also lost its way, with a Bill in Parliament to extend lockdown, extend the power of the Police, and demand we get Vaccine Passports. This is not a call for ‘defunding the Police’, but a demand for the return of our personal sovereignty, where we are individually responsible for how we live. At your next interview with Simon, please extend your discussions to what is really happening in the UK. Brainwashing by our MSM, broadly speaking, has created a Society that has an unrealistic response to the Pandemic, with our freedoms severely compromised.
    Thank you, and kind regards,

  13. Clem

    Doug watch your last show. Your show may have been hacked. The interviews with Simon and Mike were cut short and filled in with commercials.

  14. Tania Douglas

    Wouldn’t you say that telling us to not listen to “them” is to sensor them? Isn’t that what you are preaching against?
    I have to say that I do not listen to anything the main stream media says, I haven’t for quite some time but to say that they should not have a voice is doing EXACTLY what you are complaining about Lester Holt. I agree with you that no one should listen to that crap but don’t complain about something and do it at the same time. It seems a bit hypocritical. I would just say that that is going to be their argument back to you.
    After saying all that I have to tell you that I agree with all that you say. Keep up the good work. God Bless You Real Good!

  15. Dave Blaze

    There is Freedom of Speech and then there is speech that causes widespread harm…right Tania? Just as you would not yell “FIRE” in a crowded area when there was no fire, is the same as the MSM hurting people with false/fake news.

  16. hithereclh


    I started writing but see many of the following comments mirror what I started to send.
    An early legacy member.
    Please consider the following comments as they carry merit.
    Thank you.

  17. Connie Ericksen

    Great job! Please keep up the great work, Doug. God bless you.

  18. Debra Adams-Hurst

    Could somebody please tell me how to terminate my membership? I can’t afford it and can’t figure out how to end my subscription. This is the third time I have tried asking and I’m not getting a response. I thought I would try it but I just can’t do it.

    • Dbillingusr

      Check your email

  19. Debra Adams-Hurst

    Another thing is that isn’t worth it to be a member if one has to watch commercials. I like watching but if I watch a zillion commercials I’ll go to Bek news. Please unsubscribe me or tell me how to do it.

  20. Hey

    Where is your interview with mike lindell or Simon parks s this bate and switch or what

  21. Tamara Irene Carr

    You are losing me and others fast. What the heck happened to Simon? What about Italy? Those horrid commercials have taken over the show. I will give you one more try and after that it’s over if things don’t improve. My time is valuable too!

  22. Mike


    You cover really important and interesting topics but you need to really tone down the commercials.. wholly shit!! I have never experienced so many ads in a 60 minute segment.. I’m assuming your more about the content and important messaging then about making every last $$.. you need to rebalance content (much more) and commercials (much less!!). Thanks

  23. Laurie

    I am not really liking your new format. Would rather hear interviews, with guest, in one episode and not chopped up over several days – too hard to follow. Also, I know you have to have commercials but there are too many.

  24. Rosemarie Boyd

    What happened to Simon? He disappeared and Mike Lindell reappeared. Very disappointed. The old formats worked much smoother

  25. Barbara

    That is why Fox and the others will be going down.
    There is a lot of new honest news programs starting up
    Blessings all!
    P S. You do look a lot like Russ. He was a great one.

  26. Diann T. Read

    I have to agree with several others who commented about how little time was given to Simon Parkes. I was expecting to hear more from him after the ad break. I do hope he’ll get more time in the 2nd and 3rd shows you mentioned. The old format with full-fledged interviews and no ad interruptions really was better.

  27. Elizabeth Dick

    Your show with Maria Zack was astounding and fantastic! She presented so much information. and gave us so much hope that we are going to be back with President Trump very soon! I understand that presenting your show is expensive, but I agree with other viewers that you have way too many commercials on your show now. In some cases, I have just given up and closed out. I do hope you continue to have Simon Parkes on as often as you can. He is informative and very trustworthy.

  28. J

    We must make sure that even when our elections are mostly fraud free, those who win are not threatened/blackmailed to do the bidding of evil people.

  29. Meg

    Hi Doug,

    Why didn’t Simon Parkes come back after the commercial break? I am so confused. I see from the comments that others are wondering about that as well. Is he going to be continuing what he had started to say in an upcoming Part 2 interview?

    • Dbillingusr

      Hi Meg,
      As annnounced at the beginning… This is a 3-part series with Simon.
      He’ll be back today!

  30. Bob Fordham

    I applaud your fairness and attempts at balanced journalism Doug, been following you for months, Hear Hear!,
    However What happened to to Simon’s second half Doug?
    Too sensitive to air, editored out for what reason, The Art of War? , we hope not censored. Disappointing !

    • Dbillingusr

      Hi Bob,
      Thanks for your kind words of support.
      Let me address the Simon issue: First of all… It’s a 3-part series. He’ll be back over the next few days.
      Secondly: Default to the positive my friend! I won’t let you down.

  31. David Wilson

    Sorry Doug. You doing fine, but heading down the tube fast. good bye

    • Dbillingusr

      Hi David,
      Thanks for the opionion, it’s duly noted.
      I would recommend hanging around a while longer. We’re getting the production bugs worked out.
      Also… Default to the positive and not the negative. What our side needs is postive reinforcement and not insults.
      Cheers, brother.

  32. Sherri Farrell

    I’ve enjoyed your videos but what happened to Simon? I now am wading through all these videos to find the content in the correct order. I don’t like all the ads and sorry, I’d rather hear from your guests than your take on things. Best of luck to you but I’m out!

  33. Karen

    Way to many commercials good content probably about 16 whole minutes of doug ??? Iyyy

  34. Paula Helton

    Doug, I have read lots of comments and your responses. “Default to the positive” is good advice, but listening to your viewers opinions about your show is important too. I think most people who have watched for a while love your voice, your honesty, your guests and your former format. Now, it seems like you’re stretching the interviews out to get continuous viewership, (hard to maintain continuity), trying to stretch your air time, instead of ending when you have nothing more, (like you used to), adding so many commercials or sponsors that it destroys the purity of your message and becomes monetary based. Don’t let people advise you to get bigger, add hype, or try to “get more sponsorships.” It turns people off and reduces people’s interest. You really have what the world needs to hear right now: 1. God is on our side 2. The truth is important 3. There is hope that we can turn things around. Stick with the innocence, but force of your message and you can’t go wrong.

  35. Muriel Vargo

    What happened to Simon??

  36. Cindy Miles

    Doug, I understand that with your new platform you need advertising. But, the amount is egregious in comparison to the actual interview time with guests. I literally have to keep forwarding through mountains of ads just to catch what seems like “clips” of the interviews. Not sure if you even have control over this considering you have a contract with this media channel. But, I’m finding myself coming to watch you less and less often. I’m still hoping for your continued success and we need more voices like yours. I hope that in the future the amount of advertising is more balanced out.

  37. Dan

    I am deeply disappointed in your lack of consideration of the people who listen to you. The interview with Simon wasn’t finished, you are just tooting your own horn and more commercials than Utube. You are losing a lot of listeners.

  38. Carrie

    Hi Doug,

    I appreciate that you shared the clip about fairness in journalism stated as being “overrated.” This is not only an issue about fairness, but also objectivity and honesty.

    What is needed is reform within the MSM TV broadcast news and press, which some ethical American journalists are already working on.

    Any American journalist stating that they don’t need to give attention to what they consider to be “contrary and unsupported” viewpoints is not intending to present an objective viewpoint. Also, they are not fulfilling their Constitutional duty to assist Americans with being fully informed citizens, which was one of the main purposes of Freedom of the Press in the 1st Amendment.
    Americans need as much information as possible to be fully informed citizens, not less.

    Ethical journalists are objective, which means they don’t discredit other viewpoints because multiple perspectives are necessary in order to fully understand a situation. Multiple perspectives might be contrary, that is true, but if we don’t also look at the contrary viewpoints, we are missing out on potentially half the story. The only true kind of responsible journalism is the kind that fairly represents all relevant viewpoints, without bias.

    Our Founding Fathers were most concerned that all Americans be able to freely exchange information. That is why there is both Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press protections. The MSM has no more right to information more so than any other American. They do not have authority over Americans either. Any American can seek out any information they choose to, and they can share it with others with or without anyone else’s consent. I have often reminded Americans of this. There was no “established” press at the founding of the US. Everyone self published. That is what makes America great!

    Our Founding Fathers had the wisdom and foresight to ensure that ALL Americans be able to express their thoughts with each other, and that is really what Freedom of speech and the press is all about. A network of Americans to be a watchdog on government activities was another important purpose of Freedom of the Press. Our Founding Fathers wanted to prevent government corruption and tyrannical control, so an independent network of Americans doing their own investigations and sharing that information with other Americans is in keeping with the intentions of our Founding Fathers for the American people to be in charge of the government, not the other way around.

    Let’s all of us keep up the good work of helping each other to be informed citizens. 🙂

  39. KerrieLea

    I pay a monthly fee and most of this interview is ads… why?

    And, only a few minutes with Simon… what gives Doug?

  40. Patricia A Messing

    Hi Doug, I appreciate all you do telling the truth.

  41. Patricia A Messing

    I enjoy your podcasts thank you for all you do!

  42. Lindsay Young

    It’s NOT intellectual maturity to use terms like “commusocialist”.
    Left and right politics no longer have a place in the battle that’s taking place between GOOD & EVIL.
    Bill Gates, the Rockefellers, NWO, DAVOS, the Deep State are not communists or socialists.