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  1. Dana Waldrop

    Your videos are censored.

  2. Melanie Cruz

    God bless you Doug and thank you for sharing your heart 💓. I am subscribed to your program. You are such and blessing sir.

  3. Jeannie J LeFrancois

    Doug your blocked on Twitter I think today.

    The biggest problem in America is in the 117th Congress the prayers since 1/4/2021 have been given by someone who is praying to Brahma – pagan god of creation of Hindu Faith.

    They pray every day.
    We have a statue in the water that is of Venus call “Statue of Liberty” the crown is sun…

    The Ten Commandments are taken out of our county buildings.

    There is Athena in the Pantheon in Nashville

    The Ark Encounter make a sham of everything that is God as senior ticket was ~$83 but a poor person could never afford to go. Parking was a premium also. The Zip Line is $99 and I did not know that Noah had a zip tie . This was not an amusement park. I think this is equal to the pharisees selling at the court at the temple mount.

    We have allowed Kali (another god) on the Empire state building in 2015. The rainbow (6 colors – different blue) on the White House and on World Trade Center. That is across the street were our nation started. And where our government is currently is run.

    African tribesmen sold their neighbors black on black. Like Josephs 10 brother sold him into slavery.

    We did not do this.

    The abominations that the 10 Tribes of Israel were told to them by Isaiah. God told them to turn! But it took 7 kings to totally apostatize. Like wise!

    Last real God Fearing President was Jimmy Carter.

    1) Reagan stole the election from Carter. He went to Iran 10/10/1980 and asked them not to let the American Hostages out until after the election. Interest rates went to 18%
    2) HW Bush was Mason and part of skull and bones. He was eugenist like his dad. His dad supported Hitler.
    3) Clinton do we need to go there? His Jezebel was bad.
    4) GW Bush sold out America- he sent us into a war that he knew Hussein was not guilty of 9/11- he wanted to revenge for his father. Not to mention other things.
    5) Obama- ok we know he has done too much
    6) Trump- he is good and bad. He has allowed the vaccine and that Patents were known in October/November
    7) Biden- who is his Jezabel Harris (1619)
    The US is not getting out of this. God is withdrawing his protection.

    I think Doug, we are facing only God can fix this chaos

    Chaos (Alenski) means Babel/Babylon.

    These are the last motive.

    We are going home soon.

    I know your a Christian and like me, we are both Christain and Red White & Blue.

    But get out of the city- destruction is coming soon.

    This completes

    I wish I could show you this photo predicting how to handle this in Jan 2020

    Look at your bible to ground yourself

  4. Paula Harvey

    You know Doug I would love to see these so called cops bank account. I think they have been paid off. I have also seen video that shows a total different side and true side of January 6. PSYOP the Steal you need to watch it. I wonder if Ron Johnson has seen it? I wish he could see it and Jim Jordan.

  5. Nila Ridings

    Hi Doug,

    Thank you for mentioning HOA dues on your 7/30/21 show!

    As I shared with you in Branson, I am an HOA expert and would sure love to share information with you that will educate your listeners and open their eyes to the risks of HOA ownership. Many people tell me I’m an encyclopedia on the topic of HOAs. You’re doing such a great job of educating us with every show. Karen Kingston has been just as amazing as she was in Branson. I’d love to see the same level of education about HOAs on your show, too.

    I don’t think I’ve shared this with you, but when I worked with Judy Thomas of the KC Star writing the HOA Hell Series that published in 2016, according to her, McClatchy got over 1 million internet hits on that series before it ever went to print. The executives found it so shocking they published it in every one of their newspapers. She has since published more HOA stories with the same results. Bottom line…the HOA industry has destroyed so many homeowners the activists like me are reaching out to everybody with listeners and/or readers to share our knowledge.

    I’m holding out hope we will discuss this critical topic as soon as your time allows and you’re ready for a topic to draw in more listeners.

    Say hello to Tara and Michael. When I think about him singing and dancing on stage it always makes me smile!

    May God bless you and give you the strength to keep delivering these critical messages!


  6. Julie Riphahn

    What happened to the 7/29/21 Karen Kingston video? Why was it removed?

  7. Sandra Avery

    God Bless you Doug!! Thank you for providing truthful information on your platform. You are so right!!

  8. Dave Houghton

    What we need to know is a network where we can get our “Passport” without actually getting the Jab.
    This is what I’m trying to research right now. Although I know it will have to be on the downlow.

  9. Steven A. Roadcap

    Hey Doug I don’t know that you actually read these messages but here goes.. I truly thought during these incredulous times that I would be able to continue to trust the voices Ive been listening to for sometime now such as Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, and up until about a year ago Sean Hannity…i have increasing concern on how I have not heard one word out of their mouths when it comes to these deadly vaccines.. Not once have they ever touched on the VAERS reporting but continue to ignore the horrific adverse effects these jabs are having.. I said that to say this I have stumbled on the likes of you and Stew Peters etc who actually give real informed truth…thank you for reporting truth… people are in search of and are craving this kind of truth… Thank you sir for all you’re doing for this great country

  10. Lee


  11. Laura Ann Brusca

    Hi Doug,
    Do you know anything about a possible food shortange? Hope for any updates on whether we
    should be concerned about it.

    I haven’t seen any updates from Maria Zack. Are you still in touch with her? Wonder if she has any more info.
    Thanks for all you do.

  12. Camille Bood

    Dude you do not look like the real Doug. You sound like him but I’m not sure its rea;;y you…….

  13. Valerie DePonto

    I love President Trump, Rush Limbaugh and you, as I only discovered your program at the beginning of 2021.
    I remember Rush’s first day on his radio program and was with him to his last day and so many memories come to mind especially around the holidays when Rush use to play his Manheim Steamroller holiday music.
    We love you Doug and cherish your daily program and your daily program when the joyous Christmas season is upon us.

  14. steve thompson

    New listener…

  15. Cyndi Saunders

    Please send me updated emails texts

    Any info please
    Thank you