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  1. Anthony Murrey

    Looks like the only real solution is to take these 38 people out. I mean literally take them out! Why is nobody doing this?

  2. Jeremy

    So how is this guy from France going to save America? From what all of you say, it sounds like our whole government and military are compromised so how would anybody be held accountable at this point? When there’s no one to bring justice?

  3. Sherry Demster

    Glad to hear McInerney is not on telegram. I was following that account and he posted something strange so I started trying to research if it was really him. Then about 3 mths ago he posted something else that wasn’t the personality I was familiar with. So I left. It was hard because I didn’t want my to miss any info. But now I know! Thanks for the shadow gov info. Praying for releif of the deep state asap.

  4. SR

    I ♥️ Your guests!

  5. afr malatesta

    Great show. Thanks to all of you. You are all special

  6. Anna Marie

    This TREASON happened long before Obama – This happened by PELOSI who had to CONFIRM the KENYAN to start with –
    Followed by the BUSH TREASON who should have also been a part of CONFIRMING the KENYAN
    So this TREASON was long planned putting the KENYAN in the WHITE HOUSE.

    Our founding fathers would have ALREADY HAD HANGINGS for TREASON

  7. Vicky

    So are you saying this:
    Is not the real General McInerney?

  8. Fred Spencer Taylor

    I understand that there was a Pence-Ryan ticket prepared to take the nomination at the Ohio Convention. I believe a deal was struck with Pence by Trump and Pence got the ‘right’ to pick the initial cabinet. That’s why Mad-Dog and the others were selected and quickly left the Cabinet.

  9. James

    Where is your tinfoil hat? This conspiracy theory stuff is so kooky! Stick to the real news!!

  10. Lynn Schantz

    Doesn’t President Trump still have the football? Didn’t this come out, I’m sure one of the Generals were asked this question and it was answered.

  11. Joe Myhand

    WOW!!!! This is Exciting and Scarry all in One!!!!! Thank You Three for Standing for God to save our Country!!!!!!!!

  12. John Beale

    General McInerney, & Doug, I know when it all started – it was H.W. Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama and would have been IF, Hillary Clinton had won. They are all treasonous, they are all dead by hanging at GITMO or a bullet in the head or the committed suiside as did B Clinton a few days ago.

    Concerning this show and the fact that the military are NOT in charge, – (it doesn’t make sence), then you are saying that Dr Charlie Ward, Mel K, Freaks, all the people on telegram are wrong, liers, or deap state. I don’t buy that senario. That means that the EBS, days of darkness, 7 8 Hours of explanation on TV will not happen and it is the biggest hoax ever played. I don’t buy that either. That means Trump is all a hoax, He is not doing things and is not the Commnader in Chief. I don’t buy that either. That means that the AZ is a hoax. I don’t buy that either. If the Dominion machines did what everyone says they did, TRUMP should be President, he should be running the military, Charlie Ward Mel K are correct, they do have the voice, Military Tribunals are being conducted. Hillary has been hanged, Bill Clinton did just die, Bill Gates is due to be executed on 5 October, many actors, actrices have been executed, Peloci, Schumer are at GITMO, Brennon, is dead, others numbering in 250’s is at GITMO awaiting trial or executed or life in prison.

    I wish I could hear back from you, but Im only a voice that doesn’t get all this BS.

    I do enjoy your program, I just don’t again get all this BS pulled on the American people. I do believe in 1871 act, the Cabal, or Illuminati, the Alience, the white hats, JFK jr., Juan O Savin, Charlie Freaks

  13. steve

    Anna Marie is correct and the General is wrongit happened long before happened When Bush got in and Obama made things worse.

  14. Kenneth Nordeen

    Hi Doug,

    Have you read Patel Patriots 11-part Devolution series? If so, why don’t you believe the 11 military combatant commanders are in control? It just makes too much sense to me…the pieces all fit together.

  15. Bruce Albini

    I watch your videos. I am retired law enforcement & have been investigating all of the issues surrounding Trump. Your info is usually very good & I like Maria’s info a lot. She is a patriot. You fail to explain who the shadow government is. You & Maria use the term but never state exactly who it is. I believe it to be Obiden as the General puts it. By not explaining that specifically you leave open the possibility of people misinterpreting it. Additionally, how can you state the military is not in charge. First, there are 2 militaries. The White Hat military is with Trump & the 32 vountry alliance helping us clean up this mess. The Black Hats are those under the control of Obiden. Gitmo & other military prisons are full of thousands of traitors & criminals. Check out as Monkey tracks all flights, military & civilian. For months many prisoners have been taken to Gitmo & others. Most are full. Many of you bloggers may not be able to or want to check other blogs for their info. They have high level military sources. As retired law enforcement I have my military & law enforcement sources. Since you are apparently close to Simon Parkes I have to believe you get reliable info from him. Trump flies on Air force One & is acknowledged as AF1 unless he has hus transponder off for security. Obiden is not acknowledged as AF1 when on a plane by the WH military. I am questioning your ability to connect the dots.

  16. Lori

    Why would Maria (or anyone) think that this one French man (soon to be dead most likely) can stop this? Big Tech is blocking this from getting out to the masses.

  17. Camille Bood

    I know you think this can be done peacefully but, Doug, you are wrong. We the People must take up arms against these elites. If the military wont protect the constitution We the People must do it and if this goes on any longer we will not have a country. No one wants a war but there may be no other way. This comes from a very inellectually mature Christian who lives in reality. When they try to come for the guns there will be a war.

  18. Jonny

    Maria Zach and McInerney are both traitors. They spent months telling us to Trust Trump and the military , they were in control. Now we are too late. These two bumbling idiots are part of the Deep State . They are controlled opposition. The plan is to keep the Patriots PASSIVE. And it has worked flawlessly.