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  1. Afrmalatesta

    I listened for 2 minutes. Sad
    Is Trump for us or against us..? hmmm..we can each decide for ourselves
    Brannonhouse has spoken to him 8n past about side effects. Stew peters and many others have sent him facts. No excuses.
    Hes a fraud..A double minded man is..unstable in all his ways
    Thank God Dr David Martin. Reiner ..and hundreds of others have been setting up trials. Trump will be tried. And prosecuted, if found guilty..what is done 8n darkness God will expose

  2. Dorothy

    So I’m confused because I listen to the X22 Report often and I feel that Dave is telling the truth. Do you?

  3. Doug Crum

    Newsmacks did a story today about the scientist that invented the spike protein You need to watch this and decide if this would be someone you need to have on your show I’ve seen it I thought it was very interesting thank you

  4. FJB

    trump has been consistent on this First he abandoned the Jan 6 protesters, now he joins Big Pharma & the Radical Left in their push for COVID vaccines. Pfizer gave him a lot of cash and he does their bidding. He stopped investigations by rfk jr. , 1st he pulled out of who but then he gave money to bill gates to fund who and the shots, and he is behind warp speed. How many millions are dead now for warp speed. In the usa its at least 800k.

  5. Pat Neary

    Doug. Agree with you on Trump speaking to ALL Patriots Liberals and Conservatives, but I disagree with you in one respect.

    Trump Doesn’t NEED to talk about the Vaxx. He should simply agree with the good therapeutics like Ivermectin, HCQ etc. Just AVOID the VAXX comments PERIOD. There are great therapeutics out there for him to talk about. Simply avoid comments on the Vaxx

    Love your show ! Pat

    • Dbillingusr

      Hi Pat,
      You’re right and I agree with you. I, too, wish the President would just stop talking about it. I’m working to set a meeting with him with some doctors. I hope we can make this happen.
      God bless you.

  6. Andrea Herrera

    thanks for all you do, your persistence, even when many conservatives are impacient and stubborn. I appreciate your reflections and sincere sharings of your thoughts.

    • Dbillingusr

      Hi Andrea,
      I so appreciate your kindness and support.
      We’re in this together.
      There will be haters and those who are genuinely good people but who need encouragement to see the bigger picture and work to achieve Wisdom, reflection, action and patience.
      God bless you.