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  1. Claudette

    THANK YOU‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️
    The whole world MUST know this information.
    No Country has committed this atrocity, it was the Media and 3 letter institutions that were complicit.
    Everyone needs to be rounded up and dealt with, who are trying to exterminate humans. The money is only the “brass ring” on their merry-go-round of lawlessness. Where are our elected leaders who are suppose to protect us? 🧐

  2. Karen Kingston

    Thank you for boldly sharing the Truth Doug. As horrific as the truth is that some members of our government, pharma and healthcare leaders conspired to attack US citizens with a bioweapon, if we do not name our enemies, we can not win this war. Not only have they attacked our liberties, but also out posterity – our children and our children’s children. Darkness can not exist in the light. Thank you for shining the Truth brightly.

    • Dbillingusr

      Hi Karen,
      Thank you for the support. Looking forward to havingyou on the show to share the insider/whistleblower information you have.

  3. Cindy Eilers

    Praying for justice. These people, these companies, should be held accountable. The shots need to be stopped.

  4. Isabelle Lauziere

    Doug thank you. To know that people of our very own country manufactured this atrocity is heart breaking. Friends in South Africa wrote me and the people in that country are going through hell right now. Here in the US we know what this pandemic has caused this far. Question, if you have come across any valid information, is the vaccine evil as well? VAERS data July 7 indicates over 9000 Americans died shortly after receiving the shots. We are so confused. What are we supposed to do?????? Why the hell aren’t our elected representatives not saying anything hardly at all, maybe except two of them???
    God bless.

  5. Karen

    I’m clearly mortified On so many different levels, a personal, knowing what the world has suffered at the hand of greed that I started waking up to about six months ago

    I’ve been praying for months that God would put his hand over revealing the corruption, to multiply the funds provided to our courageous patriot and that the corruption be prosecuted to the fullest. I will continue to pray that prayer because I know we’re not done yet.

    Thank you for sharing and I look forward to the upcoming days and weeks

  6. Paula Harvey

    With all this information about Fauci, can and will you turn this over to the right people? This man needs to be locked up. Do you know how many people have died because of him? I had this virus back in January of this year for the whole month. I was in the hospital because I couldn’t breathe. The pain and suffering this man has brought to this world is beyond words. Please turn this over to the right people. Maybe Rand Paul, Ron Johnson, Chuck Grassley just someone that can be trusted that won’t just take this and hide it. I believe that this virus IS a bio-weapon and was set off at the Wuhan China military World Olympics in October 2019. There was 140 different countries participating from October 18- October 27, 2019. It is then they set the bio-weapon off and these people went back to their countries and unknowingly infected everyone they came in contact with. It is the only way that many counties could have been infected so fast. I have told people this since at least March of 2020. no one would believe me. Now it all makes since and I believe I am right. I knew Fauci had a lot to do with this and Obama is involved too. All roads lead back to the Clintons and trust me they played a part in this too. God bless you Doug.

  7. Lois McDonald

    WOW!!! Thanks, Doug!

    • Dbillingusr

      Hi Lois,
      You’re welcome.


    GOD BLESS YOU FOR BRINGING THIS OUT!!! I have done the research prior and have been trying to get it out! I was put in FaceBook Jail. I have been putting it out on GAB but don’t have the following you do! I just posted the link to this again on Gab today and pray it goes viral! Everyone needs to wake up!

    • Dbillingusr

      HI Len,
      You’re welcome.

  9. jon

    These People Fauci etc. leave me speechless. How many lives did they ruin destroy , how many minds are forever scared from this . The people will never be the same. It is so disgusting and sad . How many people didn’t get to see loved ones, how many loved ones took their lives .. the world will never be the same , something serious needs to be done .

  10. Clarence Crenshaw

    My daughter is a nurse and the hospital she’s with is about to mandatory them to get the vaccine. She doesn’t want to get it but if she doesn’t she will loose her job. Is there anything recourse? We live in Georgia

  11. Chad Christman

    This is disturbing information. Lawsuits should be filed; who has started this?

  12. Kathie Baba


  13. paul dalton

    The dishonest individuals involved with this mess, start out, seemingly meaning well. As they move forward, they see the dollar signs and start drifting to the left!! They, at that point, become Swamp Rats! They become overwhelmed with the money, money, mindset and at that point they realize they have gone too far and are not able to have a change of heart but only able to move into the deeper sections of the Swamp! Eventually some get busted, some do not! All of them will give an account whether they believe it or not! If they die without getting there greed mindset corrected? They will stand before God himself. The end will not be pleasant!! I believe Trump will be back and many of the “dishonest left” will be exposed”. A serious House Cleaning is coming, with Mr Trump leading the charge!! Press in you all and stay honest and Trust the Man above daily, and you will not be disapointed!! God’s people will prevail!!! P.T.L.!!!

  14. Patrick Winchester

    with all this evidence Fauci needs to be arrested and executed now not later.

  15. Judy McLean

    Where is the original Dr. David Martin Interview? I would like to listen to it. Information about him on Google has been removed.

  16. Joel colley, MD

    I cannot locate Patent 7279327

  17. Glen Tucker

    Essential information for all seeking to reverse and overcome the destruction of our civilisation

  18. Mo

    Very important information. I would really like to share this video with my Democrat baby-boomer neighbors and friends who have no idea what is going on because they get all their information from classic old-school sources. Unfortunately, I won’t share it because calling them intellectually immature and that the “right” holds the moral high ground would be insulting to them. Perhaps if you could leave that out of your future broadcasts, I would be able to share.

  19. Raphaela Sorkin

    Bill Gates always talks about De-population? Why, because he wanted to get rid of half of the population all over the world. Fauci is in on it, and the rest of the Democratic party. They wanted to get rid of Americans, everything was planned before. The Vaccine was invented before the virus. The whole things is a sick demented scheme to get rid of people. What do we do as people? How do we prevent and how do we protect ourselves from all this?

  20. Toby

    Doug, where can I find that quote by Peter Dashaq? The one where he was talking about using the media & ultimately financial gain?

  21. Raphaela Sorkin

    How are we supposed to deal with all this? We have no help from Rhino Republicans. Nobody is standing with us. Nobody! They got rid of our President Trump, and now they are trying to eliminate us. We are in a very bad shape, looks like we are as bad as China or North Korea. Sad times, and very dangerous.

  22. Earl Dingman

    Agenda 21 depopulation


    First, I’d like to say, that I hope Dr. Martin is being protected. We know what happens to those who tell the truth. Secondly, when does the military get involved with all of this and arrest these demonic, so called humans, who only want to do us harm?
    I would be very willing to have all media, internet and wouldn’t even care about electricity, being shut down and living completely in the dark, just to be sure, they are going it to grab these scumbags.
    Enough is enough! I just fear that us law and God loving Americans are going to start taking matters in our own hands and we all know that isn’t going to be a good thing.
    Doug, thank you so much for getting this information out. Just wish more would listen to it.

  24. bobo3

    Fauci needs dragged into Nurenberg and tried and hung !!

  25. bobo3

    You can vote all you want if you don’t get rid of all the machines you will not beat the deep state !!

  26. Linda

    I reviewed & decided to print and started to read the Dr. David Martin article I got from Ann Vandersteel because I could see it would be earth shattering. Then I saw that you were having shows about this so here I am. I always knew this was done on purpose – I am so beside myself I don’t even know how or what to pray for. I have decided to pray that these “so-called” people who are supposed to be human beings take a good long look at their self and try to right what they have to the WHOLE WORLD!!!! WHY!!!! Money really money!!!!! Thank you for your superb excellent work. Keep going please and thank you.

  27. KC Sprague

    Good morning. Thank you for all your work, and the uncovering of the plans of the enemy, and there are things that we must do to take back the country, and recover and protect our fellow citizens, but this battle CAN ONLY be won on our knees, by repentance and returning individually to the ways of the God of the Bible, and then publicly by overturning the policies for which that God says that He destroys nations–Restoring Him publicly by declaration as the God of the country (overturning the 1963 O’Hare decision); publicly rejecting abortion, (Roe), and reinstating the Defense of Marriage Act, overturning non-heterosexual “marriage”. We both know this won’t actually happen, but for those who move in this direction, Jesus promises protection in the chaos. You’re a light in a dark place and time.


    You read the patents off so fast I misses the third one. Please provide all patent numbers>

  29. Debbie Hall

    Does anyone know how the vaccine is supposed to depopulate the world?

  30. Terri Duncan

    This is incredible! I’m trying to digest all this right now and all I can say is God help us please!!


    Dr. Martin’s hand’s are dirty and he’s not to be trusted. The evidence is undeniable.

  32. Todd Davidson

    Please provide the credentials and background information on Dr. David Martin who is referenced in your shows in July. I am unable to find any information on this “source”.

    Thank you.

  33. Cassie

    So, when is Fauci going to be arrested? How can he lie his way out of this?