Doug's continued interview with Karen Kingstoon, 7.27.2021

Doug’s continued interview with Karen Kingston, 7.27.2021


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90 replies on “Doug’s continued interview with Karen Kingston, 7.27.2021”

  • Greg Duke says:

    Thank you Karen and Doug!! Yes we will prevail!!

  • Cecilia says:

    Doug please invite Dr. Michael Yeadon, a scientist who was with Pfizer. I emailed you his video. Thanks.

  • Bradley and Sharon Kaster says:

    Thank you Doug for covering this with Karen Kingston.

  • Melissa Smith says:

    This is such disturbing information. It makes me so upset. Thank you for bringing it to us. The problem is that these demons will not pay for these crimes against humanity.

  • Fred Spencer Taylor says:

    Big thanks to Karen and her courage. The hardest part of all of this is how our gov’t and public agencies have let us down. And quite frankly, I just wonder how Trump got ambushed on this. I know his heart, but this is a total breakdown of gov’t, media and even the Church. I don’t hear Pastors speaking the truth on this either.

  • Virginia Buersmeyer says:

    Thank you so much for covering this… please continue to do so!!! Using repetition will help get this information out to all those that need to hear it. You know I want to say this… thank you for getting Karen on and keeping her on your show. I have heard other shows and they might talk about it once then it is on to other subjects. I cannot underway they are not ALL covering it. This is more important than covering all the riots and beating Jan 6 into the ground once again. Thank you! Kudos to you!

  • JoAnn Fahrenwald says:

    God is indeed our Healer, I pray that the world opens their eyes,
    ears,and hearts to the Truth, that Jesus Christ is Lord and come to salvation in Him.only God can keep us heal us and save us.

  • Dana Haase says:

    I am very interested in hearing more from Karen. Does she have a website or social media account regarding her research on this subject matter? As always thank you so much fro bring this very much needed information to the public Doug.

  • Eddie Carrillo says:

    I do not walk in fear with God name of Jesus.. Its spiritual war, need put the AMOUR of God on and take the fight to all this evil satanic corruption.. I had COVID full blown, was not even worried.. I took IVERMECTIN / ANTIBIOTICS 5 days later 100%.. GOD BLESS.. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK THE TRUTH THE WORD..

  • Raphaela Sorkin says:

    Why don’t we all tell this to President Trump, he needs to know what going on with these vaccines. Why doesn’t he know about this? He is the only one who can stop this insanity. Please, everyone we need to do something.

  • Eiien Picket says:

    Doug, you are the only podcast revealing the truth about what has been done to this country through this bioweapon. You may want to consider having Dr. Vladimir Zelenko on your show for his testimony as well. He is a family physician in NY who first started using hydroxychloroquine with his patients until the FDA and CDC shut him down.

  • kathie ford says:

    Gosh this makes me both cry and be angry at the same time. My same thoughts. (they are trying to be God)

    Question: if the jab is shedding the variant, is it also shedding/spreading the spike protein(s) those NOT wanting the vaccine? Are the non-vaccinated still protected or now compromised?

    Im am sharing this w/as many as I can. I praying for open eyes/ears/hearts/spirits that will be open to see and understand, and try to stop what is happening. This is beyond deception. This is a crime.

    I truly agree that we are in a spiritual/and physical war. Now we know who to specifically pray.

  • kathie ford says:

    Has this information been submitted to the likes of Sen. Paul, Ted Cruz, Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Green, and stations such as Newsmax?

  • Clifton Hodges says:

    Thanks to Karen for standing up, and Doug for having her own. These with Ms. Kingston are episodes that I replay, like that of others that are in this “Good Vs Evil”, as Atty Reiner Fuellmich and others put it, and as for the evil side, quite often in the interviews and in the German Corona Investigative Committee webinar meetings of Lawyers and experts that have speaking since last year, to bring all those responsible for this Corona Scandal to just with Class Action Civil/Criminal Lawsuits and seek Justice, against those involved in Crime Against Humanity, calls the Oligarchs and the puppets and puppeteers “THE OTHER SIDE”. It is comforting to have Karen along with the rest of us that have been in this fight. She’s a precious brave lady, and my Biblical Saint sister in Messiah.

  • Afr malatesta says:

    May God bless and keep her

  • Margot Favarato says:

    the why would president Trump be for these vax ?

  • kathie ford says:

    Has this information been submitted to the likes of Sen. Paul, Ted Cruz, Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Green, and stations such as Newsmax?
    Thank you.

  • Andrew Szabo says:

    You stated , ” You only want to deal in Truth ! ”
    Great, so do I !!!
    Therefore, Please, reply to me with at least 10 names of the 60,000 plus people that you personally know that have died right after getting the Vaccine !
    I know thousands of people and keep asking everyone, every day, even on Social Media and have not found ONE Person, who even knows of ONE person , who has died from the Vaccine.
    Where is your proof that I can feel confident in that statement ?
    It sure is not from the Vaers Individual reports !!!
    Andy Szabo

  • Robin Damiano says:

    People need to wake up

  • RJ says:

    Please tell the guest to get a better microphone. Good content; muddy audio.

  • Mitch says:

    Thanks Karen!!!!

  • Mark Hendel says:

    I have been telling people all along that the Delta variance is the vaccine. No Delta variance until after people started started getting the vaccine.

  • Sandy Barden says:

    Can I please get the link information regarding the NAC supplement.

  • Alfred Camacho says:

    The righteous shall prevail against evil.

  • Pamela Slone says:

    Very good information.

  • Steve says:

    Get this info to Sydney Powell s Defending the Republic website she has a covid section

  • Michael Sabatino says:

    Hi Doug, watching your program with Karen Kingston from July 27. I enjoy and am thankful people like you are out there. However, we now know and have known for several months now, that the JAB has bad consequences. What my question and many peoples question now is: WHO, HOW and WHAT is anyone doing to fight back against all of the players involved in setting this “pandemic” in motion. This being politicians, CDC, FDA Dr. Flip Flop Fauci and all the rest.
    Can you do a show that provides a light in this respect ???

    What about all those employees that are now under mandates or future mandates to get the JAB or lose their job ???? WHO is going to help us with this ????

    What about all those students that want to attend a university or college that mandates a JAB before you can attend ???? WHO is going to help us with this ?????

    These issues are now even more important than ever. More people will die each day without a fighting plan. Doesn’t seem like ANYONE is on that crusade.

    Shows to help in these areas are needed ASAP. Please advise soonest for all Americans.

  • Vieson Ben says:

    Thanks for sharing the truth!

  • Judi Lingo says:

    Thank you for sharing and being a warrior for the Lord Jesus Christ. Many blessings to you Doug as well as Karen Kingston. I will continue praying for a spirit of revelation and truth. Standing firmly in his word. Blessings to you both.

  • Kelly Kennedy says:

    You’ve talked about the shedding of the vaccinated to the non-vaccinated. Please explain this, what is it, how does it occur and how do we protect ourself?

  • Karen Pett says:

    Very sad, thank you for this info

  • Wendy says:

    This was so informational. Thank you for sharing this. Where can I find the patent reports about the ingredient Graphene oxide in the vaccine? How do we get this in the hands of the people that are fighting for us? I do not live I fear and can’t wait for God to reveal his big plan!

  • Andrea Ludwig says:

    2 Thessalonians 2:10-12

  • Miranda says:

    I do know a girl that had covid in 2020 . did not get any vaccine. and she did catch delta variant now and has been sick for a few weeks she is 29 years old and a healthy person in general. So just saying she caught delta and was not vaccinated.

  • Jean says:

    Mark Hendel, in reply to your post. delta variant started in India. and not many were vaccinated

  • Joyce says:

    what can we do to protect against the shedding

  • Sharon Long says:

    You are hero’s! Thank you!

  • WCJ says:

    Help me understand this, you say the jab causes the Delta variant yet the Delta variant was first identified in India where it killed thousands of unvaccinated people, so how can you make such an outlandish claim?

  • larry Brehenyu says:


    I live in Ireland and I am trying to purchase N-ACETYLcysteine for our group of Trump supporters. However, the Dr.Amen Clinic do nor deliver to Ireland. Is there any other way we can order/obtain this?

  • Zhuylee says:

    Doug and Karen thank you for the information. It is imperative that this information gets shared by as many as possible. I enjoy listening to your programs.

  • Dr. Jane S. Hettrick says:

    A few days after taking Pfizer dose 2 (Mar. 29, 2021), I suddenly had diarrhea. Now a senior, I have never had these symptoms before in my entire adult life. I saw a gastro doctor, who prescribed symptom-based drug, which is not meant to be taken indefinitely. Now after 4 months, the condition has improved somewhat, but it is far from normal. Further, I have had to change my entire eating pattern. I was accustomed to eating a high-fiber diet, with many fresh veggies and fruits and salads, also whole grain rice, bread, and cereal. I have had to give up most of this, but the problem is still there. Eating normally makes it much worse. I regret the day I took this vaccine. It has ruined my life in many ways.

  • Henry Sanchez says:

    I really appreciate you guys telling the truth. You give me hope. I did not serve in the military to be taken down by the ideology I was trained to fight, and the worst part, the commies are Americans, or americants! God bless!

  • Sherry says:

    Wow i said from the begining something was all wrong about this virus.
    So glad i was directed to this site.

  • Rowland McClellan says:

    Correction to a previous comment:

    Pencils never had lead in them. It’s always been a mixture of graphite and clay.

  • George Wilson says:

    How do I spread the word?

  • Daria Wagoner says:

    Thank you Doug for speaking up.

  • Darlene says:

    Where can I purchase the antioxidant mentioned in the video?

  • Cliff L Harris says:


    What is the website address for assistance, (legal also), to address noncompliance with vaccine mandate by employers, etc.?

  • Edith G. says:

    I’m blown away by these interviews, but even more by the documents! Are they available for us to view/share and, if so, where can we find them??? I have MANY people that need this information ASAP!

  • Pam Compton says:

    So many that have received the jab(My daughter included) would not even entertain the thought that it might not be safe. I sent articles and podcasts until i was told to stop. I had to leave it with God.
    Love your show! Thank you for keeping us informed! God bless you and Karen Kingston!

  • Patrick T says:

    Considering that only a small percentage of people apparently have experienced serious blood-related problems from the shot, I wonder if the concoction targets specific blood types or some other blood characteristic? Maybe the “boosters” will attack others not targeted by previous shots. Does anyone know if there’s a study out there that correlates blood characteristics to the shot?

  • Sudan Cusumano says:

    This information was excellent to hear. Everyone needs to have access to this medical expertise.

  • kaynine says:

    Time for a crusade. Pick up your cross and follow Christ.

  • Andrew lightstream says:

    Fantastic thank you Doug. With regard to shedding. If I catch the flu/spike protein off someone, is it more or less lethal than the injection. I. E. If I do not get the adjuncts, graphene oxide and picolated lipid nano particles?

  • Harry Pfeffer says:
    I have been telling all my friend and strangers not to take this shot. I told people that it is genocide. These sorry ass government communist bastards. This is worse than hitler ever thought of being. What we as Americans are in charge of stopping this. God put every thing for his people to live on this place called Earth. Please keep helping his flock.

    When is was doing my college work I had a professor in a health class that did a course on populaction not only here but around the world. That was in 1975. Main thing he spoke on was not to have more than 1.2 children. I did not ever have any children.
    Please help tell everyone.

  • Lee says:

    what happened to the interview clip from July 29th? It was talking about graphen oxyde and I didn’t finish listening to it.

  • ALAN RUSH says:

    I am thinking “shedding” means literally your skin sheds. But I am not sure. I know I use to work for Abbott Labs, and we always got checked for skin shedding, because we could not handle the injectable drug or be in the room we were manufacturing in if we tested positive for skin sloughing off. It was a validation process, and the FDA did do an audit. So by touching the vaccinated person, such as grand kids sitting on grandparents laps, the grandparents being vaccinated, therefore the kids come home sick.
    I remember Karen mentioning by air( breathing, spitting droplets while talking) and body fluids (saliva, intercourse, urine, feces). I do not remember if she said by touch or not. Certainly by touching something that a vaxxed person has previously touched would be possible. That speaks to the importance of washing hands for 30, not 20, seconds. I saw a fluoroscope image of timed washing. 30 seconds made a significant difference.

  • daniel says:

    i’ve taken a pcr test in januarary and now feel weird, is there mrna or anything else in those swabs, the one they used was in a plastic tube and moistened. is there a test to determine vaccination? I heard about the D-dimer test and the blood smear test. any ideas? If i’m to go by any symptoms then i wouldn’t know if its vaccine shedding or possible covert vaccination…

  • Mike Harris says:

    Trump exposed the international criminal cabal and the Cabal’s solution is to kill us all and reset humanity to be obedient slaves again. Cyber Polygon is graphine.

  • Gordon Ray Kissinger says:

    Outstanding Factual Truth Revealed!!!

  • Atlantean Wizard says:

    Great interview series Doug but for the love of god the ads need to be re-edited out to the end for this presentation.
    You do a dis-service to the message and the important information presented by Karen with your ad placements.

  • kristin frachiseur says:


  • Nicole Buelow says:

    I contracted Covid the end of April. I was unfortunate to be a long hauler. I’ve been sick for 3 months. I was very healthy prior. I started taking NAC about a week ago and I am doing so much better. Another couple weeks and I think I’ll be better! So interesting that she says it helps, confirms my suspension that it is helping!

  • DonIs APedo says:

    Exactly what are ms. Kingston’s qualifications? Can’t find her CV anywhere.

  • Brian Martin says:

    Excellent interview. God bless the Truthing. Love from Alberta, Kanada.

  • Tracy says:

    Thank you for sharing this eye opening information. It answers so many questions. Would you consider connecting with The Truth for Health Foundation. Perhaps they could find researchers who would validate the logical information that you and Karen. Karen’s research is so logical – it should be easy for them to confirm, and would give strength to the position.

  • Jeffery Jelks says:

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  • cynthia vogtmarr says:

    it is an experimental injection of synthetic polymers that may also carry in the inejction graphine. If these materials are inside a deployable system, like a delayed release capsule, you can actually get a dose that is timed according to the makers schedule. We know that Govt is planning for more control, and looking for platforms that can be deployed into the human body to create an interface between a person and the internet of things. Graphine may be the material that allows that to be done and it may be that injecting it into people as a ” vaccine ” with need for continued injections allows for a dose finding study?? I dont know. Its hard to tell what is really going on.

  • cynthia vogtmarr says:

    It is circulated by the heart, and filtered in the kidney and liver, so it makes sense that we are seeing damage in those organs. In the brain it gets in passed the blood brain barrier and we have seen strokes and paralysis.

  • Gisela Heiter says:

    How can I get Ivermectin from Karen Kingston? Thank you

  • Florence Lanlenou says:

    May God bless you and keep you in His Love for your fortitude to share with us this very important topic. May God help us and protect us.

  • Phil Rizzo says:

    How does Karen’s data about the dangers of this vaccine, along with the data from the case study of the town in Massachusetts refute the current data coming from the CDC that the majority of hospitalizations are from the unvaccinated?