Doug's continuing investigative interview with Karen Kingston, 7.26.2021

Doug’s continuing investigative interview with Karen Kingston, 7.26.2021


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88 replies on “Doug’s continuing investigative interview with Karen Kingston, 7.26.2021”

  • Stacey Doyel says:


    Thank you for being a “Truth Giver”. I love you and your work…PLEASE don’t STOP. By chance do you know where I can find Karen Kingston’s source documents she referred to in this segment?

  • Stacey Doyel says:


    Thank you for being a TRUTH GIVER and for what you’re doing for our nation and the world. This was a terrific segment. Do you know where I can locate the source documents used by Karen Kingston in this segment?

  • Duretta says:

    Thank you, thank you! Our next challenge is to get mass media to get this out. My family members won’t listen to any thing I send, stating fake news!

  • Moneen says:

    I have heard it said that the spike protein being RNA does not have the ability to replicate. The immune system recognizes it as an invader and builds immunity but the spike protein doesn’t replicate in the body.

  • Chattykathy says:

    The reason they named this the “delta” variant is because you have to be in a state of DELTA (unconscious/asleep) to believe this nonsense. The truth is always right in front of our noses! 🤦‍♀️

  • Chattykathy says:

    They named this the “delta” variant because you have to be in a state of DELTA BRAINWAVES (ie unconscious/asleep) to believe that nonsense!

  • Elizabeth Dick says:

    Karen Kingston is an awesome lady who is dedicated to getting truth out to the people! I was so impressed with her looking to scripture and how this is all related to this documentation! Doug – I know you are a staunch Catholic, so I would ask you to look to our faith and to Lourdes, Fatima, and Medjugorje! The relevance is there for all to see and understand!

  • Sara Miller says:

    Please, please, please, please!!! What can be done!!! It is being pushed, promoted and forced!!! I am sharing but so many still asleep!!! Wake the asleep but can’t more be done in the public eye?? Thank our “ Lord” for you!!!

  • Greg says:

    Jabs plus 5G equals disaster! 🙁

  • Cobi Lee Henry says:

    Thank You for all your doing to bring truth! Prayers people seek the truth and stop buying the lies.

  • Cobi Lee Henry says:

    Thank You for telling the. Truth

  • Judy Adams says:

    Love you Doug and all you do! Please please can we get Karen in a room with Rand Paul and Faucci?? Love to watch Faucci squirm as she presents all her truths to the Senate Committee and let’s see how Faucci trys to call it all MISINFORMATION!

  • krazikillette says:

    GREAT INFO! it would be totally awesome if there were links to these sites being used to source the info… so we can get there save it print share etc..

    GOD Bless!!

  • Debra says:

    Check out Dr David Martin and Dr Reiner Fullmich…Charlie Ward show. Very informative!!!!!!

  • James McPherson says:

    Excellent show this is what we all need to hear.

  • Kerra says:

    I’m a VA federal RN and I’m just so outraged. I can only hope our God has a greater plan for us. I just don’t have the words needed to speak out….

  • hi inseel says:

    she’s not going to share the good news she has? what the heck? evil woman.

  • Paula Harvey says:

    Hi Doug, Did you hear George Soros and Bill Gates just bought the testing company for COVID? Seems like if they thought this virus was ending they wouldn’t have bought the testing company. They know this virus is just getting blown up. I wouldn’t get test now for nothing. I bet you anything these test are contaminated with the virus.

  • Eddie says:

    Wonder presentation! Love your message and your guest !

  • hi inseel says:

    It is extremely troubling that the entire long discussion assumes that there is a proven virus. Miss Kingston, you must provide proof that there is a virus that has been isolated and characterized and proven to cause they symptoms. Where is the proof?

  • Fred Spencer Taylor says:

    This ‘jab’ scares the crap out of me. The pressure to get it from Federal, State and local gov’t’s has to be more than merely money. Something is very insidious…..

    Keep up the good work……… sorry I missed Branson. I was traveling.

  • Druvi says:

    Thank you for this valuable info Karen & Doug. Does the spike protein & shedding taking place only in MRNA vaccines like Moderna & Pfizer or other vaccines too like Sinopharm,Astrazeneka? What are the precautions an unvaxxed person can take in order to avoid shedding from a vaxxed person? How long the shedding take place after a person is injected with 2 doses? Look forward to your reply.

  • JoAnn Fahrenwald says:

    The only safe place is in Jesus Christ! No weapon formed against us shall prosper.

  • Colleen says:

    I searched for the bit about the PCR test emergency use authorization being revoked. This is good news. Where can this be found?

    I have been following your shows for many, many months. Thank you for all you do!

  • Brenda DeKuiper says:

    Looking for help!! My son goes to Lawrence Tech University in Southfield, MI. He is being required to get the vaccine if he lives on campus. Commuters are not required to get it. As a student athlete who plays baseball for LTU he is required to live on campus. He will not get the vaccine! I am told two girls softball players have quit because of this mandate. I don’t understand how they can get away with requiring this when it is an experimental vaccine and the fact it hasn’t been pulled because of the number of deaths from it so far!

    Please any information you can give is truly appreciated!!

    Brenda DeKuiper


    Thank you Doug and Karen! GOD bless you both. Pease be with you.

  • SL says:

    Doug: Isn’t there a difference between a PCR test and the “Rapid test”. The Rapid test was recalled, not the PCR. The PCR is the long test. If you you ck the FDA site, it says the “Rapid test”. Again, they are different. Not condoning, since the creator of PCR test basically said it could not identify a “specific” virus.

  • William Baker says:

    Please join together as human being on the planet

  • Joel Colley, MD says:

    I am a Physician, former microbiology worker. One thing we cannot KNOW is exactly how our resilient Human Immune system will adapt to this challenge of “spike proteins”. Everything is speculative. We must do all we can to “boost” our immune system, and hopefully new “treatments” emerging will be effective. All hope is NOT lost, so let’s not remove “hope” from our platform.

  • David Gorton says:

    So if a person is totally vaccinated and another person is not and gets exposed to the vaccinated person can the non vaccinated person get really sick from the vaccinated person?

  • Annette says:

    I understood Carbon 60;was the true antidote, if you took the vaccine or if you get this virus.

  • Pam Allen says:

    Doug, Please continue to bring people on to share the Truth!. Most of “We the People” feel like we’re drowning in a sea of lies & feel so powerless…probably not too different than what my grandparents and parents felt during WWII. Very disheartening and very scary!!!

  • Don Pfaefflin says:

    Is there anywhere we can get a copy of Karen’s Slides used on your podcasts? Please announce on her next appearance.

  • Galand Haas says:


    Keep up the good work. It is Patriots like you who are bringing us the truth that will bring us out of this evil nightmare in which we find ourselves living in. Thank you for always having top people you interview and always asking the right questions. You are a true American hero!!

    God Bless

  • Mark Brown says:

    You stated 60,000 people have died from the covid jabs. Is that world wide or just the States? Also, what is the source of that number.


  • Donnie A says:

    Great show as always Doug !!!! Thank You Karen for all the truth you are bringing to light. Please keep up all the good work and don’t stop!!! GOD BLESS !!!!

  • Susan Munro says:

    The PCR test is now being switched to a pool test, which will include up to 10 people’s specimens. It is not going to be accurate at all and Gates just bought it all, I understand. If one person tests positive, the other nine will be included in the pool and all will be given that result. It is even worse.

  • Karola Lehnecke says:

    Please, go on with information of this terrible “ jab” . Thank you.
    Could you publish Karen’s data on your site. I would like to receive het written slides if I may and use it in Europe where I live. Share it eitje the people.
    Thank you
    Dr. Karola Lehnecke, Ph.D.

  • tara says:

    The problem I have with Trump is that he continues to brag or tout this experimental jab still, even with thousands of deaths. He can’t be that uninformed!

  • Claudia Hines says:

    I think that your guest needs to also look at the bigger agenda before she starts to criticize those who were involved in Operation Warp Speed. By this point, millions of us are informed about that agenda and why it was necessary to get the “vaccines” out as quickly as possible. Fact is we are in a silent war at the moment and we have casualties. The casualties that have occurred in our military, space force, and every other non-cabal agency were choices that these individuals made – to fight for the liberation of earth, to end this world take over by this “elite” and corrupt communist-like group. Taking the vaccines, likewise, were a CHOICE. We all knew there existed alternative modalities for combating SARS CoV2 (which it’s not what it is, it’s graphene oxide poisoning that they placed in the previous years flu shot, in masks and in PCR tests). Each individual (except the elderly and the mentally ill) made a CHOICE to take this gene therapy drug and they chose to do so. That they would lose their jobs, couldn’t go to a ball game or gather with friends does not diminish your freedom of choice. You also need to at least consider that the pharmaceutical companies, those in medical, they already had the ingredients for these drugs. A Moderna spokesperson stated they literally created the vaccine on a computer in two hours. There’s a video of him speaking of this. The patents for these drugs were approved years before. Gates and Moderna have been telling us for months, prior to COVID, that depopulation would be had with vaccines (he should know since he’s been doing it all over Africa) and Moderna told us they were “hacking the code of Life”, using “an operating system”. Dr. Madej told us that she was in meetings years before where the speakers talked like they were “God”, superior in what they could do to undo God’s creation with a single needle, drug or pill (that last part is mine). Fact is that thousands of people, entities, country leadership and corporations believed this was a great plan and came on board with the World Economic Forum, the UN, the IMF, the Crown, FEMA, WHO, CDC, the Democrats (because they were the easiest to bribe and or blackmailed), some RINO Republicans, and the FDA, etc to move this genocide forward using the Georgia Guide Stones as a guide to how many would need to die so that control would be possible.
    And you will NEVER understand the true agenda until the Pentagon addresses the issue of inter dimensional beings that have been here on our planet for decades and what their agendas were/have been, the agreements made with these races by the Majestic 12 (MJ12), and JFK (in hopes of preventing and undoing what MJ12 had agreed to.

    I understand the sleeping public will only swallow so much at one time but it’s time to rip the bandaid off violently and give the entire world the facts. This is literally a fight for our planet and human beings cannot fight an enemy they are unaware of. We all need to know our enemy! ITS TIME TO REMOVE THE BLINDERS OF HUMANITY AND TRULY GIVE THEM THE POWER TO CHOOSE WHETHER THEY LIVE OR DIE IN THIS WAR!

  • mep says:

    Interesting legal issue made in the video @ the 22:00 mark …

    Difference between the terms ‘vaccine’ and ‘gene therapy’ …

    ‘vaccine’ is covered under US laws as providing (effectively) 100% immunity to the pharmaceutical firms

    ‘gene therapy’ is *NOT* covered under these same US laws, meaning the pharmaceutical firms could be open to (effectively) 100% liability

    This seems to imply the use of ‘vaccine’ may be an attempt to hide under the liability umbrella provided by US law.

    If this difference can be confirmed legally, seems (to me) the pharmaceutical firms lose their liability umbrella and … tada … let the lawsuits (re: **gene therapies**) commence!

  • Kenny says:

    Please you must get Karen Kingston on the Joe Rogan podcast. He has one of the largest platforms and most listeners please get her on his show now

  • Ga citizen says:

    I’m still confused on one thing. What happens to an unvaxxed if the spike protein is transmitted to him? Is it just an illness to go through and be over, or is it permanent damage and unavoidable future death in a few years?
    How easy is transmission? A hand shake? Touching surface that a vaxxed touched? breathing infected air from vaxxed?

  • Linda says:

    How long can a vaccinated person shed this delta to unvaccinated

  • Debra Thompson says:

    I have a question about shedding. I will not get vaccinated but I live with someone who got the Moderna vaccine so I am constantly exposed to shedding of the spike protein. How can i protect myself from the shedding? Take more Vit D or zinc? What will help my body get rid of the spike protein?

  • Debra says:


  • Kate says:

    The synthetic injected mRNA instructs your body to produce/ assemble proteins to make the S protein along your ribosomes than it circulates throughout your system where you can develop CV19 symptoms &/or your body just fights it by launching an immune response. The spike proteins have the ability to shed and get into another host body where they launch an immune response or develop CV. Understanding the full mechanism of how these synthetics work as they get passed along is being revealed daily.

  • Kate says:

    Misinformation is spreading unintended wrong information. Disinformation is the deliberate spreading of wrong information for a hidden agenda.

  • Virginia Clegg says:

    Hello, In one of the segments Karen mentioned she created some letters so that people could use against the shot.
    Could I get letters that she wrote to present to employers and schools to avoid their trying to mandate the shot?

  • RJ says:

    PCR revocation was for Innova Medical Group – a single company. The test is authorized until the end of the year and will be replaced with other tests. Great content, but the test isn’t going away anytime soon.

  • Debbie Hall says:

    Hi Doug, Thanks for having Karen on. I’m going to have to go back and listen to all the segments again. Wow LOTS of information to digest!!! I’m not sure I will understand it all. I did a search on Graphene and this came up on our bodies able to degrade it. Will you have Karen look at ? Is it applicable to the jab?
    Debbie Hall

  • Lou Lambert says:

    Karen Kingston’s presentation of her research is most impressive and extraordinarily important life saving information. That said, I detect the theory of virology slightly colours her understanding on this aspect. In reading Claudia Hines most excellent on point comment here, I’m inspired to enlarge a little on the virology perspective because I think many living in fear of catching the ‘virus’ will gain another perspective if they care to follow up the empiracle evidence.
    Virology is closer to a religion, not so much a science. There is no viral ‘evolution’ happening, just more toxic levels and substances, including Graphene Oxide and Spiked Proteins degrading health and provoking the body into different crisis modes in its attempt to normalize and rid itself of all this, just as it should!
    There is no delta, alpha etc, “variants” just computer modelling garbage. SARS-CoV-2 has never been isolated and shown to be the cause of any illness. That is, the gold standard for determining an infectious agent, Koch Postulates, has never been conducted to prove the claim that a virus is to blame. The theory of virology needs critical examination because not only is the evidence in support of it flimsy, it downright falsifies the theory.
    Look to the work of Dr Andrew Kaufman, Dr Tom Cowan, Dr Robert O. Young, Dr Sam Bailey, Dr Stefan Lanka, and a great many other health professionals whose video presentations can be found on Odysee, Bitchute and Rumble, since not much is left uncensored on YouTube (which would be a clue). Germ vs Terrain theory is a debate from the turn of the century that was fraudulently resolved in favour of the budding pharmaceutical industry before it grew into the behemoth of a cartel it is today.
    A key point is not to be distracted by the equally bankrupt notion that a bioengineered “virus” escaped from the Wuhan Lab because even if you accept that as true, it has been an unmitigated failure in itself as evidenced in the total death statistics before the clot shot roll-out No, the real ‘pathogen is the “vaccine” amongst other highly inappropriate treatments and non-treatments for what is essentially influenza along with the body’s possible interaction with radio frequencies, especially now 5G up in the 40 – 60 GHz frequency spectrum.
    The health of many is severely compromised by poor diet, lack of essential minerals and vitamins, pharmaceutical isolates, sedentary lifestyles within a toxic environment, all of which can be reversed given the will, wisdom and knowledge to do so. For guidance on that, I recommend the works of Dr Robert Morse, as he zeros right in on the fundamental root causes of ill health and provides the practical understanding on how to reverse the condition and get back on the road to wellville.

    On the issue of Trump’s warped speed, project, it’s difficult to find the slack to cut for him, other than to say this;
    – He did make clear his belief in the efficacy of treatments unrelated to ‘vaccines’ and even demonstrated that belief when he reported having tested positive.
    – It appears evidential that he did force the hand of the medical cartel to an earlier release of the “vaccines” than they may have intended, before the completion of the requisite trials, meaning, before full Government approval could be achieved and with that any lawful mandatory requirement to receive it. For some of independent mind, that also rang a very strong alarm bell.
    – We have to know how powerful this demonic enemy’s tentacles of reach and influence are in order for us to appreciate the strategic options available. That is, could a greater toll of life been the likely consequence of an alternative approach?
    – While the clot shot falsely promised some ‘normalacy’ for those participating, Claudia Hines is right in pointing out that despite the individual consequences of not accepting the the clot shot, their freedom of choice was not diminished.
    Just why Trump, now out of office, continues to champion and boast his achievement over the “vaccines” release is rather harder to rationalise.

    To a high degree, those choosing to get the clot shot are still self-selecting at this time, though obviously I feel for the exceptions who are being forced against their will and have been outright denied any option of choice, that is truly tragic as it is criminal.

    The truth is out there for those sufficiently motivated to by-pass the five mockingbird media corporations and go look and learn for themselves and all power to you!

  • Teresa Foreman says:

    Very informative and I thank you so much.

  • Lee Lanham says:

    Doug Billings,

    Just found your website and I thank God for your work and will join as soon as possible!

  • Steven Krulick says:

    Please don’t call it “gene THERAPY”! There is NOTHING “therapeutic” in an unapproved experimental synthetic gene MODIFICATION DEVICE! Using the word ‘therapy’ suggests there is some healing or amelioration going on rather than some questionable programming of one’s DNA. Don’t help them gaslight!

    “Unapproved Investigational Experimental Bioweaponized Gene Modification Pathogen Creator Synthetic Biologic Agent Device Drug.”

    I’m not the first person to be this specific, as I believe Dr. David Martin and others used some of this terminology.

  • mike reid says:

    I have a cousin who is a nurse, he is impervious to the truth. Far too many people live in “Happy Vaxxx Land”. I told him, “The poisoned defending their poison until the bitter end.” It will take the death of 1.24 billion people from the vaxxx to wake these people up and that may happen by Spring or shortly thereafter. You can bet there will be massive deflection from the vaxxx which should get the stinkeye. Thank you for speaking out, may God protect you.

  • Brad Tombs says:

    Doug, great interview. Any chance of posting Karen Kingston’s power point slides?

    I have two children in Catholic colleges requiring vaccines and looking for evidence to refute there horrible claims.
    Thank you

  • joe says:

    Ok the truth is out. But why are the politicians and governments pushing the jab? How do we get them to stop the push for everyone to get the jab.

  • Vicki Martin says:

    Concerning the information of investigation of Karen. I have come across some meds to counteract or weaken the spike proteins and graphene. My question is can she cover how people can do this on your show.
    Many in my family are having the jab because of employment and the coercion from the companies they work for.
    The recently fired many in Millinocket, Maine for being unvaccinated and refusing vaccination.

  • James Gunn says:

    Bill Gates and George Soros just bought a different test last week………….. I am sure that as philanthropists, they’ll offer it free

  • ABDavid says:

    I know why Israel is last,
    lets talk and ill give you your biggest red pill you ever swallow.

  • Hyacinth Rowe says:

    I like this presentation and that Karen started her presentation with the word of God. We as Christians need to stand against the forces of darkness but some of us are so afraid that we don’t want to hear the truth. But God is exposing all the evil that they are perpetrating. God is in charge and anyone that speak the truth have my support. A Lot of the narratives don’t add up.

  • Francis says:

    This is a very eye-opening video. Thank you very much! Keep up this good work in the name of The Higest!🙏🏽

  • Francis Renfurm says:

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  • Patricia Paige Cook says:

    It kept people out of the hospital somehow.

  • Patricia Paige Cook says:

    Cytokine storms and ADP? Gene 🧬 exposure?

  • Patricia Paige Cook says:

    I sweat now when I do anything. Like profusely for every pore. Why? I have to breathe from my mouth during physical activity.