Doug’s exclusive interview with George Papadopalous

by Dbillingusrpublished on May 6, 2021

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  1. Anne Davis

    Very helpful, hopeful and informing. Don’t carry a full understanding of the scenarios but it was shared in such a way that info given was helpful.

  2. Mark Wilson

    What an absolutely fantastic and REFRESHING interview!!!!! Thank you George, and Doug! Keep it coming, and God Bless both of you!!!

    • Dbillingusr

      Hi Mark,
      Thanks for this comment and I’m glad you liked the interview with George Papadopalous. There will be more to come from him.
      Thanks for your support.


    Make it. So. You can stream this via chromcast to TV be nice

  4. Merry Reed

    i think this was interesting from another perspective and God bless you both—–but—we kinda know all this stuff—-there are few new things—but here we are–what do we do now—-what your listeners want to see and hear are arrests and military convictions–if there are any—we want to have at least some sprinkles of justice— love your show—hope you don’t mind my take on it all

  5. Carl Buesser

    Please keep me on your email list A great interview with George very very informing thank you

  6. Cathy Taylor

    Thank you Doug, George was awesome… so informative. I love your show. We still need to pray to St. Joseph “The Terror of Demons”.

  7. Stephen M. Scott

    EXCELLENT EPISODE. THANK YOU for not splitting into a seasonal release and keep up the GREAT work! XOXO from sunny, free Florida.

  8. Charlene Waugh

    I, along with millions of others, want to know where Hilary, Bill, Obama, and some other high profile political officials are. They have dropped off the face of the earth. The public needs the truth we deserve the truth. No more cover up for either side, the absolute truth sets the nation free. Millions of individuals are watching these videos but we watch in silence in secret, then we go to work and we don’t talk about it with our work associates because we don’t know if they have hear any of this. We go to family gatherings and we are silent because we don’t know if they have been brainwashed by the mainstream media. There is no strength in one person. However, if the truth goes out across the nation and I know my coworker heard it, and I know my siblings heard the same thing that I heard, then as a nation our conversations will rise into the atmosphere. The absolute truth needs to go out as a nuclear wave would across the world. How could the evil deny, how could they control people that knows…….and knows everyone else knows…… the truth. THE GIG IS UP!

  9. Rayma Born

    Great interview Doug! So interesting and very scary to me about how deep and the high level of people who are so dirty and want to destroy our nation! I am going to promote your show so that the real truth gets as much exposure as possible in my small part of the world. Prayers!!!

    • Dbillingusr

      Hi Rayma!
      Thank you for your support! Truly! I’m honored and blessed by it.
      Cheers to you and your small part of the world!

  10. Kathy

    Could you do a show on how to save retirement funds that are currently in the stock market. I want to roll it to precious metals. How does the common person find out how to do this?

    • Dbillingusr

      Hi Kathy,
      I don’t believe your retirement funds are in danger.
      Be suspicious of anyone who tells you otherwise.

  11. Chepup

    GP’s explanation is mostly on target. One small detail wasn’t accurate. GP said there was a Soros connected left wing globalist faction behind the attempts at stopping Trump’s rise. Alexander Downer the Australian High Commissioner (this is what Commonwealth nations call their ambassadors to the UK) who met with GP in the London bar, is a career conservative politician from an elite establishment family with many generations of conservative politicians. David Cameron the UK Prime Minister at the time of Brexit is another conservative politician. Don’t be distracted by left/right politics on this issue, it goes far beyond that. In fact those behind trying to stop Trump and also any sense of nationalism support both sides of politics, which is why ordinary peoples rights are eroded and globalist agendas advanced regardless of which political side wields power.

    The true criminals behind the globalist project are the elite of the elites. They are a tiny faction of Anglo European royalty, multi generational banking families and partners selected from the wealthiest people around the world. The World Economic Forum Great Reset is where you can see them in the wild. Prince Charles, Klaus Schwab (really a proxy for shy European royalty, Lyn de Rothschild Forrester. These people are all complicit and they have endless fraudulently obtained resources to try and corrupt our systems of Government.

    In the first instance, the only way to fight these elites is to ensure that the people we elect to Govern us are truthful and unable to be corrupted by their money. It’s a huge task, but it can be done if everyone does their part to watch after the system and call out unlawful or untruthful activity. Once we have eliminated their corrupting influences we can go after the source of the corruption itself.

  12. Jennifer Heller

    I have been watching and reading everything since November 2020 Election, I voted for Trump to get the corruption out of our capital. It makes me sad (even brings me to tears) everything I am learning. I completely understand why all of this is taking so long. I still cannot understand why President Trump didn’t stop all of this before the election. Maybe to get Americans to see the corruption as it unfolds? Or was he and his family threatened? President Trump is the missing piece at this point. God bless you Doug for everything you’re doing!!❤️🙏❤️🙏

  13. joe

    The question that comes up at this point is ,who is paying Durham to do this investigation? These things costs money and I believe that he was fired not long after Biden became president.