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  1. RussZilla

    Wishing health and happiness to Jordan. I have followed you since 2018. Thank you, Doug for interviewing him.

  2. david sumpter


  3. Val McElvain

    false flags

  4. Neotribal

    Great interview with an important message.
    Thank you to you both.

    And the word of the day is “discernment”

  5. Teresa Sovine

    I am DEEPLY disappointed you did not challenge Jordan on his relentless ‘slaming’ of real PATRIOTS like Simon Parkes. (your suppossed friend) Jordan is INTELLIGENT. I followed him for several yrs (Destroying the Illusion), but unfollowed him a few months ago as he decided to be the ‘dictator’ to who is and who is not a good intention patriot. He wanted to be the ultimate spokesman for the Q movement when it 1st originated. Didn’t exactly like it when he started to get overshadowed by others. Jordan has called Simon Parkes, David Nino Rodgriquez, Mel K, all whom you have offered respect and platforms to speak on your show, as shills. SHAME ON YOU for giving Jordan the DIVIDER this platform Doug. Yes, again, he is very smart when it comes to space/science, but no, he is no different than the other anon’s of this world, trying to research, learn, share their information and awaken society to the lieing globalists/NWO agenda, that has been trying to destroy our countries. UNTIL the day i hear Jordan say, I should NOT have gone after the likes of Simon, Mel K, Nino, etc… I will not support him, his work or share this video with anyone. You allowed Jordan the airtime to plant the seed that he is moving away from ‘conspiracy’, (Q world, as he never mentioned it once in this interview) stating he laughed at some of things he has thought and said in the past, DISTANCING himself from the Q movement, as you did as well, and that is a damn shame! Q information is what started the awakening and brought patriots from all over the world together. Like it, hate it, i don’t care, but the backchannel is nothing to deny and run from now. EVEN GEN FLYNN clearly promoted the Q movement, when he and his family, recited their oath to our constitution and ended their video with the phrase – WWG1WGA. To avoid speaking of it now and not acknowledge that platform for its rightful role in truth drops, is cowardice. Stating facts like it was a great resource, now lets see what else we can learn, sends a clear message back to the lieing mains stream, that we won’t allow them to label us and defame a news board, in hopes to keep the War of Division & Hate alive. – this was a MISSED opportunity from you and Jordan to set the record straight and move forward with respect and dignity.