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  1. valli trueblood

    great interview and praying this will go down. thank her for her hard work and we want a great america. the crime needs to stop. thank you doug and maria

  2. Linda

    I just want to thank Maria for being such a Patriot ! What you are doing for our country is truly beyond magnificent. Thank you Doug for having such a wonderful guest and keeping us informed . Without your platform we would be in the dark of what’s really going on in this world . My prayers are with everyone in this battle for truth & justice! P.S. – so nice to chat with you today from the fraud ridden state of Wisconsin!

  3. Vicki Stromlund

    Amazing information! Thank you ~ sounds like Gitmo will have to remain open after all. I can hardly wait for the deep dive into my beloved California. It had to be the testing ground for all this election fraud.

  4. Nicholas Cekinovich

    I hope that soon all the hard work Maria has done pays off for all of us.


  5. Nicholas Cekinovich

    This is why I won’t give a DIME to the RNC and Ronna McDaniel.

  6. Lena Nowmos


  7. Lena Nowmos

    Thank you for caring enough about our beautiful country to fight for it

  8. Chuck Arendas

    Great program Doug, China owes the United States of America Big Time and we need China to forgive our NATIONAL DEBT, ALL OF IT for the wrong they have done, we can not let them off the hook, we need to be strong together and make this happen Later my brother

  9. Stephen A. Lawrence

    Dear Doug,
    Nice video interview. I just got introduced to your website and videos.
    I am praying for you and the staff.
    The dark is getting darker and the Light is getting Lighter.
    Remember: God’s LAW: Love always wins!
    Rev. Dr. Stephen A. Lawrence

  10. Donna

    Great info Doug, thank you very much. Maria Zack is awesome. Two questions though. Some people say that Durham doesn’t actually exist, there are no videos of him where he’s actually physically in them, only pictures of him in the videos. Have you heard this before? If he really DOESN’T exist, then where & who did this info really go to? I’d really like to know why we don’t actually physically see him anywhere, if he is actually real.

  11. Tina Huston

    You’ll excuse me, but I don’t believe a word that this woman says. How does she have all of these “connections”? If I’m wrong, I’ll be the first to apologize, but I think we’re being Psyoped, again, like they claimed that arrests were going to happen during the “inauguration”. I’m done.

  12. Elizabeth Dick

    Maria Zack give me so much hope for our country and the horrific wrongs that have been committed against our country. I pray for her and her team that they will be safe and successful! Doug, thank you for giving voice to this wonderful lady! We will overcome this evil and get out country back!!

  13. Michael Murphy

    Doug I love listening to your videos. You have very interesting guest like General Flynn and General Mcinerney as well as Sidney Powell and others. I’m glad Flynn put things in perspective when you asked about the conspiracy theory about administer biden not in white house and he was dead. I quit listening to charlie ward and simon parkes and santa surfer and x22. They are so far out there it’s unreal. They pray on weak people. I would like to ask you ( and you do not have to answer ) what do you believe will happen? Do you believe Trump wants to come back as president? Do you believe the military will hold another election. I guess I’m looking for a pray of hope myself. I know God wins in the end. I also know that God will use anyone to do his bidding. I believe God chose Trump for 2016 election. I pray he is not finished with him.

  14. Allen Bouley

    Thank you for your continued efforts to put an end to the madness

  15. Sandra Avery

    Thank you Doug & Maria for all your hard work!! God Bless you all!! Thank you for your research and depending on our Lord. HE is certainly using you all. Be safe.

  16. Truth Liberty Justice

    Doug would Maria be open to spread her message with Robert David Steel (on tour now too) and Dr. Charlie she needs to be heard by everyone asap.

  17. Art By T. Bernard

    Just wondering if there is an up-date on Maria’s claims?

  18. Stan Rappaport

    Go Itally!! Wonderful country.

    Hey, where’s your evidence, Mr. Fraudmeister??

  19. Stan Rappaport

    I try to give counsel to the audience? The audience is an intellectually mature audience?? The audience wants back what was I’ve got news for you: this “investigation” … nothing. Yep, nothing will happen.

  20. Sandra Durkee

    I love Maria Zack. She is a super-woman, a patriot and should be sainted. Keep up the good work.

    Doug, you have brought some great people to your show. Like General Flynn said, you are the next “Rush Limbaugh”. I know that you feel humbled by that, but you are doing a great job. I have watched your videos this year and always feel that what you bring to the table is truth…or else you don’t bring it. You have integrity, a calmness that keeps us wanting more information. Keep up the good work. We will need you once the BOOM comes because so many people are going to loose their s— and your truth will help them heal. Love you and all you do. Thank you.!!!

  21. Live Oak

    It would be great if Maria would go over her ideas of how to fix our elections in more videos and more detail. I don’t even understand some of the terms she used, because I have never belonged to a party. I am not even sure what a caucus is. Pelosi’s caucus?? Not sure what that means exactly. Thanks. Great video.

  22. Live Oak

    maybe if enough of these crooks get nabbed a crucial piece of evidence will come out that leads to those chemtrail planes being stopped, and the frequency weapons being used on people is also exposed. the chemtrails are a part of the targeting of people with ultrasound, ELF, and other forms of energy. so many are getting very damaged. it is torture. it is intended to be mass deployed. they are loading us with metals and crystals and other substances. if they get the people behind the fraudulent election, they may also find out more about the above.