Doug’s Exclusive Interview with Sidney Powell – Doug Billings

Doug’s Exclusive Interview with Sidney Powell


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144 replies on “Doug’s Exclusive Interview with Sidney Powell”

  • NO VAX EVER says:

    As always…brilliant and full of wisdom!!
    Thank you🇺🇸

  • Thomas Lettrich says:

    Great interview Doug!!! Thank you for all YOU DO!!!

  • Antonio Godinho says:

    What a lovely interview, Sidney and Doug! I have no doubt there is light in the horizon, truth and justice will prevail. God Almighty in fighting for America and the World. Let’s keep on praying. Cheers my brother and friend.

  • Jhona easum says:

    Hi there. I am trying to listen to your Sidney Powell interview. The video starts with sound and then stops. I’m wondering if it’s just on my end.

  • Dice says:

    All we 100 million Patriots can say now is, “SAVE US SIDNEY!!!”

  • David Banaszak says:

    Absolutely Phenominal video Patriot Brother Doug. Great Job! and Cheers back at ya!!

  • Michelle M says:

    Thank you for all you do. Your first couple of questions of Sidney showed how caring of a person you are. Very genuine and very human.

    She is right, there is NO 2022 and 2024 if we don’t fix this election NOW.
    Her response to your question of military tribunal, was very disappointing.
    If our military is not stepping up to defend our constitution, we really do not have much hope in Saving our Republic.
    We had foreign interference which is not much different than foreign invasion, and yet Military is quiet.

    I wish you would interview General McInerney.
    Please watch this video the General with ‘HIS Glory’ channel. General M hints that there few high level Generals that are corrupt, but most are not and that they would honor their Oath to defend the constitution. It appears that this Ret General is still actively fighting for us. Hasn’t given up on this Election. He literally talks about Military taking over.
    Link is below

    Also please interview Lin Wood and Robert David Steele

    Thankyou again

  • Douglas and Joyce Pawlitschek says:

    All the good attorneys should be stepping up to the plate and supporting Sidney Powell. Thank you for all you’re doing in bringing the corruption to light, so the blind Americans can
    finally see. This is a war between good and evil; it’s a war we can’t afford to lose. It will require every one on deck with all the talent and skills that they possess; this is our country!

  • Martha Streit says:

    I admire Sidney Powell so much. Whenever I hear her voice, my hope arise.
    Greetings from Budapest/Hungary! : )

  • Carol Stacey says:

    USA needs Sidney Powell to run the country. You will then have a country of Truth, Love and Compassion that will help other countries
    to see how humanity can have a better quality of life.

  • Tremenda Dillon says:

    Thank you Sidney Powell for all the difficult tasks you must do. God bless you and your team. I will continue to lift you up to God in prayer.

  • Ronie Trowbridge says:

    Love your new website, very nice!

  • Angela Dixon says:

    Thank god for Sidney Powell. As always doug thank you x

  • Katie Lynn says:

    Thank you, Sidney for your service! Prayers for wisdom and safety.

  • Katie Lynn says:

    I would love to see you interview Patrick Byrne.

  • Bradley Kitzman says:

    It’s wonderful to witness the Mind of a person that is “Intellectually Determined” with Prayer and Patriotism! The point of it does not matter which side/party (I have always said they sleep together) should be a concern for We The People.
    God’s Blessings!

  • TrumpWon2020 says:

    Thank you both for everything you are doing. This country is lucky to have you. Sidney is right, if we don’t fix the 2020 election and make things right, there is no hope for the future. We cannot allow them to get away with what they did. And we can’t wait 2-4 years and “hope” they don’t cheat again. They will!! TRUMP 2021 🇺🇸

  • Lyudmila Prudkov says:

    Very interesting show. Thank you!

  • Mary Mason says:

    Wonderful listening to Sydney Powell.

  • Connie Weis says:

    Fantastic video with Sidney Powell. We will go to DTR and help her. We deeply appreciate all your hard work in putting on this program and giving us the TRUTH. God Bless you all. Psa 37 and 91 have kept me and my family moving forward during all of this turmoil this past couple of years.

  • Heidi Gronowski says:

    I want the truth.

  • Heidi Gronowski says:

    I want the truth. No I didn’t. So Eger t0 listen.

  • UnmitigatedTruth says:

    My analysis of court systems in general and most specifically the Supreme Court is as follows.

    There are four types of judges currently in our Courts:
    1. Liberal ideology over Constitution
    2. Has been bribed.
    3. Has been threatened with Death or worse.
    4. Honest, Constitutional but inconsequential.

    My feelings are that the Supreme Court falls into category 3.

  • FlyLikeAnEagle says:

    Great interview! Sidney Powell should be a role model for every young girl. I had heard about Patrick Byrnes and their visit to the WH, and until I just heard it from Sidney, I had no idea whether it was true or not. Love the fact she’s starting a new PAC. No more money to traitors.

    FYI: I too had problems with sound and voices did not match mouth movements.

    So glad Doug has his own site. Sick of being censored by other sites.

  • Ruth Queen says:

    One would think that over 75 million voters that feel disenfranchised would hold some kind of standing with the Supreme Court. What can we do to ban together to press the court to hear the case. We have no trust in any of our government agencies for future elections because we still have the same fraudulent system.

  • Cynthia Courteavenay says:

    Thank you Doug, great interview! So thankful you have this website now. God bless you. And God bless America

  • Bill Laine says:

    🙏 Prayers for both Doug and Sidney 🙏
    Let’s all give what we can to help Sidney in her fight.

  • Melissa Maschler says:

    Thank you, Sydney! We thank God for blessing us with you. May God bless and protect you.

  • Eleanor McNeill Hall says:

    Thank you, Doug for all you do to bring truth to us. I fell upon your work while seeing you interview Simon Parks. Many blessings and cover of protection over you, and I pray for continued discernment and wisdom as you continue research into the issues.

  • Kay Liscano says:

    Thank you Doug Billings! Your shows are so informative & helpful for seeing the light!

  • von l baum sr says:

    Awesome selection of interview people!!! Keep up the effort to put the truth in front of American People!!!

  • Jerry Hughes says:

    Enjoy being part of the truth…
    Sad days ahead….but we are never alone

  • Yolanda says:

    Thank you Sir, this was great interview keeping hope first the lord, then some justice, thank the lord for Sydney Powell and all who are part of getting some justice, I can’t even look at that Biden or his employees, so wicked our country is fading on act of those criminals!

  • Angeline Huck says:

    I read “The Deep Rig”. It is such a great book. Everyone should read it!!!!
    Sidney Powell is so awesome!!!

  • Tracee Sawyer says:

    Sidney is talking about Pat Cippolone & TRAITOR PENCE when she mentions Special Counsel.

    She is awesome and Doug you did awesome on trying to get some questions answered that we understandably know Sidney has to protect herself and her cases….

    Love the Question …Do we have time to present this before 2024? Her answer: There should not be any election until this election system is fixed (not exact words)…

    I’m trying to get my state to release the machine audit they performed and the scope and REPEATEDLY being ignored but I will NOT give up….I heard my state used Scytl….on the list of 27….and I am not giving up on seeing if they did an actual SOFTWARE AUDIT.

    Doug: Where will we begin to win or see a sense of victory?

    Sidney: Something in GA…and the Dominion & Smartware lawsuits against her….allows her to show her discovery….

    End theme: “We are the light for the world” – Sidney……..and we can not allow it to be extinguished.

  • Linda Patriot says:

    Strong woman ! May God hold your hand tightly & keep you close under his protection! Thanks to both of you for loving our country!🇱🇷🙏🏻💪

  • Gerri says:

    Sidney Powell is right, there is no 2024 election until we deal with the 2020 election fraud and put the rightful winner Donald trump back in office. I am shocked that most of the republicans blow this election off as it is normal to commit fraud and do nothing about it but go on their merry way. BS we are 80,000,000+ strong and we are not moving ahead with another election until this one is dealt with.

  • Dale Pendleton says:

    Sidney has more “you know what” ….s than just about anyone I have heard speak on this except for Lin Wood, and she is not even a man!

  • Raymond Ehrman says:

    This interview is welcomed and appreciated. I suggest this thought to be given to Sydney Powell: The Legislated Supreme Court (the 9 justices in Washington, D.C.) is not “The judicial Power of the Unite States, shall be vested in one supreme Court”, specifically mandated in Article III, Section 1.
    Article III, Section 1 is purposely not defined, described, and completely explained, because the found fathers wanted, that “We the People” shall have all inherent political Power to settle all final Constitutional Issues by the People’s Right and Power to deal with Corruption, Fraud, and false voting. The legislated Supreme Court was not, and never was, the final arbiter of the 2020 Election Fraud Matter. The People still are the final arbiters. I am sure that 2 people from every state, that are willing to accept the responsibility to take on the Judicial Function described and mandated in Article III, Section 1.

  • William B DeOreo says:

    What is the status of the Dominion Voting vs Sidney Powel and Rudi Guliani?

  • Christine Hartshorn says:

    Great Show👍👍👍

  • Teresa Bradley says:

    Updates with Sydney Powell starting at 8:35 min into this video. Support America at

  • Teresa Bradley says:

    Sydney Powell starting at 8:35 min into this video. Support America at

  • Teresa Bradley says:

    Start at 8:35 into this video.. Support America at

  • Teresa Bradley says:

    Start at 8:35. Support America at

  • Steven B says:


  • Tim Middleton says:

    Dear Doug there are many of US like minded people throughout the World that are seeking Truth more than ever before. I wish to let you know that there are many things of a Spiritual God Service nature being done around the planet. Myself and many others in South Africa are with you and we understand what is at stake. Our Country is not even ashamed of being corrupt and it seems these Commu- socialists are everywhere wearing many disguises. Things will be revealed and we all stand together. It is not just a USA fight but the fight for Freedom and Truth around the globe. You are all seeing what a lot of us have been living with for some time. At last it is in the public arena.
    I was in Philadelphia on Nov 3 last year and all the fake ballots and trucks arriving was all too familiar. Eve down to food parcels in exchange for votes.
    Failure is not an option, we are all in this together. Globalise your message as it will gain more momentum.
    And so it is.

  • Gina says:

    Amen — Sidney is doing the so much work. I’ll double down on prayers and will wait for the site to help right this fiasco. The Lord’s blessings…….

  • Gina Curtis says:

    Another great interview. Thank God for Sidney and everyone working behind the scenes on getting our country back. Thank you Doug for giving us such great info and great interviews…

  • Allan Munroe says:

    It is my opinion that to have children under the age of adulthood , would cause a Candidates chances to be Elected as a Supreme Court Justice’s Void.
    Since children would be used as Hostage’s in the Rendering of Life & Death Decisions. Easily manipulating Justices to be Weapons. Case in Point Amy Coney Barrett,
    Brett Kavanaugh.

  • Kay says:

    What a great interview, so thankful to Sidney Powell and all others who are really working to prove what really went on during this election. Started reading Patrick Byrne’s book, literally makes me sick to my stomach how deep the corruption is in this country. Thank God for His warriors, may He give them strength, protection and SUCCESS!

  • Kay says:

    And many thanks to Doug, also one of God’s warriors, I love what you are doing!
    Be safe!

  • Matt Corcoran says:

    Absolutely brilliant interview Doug, I was hooked all the way though. You can’t go wrong with Sidney Powell, she’s an incredibly inspirational woman.

    Please invite her back in the future for further updates.

  • JoAnn Querio says:

    I am assuming now you have to pay monthly to hear and watch your videos I understand why but I just can’t afford to do that and it’s sad I’m sorry

  • Ann says:

    Great interview. Disappointed that every time I tried to replay something, like the name of the pac, I lost sound. Finally gave up.

  • Jack says:

    If we have not Courts that are established and maintained by the People, rather than by bribable Judges, then we will have no Republic … Our Constitution and our Nation will rise or fall according to the independence of our Courts.

  • jack says:

    If we dont have Courts that are established and maintained by the People, rather than by bribable Judges, then we will have no Republic … reinstate the common law grand jury..

  • Barbara Becchino says:

    Loved it

  • kim o says:

    thank you, doug. this was an EXCELLENT INTERVIEW! and endless thanks to sidney. what a WARRIOR!! may God bring justice swiftly!!

  • Joseph Kumukoa says:

    Big Mahalos Doug. Your interview with Patriot Sydney Powell was awesome. God Bless!

  • Susie says:

    I had the privilege to pray with and for Sidney through one of my prayer groups in the United States when she was representing General Flynn. So excited to see our prayers being answered that we prayed that day. Little did we know we were going to witness her WARRIOR agenda to expose the steal of this election. We are fighting here in Az in Maricopa county to expose the fraud here. It has been a fight we have won by being on our knees in prayers and blasting our State Senators and Board of Supervisors to get their attention. We had the State Senate on our side from the beginning but because they got opposition and threats so we had to convince them to not give up. So they continued their fight and now we are getting our forensic audit with the company we want not that Dominion wants and the Board of Supervisors. I will continue to pray for all this to be exposed. I am claiming Heb 4:13 Nothing is all creation is hidden from GOD’S sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of HIM to whom we are held to account.
    Susie ( A Prayer WARRIOR )

  • Susie J says:

    Will Biden be held accountable for a felony knowing he took office under a false election with many irregularities? I am so blessed to see my prayer for you on the phone during your representation for General Flynn who was railroaded has prevailed in many VICTORIES for you as WARRIOR for you LORD and SAVIOR! I agree the sex trafficking, and all the other fraud we see going on is part of all this. Its a domino effect when its all uncovered it will be like dominos falling. It started in Ca I saw it start as early as 2008 right after Obama took office. They stole seats in Congress there, A..G., Secretary of State is what I suspect. Thank you Doug Billings for going to your own platform so we can here the TRuTH again.
    Susie ( A Prayer WARRIOR )

  • Dave Houghton says:

    Blaze.Team really need to either start developing on Oxygen builder or add something like Ezoic speed plugin, because the site is very slow. Great but slow.
    Check on or

  • Keith says:

    Very good insight given by Sidney.
    Thank you for that interview.

  • Jay Romano says:

    Occam’s razor.
    Thank you, Ma’am.
    Thank you, Sir.

  • Irene Owyang-Chong says:

    Thanks so much, Doug. We can’t get this kind of news coverage from the news main stream media which is crazy – this is news! Sydney Powell is a role model, inspirational, patriot and an awesome person! My daughters and I look up to her!

  • Jay Romano says:

    Mr. Billings: It’s pretty obvious that you are relatively new to this business. Because no “seasoned” reporter would DARE ask the questions that you, politely, ask your guests. You ask the same questions we would. Hoorah!

  • Troy Baca says:

    As I understand the problem to be in Arizona, it appears that the corrupt officials involved are trying to run out the clock on the disposition of the ‘problematic’ ballots, there is only a 6 month requirement to hold those ballots as opposed the the non problematic ballots. If anyone lives in Arizona you need to put pressure on the Maricopa County officials responsible for managing the elections, they are just trying to stall out for 2 months before those ballots can be destroyed. Those are the key ballots that need to be reviewed by audit and it should be done by Jovan Pulitzer.

  • Dawn Eileen Markee says:

    Thank you Doug Billings for the interviews you do and the great questions you ask. Thank you Sidney Powell for your perseverance.I thank God for you and know goodness will prevail over evil.

  • Tamara Corvin says:

    We love and appreciate Sidney! Thank you for what you are doing! Stay STRONG! God continue to be with you!

  • Mark Sheldon says:

    My God she is powerful! An Angel in the flesh for sure. These are what God’s children look like!

  • Tammy Schmidt says:

    We are praying for Sidney Powell. Protection, Wisdom, Strength, Protection, Opportunity, Success, Protection and God’s mighty outpouring of blessing upon her and her family and staff. We are praying for God’s intervention, that righteousness would be exalted and wickedness revealed and destroyed… that the wicked would fall into their own pits that they have digged. It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of an angry God. Let justice roll down upon this nation.
    Chuck and Tammy in Alaska

  • G.larson says:

    God bless you both. Pray for our country. President Trump needs our prayers

  • deJoly LaBrier says:

    Hey Doug, I love this interview with Sidney Powell. So many revelations from her and such strength in her being. I love her stand for truth. Thank you for all that you bring to the world in your choices of interviews.

  • Eva says:

    We want to mirror or watch your new videos on our tv. How do we do that?

  • DonnaJaRose says:

    Nothing there? Are you not posting on Rumble anymore or Bitchute because I don’t always come here? It’s not easy to find your current videos on here and it doesn’t operate as well and it’s just another site I have to look up. Are you not posting every day or once in a while

  • Charles Wang says:

    It is a great great message from Sidney Power that it is possible for Trump to come back before 2024! It will be even greater if she can show the roadmap on how this will happen. All the efforts by We The People should be organized and concentrated to make this happen as soon as possible.

  • Arlene says:

    Trump had no allies in the Whitehouse, by choice. He would always have someone else to blame for his inaction. He’s compromised.

  • Keith Lyles says:

    Love you and pray for you, WWG1WGA

  • Claude R Armstrong says:

    With this entire interview the one repeating theme us grass roots honest citizen joining together in a nation wide force of 50,000,000 individuals united with the sheriff in each of the 3100 counties in our nation.

    It was just 3% of colonists who stood down the mighty British military and Creator provided them with a major victory.

    They had so little in communicatiins, where we have so much.

    They had few arms, mostly home made, and we have millions.

    Their voice was blocked at every turn, ours is still litearally redundant in the many means we use every day.

    Now, why, W H Y, can’t We, the People, with incredible digital engineers, massive numbers of interconnected servers, great cyber secutity designers, and at minimum 50,000,000 determined honest voters FORM our united America wide force to stand with our one elected law enforcement body, the sheriffs, where Sidney, Mike, Lin, the Arizona legislature, the New Hampshire legislature, and everyone involved in the criminal forensic election investigation?


    Lets join, explore and DO THIS, together..

    On my GAB page, ClaudeA, I provide the 50,000,000 Voters United group. I ask no funds, and members’ discussion to make this so ASAP, with top security, redundantcy, and connection with local county members.

  • Claude R Armstrong says:

    Suggestion, BIG time:

    Open reply and copy paste! Other responsive sites give viewers freedom of speech for dialog and viewer vote down of nay sayers

  • Linda Beaumont says:


  • DeborahH says:

    We pray for you Sidney, you are a God-send.

  • Marla Nunnelee says:

    Thank you for giving us truth!

  • Penny Alexis says:

    thank you Doug. thank you Sidney Powell. May God Bless you and keep you. thank you for all your hard work.

  • M says:

    I trust Sydney Powell, and when I saw the President Trump’s team cut-off Sidney, the wind was let out of my sail….

  • Strange Daiz says:

    Sidney is right, The corruption is on both sides and the electronic voting must be shelved until the vote can be secured..
    Keep the faith!

  • Blair French says:

    Continued prayers for this phenomenal woman, her team, you, Doug– and all the dedicated patriots out there. To quote Martin Luther King, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; Only light can do that.” We are Light and we will prevail. God Bless all the light workers.

  • Art By T. Bernard says:

    I really enjoy you show Doug! Thank you for your prayers and patriotism! It was very encouraging to hear Sidney Powell’s words. I do hope something will happen soon. I am not able to leave my home, but plan to do my part by supporting Sidney Powell, Mike Lindell, and others as much as I can.
    Don’t know if what I heard is true, but there is a rumor going around that the woke military is going after Trump Supporters. Have you heard anything about this?
    Thank you Doug for your part in this war, and thank you Sidney Powell, Mike Lindell, Gen. Flynn, and the rest of you that put your life on the line for OUR AMERICA! God Bless you all!!!

  • Game over says:

    Like I have said before, if this isn’t fixed before 2022 (and I mean fixed by the rightful winner is in office) then there is no reason to vote. They have it rigged. The deep state is in charge and will not lose that power. There could be 100% vote for a republican but the left will choose who goes in and we can’t do anything about it. If the president of the united states couldn’t do anything about the fraud then we have no chance.

  • Debra B. Pitts says:

    Here you are! What happened to YouTube? I will catch you here!

  • DebPatriot says:

    Here you are! What happened to YouTube? I will catch you here!

  • Terri says:

    In speaking about her statement that she’d release the Kraken, she said it just “flew out of my mouth” when she said it – and I can see why. I’ve always felt a kinship with her, because I am a very passionate person as she is and I also work in the legal field. I well remember that contemporaneous speech of hers, how she literally was shaking with anger as she spoke. I absolutely feel the same way whenever I even THINK of it. I am SO upset that SCOTUS turned their back on our country – that is exactly what they did.

    It seems that Dominion in particular, by threatening massive lawsuits, has cowed even conservatives, when speaking on their platforms, into abandoning speaking even a single word about the FRAUD that was perpetrated on our nation. Just tonight in an interview on Newsmax I heard Representative Jim Jordan say it was a “close election.” He knows better. I believe it may well be the biggest fraud in the history of the world. It is EVIL.

  • Adrian says:

    Pray for our country–we are in real danger.

  • Carl P Cecil says:

    Excellent show, thank you.

  • Sandra Focseneau says:

    Excellent interview. I had no idea the fight goes on but am surely hopeful and praying that truth will prevail. Thank God for these truly American patriots and the millions supporting them in the US and all over the world.

  • donna walsh says:

    President Trump won period!

  • Rodney G Blythe says:

    Is it not incumbent upon one of the members of that august body , the supreme court to lay there humanity bare and tell us regardless of there status or standing , what is going on in this voting abyss ? Respectfully . Rodney Blythe



  • Craig Silver says:

    Amen, the 2024 try again election for Trump is a joke of an idea. Fix the massive system or give up your freedoms right now.

  • Dan Pultorak says:

    I’ve been waiting for this interview. Ms Powell is the only one who had/has it right. We have become a third world country. The corruption in the legislative branch and whether it’s corruption or fear coupled with corruption in the Supreme Court, they were/are the last hope for our survival as a Republic. Ben Franklin had it right – “if you can keep it”

  • Craig says:

    Doug asked why Bill Barr did what he did. I read a piece a few months ago that Bill Barr was raised by communist parents. Do you need to know anything else? Russia has had operatives in every administration since the 1930’s. Of course now we have China bribing our worthless treasonous parasites in government as well. Sidney is correct stating it’s corrupt from A to Z. I don’t see any light coming through now.

  • Craig says:

    Wow! Supreme Court Justice Roberts is on the flight log for child sex island. You have to wonder what percentage of child sex criminals there are in DC from Clinton’s, Roberts on down. Looks like the United States of evil where the government is concerned.

  • Diane L Lockwood says:

    Kudos to Sidney Powell for her persistence in trying to uphold US election integrity! It is the most important issue to perserve our democracy; without which we are little more than a corrupt third world government! Keep up the excellent work.

  • Mary Boniface says:

    Thanks for having Sidney Powell on your show. It was so nice to hear [I got sound but no video on my old computer] how well Ms. Powell sounds – her faith, courage, hope and humor still intact. As per her advice, my father always said if you want honesty in Washington you have to secure honesty in your state and county. It’s hard to make those county and school meetings, but maybe w/ Zoom these days more people will be able to squeeze in the time. We should insist on that option – or another option if Zoom is another tattle-tale technology.
    I’d add you have to work on making honesty a priority in your life – starting w/ working at being honest to yourself and being honest w/ family, friends and in your work life. I’ve seen so much damage on so many levels due to dishonesty. It would be hard enough facing a Biden administration – the valid questions about whether he is legitimately in the White House and the failure of so many to determine and demonstrate that validity is scarier than Biden et al.

  • Katie Meiners says:

    Thanks Doug for having this wonderful, bright, dynamic woman on your show.
    Sidney, we pray for you and know that the grass roots are working for/with you for our beautiful USA!!

  • Michael Colins says:

    What a brave woman! Sydney Powell and her team are clearly making supreme sacrifices in continuing the fight for truth in order to expose the evil that has stolen the greatest country in the world. We wish them all well and the strength to continue.

  • Dianne Hensley says:

    Sidney “POW”ell is a queen in my mind…what a brilliant mind..god help us…

  • Christine Chamonix says:

    Fabulous Sidney Powell- You are in my prayers day and night. The enemy shall come in like a flood- but he Lord shall set up a standard against them.

  • cindya says:

    Excellent interview with Sidney Powell. She is is a beacon of hope in this darkness and I pray strength for her as she challenges the dark side.

  • Black Helicopters says:

    Sidney is right- this is everybody’s fight

  • Ian Ferris says:

    Dear Doug great interveiw with Sidney keep up the great work and fight to win i havent given up hope Sir Donald is still the President not
    the resident truth will always win in the end.
    Kindest Regards
    Your friend in Australia
    Ian Ferris

  • Sandra Cicotta says:

    i would like to say to sidney,,thank you for your courage and obvious dedication to fighting for our constitution and humanity,,your passion and compassion is admired and inspiring ,,i hope that all amaricans rise to model your ethics ,,god bless you sidney from the bottom of my heart

  • Dave Mingins says:

    Go for it Sidney!!!! Dave M (NZ )

  • ron danish says:

    Great American Hero!

  • Gray-Leigh Wilson says:

    Honest interview. Please keep it up.

  • Li He Luongo says:

    We won’t have our country any more without fixing the fraud election! Thank you for all you’ve been doing for our country! A lot of people including myself can’t call Joe Biden president. He stole the election illegally without having shame! That’s why our country is being led to wrong direction. Let’s get involved with our country’s issue and take back our country. God bless America!

  • Florence Kaplan says:

    God Bless Sydney Powell and Doug Billing!
    The truth will shine and the ISLAMIC TRAITOR AND CORRUPTOR Obamanation/Sleepy Joe team will be brought to justice and earn their just reward sitting in prison! AMEN!

  • Florence Kaplan says:

    God Bless Sydney Powell and Doug Billing!
    The truth will shine and the Criminal Traitor Obamanation/Sleepy Joe team will be brought to justice and earn their just reward sitting in prison! AMEN!

  • Carol Menges says:

    Beautifully done. Sydney Powell has been a favorite for years. The Right Side is a great show today. Be safe, Sydney!

  • Jamie Toro says:

    First time i listened to your program- after 5 commercials I left.

  • Mark says:

    Thanks for sharing Sidney Powell. She is a Great American!

  • Pengle says:

    Thanks Doug for the opportunity to see this interview with Sidney Powell. I enjoy your talks and will register to your website. Good on you for persisting in your endeavor and giving people hope. I have hope and love it when I see more and more Americans feeling the same way I do and confirms what I see is actually fact (which I found hard to believe i.e. the violent attacks on Trump supporters, injustice and the level of unethical behavior the country has endured for 4 years or so I thought was just 4 years). Seems like, what has come to light and is coming to light has been planned and worked on for a long time. Like you, I believe that if Trump did not become president and if things did not happen the way it did, our freedoms would have vanished without us knowing and without being given a chance to fight for what is right. I am actually from New Zealand and married an American man and have thought about whether its best to go back to New Zealand or Australia because of what is happening but realize, if America does not pull around, New Zealand and Australia are no better off, especially when it comes to China. I am doing what I can to help.

  • Deb Ratcliff says:

    God bless and protect Sidney Powell! Thank you for interviewing her. We need the truth and like she said, we need to get to work!

  • Christie Adams says:

    What is the date of this interview?

  • Johannes Ferreira says:

    Keep going.
    Dark waters rising, must be stopped.

  • Kimberly McDonaldGarcia says:

    Thank you, Sydney, for your patriotism and hard work and due diligence in righting the wrongs of the 2020 election, of which there were many. I believe you are on the right track and that God is working through you to right these wrongs. The words “Thank you”, to me, doesn’t even begin to express my devotion to your cause or my heart felt appreciation for what you are doing. I feel that your success is all of us patriots success in remaining a free country given to us by God to continue to help our world be free. I am drafting letters now to the individual members of the supreme court to do what is right according to their conscience in righting the wrongs of their decisions in refusing to hear the evidence you have helped to compile of rampant voter fraud. I will again and continue to donate what I am able to your cause and will ask everyone I know that will listen to do the same. May God protect and guide you and guide you in your efforts. Kimberly McDonaldGarcia

  • Gina Mia says:

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  • Diane says:

    What good is all of the evidence going to do when the courts are so corrupted by the communist thugs? I know it is still important for the American public to know the truth but the communist news networks will not broadcast this truth to the people. We have been overthrown as a duplicate to the blueprint of 1917 Russian Revolution, complete with the equivalent to the Spanish flu in our covid dilemma. Go to the (not .com) website and do a search for – Democrat run communist takeover plot. Click that headline and then you will see the history in line with the present day communist plan!

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  • Daniel Hilden says:

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