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  1. Michael Murphy

    Kinda sad when you are a christian and you have an gay attorney on your show and you support her knowing God does not. This is one of the reason in america why we are in the shape we are in. We don’t take Gods law as the one and only law. Good luck on getting Gods support Doug.

  2. Olinda

    I am in India and would love to order the pain med but Steuart does not ship to India.
    How else can I receive thist?

  3. Rocco DeLuca

    In Italy we took Mussolini and we hung him on the street. Until they are poisoning the the Republic you get nowhere. After the past election we all know that even if you win you will loose. The election system is dead. It’s only a show to make us believe that we still have rights.

  4. Camille Bood

    I want all the money I paid into social security for 45 years. I get 1300 a month and I am sure this doesn’t represent what I paid in. I am so disgusted. Also Dr.Stella id charging too much money for a consultation. Everyone is making a fortune off of our backs, meanwhile Americans are struggling and denied medical care.

  5. Caasi Regina Algazi

    This comment is for Micheal Murphy, concerning his comment about Right side broadcasting hosting a guest speaker that “God does not support”. I don’t usually interject or involve myself any longer in fruitless arguments or opinions once I realized that the Lord holds each one of us to account for EVERY IDLE WORD WE SPEAK AND WRITE. And if everything is indeed recorded in heaven and we will one day have to give account of our words, then we ought be VERY careful with what we say. We only bring shame upon ourselves, in the day of reckoning we shall cringe at our own records, and not a single one of us will dare speak. Right now the Lord is measuring and weighing us according to every thought, action, and condition of the heart. His longsuffering is for Leigh as much as it was for me, and for you. God has a much bigger plan in all this than any one man could possibly begin to understand. He’s about to give the nations over to all believers around the world, to spread the gospel of the Kingdom. The nations had to be made ready to receive his Salvation, so he has allowed all of this to happen. In order to drink the Living Water, we first had to be made to “thirst”. This is not the hour in which he expects us to condemn the lost, but instead the hour in which we are to proclaim the good news, our salvation from sin, and rejoice in great victory. He is going to do a wonder! The greatest revival the world has ever known is on the horizon, and each one of us will be commissioned to bring in his harvest. Prepare your heart to do the work in the field, overflowing in the fruit of the spirit! For it is the LOVE of God THAT CUTS OUR CHAINS; transforming hearts and lives you may never have thought possible. This lady who is out there fighting for our freedom, is doing 100x more than most of us. Surely the lord sees, and surely he has called her for such a time as this, and surely he is longsuffering for her heart, and surely his plan will ultimately SET HER FREE FROM BONDAGE TO SIN. So show her SALVATION, and strap on the sandals of the message of the gospel, and bring THE GOOD NEWS TO ALL MEN. LEST HE HOLD US ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR SINS.

  6. Michael Murphy

    Just a quick reply to Caasi regina Algazi. We have the luxury and freedom to agree that we disagree. God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. When it is too late, she will learn the truth, unless someone intervenes and she repents.