Doug interviews human rights/abolitionist Atty, Leigh Dundas

Doug’s interview with human rights and abolitionist attorney, Leigh Dundas


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31 replies on “Doug’s interview with human rights and abolitionist attorney, Leigh Dundas”

  • Julie says:

    Great interview! Love her! I am from Kearney, MO and many of us have been contacting our leaders. Companies around KC are firing employees that won’t get vaccinated. I was told by the Governor’s office that this is allowed. Since when do the people have to be given something unapproved to keep their jobs! People are afraid for their health, and now businesses get to decide what is best for us. This is the week to call the Governor in KC and around the nation. We are telling any willing person to do it this week before they end their session. Thank you to everyone working around the nation!

  • Cathy Taylor says:

    Thank you Doug for having Leigh Dundas on your broadcast. She is a powerhouse of a woman and, we thank God for her work.

  • Peter Byrne says:

    I live in Cambodia and I know a British Jew who lives here, but he can’t see how the vaccine is part of a depopulation agenda. It’s a conspiracy theory apparently! I now know how so many Jews were duped into getting on the trains.

  • Craig Gaskins says:

    Leigh’s website would not allow me to sign up with my email. Kept saying “something went wrong”

  • ethan says:

    I would have to say failure to take down the MSM was TRUMPS MAIN FAILURE…it is the core of all evil and brainwashing…

  • Stephen WARD says:

    An informative interview – this lady showed just how concerning the situation is. Her viral video may have given people the wrong impression. She is NOT unhinged BUT a very compassionate and determined lady trying to get the TRUTH out there.
    Thank you Doug for an excellent interview with her and thank you Leigh for ALL you are doing.
    Me, by the way, from UK.

  • Ernie Hughes says:

    Hello Doug Billings I often watch your show I am Ernie Hughes from Doncaster South Yorkshire UK. While I did taxi driving for 17 years in my local town. There was a company known as Yorkshire Nannies which had two sides to it. One side was truly Nannies for families with children but the sinister side was to supply sex females to high class customers of which one such person was the tennis ace the well known German Boris Becker now what age they were I am not certain but it was certainly known as an evil twist with a seemingly good front. Please give this information to Leigh Dundas as I am sure she will have people who can research this. the Owner lived at 7 St. Wilfrid’s Road in Doncaster she was a woman.

  • Edson Carter says:

    Don’t hear anything about this on main stream Media sorry to say. Thank you very much enjoyed your broadcast and hope to hear more of them thanks again.

  • tonyonidaho says:

    Doug, why do refer to “covid-19” as if it’s real? It has never been isolated and I don’t understand why you have not done a few minutes’ research into this fact.

  • Elena Iove says:

    Wow, I have been so impresses from the first time I saw and heard Leigh Dundas!!! And, hearing her speaking at that school board, the passion and the heart she put in it for the sake of the children was fearless. And, to hear her saying that her origin is Romanian, that made me so proud! I am a Romanian native, live in Canada for the last 35 years(71 now), that really made my day/evening!
    Thank you very much Doug for your extraordinary shows and for the valuable people and information you bring to us, for the hope you gave us at the end of the show tonight! God Bless and Protect you and your dear ones!

  • Rosie says:


  • Amy Chen says:

    Love your show and all that you bring to light. Keep Going.

  • Derek Tomlinson says:

    What a wonderful woman, the US is blessed to have woman like her, I know there are many with hearts like Leigh Dundas all round the world, time for to stand.

  • Derek Tomlinson says:

    Very good

  • D'Jay Hendreson says:

    I am an 80 year old Arizona native and live about an hour from the Mexico border. I am always amazed at all the chest pounders for justice that are showing up and think they have the answers. NEVER have they been to the border except
    with all kinds of press and pictures so they can pound their chests and say “Look what a great person I am”. Not one time
    has anyone talked to the “Real Arizona People” , in our eyes “Snowbirds” don’t count. None of you slick willies EVER talk
    to Real Arizonians just the pretend one. You know kind of like a RINO (Arizonian In Name Only). You want the real border and what we deal with daily and have for years WITHOUT ANY HELP FROM YOU ALL! These are our heroes, if you want the real story you could try and contact them but don’t expect much they are way to busy for chats. Now they did use to take out people on patrol, but I doubt they would now, but you could ask. I know these men and they are the best. Who are they? THE SHADOW WOLVES, look them up if your interested.

  • Patricia Link says:

    Love you videos. We all need to know and understand what is going on.
    Thank you.

  • Jim says:

    Leigh Dundas. A magnificent lady. A True Humanitarian. Wonderful to hear someone so articulate and understandable. God bless her.
    Cant understand why Covid Jabs are still apparently seen by Trump and some supporters as acceptable.
    Needs putting out there that PCR Test is a fraud and why cycle nunbers – And mortality rates have not exceeded normal averages.
    The Gene Therapy Jabs ARE TOXIC.
    So please save lives make it known DONT HAVE THE JAB
    Great programme today.

  • Lynn says:

    Move away from FaceAche move to, get all your followers to move there too…

  • Tina Rice says:

    Leigh Dundas is amazing!!! She will help wake up the masses. We really are facing the second holocaust. Here in Canada we are witnessing churches being barricaded. Pastors getting arrested and dragged off in handcuffs. Their crime? Holding a church sermon. The tyranny will not end until we stand up together and say NO! I will not comply!!

  • Fionna H Bowie-Macdonald says:

    Good woman speak out, love her attitude! 🙂

  • SZQ says:

    Thank you for the interview and raising my spirit a bit knowing that there are people out there like Leigh that is saving this children. When all you hear is the doom and gloom, it’s good to hear that someone was saved. It’s still a shame that these children endure such horrible experiences. I believe that good will overcome evil because in the end, there is more love in the world than hate. Thank you again for showing me a real super-hero that is making a positive difference.

  • Christine Grassam says:

    This was a great program like the others that I have seen and I just want to say thank you for bringing these great, patriotic Americans to us. I have given up on all but a couple of sources for information and you are one of them that I watch for anything that I consider valid. I especially liked the programs that you have had with General Flynn, Simon Parkes, and Sidney Powell as your guests. Leigh Dundas is awesome and I have great respect for the path she is marching. I hope she is blessed by protection and huge success of saving as many children and people as much as possible.
    Keep up the great work and may we all win over this evil sooner than later.

    Christine Grassam

  • Vickie says:

    Leigh Dundas is a TRUTH Grenade
    and a Flamethrower Warrior for
    America. She needs a CAPE!

  • Cathy Neal says:

    I absolutely love and respect Leigh Dundess, she is a smart intelligent woman who knows her stuff.

  • Andrea says:

    Leigh Dundas needs to speak for the world. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
    Seems the powers that be, are getting the striped pjs made for all of us ‘awake’ on the globe. ALL on the same script.
    No one has seen this level of fear, compliance, coercion or control since ww2…nor the ‘black’ uniforms.
    Our police in australia are now thugs! Our govts are globalist/UN puppets.

  • AntoniosEx says:

    Her speech demanding an end to vaccines for school-aged kids without parental consent went viral. Best of the Best. Interview with Human Rights Attorney Leigh Dundas.

  • Marie Green says:

    Doug, what is the date on thid interview with Leigh DUndas??? All your listings are 1 year stale. Whats up??!! Please date the posts. Thanks, MGreen 6-5-22

    • Dbillingusr says:

      Hi Marie,
      You can find all of the shows on this website. Each thumbnail (title page) has the date of the show on it.
      Thanks for your support!!
      God bless.

    • Dbillingusr says:

      Hi Marie,
      All videos are on the website and all of the show thumbnails have the date on them
      Remember, you can become a member of the website (see membership tab) and help support the continuation of the show.
      We’re in this together!
      God bless.