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  1. Betsy Woodruff

    Please tell Joe Flynn that the VA governor doesn’t have to worry about winning another primary for the governor’s office. He can’t run again in four years. The governor cannot serve consecutive terms.

  2. Cheryl Bonin

    Doug, I hold you in very high regard but did you ever think that the Flynn brothers could be wrong about some of their information. It seems to me that you only believe in what they say, you don’t seem as opened minded as you use to be. I just hope that you can take a look at your old shows and see the difference. Happy Easter to you and yours.

    • Dbillingusr

      Hi Cheryl,
      Thank you. I appreciate you. I understand, also, your advice. Truth is truth. It has one source. The Flynns speak it and have lived it. Are they always correct? Of course not. No one is.
      But, they don’t purposefully put forth fiction, myth or speculation based upon theories. Believing myths in our movement creates complacency and takes people off of the battlefield.
      Thank you for your support, prayer and encouraging hope.
      For the Republic!

  3. Ed

    I don’t trust the Flynn brothers, Patrick Byrne or Sidney Powell after all I have been hearing from Lin Wood and others. If these “patroits” were doing their job, the election would have been decertified in all of the swing states by now. Trump clearly won and everybody knows it. The cheating was so obvious and they weren’t even trying to hide it. The cover-up by the news media was completely coordinated. We the People want to see justice from a corrupt criminal syndicate running our country and bleeding us dry with black ops projects and many nefarious acts of evil.

    • Dbillingusr

      Hi Ed,
      I’d encourage you discontinue listening to and believing information from the source you mentioned and any of his cohorts.
      We’re in this together.
      For the Republic.

  4. Aaron Clark

    She said in another video that Gen Flynn had proof of the election fruad, but he kept in from Trump. She also said he did so because he himself wants to run for President in 2024.

  5. kathie

    Doug I saw that interview too and was deeply disturbed. Makes me really wonder who in the world is really telling the truth to us conservatives/patriots.

    I did research her friend Phillipe. May have good intentions however I saw through a lot of familliar “socialist” ideology there.

    Many of us searching for REAL TRUTH….its getting more difficult to know who to trust.
    Also questioning now the credibility of MZ as we all know the FBI and other three letter agencies are deeply corrupted. So why would MZ leave out her testifying about to FBI? That makes me distrust her now… Just some food for thought.

    Devolution? I am leaving my mind open to that a little. Patel Patriot has put out a description of what it is that is interesting reading. Not saying I believe it all, yet some of it seems to fit what I see. I too pray for discernment. I also ask/pray for confirmation of what is true and what is not….

    Bottom line we need to keep our eyes up on the one true God. He will reveal what is true and what is not.

  6. Seenitbeenthere

    Maria Zack’s testimony in Kansas in April was very Interesting.

  7. Terri Hawley

    Here we go again with the mouthpiece for Mike Flynn… ol Joe Joe… tell your buddy Flynn to man up and speak for himself for a change as Joe is not helping his cause at all. Neither President Trump or Eric has stated that devolution is nonsense. At first you state that Eric avoided answering the question and then state they both said it’s nonsense. Can’t have it both ways Doug! Your condescending tone and catch phrases such as evidence of the obvious and intellectual maturity are getting very old.

  8. Ed and Margie Connell

    Listened to your show and heard Joe Flynn endorsed Kathy Barnett. We live in PA and heard Joe and Sean Gale speak.One running for Governor and one for Senate. These are the men we should be endorsing, check them out.,, FYI they are brothers from a strong family background.It will be difficult for them, but we believe GOD is on their side. Check them out, the Republican Party does not own them. Understand Kathy might be in it for the MONEY! Thank you for your consideration. GOD BLESS.

  9. Ellen Lott

    Why should anyone even care what Joe Flynn has to say? Who is he, in the big scheme of things… the brother of two honorable military men? Why do the siblings of famous people (Megan Markel’s dad, Trump’s niece) always have to be heard? They should stay out of things they know nothing about.

  10. Jeremy

    I’m just not sure about Trump anymore. Still pushes the death shot, always picks the wrong people, people that end up destroying the country. Just handed over the keys to an infiltrator. Wondering if he’s just controlled opposition at this point. Nothing makes sense anymore.

  11. Matt Smith

    Regarding Dr. Oz, Hannity has recently endorsed him and interviewed him on his tv show. He was for border protection, lower taxes, pro 2nd amendment, anti abortion, anti CRT, amongst other things. Now I’m not sure if it lines up with past statements from him, but from what I can see, his current stance seems legit.

  12. Elizabeth solot Dick

    Doug – How dare you! Maria Zack put herself and her people’s lives on the line! You continued to call her “your friend” With friends like you, who needs enemy’s? You led all of us to love her and trust her! Then she was entrusted with a very high up official in France! Doug – you threw her under the bus!
    Doug – all you do is yap yap yap with commercials! As long as you get your money from your sponsors! Most of those of us who do not sit on our brains – still trust Maria and NO LONGER TRUST YOU!! Please never consider most of “WE THE PEOPLE” TO BE YOUR FRIENDS! (We do not have enough money to be commercial sponsors – so you automatically write us off!) Enjoy your commercial enterprise since that is all you care about!

  13. Jackie Cates

    General Flynn worked for and was the head of DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency). Let’s not forget that many intel agencies worldwide have been comprised and captured by the globalist and the deep state. Secondly, we must not forget that many military generals leave and become CEOs of well-known defense companies. All of them, in some form or fashion support the military complex. Without the need for new wars or future wars, funding and the desire of the people to support the trillion dollar military complex dries up. Not saying I don’t trust General Flynn but it sure does look like he is campaigning.