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  1. Charlene

    Frankly, I valued Maria Zack’s and Karen Kingston’s interviews much more than this gold-digger’s.

    Don’t get me wrong. I fully appreciate capitalism and the principle that a person has a right to prosper from what they do or give. However, there’s a big difference between “prospering” and GOUGING. When a person who claims to have come from NOTHING and is doing what they do to give people in a hole a chance to get themselves out of it, but doesn’t even recognize the fact that someone who’s so far down that they don’t HAVE $499 to show their “commitment” to be at their events or take advantage of a “free” offer, I see through that person and realize what they really are. When he further GLOATED about drawing people to an event of his to the tune of $3,000 a head, that clinched it for me.

    This man isn’t in it for the good of others. He’s certainly NEVER been where I’ve been for much of my life, and now am. He’s a gold digger. I can smell it from a distance and want no more of him. I’ve spent hard-earned money on people like this in the past, and likely would have been better off to have saved my money and invested it in something more certain and deserving.

    If you’re sifting guests according to their “proof” or “evidence,” I hope you’ll include this man in that sifting.

    That said, I enjoy and appreciate most of your guests, and appreciate what you do. I hope you’ll be open and honest in letting your viewers/followers know what’s happened to these other people who’ve given us truly valuable information.


    Charlene Burton (Springfield, MO)