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  1. Sue

    I am with you 100%!! I am very pissed off! My prayers are with you pastor, love, light and may the armor of God surround you. Thank you Doug for bringing this story to light when I saw this I couldn’t believe it! I am passing this along

  2. mark borzel

    A few corrections, Doug.

    I live in Alberta, Canada, and am very familiar with this case and its history.
    To begin, it is NOT the government of Canada that is doing this — it’s the city of Calgary and the Calgary City Police that has been persecuting him since 2006, and since this “plandemic” it’s been the Alberta Health Service in conjunction with the Calgary City Police.

    Pastor Artur has publicly given AHS a black eye, and they are trying to take revenge. He has told you the bogus charges that have been laid on him.

    This is NOT the government of Canada, nor even the government of Alberta doing this. It is a corrupt City Police force, and a thoroughly corrupt “health” system.