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  1. David Brown

    While graphene may not be lead, it is a battery technology, which means there is ionic charges in the system and it may be acting as the power source and antenna for the nanoparticles that are in the injection. Check a DDG search on graphene batteries.

  2. Chris H

    May Yah bless Karen Kingston and Doug Billings! Shalom!

    • Dbillingusr

      Thank you, Chris.

  3. kevin grayson

    From South Africa and so happy to get to hear the truth from God loving people, we are living in such evil times and through such knowledgeable like yourselves. Many thanks.

    • Dbillingusr

      Thanks, Kevin,
      God bless you and cheers to you and all in South Africa.

  4. Douglas J Turnbull

    Appreciate the honesty but just stay above it and no need to put down the enemy. Correct your work and move on…….God will deal with them, you preaching to the choir.

    Italygate needs some attention, folks trying to get Garrett & you to SPEAK about facts & events. It would help to address. Professor & Garrett have spoken on one of his recordings.

  5. Cecilia

    Thank you for correcting that. Please consider other guests who are well versed about the vaccines, such as Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Michael Yeadon, Shery Tenpenny, and many others.

  6. Cecilia

    Kindly view tis video by Truth for Health Foundation for suggested guests related to the MRNA vaccines.

  7. Cecilia

    I inadvertently omitted the website for “Stop the Shot” by Truth for Health Foundation with well recognized doctors, scientists.

  8. Elaine Eike

    Graphene oxide breaks down glutathione which boosts the immune system. N-Acetyl Cysteine helps to restore glutathione by helping the liver to produce it. Chelated zinc also helps with the reducing the inflammatory response to the presence of the graphene. Of course graphene oxide is not lead, but the same symptoms are present as with actual lead poisoning. Graphene oxide also causes magnetism and is fluorescent. It lights up in the presence of 5G. It also ends up in the brain as it can cross the blood brain barrier.


    Well thankyou for the correction. With that said, what about N-Aceytal-Cysteine? I have heard doctors mention NAC as helping to combat the jab. I just wish I could go right to the interview of those doctors. Only a couple doctors.

  10. John

    I don’t get it ….The expert Karen Kingston seems to confuse lead poisoning symptoms from the metal element Lead (Pb) with potential graphene oxyde poisoning.

  11. Oxana

    Thank you Doug for all your work.
    I have watched all the episodes with Karen Kingston and was looking forward to pick up more info on what we can do to help with the “shedding” ets, however, the episodes seem to be in parts and I have not been able to pick up more than Zeonite and NAC. I think it’s very important to kind off complete this discussion on “protocols” if possible. Much appreciated

  12. Kevin Lee

    Have read news before of Pb lead poisoning from wall paints and leaded gasoline. It was used also in decoration glassware. At time pt. -42:17, info on lead poisoning is on the Pb lead, not the Graphene Oxide. Still, we need to understand the toxicity of the Graphene Oxide in human.

  13. Kevin Lee

    At time pt. ~-42:00, info on lead poisoning is of Pb lead, not the graphite lead in pencil. Still we need to understand toxicity of graphene oxide in humans, injected as carriers of genes.

  14. Sean

    Doug, Karen, I really appreciate your courage and the information you are rightly sharing. However, I don’t mean to seem harsh, but the mistaken discussion conflating graphene oxide with lead will unfortunately cause many to cast aside everything that has been said up to this point as untrustworthy. Karen is obviously very knowledgeable, but we simply can’t afford to make mistakes like this in the current unforgiving environment surrounding information. Furthermore, your correction of the record seems somewhat disingenuous, chalking this up to “I was a victim of cognitive dissonance”?? People simply don’t talk like this. It sounds like an apology a politician would give. Be genuine and real and say, “I was wrong, I didn’t know what I was talking about”.

    • Dbillingusr

      Hi Sean,
      We corrected this error immediately after making it. We even took the show down.
      Sorry you feel that we were disingenuous, but we were not.
      God bless you.