Doug's latest interview with Simon Parkes

Doug’s latest interview with Simon Parkes


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118 replies on “Doug’s latest interview with Simon Parkes”

  • Troy Weyerstrass says:

    I’m still watching Doug! Much more difficult to send well wishes now but still holding the line! Keep up the good work!

    Those in WI look for Johnathan Wichmann! Conservative governor hopeful!!

  • Charles Goldman says:

    Simon, you can adjust the color / video quality in your graphic card.

  • Gary M says:

    Hello from New Zealand, great site Doug, keep up the good work!

  • G-guest says:

    Question about the quantum financial system. When it switches over, will we have the same currency? Will our U.S dollar be the same? I’m not talking about the same dollar being worth a dollar, I mean will it be the same paper dollar bill?

  • Jenn Beisel says:

    Excellent show as usual Doug. THIS was truly your calling HOWEVER you got to this point, Simon, etc. Love the show and keep ’em coming! Really enjoyable.

  • Nuna Urbiz says:

    The WORST case scenario is the Supreme Traitors get involved because they will delay this until the 2024 election or rule it is too late. Furthermore, They ALREADY committed treason, and being FORCED to come to the OBVIOUS conclusion DOES NOT FORGIVE THEIR TREASON! Any justice not named Alito or Thomas needs the Gitmo or the gallows

  • Missy Morrison says:

    Thank you Doug and Simon….I heavily rely on your intelligence and you both are proven to be reiliable.
    Simon if I could meet you….I will be happy to be your chauffuer while you are in TEXAS. I know OUR TEXAS highways!!!

  • Robert Horn says:

    Always enjoy the show. Just know that many of us are prayer warriors for you and those who are working to free us. Blessings!

  • Nancy Somers says:

    Too many breaks! Makes it hard to want to watch your show in spite of good interviews! The long and frequent breaks are a disservice to your interviews!

  • Lee Jakeman says:

    Correction – left out the word Vatican from my previous comment

    I’ve heard about this “70 mile tunnel” from the VATICAN on more than one occasion. Where does the tunnel go? The distance to Switzerland, as the crow flies, is 415 miles. By road, it is 530 miles.

  • mavis fontaine says:

    where is Simon’s dog? Never see him anymore. What will happen to him when Simon comes to the US?

  • mavis fontaine says:

    where is Simon’s dog? Never see him anymore. What will happen to him when Simon comes to the US?

  • mavis fontaine says:

    If the “Good Guys” knew COVID was coming and “weak” leaders went along with it – then are you saying TRUMP was one of the weak leaders? He’s certainly played along with the Cabal regarding the vaccines.

  • Lori Hillman says:

    Love Doug and Simon

  • Bo Jangles says:

    Billings is a big pile of shit because he allows the bigger pile of shit, Simon Parkes, on his show. Parkes is nothing but a conspiracy theirist and Billings buys into this junk. NOTHING, I mean NOTHING Simon states has ever materialized. Yet Billings continues to have this jackoff on his show. So, therefore, Billings is an idiot and no better than Parkes.

  • Christopher Pearson says:

    The [DS] ‘long reach’ (especially Apple) are definitely ‘interfering’ down to the user’s access to these presentations – I have to continuously reset my iPad and Internet connections that keep freezing and going down (when viewing certain information sources). So it’s not just the presenters who are being obstructed. Orchestrated ‘interference’ on all levels.

  • Jacinto Enrique Silva Rangel says:

    Lástima que tan excelentes entrevistas no estén disponibles para las personas que hablamos otro idioma que no sea el inglés

  • Judy White says:

    Bravo! Another great show!

  • Martha hunnewell says:

    Would love it if you would & could ‘lighten up’ on all the ‘Jesus’ stuff! You are right on target but much too evangelical!

  • Carl says:

    Simon’s analogy of 7/11 is upside down. The Roman Empire was so corrupt they murdered the prince of peace. One guy came along and opened a new 7/11 (Martin Luther). Then Bloody Mary Tutor murdered 300 Protestant Leaders in 3 years, so they fled England for Holland and America. They brought the Geneva Bible with them. Eventually they were all hunted down and America was enslaved after the Civil War 1871.

  • A. J Thomas says:

    Hi Doug, Aussie patriot here!! looks like they’re blocking the interview on your site with Simon Parks, just giving you the heads up mate!

    Warm regards Arthur John Thomas Member of Connecting Consciousness created by Simon Parks.

  • Beeintelligent says:

    Thank you Simon & Doug! You both have and are still a ROCK to so many of us!

  • Marianne Doucette says:

    Any news on QFS in regards to Social Security and Medicare Payments? I hear various updates on the stock market, 401K’s, IRAs but not these. My husband and I live off these and fear loosing them. Also, should we move our money out of the stock market?

  • Clive says:

    Stop using Microsoft Windows Operating System. Use a good Linux distribution and a good VPN for your right of privacy.

  • Sandra Wragg says:

    I’m interested in seeing your interview with Simon Parks

  • cmaccu says:

    Australia is big. That was mostly in Melbourne, run by the far-left Victorian government. It’s been pretty laid back in other places.

  • Brit says:

    The Quantum will have no effect at all, for the general public, says Simon.
    Well, what about most of the banks due to collapse on September 2021.
    It will take weeks to get any cash out of the bank to buy food, so what about that aspect?

  • Helen says:

    This is a great show for relating the truth to the world. I live in western Australia and sometimes feel I am watching a movie and waiting for the end to happen. I continually pray for our God and Lord Jesus Christs love and protection and guidance for our good guys to win. God bless you all.

  • Karen L Mentzel says:

    As a Christian my thoughts stay on the Creator God! America cannot maintain under the weight of deception and evil which many of our leaders are engaged in. This is a moment in history that good vs evil is raging; the Bible predictions are being revealed. Eventually the One World System will appear on the scene, bringing in the anti-christ. Certainly America needs a change in order to survive as a Republic. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  • eileen bailey says:

    There is so much conflicting information on ‘viruses’…
    Dr Lanka went to Supreme court in Germany in 2017 to show there was no isolate of a virus for measles…the science he used to prove it would seem to rule out that any viruses can be isolated.
    The Bernician in his coming court case also provides similar evidence that viruses are not contagious dont have a digestive system and can’t exist outside the body. There are also lots of videos showing this germ theory v terrain and Dr Paul O Roberts goes deeply into why viruses are not contagious and has evidence of no isolates for other ‘viruses’ like Ebola as well as ‘Covid’.
    We know that CDC PH England Australia Wuhan China Ireland and many other countries admitted under FOI that there was no isolate of sars-2-Covid so PCR testing was fraudulent as was ‘mutants’ and ‘variants’ of a virus no one had seen.
    Rockefeller injecting soldiers in the second world war with an experimental ‘vaccine’ caused millions of deaths, with soldiers literally dropping dead after a jab. left over vaccine was given to the general populace. Autopsies done show that the deaths were due not to spanish flu as it was called because Spain reported all the deaths.. but bacterial pneumonia. Lots of experiments were done at that time to prove that it was not possible to catch the disease..
    Wuhan China had just switched on 5G and radiation poisoning and symptoms of lack of Vit D and flu are the same.

  • James Jones says:

    What does Simon think about the Government in the UK, his home territory.

  • Kate says:

    Great show. I would love to go to the July 4th get-together, but alas am in Australia and am trapped within my borders, disallowed to travel overseas.
    Michael Jaco has said that President Trump may be back on the 4th of July, so what a coup that could be for your weekend.
    Love what you do Doug…you are going gangbusters…good on you.
    Love, Kate
    Cairns Australia.

  • rachel says:

    Thank you so much for keeping ” we the people” updated.

  • Michael Joseph says:

    Besides Australia and NZ, I think it should be advertised how bad things are in many parts of the EU. I, a Brit, live in “Dreilaendereck” (3-corner-country of Switzerland-Germany-France). Thus, I know that in France too, people are under house-arrest and are only allowed out for 1 hr/day (if they have a “good reason”, ha-ha), and it has been that way for many months. In Germany, Mrs (Dr) Mengele-Merkele has made herself a Dictator by taking all the power back from the 16-counties and now has completely trampled all over the constitution permitting all sorts of powers including the “right” to enter a house and take people away on “suspicion of….”, well, pretty much anything. Meanwhile, just over the border in Switzerland (NOT EU) everything is open and people are mostly living like they were last summer i.e. under-restrictions, but they can “still breathe”. And the worst part of this? The average German (ca. 90%) still think it is all perfectly justified, because the government know best. Well, perhaps it is only 50% think that, but the other40-45% are keeping their mouths firmly shut. Does that remind you anything from the early mid-20th-Century?

  • Brandi Witmer says:

    Simon needs to know people with common interests of his, like I who joined the organization he created, will work volunteering for this cause. Put the option out there to people and they will gladly.

  • Laurence H Baer says:

    Simon said that treasure was transported from the Vatican to Switzerland via a 70 mile tunnel.
    But Switzerland is more than 500 miles from the Vatican.
    Could you clarify?

  • Taylor Malcolm says:

    Doug, I like this format much better than the previous interviews with Simon Parkes, Lin Wood, and Maria Zack. Splitting the interviews into multiple parts over a few days is distracting to me. Thank you for what you are doing!

  • James C Barrett says:

    I am a huge Trump fan but there are a couple of things that stick in my craw about him that would like an answer please.
    1. 4 years in office and chem trails never stopped! why?
    2, He did and is still pushing the vaccine. To me that makes him complicit in the deaths caused by the vaccine and all future damage done by the vaccine.

  • Mary BEAL says:

    Have not watched the show yet

  • Adolfo Rios Pita Giurfa says:

    In the year 325, Emperor Constantine I issued the De-Cree (from the lat. “Credere = believe”) called “The Creed”, which FORCED to believe in the imperial authority represented by the Church that he had just established. This he did after lovingly sending his own mother to fry in boiling oil. (The mother was “Saint Helena”, the bloodiest ruler in history, who wiped out the disciples of Christ throughout the empire). From then on, “we believe” not in our hearts or guts but in what any idiot says “out there” whom we consider “authority”, eg TV.
    For this reason we “believe” from “saints of altars” to “saints of science”, eg: In that “Saint Newton” who saw the apple fall down … and forgot the apple tree that grew upwards!

  • Naomi Wright says:

    AZ leads the charge. I have the feeling that from A-Z Arizona will be there in the overturning of the fraudulant election. We will hold the wine for uncorking at Trump’s reinauguration.🍷🍾

  • Stuart Margrey says:

    i’m no technical engineer but i am getting a terrible ‘charlie brown adult’ racket when you talk doug.

  • Papaburf says:

    Simon Parkes,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Bless his heart.

  • Robert Heath says:

    The more people I see, the more I admire the work of David Icke, who warned us all about this virus scam, including vaccine passports not 2 years ago, but nearer 10. From the information I’ve put together, this doesn’t look like an attack by China, it is a scam of the wannabe NWO scum, and the lockdowns too are not about weak leaders, it is about leaders in on the scam willingly, or coerced by the Globalists. That story of the broken container of virus simply doesn’t ring true, as if they would carry it in a vessel that could be easily broken. It doesn’t take high tech to make that container or high security to keep any virus safe. Sorry, I am on the side of humanity in this attack on them, but I question every narrative to see if it makes sense.

  • Joseph Kumukoa says:

    Doug, Big Mahalos from Hawaii. God Bless you, Simon and Patriots!!!

  • Anita Sargeant says:

    Thanks so Charlie Ward, Nicholas Veniamin, Simon Parkes, Scott McKay for giving us information without inserting lots of ads.

  • Leslie Iskenderian says:

    I am so very grateful for this lifeline of information through such a difficult period of time. What a source of truth, light and encouragement. Thank you so much for all you are doing for America and the American people.

  • John K. Wakelin Jr says:

    Love your show Doug!! I just wish you had Closed Caption Option for us hearing impaired. I always can understand you but not all your guests! Thanks for all you give to the world!! God Bless!!

  • Nancy Prime says:

    Love your shows, Doug!

  • Patricia says:

    Thank you, Doug, for having Simon on your show. He is one of a just a few I trust. I look forward to Simon’s visit this summer. Maybe you will get a chance to meet him

  • Julia says:

    Dear Doug, thank you so much for your great work and shows!!! I love your work and your ways, over here in Germany. However, I preferred you last format on Bitchute. You are not doing yourself good service with all the ad breaks, they remind of MSM shows and are really bad for a smooth roll of your show, and honestly, a real turn-off. Also, the two big banners above and below the show are exaggerated, Doug Billings all over the place, AND after each of the many breaks again naming yourself. Please do not get too full of yourself or greedy with the ad money. This quickly makes you appear less likable. I am totally aware that you need to monetize the show and need to make a living. Many out there found other ways (Look at Nemo or JP, they advertize with a wink in their eyes, in the beginning or the end, or to offer donation buttons). Anyway, please consider a little change. All the very best and kindest regards <3

  • Barbara Hook says:

    Please let Simon know I would be glad to help in any way I can from Indiana. I’m unable to find his contact info.

  • SA Monahan says:

    I agree with you Doug. Simon is calming and informative. I hope to meet you both someday.

  • Carolyn Krider says:

    Mr. Billings,
    I’m not sure you are aware of it or not but whenever you speak you are getting terrible feedback or something coming through that is very distracting.
    Thank you for all your hard work and everything you do. i love watching your program.

  • Wilma Wilson says:

    The gold, artifacts, books etc are the 70 mile tunnel going to Switzerland. Reason why there are Swiss Guards protecting the Pope (or wealth).

  • Heidi Schlatter says:

    I’m assuming that Simon is not taking the shots… I’m wondering how he’ll be able to fly internationally & then not be quarantined for 14 days when he gets here.

  • Carol abney says:

    So will the stock market crash this year & will they change or do away with the dollar bill.

  • Wanda McAlister Holman says:

    Thanks Doug and Simon for all the info…I keep up with you both and we are holding the line in South Carolina

  • Brenda Ring says:

    Simon Parkes was the first person of many people on alternate news that gave out real information on what is going on. If I had to depend on MSM, I would truly be lost right now. I will probably never meet him but am grateful for the hope. I am sure he has affected a lot of people that way.

  • David Webster says:

    Doug these ads are horrible exactly like TV. I do not watch TV and never ever ads. I am sorry if you MUST keep making videos here I will opt out!!

  • Gabriella Toth says:

    Fantastic and informative show! Thank you for taking your time for sharing with us. Can’t wait to see Simon in US. I guess I have to move to the south if I want to meet him.

    Best Wishes

  • Jennifer Bingell says:

    I love Simon Parkes! I love watching your shows and I know I’m on the “correct” side. Thank you for also being one of those truth tellers. You also are helping heavenly father’s children.

  • Jennifer Bingell says:

    ❤️❤️❤️I love Simon Parkes! I love watching your shows and I know I’m on the “correct” side. Thank you for also being one of those truth tellers. You also are helping heavenly father’s children.


    I would like to receive the information about QFS that Simon mentioned to be informed about.

    Thank You, JoAnn Hancock

  • CAthy Healey says:

    Hi Doug!
    I met you in Tulsa and took a photo with you. Thank you for all you do. Love your show!

    From Massachusetts!

  • Robert Morrison says:

    A lot of background noise?

  • Esther Holden says:

    Wow! You have some big news on your channel. So glad I stumbled into you via Simon Parks! I am so happy that for once good wins over evil! It hasn’t seemed like that for a very long time!

  • Rick & Patty Kopp says:

    Thank you for bring the truth to the world Doug!
    Cheers! Always great to see Simon and all of you patriotic guests!🇺🇸
    Rick & Patty Kopp

  • Rick & Patty Kopp says:

    Thank you for bringing the truth to the world Doug!
    Cheers! Always great to see Simon and all of you patriotic guests!🇺🇸
    Rick & Patty Kopp

  • Donna mccrory says:

    First time I watched your program, really enjoyed your guest Simon Parked as well as you🙏😍

  • DavidB says:

    The comments about Australia’s reaction to Covid were typically uninformed.
    Yes – the Labor/Communist Idiot who runs Victoria implemented a police state lockdown – much like the blue states in the US.
    I live in a large regional center in NSW – there is no Covid nonsense here. No one wears masks and no one takes any notice of absurd distancing rules.
    Out of a population of 80,000 – there have been no cases of Covid.
    – and – no one is lining up to take the vaccine that that can kill.
    One more thing – Simon Parkes is an F-wit – nothing he says is reliable or eventuates because it’s all absolute BS.

  • Sandra L Becraft says:

    Love this show.




  • justme says:

    Bad audibility. Simon’s speech is hard to hear; lots of background noise. Please address these problems. Thanks.

  • Kimberley Fisher says:

    Just wanted to say that I’m good friends with someone who is at an organizational level in the AZ recount. He reports that at current rate of counting the recount will take 6-8 weeks so there’s no way Simons inside Intel is correct on us hearing anything about it within a week.

  • Dianne says:

    Simon and Doug I appreciate you both, I have followed Simon from day 1 he is a very calming person and you both make me feel better. Simon when you come to USA please come to Mississippi.

  • Irrie Campbell says:

    I love how informed you keep everyone. Thank you for what you do.

    May God bless

  • Patty Jo Vickers says:

    As always, look forward to listening to you and Simon. God Bless both of you.

    Patty Vickers

  • Karen Henry says:

    We are so appalled with the information we are learning about the horrors of Child Trafficking.
    Join us to PEACEFULLY protest in Brownsville, Texas on May 6.

    We are a group of moms, grandmothers and humans who are sickened by what we are learning about the atrocities inflicted to the children of the world. We know it is not just at the Texas border, but since we are Texans, we chose to PEACEFULLY draw attention to what is the truth. WE WOULD LOVE to have you attend, report and teach us more of what you know. I know you know Tom Homan, but just in case, I am attaching his photo and bio.

    We do not want to alert the MSM prior to our trip because we do not trust BLM or Antifa.

    Hope to her from you and see you next week. Best, Karen Henry 713-306-0294



    Tom Homan is Keynote Speaker at Rally Protesting Global Child Trafficking

    WHO: Tom Homan: Appointed by President Trump as acting Director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) January 2017 – June 2018 and a 33-year veteran of law and immigration enforcement.

    WHAT: In an effort to shine a light on the tragic abuses inflicted on children of the world a peaceful protest will be held in Brownsville, Texas. In the name of all children who are victims of human trafficking, rape, murder, starvation and homelessness a group of concerned Texans hope to bring awareness and protest the travesties of a subculture of evil pervading our world today.

    WHEN: Thursday, May 6

    11am – 1pm

    WHERE: Southern Pacific Linear Park

    1305 East 7th Street

    Brownsville, TX 78520

    INFO: Nightlight: Texas Border Call to Action


    MR. HOMAN: Mr. Homan holds a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and has received numerous awards and special recognitions for his 34 plus years as a federal law enforcement officer and leader. He received the Distinguished Presidential Rank Award in 2015 for his exemplary leadership and extensive accomplishments in the area of immigration enforcement. He also received the Distinguished Service Medal in June 2018 in recognition of exceptionally distinguished and transformational service to strengthen Homeland Security for the United States. Again in 2018 he also received the Law Enforcement Person of the Year Award from the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association that represents over 26,000 federal law enforcement officers. In November of 2019, Homan was also awarded the Man of the Year Award by Blue Magazine, a law enforcement publication created by and managed by law enforcement career professionals.

    MORE: By June of this year 35,000 unaccompanied children will have been abandoned, smuggled, thrown over walls and sex trafficked into this country. Some in the desert. Alone. In the middle of the night. Why? To enrich the cartels, coyotes, pedophiles, elected officials of both parties, the mainstream media, sick and twisted Church officials, heads of state and amoral others whose lives are dedicated quite simply not to building a better world, but to destroying the one we have. For Money and for Power.

    While we were going about our daily lives: working, going to Church, teaching values to our children, sending them to school, coaching Little League, and giving generously to victims of every natural disaster known to mankind all over the world, our elected officials, violating the sacred public trust, were selling out to the highest bidder.

    The very idea that children are being raped, some as young as 3 months, and trafficked is anathema to most of us. And if we have learned nothing during these recent months, we should know that NO ONE IS COMING and it is up to us to call for the end of the human tragedy unfolding before our very eyes, in our beloved state.

    Texas, arguably its own country, has always placed a great value on freedom, independent thought and action. We have a proud tradition of fighting for justice, defending innocents, encouraging the bold and risking our own lives for matters of principle and purpose.

    Historically, refugees came to our country to enjoy the modern fruits of Western Civilization and the rights, privileges and promises given to us by God, guaranteed by the US Constitution and diligently, if imperfectly, stewarded by those of us devoted to our glorious Judeo-Christian ethic. Who are we now if we do not uphold the traditions that have made us the greatest state in the greatest country in history?
    Karen Henry
    Founding Partner Houston at The PR Boutique

    Direct 713.599.1271 Mobile 713.306.0294 Email W

  • Ella Frumkin says:

    I managed to come to the US from Moscow in 1992. My son of 19 and my mom of 72 got refugee status. I lived in the former USSR for 45 years so I know very well what socialism is. I could not imagine that socialism would seize this God Blessed country. It took a 100 days for the impostor Biden and Co to turn the free country upside down with all the terrible consequences. I listen religiously to your podcasts to get some hope. I have nowhere to immigrate now and I do not want my twin American granddaughters to be in constant danger from BLM, Antifa and millions of fresh criminal newcomers. I could not imagine that elections could be rigged, and there would not be any borders because if there are no borders there is no country.
    My admiration of America and my patriotism vanished. It is very sad that there were so many enemies around President Trump. I still hope to see him back in the White House but I do not see how it can happen. My late husband fought for the Jews from socialist countries to immigrate and be free ( and he is spinning in his grave now – he loved this country so much!
    Our NRCC is begging for money every day but I do not see any action of theirs’ that could be helpful.
    Please let me know how I can be helpful. Unfortunately I have very limited funds being retired so I can’t be a useful donor.
    I can reach the Russian speaking community (they are all supporters of Trump and there are more 2,5 mln of them in CA where I live.)
    Please keep our hopes alive!
    Thank you.

  • Pat says:

    I can’t see any of this ever happening, it’s all too good to be true. There is no evidence to back up any of these claims, it’s just taking advantage of people who are feeling vulnerable.
    Before Simon gives his updates he touches his noise or ear, a sure sign that he’s lying.

  • JoAnn King says:

    Thank you for your interviews with Simon Parkes. He is a man of great integrity. I can trust what he says; I can trust his heart.
    Thank you, Doug Billings, for the work that you do in bringing truth to the world. You, too, are serving your purpose in God’s name.

  • Deef McStrabe says:

    There is always a demand for conspiracy theories as well as willing and able suppliers. Healthy skepticism is always warranted…However, recognizing the current state of unparalleled, planetary evil is spot on… If you ask me, it’s no less than a Babel Tech redux of Genesis 11; a one-world order under construction where “the people is one and they have all one language, and this they begin to do, and now nothing will be restrained from them which they imagine to do” (11:6). ..And what does God say about the imagination of man? “It is evil continuously”. I believe God will move again to SCATTER [the political component of] Babel-Tech. He might use the US military, and/or the state legislatures, or something else. Trump might return as president , or someone else. BUT God is a God of nations WITH “KINGS”, and will be to the end.

  • Luanne says:

    I wish you would ask Simon Parks and Charlie Ward about the part the Starkink has in their plans. This is the mass surveillance and population control system used by the QFS. As of April 1st there were 120 Starlink satellites (probably 12 GHz) activated and reports of insomnia, pain and illness from across the world. The pain and illness reported is nerve and mussel pain, cramps and I have even personally experiences spasms. We are expecting it will cause numerous species and insects to dye off and it looks to be happening. Nerve damage is occurring. How are these not crimes against humanity?

    Charlie Ward openly acknowledges how bad 5G is, but he is promoting the worst 5G on the planet. He has some guy on his program promoting stickers that you put on your 5G devices and tells people that will protect them.

    I have been networking with SafeTech groups for about two years now after becoming aware of the 5G problem. Some of the people know Elon Musk’s brother who has told them Elon knows what destruction Starlink will do to the planet and the human race and he just does not care. Please help us. Challenge Simon Parks and Dr. Charlie Ward about Starlink and the QFS.

  • Monica says:

    Sound is poor. Simon needs to use a headset. A lot of interference and hard to follow. Sorry but it gets tiring..

  • Thomas Jaeger says:

    Love your show Doug. Tried to get your newer ones on Rumble but to no avail. Are you going to post them on Rumble or stick only with this site? Just curious. Love your interviews very much.

  • Tamara Eyberse says:

    Wonderful show
    I am a member of Connecting Consciousness and want to Thankyou for giving us around the world the news.

  • Tamara E. says:

    I remember when Simon had 20 views on you tube. He has come an long way and has taught about the babylonian money curse.His podcasts teach and on them no question was to strange he always answered honestly. I still listen to all his podcasts

  • Debbie H. says:

    With all the disinformation going around I need something clarified. For the longest time, Simon said he wanted to open his system up in AZ to help the children saved from the d.u.m.b.s and trafficking. Simon was raising money and waiting for the troubles to end before committing on moving to America. In this interview Simon says he was APPROACHED by US Navel Intelligence to RELOCATE to AZ. Nothing about his ‘consciousness’ series or the kids. Only one of these stories, or none, can be true.
    I now hold comments by Parkes in disbelief, with valid reason. Until a plausible explanation of these competitive stories can be told, interviews with him should be withheld. That is if the interviewer doesn’t want to be associated with a scam. Or Doug can get the answer to this troubling question. We have enough disinformation going around in these troubling times.

  • Monty Lines says:

    So the Good Guys, US Navy are still sitting on the Straits of Alaska with a HAARP flotilla. Who else would be equipped and most importantly not hassled in that location. May be my imagination for sure. I have been watching this for about 3 1/2 years. It appears that constant HAARP pushing up the atmosphere is the only way that continious Low pressure could be in place In that general area for this length of time. Of course it is not speculation that this is the foundation for the weather of all North America all the way into Mexico. Variances occur with this pattern but 3 seasons out of the year It is what makes our weather. I am sure this comment will not be posted. But is there anyone there that could run with that and give plausable information on subject. Me asking that doesnt open me up for a complete”I/we know nothing or its natural or whatever BS you may attempt to throw my way. Plausable information will shut me up but denial is quite as deep as deep state can go. Regards

  • Elizabeth Dick says:

    Thank you for the hope that you give us and for giving us a place that we can trust the information that we need to hear!

  • Ron Hanson says:

    Great show

  • Donna Cowan says:

    I was in Broken Arrow OK, suburb of Tulsa for the Health and Freedom conference! It was incredible and served to make our city shine in the fight against evil. You did a great job, Doug, as did all the others. And I understand there is going to be another one shortly in Florida and they are making plans to accommodate 11,000 people. It should be another great event. It is at Pastor Brown’s facility. He is the one who fought against the closures, refusing to do so and since that time has had services everyday for approximately 300+ days. God’s Glory will be exalted.

  • Anahi Maria Povarchik says:

    could you add subtitles? Thanks!

  • James Fenton says:

    I’m for Trump!! What happened to him getting back in? How do I hold the line when nothing happened that was supposed to take place?

  • Maria Pace says:

    SIMON IS A GREAT ADDITION TO THE SHOW TODAY, Haven’t seen him for a while now.
    Doug your show is so informative, a very refreshing thing for true news, to receive. \if you are looking for the truth in the news, and not your mainstream repetitions. It’s nice to hear about Simon’s move to the US soon. Things are moving along a little more quickly now and
    not too soon, before Biden destroys America totally. Thanks for the Show.

  • Rachel says:

    I am living here in Saudi Arabia, and Simon briefly mentioned about the crown prince here so it piqued my interest. They are slowly mandating at work and in schools that are not eve opened yet for workers to take the vax. As of April 30, can’t be opened here in Saudi. Mandatory masks here and tawakalna app to show no infection when going out. so can Simon share more intel about what’s with the govt here urging people to get the vaccine for free.

  • Cynthia A. Silk (The Divine Matrix) says:

    Thank you Doug for this great broadcast with Simon Parkes. I am a huge fan of you both and look forward to hearing more from you. Congratulations on your new program!

    Best wishes,


  • Rz17 says:

    Bad people pulling their money out of the market? Have you seen what Biden proposed? normal non – bad people are already pulin their money out….

  • Pat Nohavec says:

    how do I sign up for your site? TY

  • John says:

    Hi Doug, my name is John. I enjoy your show and appreciate where you are coming from. I would like to share some of my thoughts about your question to Simon concerning the Roman Catholic Church and ask some questions that like Q may by the grace of our God and Father assist in connecting some very important dots. Like Simon I am constrained by limited time and comment space. So, it wasn’t Religion that is at fault but evil men.
    What is Religion of? Flesh and Spirit John 3:6; Rom 8:2, 5-7? Is it born again or begotten from above? Who is evil Matt 7:11; Luke 11:13; 1 John 5:19 [the scope of evil]? What is this sin and evil Eph 4:17-18? What does the believer have that an unbeliever doesn’t 2 Cor 6:15 [part= μεριςG3310]? Was Adam made or begotten? See 1 John 3:9. Why is this important? Who is the father of those not begotten from above? John 8:43-44. Those who are begotten from above (ανωθενG509) what does it say about them? John 3:3; 1 John 3:9. These so begotten now have two natures, flesh and spirit, read Rom 7 all. What are we? [flesh v. spiritual 1 Cor 2:14-16] In V for Vendetta V said, “who is but the form following the function of what.” In the book that judges have to study in the United States, Principles of Judicial Proof (1913), John Henry Wigmore, on pages 65-68 he writes about identification and on 68 specifically states, “resemblance itself may be fatal to identification when the law of being has changed.” Hmm what does that mean? Is our hope in trusting ourselves, the creature, or is our trust to be in God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ? What really is the root of the problem here? Does God have a plan and purpose in all this? Is this plan revealed in Holy Scripture, the Bible? Ah, there is a purpose and there is hope? Acts 3:26; 1 Cor 15:22; Eph 3:11; 2 Tim 1:9 [ χρονωνG5550 αιωνιωνG166 THE AGES OF TIME]. Sooo much to still fill in here. Love to fellowship with believers who are growing and learning as I am, I’ll be six feet under when it stops! John

  • Craig Meiners says:

    I’ve been trying to find a way to make a comment that hopefully Simon will read, because I am beyond angry. YOU, Simon, have made so many promises and predictions. Trump will stay in office, arrests start soon, and NONE of it happened at all. I hate being lied to but I especially hate being lied to by my own side! You sir, are a complete disgrace and I am very surprised that you still flap your mouth around. If I were as wrong as you have been, I would have disappeared by now. Have you no shame? No explanation for how you have been constantly wrong? I think you owe us something!

  • Debra Donkersloot says:

    Doug, I always love listening to your show but not sure about your interest in what Simon Parks has to say. I watched a YouTube video with Parks, Dr Robert David Steele and Charlie Ward in February which has since been taken down and it was the most bizarre video full of BS. Talking about Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi being arrested at this very moment and hundreds of dead bodies of children that they were not able to show us on screen etc. I was immediately disgusted with these three men. An older lady at my church who is a true patriot actually believed this garbage that they were spewing and had to convince her that it was NOT true. That is abusive behavior because hopeful gullible people buy into this garbge. Shameful! Not sure if you’re aware of it but just afraid it will hurt your reputation.

  • Becky Melcer says:

    I love your show. You have a wonderful voice!

  • Jerry Rupe says:

    You can’t tell anymore if there truly good politicians. If 2020 not fixed why even vote