Doug's latest chat with Simon Parkes. 6.17.2021

Doug’s latest chat with Simon Parkes. 6.17.2021


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165 replies on “Doug’s latest chat with Simon Parkes. 6.17.2021”

  • Glenn Morrow says:

    Simon is always good and informative!!

  • John says:

    Hello Doug,
    I’ve been listening to you for quite a while now. I really like your show, and you are a true patriot and a leader that we need in this hour. I also like Simon Parkes very much. I don’t join in on connecting consciousness, but all of the other information he has shared has been with caution, with concern, and with spreading peace throughout the world. He is a good soul, as you have also said. He is a good person. Thank you for having Simon on your show. Myself, and the rest of my family, all look forward to the shows where Simon is a part. Please don’t stop using your own good judgement to invite guests. You are right on the money ALL of the time. I do not say that lightly. Keep up the great work Doug. If I could make it to Branson or other rallies where you are speaking, I would be so happy to shake your hand. God speed, my friend.

  • Jonathan says:

    Welcome back Simon! So good to see you.

  • Carole Hawkins says:

    Love your show, love Simon Parkes!

  • MY OPINION says:


  • Victoria S says:

    Thank you for having Simon back on. He is probably THE best source of what to expect. God bless.

  • Antonio Godinho says:

    Great interview with Simon Parkes, Doug. Actually Simon was the first of the truth seekers I found out, back in January. I have an enormous respect and admiration for him, as I have for you. I enrolled with Connecting Consciousness in March 1st and I’m waiting to be contacted since then, I’m eager to be part of this organization and take an active role helping others. May God bless you and your families abundantly. Warm Regards

  • Skip says:

    Thanks Simon Parkes and Doug Billings-🙏🙏🙏

  • Chris - United Kingdom says:

    Good work Doug and Simon

  • JoAnn Fahrenwald says:

    God created one race …the human race! Jane Elliott said, God created the human race, man created racism.


    your opening commentary is well founded and correct.
    The purpose of any news program, is to expose audience, the acceptance and learning of these facts are the final determination of each listener.
    Learning is done by exposure, discussion, and an exchange of ideas, a dialogue.
    Thank you for you, Simon, and all your guests.
    Please keep up the platform and guests.
    Thank uou.

  • Deborah Marsh says:

    I thought all these people Simon is talking about had been rounded up and arrested.
    Love Simon because I always feel he’s very serious about what’s going on and checks before he tells us anything.
    But this is so confusing, are these actors, clones or what.

  • sharon collins says:

    Doug I enjoy your show, but I love Simon Parkes, he is one of the few that doesn’t just put out stuff, just to be on the air. I support Simon

  • Pete says:


    you claim to be against intellectual immaturity, yet here you are once again promoting an absolute fraud… he is no different than Charlie Ward.. you know this, people have warned you.. even GF stated to leave conspiracy theories alone.. Simon has lied about 200 things that haven’t come true and let’s not get started on his alien wife etc.. Doug, you clearly show that you are both gullible and are now intentionally misleading the public.. and you think you are the next Rush Limbaugh? Try looking in the mirror re intellectual immaturity, because clearly you are right there with those you diss!!

  • Lynne Luker says:

    Thank you for your message with Simon Parkes today. Simon is an amazing person who really thinks things thru as well a you do. This show really helped me to understand today’s issues. Please continue to have Simon as your guest.

  • Melanie Cruz says:

    God bless you Simon and Doug 🥰

  • Chaz says:

    I am a big supporter of Simon, but when he states that if people had known the truth about Biden he would not have won, I reply that it did not matter. If NO ONE AT ALL had voted for Biden he STILL would have “won”. VOTES DO NOT MATTER. Blessings !!

  • Robert D Jirava says:


    If you want to see how the truth about coronavirus vaccines is being suppressed, please check out conservative MP Derek Sloan in Canada and his recent press conference on the topic

    We need coverage! Please spread what is going on!!


    a concerned Canadian

  • Denise Dixon says:

    I love Simon Parkes, a very credible person that I find to be someone who wants to help everyone. He’s awesome

  • Sandy says:

    Simon has a very eloquent way with words. He tries not to harm or abuse any one when he speaks except maybe the cabal. Like what you both are doing to help with THIS WAR. God and patriots will win.

  • M Birmingham says:

    First I want to say a great big – THANK YOU!!! Secondly, may God continue to bless, protect, guide, and keep you in your ministry of digging-for and sharing TRUTH. And I greatly appreciate the breadth of individuals you bring on your show.


    I want to also share that I have been following Simon for quite a while now and greatly appreciate his understated, calm, and rational approach to life.

  • Sanna Propp says:

    Thanks Doug and Simon!

    I’m a big fan of Simon Parkes! I love his calm demeanor, sense of humor, knowledge of world history and events. Simon’s assencion involvement and intelligence sharing is credible and refreshing.

    Thank You for having him on your program.

  • jean deschenes says:

    great new alternative mental masturbation brainwash——trump/army intel/white hats are also a fucking killer just like the deeep state…

  • Lindsay Smith says:

    Knowing what opposition is put up against homeopaths in the UK for many years I can imagine how you will need protection. You are doing such a wonderful thing….

  • M Birmingham says:

    I think Kamala has not been to the border for a couple of reasons: she is out of her depth, and she doesn’t want the real optic of being associated with the border mess – visually associated. She is all about herself I think and increasing her image and by going to the mess at the border, she would then be visually tied to it. Plus she has no idea how to fix it – or if she does, she’s terrified of the answer because it would prove Trump’s approach correct.

  • jean deschenes says:

    what a full of shit !! we’ve been told thousands time the ballots were ”MARKED”’ fucking propaganda bullshit process—-full of lyer fuckers

    fucking military knows it all and we getting ill and killed all cock suckers—-go to hell you fuck

  • Dorothy Smith says:

    love you both.. true patriots.. thank-you both for what you are doing

  • RicHard G Wrona says:

    Love theShow Thank You and God Bless🙏 🇺🇸

  • Diane DMelnyk says:

    GREAT show@! ❤❤❤

  • Diane DMelnyk says:

    GREAT show!! ❤❤❤

  • MisMagge says:

    The whole world 🌎 is great fun for your successful works.
    Thank~You, Simon & Doug 🙏🏻🌎

  • Donna McIntire says:

    Connecting Consciousness sounds suspiciously like a new wave religion to me, I am a follower of Jesus Christ and am approaching this whole thing very carefully,

  • jim says:

    Doug , you realize Simon thinks his mother was an alien and the he had “reproductive encounters” with aliens himself. look it up, it’s on youtube. Not sure if you can believe much of what he says.

  • Anthony Clifton says:

    A month ago I realized that Simon is controlled opposition; disinformation. He’s still fun to listen to, though. But yeah, I’m positive he’s controlled opposition as nothing he’s ever predicted has ever come true.

  • mj says:

    Doug and Simon…you know Obama is gone and has been. Why do you podcasters keep talking about those in Gitmo, as still being around!!!!! So dead Obama is running dead Biden from the grave!!! Well corpses have become very talented.

  • Linda says:

    Since when has Simon not been on target or not credible? Why the need to make a comment on people questioning him? Are we supposed to be suspicious of his credibility?

  • deborah says:

    Come on . Welcome to America and Welcome to TEXAS ! Safe travels.

  • Mary Bevacqua says:

    Thank you, Simon Parkes for all you are doing for Humanity.
    I wish there was a way to reach out to you and leave comments for you on Telegram. It is important for you to know that so many Patriots look to you for information. The Truth is no longer given to Americans through the normal communication venues that we use to trust. Now it is very hard to find Truth.

  • Laura Green says:

    We love Simon. Thanks for being a true friend to him.

  • Michele says:

    I thoroughly enjoy your interviews with Simon.
    He is a calm voice of reason and is doing wonderful work for humanity.
    I appreciate Simon and am grateful to you for the loyalty you are not afraid to show this wonderful man.
    Bless you both and thank you

  • Christa F Light says:

    Thank you for hosting Simon Parkes! I seek him out on interviews, etc. He’s a kind soul.

  • BonnieT says:

    It was so good to hear Simon again! I was worried something went wrong between you two, but also realized both of you have been very busy. He is such a good soul and this was the first time I ever heard him sound a bit angry. Angry for him, at least. I am so glad the two of you will continue to have these chats. Prayers and blessings to you all.

  • PattyNJ says:

    You do realize these people in office were NOT ELECTED, NOT ELECTED….THEY COMMITTED VOTER FRAUD

  • Chris says:

    Simon Parks said we would see phone alerts to awaken the masses, we got nothing.

    Simon Parks said main stream news would be taken down, we got nothing.

    Simon Parks said Biden would be removed and Trump reinstated, we got nothing.

    Simon Parks and his bullshit artist friends keep kicking the can down the road and always have an excuse for why they were wrong. When’s the next dirty bomb Simon?

    Nothing he has predicted has come to fruition. All he does is bullshit good people. Shame on him.

    Simon Park is a liar and a con artist.

  • Jeremy says:

    Biden isn’t dangerous, he’s a senile vegetable. The dangerous people are his handlers and the globalists pulling his strings.

  • Debra says:

    I think Simon is great!! Thank you for having him on because we don’t see enough of him!

  • David Wilson says:

    I love Simon! That’s the only reason Im watching. Don’t care for you! You were good before the “Hold the Wine”. That when your head swelled and you started comparing yourself to “Tucker and Hannity”.

  • IMJustice says:

    Can anyone tell me why Simon is talking about Biden as President, and all of his plans, when Trump is supposed to be back in office soon?

  • Frank says:

    Simon: please remember to turn off your notification sounds before making a video (and stop clearing your throat into the mic). Thanks.

  • frank wyman says:

    The fake election was 8 months ago and we are still waiting for something to happen……..What the H…is going on ? Eight months waiting time is beyond belief.

  • April says:

    I love Simon and have the greatest respect for him. Thank you Doug for having him. Thank you for all you do. He is a patriot! !

  • Claire says:

    Same in France, everything you are talking about, for years now. Thanks for the show Doug ❤️

  • Mary Bevacqua says:

    It is no longer enough to talk about these issues. It is TIME to DO SOMETHING AND FIGHT BACK!

  • MLB921 says:

    It is no longer enough to talk about these issues. It is TIME to DO SOMETHING AND FIGHT BACK!

  • tooppy says:

    People in Europe, or at least in France, do not see anything on what is happening in the US simply because it is not reported in MSM and they don’t speak English though don’t go searching on the internet !

  • David Wilson says:

    If you believe in free speech, why do you censor comments?

  • Beth Dulin says:

    I have not listened to your show yet, just your intro. I LOVE SIMON and he is why I’m going to listen today. I am a practicing Catholic, who is disgusted with the horrors I’ve learned of our church, but that does not stop me from loving my God or going to receive communion. God didn’t do this, Man did this. Simon is a wonderful guest and I hope you continue to honor your show and your friendship in the perfect way you did in your intro. Dave Billings, I don’t know where or what day, but someday I will shake your hand—guessing one of the rallies along the way.
    Do your thing, you do it so well!!!
    Peace and Love, I’m holding the line in Florida!
    Beth Dulin

  • David Wilson says:

    How about posting my other comments? Sometimes the truth does hurt.

  • Mark Wilson says:

    It’s my opinion Simon Parkes set the bar for a Trump encore extremely high. For me, it was borderline and intellectually irresponsible. Suddenly he’s ‘shut-up’ about that theory. Why?

  • gregorylent says:

    mr. parkes was much more interesting to me years ago …
    his interest in usa politcs in the last year has been so often fantastical, and wrong, that i have lost interest and respect for him has dropped ..
    med beds, i won’t talk about that

  • Heidi says:

    Unfortunately, many of the dark blue voters still don’t know what Biden is about…

  • Douglas E says:

    To Simon, Thanks for all the information you can share, even though it’s small.. anything is a great thing.. and increases my ‘positive’ outlook on a better world for ALL Humanity.. Peace and Blessings of Love/Light..

  • Josephine says:

    H Simon,
    I thought once the Plan was complete the Cabal would be defeated and cleaned out so that we would be safe. Sad to hear that there will still be a considerable concern for safety. We will never be rid of them?
    Thank you for all your work and efforts in keeping us informed.

  • Diane Hayman says:

    Glad to see you, Simon! I follow you and I’m delighted you’ll be moving here to the US. Godspeed.

  • Dee Senn says:

    We love Simon in our house and look forward to hearing everything he says.

  • Larry Cox says:

    I’m not sure what the conflict is all about. But I can imagine.

    Realize that there is a concerted effort across this planet to seed conflict among people.
    This may come through as a derogatory comment, a defamatory article, or more serious actions.
    The people who are put up to do this are very often lied to, not that bright, or not in their right minds.
    This same dynamic can exist in a family, an office, a company, a town. For now, it is part of the human condition.
    This sort of behavior, for the most part, can be laughed off.
    A few naysayers might benefit from getting certain words or concepts clarified. They may simply not understand what the target of their ire is actually talking about. But for the most part, such people can safely be ignored.

  • Beverly Mehlhaff says:

    I am surprised and sadden that any thoughts would have been doubted about Simon. To be frank, I believe there are people who do not have the will to see this whole picture through and want to see action rather than total draining of the swamp, which would leave us still at risk. I also bet that these people do little to no research while complaining about the way things are done. I admire that Simon is cautious with what he does say to not lead us on. I trust him completely.

  • DaveB says:

    Both of Simon’s parents worked for British Intelligence and his grandfather worked for the CIA for a time. he grew up with govt operatives in his home, they worked and socialized with his parents. some of those people are still in contact with him, that’s how he gets very exclusive information and it’s clear that he can only reveal what is allowed at that time. that’s the way that he describes it, and I don’t think he’s lying about it. I can sense a lot of other people out there trying to lie to me lately, but it’s not Simon Parkes. Follow the money. who really gains by lying to us?
    even the most recent list is too long.

  • Chris says:

    Where is my comment about Simon, Doug? Still waiting for approval…. You started by saying people have the right to be heard so you bring Simon the con on yet my comment is not displayed. Total hypocrisy. Simon talks out of both sides of his mouth. Patriots are in control….yet letting Biden burn down America…but white hats are in control….so white hats are burning down America.

  • Jpseph Valdrighi says:

    No one with common sense can disagree with Simon Parks . Since the beginning of all this I followed him . He’s been consistent . I even follow his conscious group . Doug you should know how this goes . Look what Fox News tried to do on Russia’s airtime with Dan Bongino . He is completely controlled and restricted by what he can say . That’ll never flush with the Rush fans . Rush said what he wanted to say . Oh yeah they tried to control him . But that’s what made him so special . We have not one person we can trust left . The Republican Party is a disaster . An the Democratic Party should be flushed like a toilet …… I have a friend is a retired government employee . Thinks all this is great . I told him I said you will be the one that loses the most . He doesn’t see it but it will happen . The people of this country need to wake up .

  • Cathy Wojtaszek says:

    Great show – enjoy hearing from Simon with his view on things. Gives food for thought!

  • ED LONG says:

    I wouldn’t apologize so much for Simon or anyone else. Anyone too critical of a guest is probably not one to concern yourself with. Simon is very informative.

  • Maggie says:

    I love Simon Parkes. And I love youDoug Billings. So much truth thank you both for doing what you do.

  • Micki says:

    I love Simon. He has such a sweet spirit. I joined his CC and can’t wait for him to come to the US. Doug thank you for all you do. Your interviews are wonderful.

  • Jaime Landry says:

    Those people who have those opinions are people who just don’t get it and still need to wake up! Stop being trolls! I like Simon Parkes because he tries to explain in detail with honesty!

  • Deena Minyard says:

    All properties owned by China should be confiscated by the U.S. and considered “forfeiture by China” due to their criminal activities: Pandemic and Election interference.

    Thank you forcontinuing to have Simon on your show.

  • Jeannine D Zwoboda says:

    Love Simon!

  • Deborah Rouse says:

    Thanks for the great show with Simon Parkes!!

  • Lu says:

    Do you realize that the Starlink QFS satellite system is destroying the planet and blanketing us all in harmful radio-frequency radiation? Who does Simon Parks serve? Who is at the top of the pyramid? These people will be collecting our DNA and fixing our bodies and our MINDS. Why are you not questioning this more?

    This looks like a mass human mind control program. Meet the New Boss.

  • Jana says:

    Why do we allow the sale of our land to other countries or peoples that are enemies of America. Some cautions against this be reasonable?

  • Cindy Olson says:

    Simon, I hope to meet you when you are in Arizona 🌵🌵🌵

  • Eric says:

    Simon is a bit more believeable then that con artist Charlie Ward & Fraud 07, still on the fence as up till now all talk and hopium

  • Val says:

    I really like Simon. I appreciate what he is doing for Patriots. I don’t know why anyone would have a problem with him.

  • Anne A says:

    What don’t you agree with Simon about? You never say…be brave, say it when you hear something you don’t agree with.

  • Aydin Atalay says:

    Both you and Simon are very much respected. Love your shows and the spirit behind it. GOD bless you and GOD bless AMERICA

  • ron vrooman says:

    A Constitutional solution is to assemble as in the 1st amendment on your state. With; people that will do the work; people that will form a Lawful grand jury and bring a true bill against these evil doers. On Oregon we bring Article I Section 1. We need; people to populate a VII amendment jury of peers to bring forth a verdict that has no appeal in law in Our Article III one supreme Court claiming original jurisdiction. There may be other solutions!! However, this one works; it is we the people in assembly, forming a civilian court of record, implementing Ex Parte Milligan which nullified Lieber Code/martial law.. DOJ, FBI, USMS, USMC, STATE OF OREGON all acquiesced and defaulted. Will you help your state assemble? You have a pulpit. It only takes 45. Americans on a state in a minimum of 21 days.. It took us 2.5 years. Invite all non evil Americans. It only takes 45 people, no persons.. all the best of every good fortune for the good,

  • Jan Coulson says:

    Doug, thanks for having Simon on. THEY are trying to divide all the conservatives right now….the digital warriors. All over the internet they have trolls causing trouble among the Patriots….trying, that is. We’re too smart. I love Simon….and I respect you greatly for standing by your friends.

  • LifeWorks says:

    Interesting commentary that Simon mentioned China was willing to let it’s people starve to death to put a halt food production to create shortages aimed towards the USA. China just this week decided to change it’s one-child only mandate to a 3-child offering to Chinese families. They are the dragons and hold it close to their vest towards controlling the world. Let’s stay America first!

  • Amy Barselou says:

    Thank you Doug! I’m so tired of people bashing fellow patriots. We need to stick together there is strength in numbers. WWG1WGA

  • Kathleen Flaherty says:


    I started watching your Rightside show because of Simon Parkes. I find Simon’s intellect and knowledge to be very thought provoking and it is obvious to me that
    Simon has his pulse on the world as a whole. Out of all the commentators, I watch Simon the most. He is low keyed, patient, kind and considerate. You can also tell
    he knows his stuff, he just cannot reveal a lot until it is time. But, he made us aware of that, because he signed an NDA. I live here in America, but I get my news from
    Simon, a Brit… I think he is absolutely awesome. I am so happy he is now a good friend to you, he is the type of friend I would love to have by my side. When he does come
    to America, I will go out of my way to see him….. Cheers, Patriots!!

  • James Bond says:

    Hang on a minute…Biden won’t step down because Harris dosent want him too…..But Simon…..They are all actors and clones and people wearing masks as the originals are all in GITMO….Remember that statement that you made back along….Good Guys in control…military in control….Cmon man….what the f..k are you on about…And just because a load of you tubers made a video saying happy birthday to Trump does not mean a bloody thing you daft muppet.

  • Retta says:

    Good job with that This is Retta Carl with Premiere Property Group Doug!

  • Janise says:

    I just can’t wrap my head around problems with Simon. His intentions are pure, he’s honest and upfront about everything and most important he loves humanity and has dedicated his life to improve our lives. When you have the ability to effect great greatness, often you’ll be attacked by the dark side. That’s all I have to say about that. 🙂

  • Jerry Fischer says:

    Who the heck is Pete? Is it just a troll?

  • Jerry Fischer says:

    We love you Doug!

  • Virginia says:

    I have read the comments. It saddens me that some of the people don’t trust Simon Parkes. I truly believe he is truthful and only says what he has been allowed to share. Sometimes things go wrong because this is a WAR. We will have a plan and then the plan, due to unforeseen circumstance will change. We have to be flexible and know that in the end we have won the war. I want to thank Simon for giving us hope. Something to hold onto when otherwise things would seem really bleak. I would love for this to be over and our Favorite President righting all the wrongs. I for one am willing to wait. So long as we have hope we haven’t lost. Thank you Doug and thank Simon for seeing us through the STORM. Without the truthers we would be in great despair. WWG1WGA. May God Bless You with all you can desire and more.

  • Lanell Monreal says:

    Simon is one of the true patriots, a fine person with an acute intelligence. So pleased I watched that today.

  • Peter Byrne says:

    Biden didn’t win.

  • Katy says:

    Great work. We appreciate you. Keep the faith.

  • Linda A Rusche says:

    Simon is my favorite person to listen to. I go to his website and am so happy when he has a new cast.

  • Linda A Rusche says:

    Welcome Simon and Becky. Happy to know you two will be in Texas some. I admire
    Simon for his easy going style of giving info. People need to know he can not divulge
    everything and I admire him for that.


    In reference to China and other enemies (corporations,etc) buying our land, I think President Trump has this covered. He introduced Executive Order 2018 which allows the U.S. to confiscate all assets (land, money, investments, buildings, etc) from these enemies and return the assets to the U.S. Treasury. My concern is how much does Trump care about all of humanity which is being taken out by the bio-warfare vaccines? The third world countries will lose millions of people and millions more will be sterilized. Our own country is killing itself — uniformed, indoctrinated citizens believe anything the doctors or government bureaucrats dictate. Yes, they are responsible themselves, but, still, it could be too late for our country if the truth is not blasted over MSM, etc. Everyday the Trump team delays the final attack, thousands are injured or dying — we need people to rebuild our country.

  • Leslee Jean Butler says:

    I feel so very sad that Simon and his wife are needing to have a “Security Detail” for the rest of their lives. I would hope and pray that this will not have to happen. We are in the process of taking out all of the bad guys and hopefully that won’t take that long. I live in Florida and am thrilled that we are going to have Simon and his wife living in Florida. Love him a lot and totally respect him in all ways.

    Much love Simon and Doug for all you have done for us humans.

  • Phil Rhoderick says:

    God is using Simon to get Doug into the 5th dimension of understanding that will benefit him and his listeners in the eclipse of the age of aquarius that occured last December. Doug will not touch certain topics. He is like the pastor that would never preach on the book of acts because that would make Yesuha supernatural. That’s the whole point, HE IS

  • Christina says:

    Why was there no discussion about who’s above and controlling the CCP? I believe that what the viewer is left with is that the Chinese are THE problem and the only “enemy”. I also didn’t hear any distinction being made between the CCP and Chinese people. 🙁

  • Scott Flintham says:

    To speak with a forked tongue is a sin. Lying is the work of Satan. Obama and Biden are long gone. Meanwhile all this circus is going on many more people are dying and being hoodwinked into taking the poisoned vaccines. This is not enough! Some times you bark up wrong ree hike the very tree you should be barking up you passively ignore. Let me tell you how this goes from here on in. My Father God Almighty is about to put me in charge of this planet. There is no other outcome. Now I 2amt to cast crowns. Don’t make me change my mind. You have till the end of this month for me to see big big changes. Else next will be a super volcanoe. This is the last time I’ll say this.

  • Kathryn says:

    Love Simon! He’s a person I most trust

  • Otto W. says:

    “Simon Parkes is a life long experiencer of aliens, shadow people, elementals and ufo’s, these include Mantid (Mantis) beings, Draconis Reptilian, Feline, small and tall Grey creatures, Crystalline beings and other creatures that can’t be identified.”

    Yes, I trust this guy.
    A true patriot of a foreign country.

  • Paula R says:

    So glad Simon is on again! Love listening to him. I don’t always agree with him 100% of the time, but he has a reassuring way of making it seem that all will be set right. Stay safe, Simon. You and Becky are true Patriots!

  • Paula R says:

    So glad Simon is back on! Love listening to him. I don’t agree with him (or any of my favorite Patriots) 100% of the time either, but he has a reassuring way of making it seem that all will be set right. Stay safe Simon! You and Becky are dong wonderful work that is much needed in these trying times.

  • Elizabeth Cooper says:

    So nice to see Simon Parkes back again. A great video, Doug.

  • yvonne m osborn says:

    i love simon,and charlie ward,and of course….you doug. but its taking much toong for this “plan” to come to fruition !! you all are constantly moving the goal posts,and with one excuse after another ??
    we are SICK TO DEATH of it !
    if things dont happen very soon, we won’t have a country any longer ! the dems are dismanteling it by the day,and NOTHING seems to be going for our side !!!

  • Justin says:

    I can’t believe they’re regurgitating empty words now… Trump betrayed us, sold us out out big pharma, set people up at the capital, and made absolutely 0 arrests… and no one is talking about Dr Shiva’s successful federal lawsuit, not trump, not alex jones, not Simon… no one from the “right side”… total pacification psy-op. I can’t believe I ever fell for this. People are in TOTAL hypnosis with this regurgitation of absolutely pacifying empty talk. Even the logic behind it doesn’t work, let the world wake up, but in order to do that, we need to let it burn to thr ground? We won’t have a functioning world after this. It will literally be useless that everyone’s awake when they’re all either dead or in shackles forever.

  • Justin says:

    Comments must go through approval to be posted? That’s censorship… wtf is this nonsense?

  • Bonnie childress says:

    Hi Doug, love your show. I’m so glad that you had Simon on. There are many who try to hurt this wonderful man and his work. I trust everything Simon says because I am good at knowing true people. He remains truthful, caring, decent and never ever is compromised. I’m so glad that you are friends. I just watch him and call him friend.

  • Susan says:

    Doug, you are right on about how people should not tune out of everything if they don’t agree with or like or approve of one guest, and certainly should not try to get you to only follow one group of thoughts. This is all about thinking INDEPENDENTLY. Critical thinking. Thank you for supporting FREE SPEECH! God bless your endeavor and I wish you great success as a voice of free speech in America. This is how our children will be FREE!!

  • Jeffrey A Gillis says:

    I guess I never made the cut for joining Connecting Consciousness Simon!? 😕 That’s okay, I’m still on your side n got your back Good Sir.✌❤🙏

  • Pepper K. T says:

    I think Bernie Sanders , BO, and others are orchestrating this situation, so he or someone else can be placed into the position of president of a country we no longer recognize. This is evil at work. If she is moved into the “presidency”, then she can nominate her desired VP. The coup is still underway, and I pray for our nation every day. It MUST be proven through our forensic audits and court documents that President Trump WAS duly elected, and is in fact the President of our great nation.

    I appreciate Simon’s information on raising our vibration and connecting with God. Our thoughts are prayers, and God knows what we need. He desires positive thinking and the awakening of our sleeping minds.

  • Bonnie Childress says:

    Doug, I praised Simon and my comment was taken down

  • john says:

    Doug here is a lead for you , you need to check out KIM ANN GOUGAN and her organization . white hats ,black hats there all the same – order of the black sun and they are giving the people false hope . kim is actually doing something and its all legal . my opinion on simon and i have known about him for 20 yrs he either is M16 or he is being lied to .

  • Thinker2 says:

    Harris’s The Career Killer is TREASON!

  • Eddie Flowers says:

    Your commercial break volume is so loud, I almost don’t listen to your channel. God is your source, or so I thought. You don’t have to scream out you name and commercials. Please consider setting the volume the same through the whole program. Your brother in Christ, Eddie Paul Flowers from Rutland, Vermont USA

  • Ashley Duginski says:

    I know we are in a fight for America, its feeling like we have already lost her. Been trying to stay positive, but I feel lost as how to help and nothing is getting better only worse. Will this ever get turned around? I love my country but at this point I am truly heart broken.

  • Claire says:

    I love Simon! Always keeps the patriot word moving forward – always with faith and hope!

  • Mary Coffey says:

    Simon – can you explain exactly what your Company does?

  • Quentin Holt, Deplorable Thougth Criminal says:

    The Chinese plan to take over food production in the United States has a historical precedent in Ireland. From the time of Elizabeth I to the nineteenth century, more and more of Ireland was confiscated by the English or on their behalf on the pretext of Irish rebellion. Irish rebellion inspired retribution, often expressed and land confiscation. The land was redistributed to absentee English landlords and to pro-English Irish beneficiaries. In later years, whenever times got hard, the food went to whomsoever could pay the price, foreign or domestic, and the Irish poor starved. I can easily imagine the great harvests of America being exported by traitors and foreigners whilst Americans starve.

  • Lynie Toussaint says:

    June 19, 2021

    What a wonderful session this was !!!! I dearly love Simon Parkes and Doug Billings. Simon loves America and all our Patriots. He is such a gentle soul and his Spirit is so refreshing. Thank goodness Doug you follow your own gut feel and have him on. Please do not listen to those who cannot see the forest for the trees. I am a member of Connecting Consciousness and it is a wonderful group to be associated with. We need Simon and Becky and Humanity to join the group to make our earth a BLESSED place to be. Thank you again Doug for having Simon on, it refreshes my soul. Hugs, Lynie

  • Jamie Frogge says:

    I love it when you have Simon on your show. He is a great man and brings a wonderful message of hope and encouragement for Americans. Thank you so much!!

  • Linda Wilson says:

    I got to you through Simon. He is my go to for honesty and I trust you because of him.

  • Cheryl Zarns says:

    I am a great fan of Simon Parkes!!! It’s too bad he’s not on enough podcasts so when he does it’s a real treat. Doug, you are a great host. Thank you AND Simon for all your efforts!!

  • Justice Ruth Ginsberg says:

    WHY on earth do you keep this fucking loser Simon on your show? Why? He is a conspiracy theorist that just uses his guesses and conspiracies to drive traffic to his fucked up alien site. NOTHING…I mean NOTHING he has predicted has come true. He is a phony. And yet you stake your brand on him, which tells me a lot about you, Doug. Do yourself a favor and lost this dumb ass bozo, Simon.

  • Nuna Urbiz says:

    To wait on the results of the audit is TREASON! The military ALREASY has proof China interfered. The military is full of gay pride loving treasonous OATHBREAKERS! We are told to expect the results in EIGHT weeks. Those results will then be challenged. That’s just ONE county. They will use the audits to delay things until the third year of Biden’s second term. Meanwhile EVERY DAY they sit on their f’ing ASSSES, more businesses close, more foreign invaders enter the country, more people get killed, inflation is approaching Jimmy Carter levels. There won’t be a nation left to save by the time these f’ing treasonous OATHBREAKERS get off their f’ing ASS.

    And no, there AREN’T good democrats. They stand for BABY MURDER, surgically MUTILATING kids to change their gender, foreign invaders taking over the country. How can you say people with those “values” are “GOOD PEOPLE”?!?! No, they are EVIL to the core.

    Liberals stand by people, not principles. Conservatives stand by principles, not people. It’s why they support a serial rapist and pedophile in Clinton, a mass murderer and pedophile in Hillarnazi, a gay foreigner pedophile in Obama, a demented pedophile foreign operative in Biden. These are NOT GOOD PEOPLE!

  • Lexi Peri says:

    Let`s put back in the office the true POTUS! And I don`t mean in 2024! Dementia Joe didn`t win, he is not the president, and that cow is not the VP!

  • De Anna Austin says:


  • Concetta A. Coyne says:


  • Kacey says:

    Thank you so much. Discord is what the left is doing. Freedom of speech and choice is what we fight for. We were censored and canceled but some forget that. Listening to ppl, healthy what we were stopped from doing. I don’t agree with all but respect their right to say it. Thank you to all of you here and your guests for giving us different perspectives.

  • Greg says:

    Simon (and the rest of his “Q Anon” cult) is a mentally unstable compulsive liar. If any of you had been listening to him since the election in November you’d know this. I actually believed all his lies for about a month before I noticed they became increasingly off-the-wall, and nothing he’s ever said has ever come true. He relies on people never calling him out on (or remembering) all the prior lies he’s told, and just creates more and more of them. He’s only latched onto the Trump bandwagon because it brings him a bit of fame. His “sources” are either the voices in his head, or other liars like him. Why you would have someone on your show who claims Biden is really dead, and there are “actors” playing Biden on a sound stage that isn’t really the White House, is beyond me. (And that’s just two of several hundred completely insane lies he’s told since the election.)

  • Alex Hutton says:

    I found this a very strange interview .
    Nothing about Arizona, nothing about the vax . Yea ok , China Biden we get it . Feels like they’ve both taken a step backwards. Was all a bit vague and general .
    And yes he’s your friend . I get that . You mentioned that at least 6 times .
    Ps Also nothing about how bad it is in UK .
    But Simons getting 4 houses in the US abs security detail. . Little bit smug if you ask me .

  • Nicholas Cekinovich says:


    While I respect Simon for his determined opinions, and for being on the correct side of this spiritual battle, I have YET to see any evidence of anything he says to be true.


  • AzOhgirl says:

    Thank you for supporting Simon Parkes. Many of us do. If folks have a problem with listening to the program when he’s a guest, they still have the freedom to change the channel. We need to unite as one, not let negative opinions divide us. Be kind out there in audience land, don’t attack the pilot of the plane, or we’ll all go down. God bless, shills and all.

  • richard sanborn says:

    doug wake up

  • roeni says:

    how to turn around things. you haven’t been very loyal to simon parkes in your interview with mister flynn about “conspiracy theorists” and now you suggest your “immature” audience don’t agree with his message while YOU obviously and clearly expressed and discussed your doubts about simon’s words with your new “good friend” of yours mister definitely want to play all parts on the chessboard.
    hope you find the honest side.
    greetings from france

  • Ruth Burns says:

    Sorry, but people who voted for Biden should have known who/what they were voting for. I know inteligent people who did so. They choose not to know what is going on by the choice of what they read/who they listen to.

  • Lillian Schagerl says:

    These are the steps (not necessarily in the order I’m going to write here) of how communists take over a country or a nation:

    -They enter “democratically with promises to the poor and lower middle class”
    -They are re-elected already in the second term cheating since by then they have senior officials working in the elections. This happened in Venezuela. In Cuba this did not happen, they deceived the Cubans and entered and stayed blatantly and shooting people. The real constitution of Cuba has not been practiced since 1940!
    -They violate or change the constitution of the country or nation
    -Disarm the people (weapons for what as Fidel Castro said,1959)
    -They buy the military from soldiers to generals, granting them properties and “good living”
    -They make attacks on and acts of terrorism and blame the government in power
    -The authorities demoralize (police)
    -Expropriate from the rich to give to the poor, LIE! They steal it.
    -They imprison and murder those who hinder them.
    It’s horrible OMG.
    -The young people become the property of the state to indoctrinate them and serve the happy army
    -They do not allow them to leave the country or they make it extremely difficult and expensive for them not to compare (this is after 20 years)
    -Education is free but since everything is stolen from them, they have no way of maintaining an appropriate and normal “barter” with countries because they are poor pay. Therefore, what they exchange are brilliant and professional minds to countries abroad with low pay, the rest the government keeps those remittances. Example: Cuban doctors sent to Brazil. Thank God Bolsonaro stopped that. Cuba paid them a pittance, they exploited them.
    -Divide and conquer. They destroy families, neighbors and friends. Put everybody against everybody. (That is happening in the USA) Obama started this madness.
    What concerns me is that Americans are too naive and not aware that communists have already infiltrated the schools for a long time now. Very easy for them to take over young people’s minds and they “wake up”….it’s too late. 😢

  • all love & goodness says:

    We need the medbeds sooner than next year. We were told this June! Why the delays, people are suffering and dying.
    Also, why only a few beds, again, it is unfair many more people in different areas needs them ASAP.

    I am glad that we are finally getting the cures, however, It’s just not ok to dangle the carrot and make it take too long and not easily available for everyone.

  • jayne hall says:

    Please get on some docs who are giving the right info on the jab and its after effects. People need to learn about this. thanks

  • Jeff Kuhl says:

    Simon Parkes recent post of “The Day of the Divine Feminine” is a pagan, occult festival held on the Summer Solstice. He has no place with the other true Christian patriots that are guests on the show. He’s also claims to have sex with an cat alien.
    Got it yet, Doug?
    If you didn’t read my email, The “Right” Side — where know-it-all dicks block you from discussion groups.
    Real mature there, Doug.
    I’ve been listening to Simon since before you became known, as well as Maria Zack, Lin Wood, Lt. Gen. Flynn and Sidney Powell. Parkes is a nut job with excuses for everything he says not happening and posting information one can find anywhere else. His claim to know “Q” is bogus and his supposed “source” is probably an alien (demon – read some scripture).
    Have Robert David Steele on.

  • John Thomas Kelsey says:

    Doug, while Simon Parkes’ intentions with Connecting Consciousness are admirable and I think his heart is in the right place with rehabilitating the children,, his credibility goes right down the tubes with all the endless predictions, theories, proclamations that have NEVER come to fruition. In that regard, he is just as big a fraud as Ward, Mel K, Juan 007 and some of the other grifters that just go on YouTube and put forth their BS and nonsense. THAT is the problem that people have with this guy. He’d be better off just sticking with talking about Connecting Consciousness and stop predicting about the military doing this and doing that and moving the capital to Texas and Trump being the 19th President of the Republic and the rest of his endless nonsense.

  • M. Wilson says:

    Simon is right that Biden is crazy, but even more than that, I think he just wants the title “President” next to his name so much he’ll do whatever he’s told to stay in office, and to continue to garner financial rewards for following orders. He cares not for America or the people, it’s all about himself.

  • Judy Colon says:

    I love Simon. His calm demeanor & info has gotten me through some of these toughest times. I want to sincerely thank him.

  • Sunny Hutton says:

    I like Simon, he always has good information.

  • Claire says:

    narcissistic satanic puppets

  • Claire says:

    1. choose some children from elite satanic families or cults
    2. subject each child to intensive MKUltra mind control techniques
    3. carefully select those who show the right traits (greed, narcissism, con-artistry/acting skills, poor grip on reality) and approach them with the ‘special role/job’ of leading (influencing) the general population in alternative news and social media (TV and MSM is under Luciferean control whereas these are satanists).
    Bam! – you have Simon Parkes, Charlie Ward and various transgenders such as Mel K and Cirsten W all leading people away from Lucifer and towards Satan. Out of the frying pan and into the fire. Not even realising they both have the same agenda: Transgenderism, Cryptocurrency, AI, Spirituality (Book of Revelations tells you they will introduce a one-world religion with no divinity), – why do you think they are letting the vaccines, masks, PCR tests, Vaccine passports, 5G and chips roll out before they ‘save’ you? Wake up people. Trump (Q) and his son are the antichrist and the false prophet.
    The pedovores are all still free as birds – try checking the email addresses of those in the podesta emails – they are still tweeting happily as they run private schools and work with kids.
    Charlie Ward is billionaire oil tycoon and also a Jesuit who sacrificed his eldest son at 27 (as so many of them do). Simon Parkes will be rolling out the ‘Med Beds’ which are just human sized charging pods to recharge your chips when you start feeling sh*tty. He’s pushing the new one-world religion and telling you about aliens and space (which are satanic lies). This guy interviewing him has his wall plastered with patriot symbols (flags etc.). Have you not worked out yet that patriotism is a form of false idol (that’s why the queen can be a ‘sovereign’ of a country). The word ‘patriot’ comes from ‘pater’ meaning father and was coined by Julius Caesar. It’s Roman submission to Caesar to be a patriot, fly a flag and vote in an election. You aren’t supposed to do any of those things – they all signify your consent to be ruled by their ‘government’. You were all FREED in January 2020 and since then these maggots have been trying to gain your re-consent. This is why they have you wearing masks – as a symbol of their ownership and your consent. They are trying to prove to God that you don’t want him, you want them and will re-submit to their governance of you. Do you realise that their crypto-cryptocurrency: the ‘QFS’ is not only AI but will provide them total secrecy and unaccountability so that they can peddle adrenochrome worldwide without a single person on the ground being able to see it or track it? They are giving humanity to the machine. They do not represent God. They represent Satan and the Beast kingdom.

  • Mary Parry says:

    I am a proud member of Connecting Consciousness and I hope to have a role in helping Simon and Becky in their healing centers In the USA, Simon has Jesus in his heart and I look forward meeting him and joining him in his endeavors to heal the traumatized trafficked children by the satanic cabal.

  • Shelly Way says:

    God bless President Trump and ALL the Patriots. I plead the blood of Jesus over the White Hats and I place the armor of God on them and everything that concerns them.

  • Laurie Wilson says:

    I really enjoy your program when you have special guests like Simon Parkes, Mel K and others.

  • Steve Cummins says:

    Anybody that has an issue with Simon Parkes’ contribution to our plight here in America and the world for that matter, is intellectually challenged and I seriously question their personal motives overall.

  • Daisy Yong says:

    Simon Parkes is one of my few “go to” peeps”, discerning and humble.

  • Helen D. Riley says:

    Dear Mr. Billings:

    Both my husband and I are really enjoying your wonderful and timely interviews. You are doing such important work and filling a definite void in broadcasting.
    One quick question: I typically listen on my iPhone to your interviews of Simon Parkes, for example, and will get interrupted. When I go back the next day and try to fast forward it to where I left off, I am unable to. In other words, I always have to start the interviews over again.
    I don’t have this problem with other recordings—only with yours. Was wondering if you might have a suggestion or if this is simply a glitch that hasn’t been ironed out yet.
    Again, thank you for putting a spotlight on the “white hats” and thank you for your incredible patriotism. I look forward to listening to your broadcasts for the years to come as we take back our beautiful Country with God’s help!
    Wishing you continued success and many blessings!

  • Liz Chesterman says:

    Last night on Charlie Ward Mel K. mentioned that she will be with you in Branson, Mo. FINALLY something close enough to my home that I can attend1111 SSSOOOOOO thrilled to hear this. Will you please tell me when and where and any cost?

  • Geoffrey Young says:

    Great show Love you guys. So I was listing to this BLOOMHEAD in Arizona which he calls himself a conservative radio commentator, which CNN was doing the interview which says it all. It so disheartening when you have these Liz Cheney want to bees, there need to be a total flush out LOW BALLS.

  • Linda Schmitz says:

    I like Simon!!!!

  • Becky Baldwin says:

    Wow, seems like some Democrats are watching your show and commenting. So what if someone has a different lifestyle? Your broadcasts, as well as Simon’s, are messages of hope. Should we disallow a person’s opinions because of their lifestyle and beliefs? No-this is America. So, take what you like and leave the rest.

  • Jonathan says:

    I appreciate what you’re trying to do.
    I share two observations on love.
    1. Your opening statement say what you are about to hear is the truth.
    2. Simon has spent the majority of 2021 that actors are playing biden, Kamala has been captured and the US military are in control.
    Now Simon is saying without flinching Joe is a mad man and ruled by Obama and Kamala doesn’t want to be president to save her career.
    3. Simon has been saying he’s coming to America for months and every months its delayed. Simon doesn’t have too much trouble in changing his narrative without even explaining.

    Perhaps we need to be open to the possibility that Simon is being deceived.

    God bless you all.

  • Peggy Robbins says:

    Keep up the excellent work