Doug's latest chat with Simon Parkes, 7.8.2021

Doug’s latest chat with Simon Parkes, 7.8.2021


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105 replies on “Doug’s latest chat with Simon Parkes, 7.8.2021”

  • Mary Cowley says:

    Thank you Simon for everything you are doing for CC! And thank you Doug for giving us honest, great reporting.

  • Polly Goodyear says:

    Something that concerns me.. you both seem to feel that the truth coming out will enable people to clearly see the error of their thinking and subsequently change their position on a whole range of issues. However, most of these folks have been vaccinated. The AI chip in the jab causes them not only to care nothing about spiritual things but actually makes them relatively hostile to language and information that counters the Great Reset agenda as if they are robotically programmed to see those who are communicating the information as the enemy. I’d like nothing more than to be wrong about this but I and a friend have both experienced this reaction in our vaccinated children.
    Sadly, Maine is now proposing a door to door initiative to reach all those still unvaccinated. I will be resisting, of course. I’m a member of “Maine Stands Up” and “Connecting Consciousness” and am beyond grateful for what you and Simon are doing. I’m ready, inspired and enthusiastic to do my part as well. I recently petitioned the VP of our local hospital to discontinue the PCR test, alas to no avail but that is just a first run up!

  • Elizabeth Dick says:

    Thank you for giving us hope once again! We must always remember that these jack asses are not in any way believed! The good will triumph and NO one will ever take our flag away!!!

  • Dan Harper says:

    Great show Doug. I always enjoy your interviews & interactions with Simon. We all (Patriots} want our Real, Duly elected President back NOW! But thru the likes of you & Simon & many other Great Patriots out there, getting the truth out to those seeking the truth & exposing the lies, misinformation, & silence of MSM. The awakening is happening!
    Thank you & God Bless

  • Corrine Allen says:

    Please start talking about the potential harm that the Covid vaccine is causing people. There is a lot of suffering from this non vaccine. Additionally companies are now making it mandatory for employees to take the non vaccine.

  • Justin says:

    I want to believe good will win. But when is this going to happen? The goalposts keep getting moved back. Sure some people are seeing the truth, but there are still A LOT of people who are completely brainwashed by MSM. And how can we count on voting when we absolutely know the commu-socialists are cheating and not even hiding it, AND STILL GETTING AWAY WITH IT! I am so disheartened.

  • Gary and Shirley S Barnes says:

    I believe that God has given President Trump added strength!

  • Jason S says:

    DOUG :
    Simon doesn’t know what is going in, and you should, you talk w/ people like Seth Keshel, so you don’t you correct him?….
    There is NO audit going on yet in GA. That will start for Fulton County’s Absentee & Mail ballots only…. but NOT the entire state. Simon is 5 thousand miles away, and doesn’t know what he’s talking about — so why do you allow him to make false statements on your show?

  • Tameisha Baxter says:

    Simon, I would truly love to reach you and Becky. It would be make my heart very happy to visit with you both if even for a short time.

    If you could find time in your busy schedule to reach out – I would forever be grateful.

    Thank you both, Simon and Doug along with all the beautiful Patriots out there standing for truth! I can not thank you enough!

    I would love to help!! God bless you all!!

  • carrie says:

    Great both of you!!!!! Nice combination, the two of you. We are all Trump lovers and share the same desire to hurry him back. It has been a test in patience, this past year. Seeing Pres Trump at his rally, hearing him say “The future first lady sends her love” warms my heart. That is all I need to continue this incredible journey, knowing we will have him back where he belongs. Have a beautiful wedding day. I am sure she is a lucky lady.

  • Sharon says:

    Excellent and hopeful !! Very grateful for the truth you both share in your updates to the American people . We need it more than ever .
    Prayers for your work and the days ahead .

  • Patricia says:

    Thank you Doug I always look forward to your discussions with Simon. God bless you & congratulations on your engagement.

  • Don T. Worcester says:

    Simon, please get another microphone, very muddled sound. Thanks, Don worcester

  • Gordon Marr says:

    Super stuff. Love both you Doug and Simon. From Kelowna BC CANADA.

  • Patricia says:

    Thank you Doug I always look forward to your discussions with Simon, God bless you & congratulations on your engagement.

  • John Drade says:

    I thought Simon said that he would be part of the transitional US government and had mentioned that he would be going in August..He said this back in Jan or Feb

  • Kathy Garcia says:

    Doug, i always love your show. Next time you speak with Simon, if you have the time please let him know that he has helped myself and i’m sure others in the US get through some very dark days since this nightmare began. I live in Florida without Simon I wouldn’t have ever found your show or ever had any hope or believed there would ever be any light at the end of this very dark long tunnel. I want to Thank you both for giving many people the strength, knowledge & guidance. to keep pushing & fighting! May God Bless you & yours, Simon, Becky & President Trump & family & GOD BLESS AMERICA! 🇺🇸
    Ps Congratulations on your engagement!
    Pss Simon may be British but he’s also a true American Patriot!

  • RockyAcres says:



  • Patrick T says:

    Get out and vote. Even if the elections are rigged, get out and vote. If we stop voting, they won’t even have to rig the elections anymore.


    Please, please Simon and Rebecca, come to northern California….NORTH of San Francisco…Santa Rosa, Sebastopol area….Beautiful country and SO many here want to meet you!

    Thank you Doug….You are such a great patriot!

  • Sandra says:

    Doug, you ARE the next Rush Limbaugh!!! Thank you!!!
    Miss him so:(

    Thank God for men like you both!!

  • layne Blanchard says:

    Trump can serve the third term I believe, because the 2 term limit was established for the Corporation. I suspect the rule does not apply to the Republic.

  • R. says:

    THANK YOU for all your efforts. God is Great.

  • Peg Forbes says:

    Excellent interview Doug Billings and together you and Simon Parkes bring more hope than you can ever imagine…..thank you both!!

  • Scott V. Smith says:

    Simon Says that military people do NOT understand civilians. AMEN!! I’ll just speculate. Simon’s been talking to Flynn all along. Simon has voiced his frustration with, and questioning of, the Alliance in that he doesn’t think they fully understand the degree to which people are being adversely affected every day that Obama & the Cabal is in power. Like Simon I too HATE the condescending phrase “Trust The Plan”. That requires a trust that no anonymous entity deserves. We don’t actually SEE anything. It’s all based on faith. A class action lawsuit is great but it WILL be struck down in the courts b/c, as we already saw, that even the “conservative SCOTUS” just punted on the election in the most selfish and cowardly way. I don’t CARE if they or their families were threatened. They ACCEPTED the job and fulfilling their oath has to be more important than their own well being or that of their loved ones. If not then why did you accept the job? The signers of The Declaration lost EVERYTHING including their lives in many cases. I do not see that kind of courage displayed by “The ANONYMOUS Alliance” leaders either. We are talking about the destruction of the USA EVERY DAY getting more ridiculously Nazi-like. I trust C.I.C. Trump but going to a school board meeting seems like a distraction when Obama is turning our military into a woke group of snowflakes. The tribulation is going to be the wrath of God here on earth. I do NOT “TRUST THE PLAN.” Simon is right. At times I wonder if I’m as foolish as some believe I am and if General Flynn and his people may just be another faction vying for control of the world in order to dominate, even IF their motives are pure. They are already making decisions contrary to the will of the People by allowing Administrator Biden to masquerade as America’s leader on the world stage. Who gave them the authority to make all the decisions they’ve made FOR US? The time is well past to have acted and I fear that my original beliefs of the End Times, The Great Tribulation etc… is indeed correct in that no ALLIANCE is coming to save America. If this Alliance is actually benevolent then they need to understand that it is time NOW to intervene. If they are just a distraction from the horrors that are being forced upon the world now then we are truly doomed as a free people. The “Alliance”, world wide or not, needs to at least declare WHO they are, SOMETHING that doesn’t treat us as total steeple. I am SICK of being treated with this condescending attitude by ALL leaders. I will still vote even though my vote will be changed in Newsom’s recall b/c CA will use the same damnable machines and GA proves that they WILL continue to cheat AGAIN, even when being watched, b/c they get away with it. I will go to the school board meetings. However, I am NOT a soldier in the Alliance’s army willing to BLINDLY take orders & assurances from men who remain ANONYMOUS. If they are really there then let them stand and be counted now. Am I alone here? Let Gen. Flynn know that I appreciate him but I’m done believing that ANYTHING we do will change anything until I see results. I’m beginning to believe that The Alliance is another cynical rouse. Right now The People are indeed POWERLESS against the forces arrayed against us. These Cabal members laugh at our assertion of “rights”. Our assertions will not interrupt their plans ONE BIT! Jesus was crucified and resurrected but no political change happened for CENTURIES. That does NOT seem to be God’s concern. So, who is going to save America when the Cabal has ALL the reigns of power? The time is now. The Alliance does not deserve blind allegiance until they produce some sort of OVERT results.

  • DJ Tynan says:

    enjoy your installments & love Simon.
    wish we could have him more often.

  • Graeme Gardner says:

    Love your show Doug, Simon is great guy, keep the truth coming mate..
    Graeme Gardner Australia.. Patriot

  • Richard says:

    Simon is full of BS. Watching his videos from October, November,December, January. Nothing became true, nothing can be proven.
    This guy is weakening your channel.

  • Melissa Duckwall says:

    We can’t just “vote them out” when there is election fraud! Who knows how long they’ve been cheating!

  • Dianne O’Neil says:

    Hi Doug! I love your show and so appreciate these strong voices for Truth in our times.
    Please check out James H. Spence IV, his excellent book/God’s battle plan Operation Heal America. You and your audience will LOVE it – it’s based on II Chronicles 7:14.
    God bless you & your work for His kingdom❣️

  • Cleide Klassen says:

    I am amazed with all these people… they say a month… then they move to another month… another date… definitely deception in its best… i am amazed… Trump will be back in may, June, July and he did not… now they change to August… Nesara is going to be in USA in April… nothing happen… Blackouts would happen after audit on Arizona… no blackouts… and I would speculate that this Arizona fiasco is just another distraction… and all these creates a bad taste on politics and trust on the republican party… This guy spoke also about quantum financial system which is called global reset which is not a good deal at all… read your Bible and you will see… So to me I am just shocked and to you Doug, give the wine bottle because deception is a business that those people are involved big time… I don’t want to be disrespectful but I have to say none of these people are really been honest. And again this healing centers are nothing…. just another fake news… sorry Doug… just do the homework and you will find what many of us are finding out…. deception… liars… and people that are taking advantage of many others….

  • Earl says:

    Fake News with Simon, Charlie etc …

    Nothing is happening …

  • JoAnn Fahrenwald says:

    The Bible says to overcome evil with good.

  • Alice Ivall says:

    Love Simon and Doug! Best source of reliable up-to-date info. Simon always signs Non Disclosure agreements to assure that sensitive information is not released prematurely. Simon is a true and caring professional at expressing his knowledge. Doug always has important, knowledgeable guests on his program.

  • Patty Jo Vickers says:

    Always enjoy you and Simon. Look forward to your talks.

  • Ralf says:

    Thank you for your shows, but, please fix the ridiculous decibel difference between the show and the extremely loud “The Right Side” blerp, it awakens folks sleeping, and it should be aired twice, at the beginning and the end, not for every break, which is nothing more than an annoying waste of time !

  • Deena Minyard says:

    Sorry guys. It’s going to be JFK, Jr. as VP.

  • Sally Sauls says:

    I follow Simon regularly and always enjoy his interviews. I love his calm demeanor and appreciate his honesty and candor. Over this past year I have listened to many podcasts and there are many I don’t listen to any more, but I do listen to Simon and you.

  • Jane says:

    Where is Simon getting his money?
    It sounds like he is working with/for the military industrial complex?

    Are you aware that anybody endeavoring to advance holistic medicine
    Is “suicided”——about 90 alternative doctors so far.

  • Sylvia H. Williams says:

    Simon is correct Doug, “Enough is Enough! America has been taken by corruption, by those without remorse for stealing a presidential election in front of our eyes. America’s passiveness and lack of involvement in the political process ended on 11/03/2020. A stolen presidential election can never happen again! Our freedom is hanging by a thread under this administration; an administration that is illegally governing our nation, making laws to further destroy the fabric that makes America great. Pelosi and the Biden administration are promoting ‘door knocking’ as a means to insist people receive the covid vaccine. This act is completely unacceptable and can never be tolerated by any state. As a public health specialist and former nurse, medical decisions belong to the individual, no other person or government can be allowed to make these decisions for you. Thank you Doug for continuing to have guest who promote America and its freedoms we all cherish. Good luck to Simon and his move to America. By the way, General Flynn should not be VP but head of the DOJ. The injustices executed against him and his family is atrocious. Someone must keep the FBI and CIA accountable and he is the man to do just that! Thank you again Doug for the amazing work you are doing!


    Sylvia H. Williams, HES

  • Carol says:

    Doug and Simon, You both have been a breath of fresh air during this difficult time. Thank you for that. My question to you Simon, is, in your opinion, will there be any help for those that have taken the jab? I lost my first born son five years ago. My daughter and grandson have taken the injection. I can’t bear the thought of losing them in two years. How does one cope with that thought? Thank you for time.

  • Carol says:

    Can I please ask Simon, He stated Hillary Clinton is no longer on this planet, but today he is saying she has gone quiet and and will leave Politics. Can he explain, is she dead or still alive.
    Her crimes against Humanity especially the children surely deserves to have her life taken to protect the children from further pain and harm.

  • peter jensen says:

    allways love your talks .


    If Trump is successful in transitioning the United States back to a Republic, I hope we have the opportunity to eliminate 80% to 90% of the federal government agencies and reorganize the remaining ones. Leave it up to each state and their citizens to manage their resources and establish any controls, as needed (even if the feds have guidelines for clean air, water, etc, each state would regulate them. But there needs to be very few regulations coming from and enforced by the federal government). Education should be 100% at the state level and the money should follow the child — the parents will decide whether to home school, send their children to private school or to a public school. The parents will drive the curriculum. All unions should be prohibited for federal or state employees. At one point in our history, a state governor could recall a senator if they were not following the governor’s agenda and, then, reappoint a senator (similar to an ambassador). I think this rule should be re-established so there is more control at the local level. Moving forward, I think it would be very dangerous to continue the “party system” . THIS CURRENT CRISIS WE ARE IN SHOWS THAT PARTY AFFILIATION JUST LEADS TO DIVISION AND CHAOS and, in reality does not exist — look at all the RINOs. THE POLITICIANS ARE ALL IN ONE CORRUPT PARTY working for their own agendas and creating conflict among the masses. Trump is the best example that this is true — he was rejected by both parties and ran on his vision for the future of America. And he has been very specific on how to reach the goals he has laid out — we need to mimic this at the state levels. What specific goals are there for the next 5 yr, 10 yr and how will we measure our progress in meeting these goals? This gives the voter a baseline for evaluating political candidates and assessing their success once they are in office. As far a the medical community is concerned (health care providers, medical education system, pharmaceutical companies, medical suppliers) they should be arrested and jailed and re-educated. How many millions of Americans have they tortured and killed over the past 100 years (most of my family for sure). This is just the tip of the iceberg. I pray that God will lead us out of this sewer and into a more promising future for our children and grandchildren.

  • Margaret Treis says:

    Two things: One, the US Constitution specifies the timing/dates of presidential elections and inaugurations. There’s a schedule with year, month and day dates that we’ve followed for 240+ years. The Supreme Court can’t change that because it’s in the Constitution and would have to be changed by the PEOPLES’ constitutional amendment process, not SCOTUS vote. That takes years. Two, MIKE PENCE will be the elected VP if the election is overthrown. He will be shown to have won along with Trump, and I don’t think the president has the right to fire the elected VP. The only thing Trump could do is give him no functions at all, but he would still be in office and Trump can do nothing about that.

  • Linda Yeatts says:

    Great program today, Doug & Simon! Appreciate your transparent and hopefilled content. I say, YES and AMEN! God Bless you both!

  • sharon collins says:

    I trust Simon and thank him, for his service. You and Simon have helped greatly. Love and Thank you both

  • Anita Harrison says:

    Prayers, Love & Light to you both..

  • sara Long says:

    Thank you so very much for making sure the American People of the US , are in touch with reality and what’s ” really ” happening in our Country, verses the fake news. God’s Blessings to Doug and Simon ….Two of the Real Patriots !!

  • Vincenza Di Meglio says:

    I love listening to Simon Parkes. He has a soothing voice and is a calming influence.

    As I recall, President Trump said he would win three times. Very different than serving three times, although I would like nothing better.

  • M. Ruben says:

    I love Simon but I really have a hard time putting up with doug billings anymore since he started putting down a lot of President Trump’s supporters, and others feel just like me. So Simon, I am turning you off now but please find another venue than this rino-like billings. He has lost alot of popularity among true Patriots, he even puts you down on other shows!

  • Michele Smith says:

    I think, as Americans, we should protest this nonsense about our flags: Each of us needs to silently start flying our own flag, on our own property. We just went to an American Vet owned website, purchased a 25′ flagpole & flag, and we’re going to put it front and center in our front yard. We have power when we come together and make a statement. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to drive up and down streets in America & see Old Glory waving brilliantly at house after house?

  • Antonio Godinho says:

    Top notch interview, as usual! Actually it was Simon Parkes who opened the door for my awakening and I’ll always be grateful for that. God bless you both.
    PS – Congratulations for your engagement, Doug!

  • Rita Furness says:

    Great Job on real reporting on what is happing ..we deserve the truth !!

  • Larry says:

    How courteous and respectful of you to spend half your time with your “smart”? phone

  • Seth B says:

    I like Simon’s commentary and it sounds solid, but I’m perplexed after reading an article that references him fathering a child with an alien he calls the Cat Queen and that his wife was fuming after finding out about the extraterrestrial affair. The 53-year-old told the Whitby Gazette that he has had sex with the alien about four times a year and the couple had a child named Zarka. Please help me reconcile this!!! This is a very sincere question. I am praying that much of what he shares is “truth” about what is going on in this world.

  • Patrick merlo says:

    I am in Southern California, Westminster. Hi great show. My favorite part of the show was when Simon was talking about New York, no home invasions! Lots of my friends left California, I Will Stand My Ground and kick these Communists out. I mean demons.

  • Paula Frazier says:

    They would just put someone in Biden’s place (mask) for any cognitive tests

  • Deb Giehl says:

    It’s so easy to say, “Vote the bad people out.” The problem is … there are not many good people for which to vote. I want to vote for TRUE CITIZEN CANDIDATES and, here in Ohio, we DO have a few. But … money rules. Most EXCELLENT candidates go by the wayside when the money runs out (OR, in my opinion, they are coerced out of a race due to threats to themselves or their families). I’ve been at a loss for YEARS! How can this EVER change?

  • Mary A Gordon says:

    Awesome!!! Keep up the good work!!!

  • Madeleine McAveney says:

    Simon is such a wealth of knowledge and a great strategist. He understands Trump and how he thinks. What an asset to us. Doug, as always, so many thanks for bringing in the BEST guests …we always learn from them

  • Debi Brown says:

    I love listening to you both. You guys give me hope. God bless you both. ❤️

  • FORD Brian says:

    I hope every American watching this will feel sufficiently delinquent in our patriotic duties, that a British citizen should have to point out our deficiencies to us! For helping to open the eyes of the many sleepers in my country, Simon, we pray for all the success and blessings in your righteous endeavors which are many!

  • Jim McGillivary says:

    Doug – I am a fan and watch your videos especially those with Simon Parkes. I also live here in the Kansas City area and am a marketer by profession. I have watched you come into your own and am delighted at your success. I consider myself awake as in “red pilled” and follow many hosts offering news about the stolen election, the cabal, etc. I would offer the following points for your consideration:
    – Very few hosts offer genuine intelligence as to what is happening and certainly most not in advance of it happening. Simon Parkes and Charlie Ward were really the only two I knew that offered intelligence on what was going to happen before it happened and this was due to their military contacts. Regrettably for us viewers – their signing of NDA’s has incredibly restricted what they are able to share even if they are aware of intelligence. (Hint: I have found both individuals will comment on matters if the questions asked reveal information is in the public realm because the public nature voids their NDA on that matter.) Most other hosts are aggregators of news being reported in the world and then replay this for their audiences offering their opinions as to what it may mean. Mel K is an example of this type of host. Others like Ann VanderSteele interview individuals who who have specialized knowledge or insights into an area based on what story she is covering. She will ask pointed and probing questions of her guest and solicit their thoughts on the matter largely holding her own opinion back until the guest has commented. I believe your show is similar in its approach to that of Ann’s with one exception. Before asking a question of your guest you often lead with your own viewpoint also known as a “telling question”. While I respect your opinion and your right to provide it (it is your show after all), I am primarily interested in the opinion of your guest. By offering your opinion it can at times cut short or even avert a detailed response to your question from your guest. Point in hand, you asked Simon his thoughts on Biden’s plan to have people go door to door on the matter of the “vaccine”. Your lead-in to the question expressing your thoughts seemed to cause Simon to merely agree with you rather than going into more detail on his thoughts.
    – Please ask more time sensitive and critical questions. Your question to Simon on the AZ election results and Simon’s response provided some in-depth knowledge on AZ and GA results. I had not heard what was going on in GA so that was good. You followed up with a question on who will be the next VP of the country. That question has been beat to death. “Red pilled” viewers desire concrete updates and information on what is happening that is not being reported on – there is a complete dearth of this kind of information. Any light you can bring to the shadows is welcome.
    – With all due respect, my next comment is not likely to be well embraced but as a marketer I must ask it. You call your show “the Right Side”. By calling your show that, you imply there is a wrong side. Of course this is true but so many people are not yet awake. They may not agree (yet) with what you are saying but their takeaway is that if they disagree with your opinions, or those of your guests, then they are on the wrong side which could be alienating. I know you are trying to brand yourself so to separate yourself from other shows – as a marketer I will tell you that is important. I have no issue with that just with the use of words that create the impression of “us versus them”. I believe Ann V has done a good job by calling her show “The Steel Truth”. The word “Truth” is not polarizing or divisive and the word steel implies strength in what she is saying and is a clever play on her name. Maybe its just opinion of one but I offer it as food for thought.

    I must also ask where did the line come from the show for the “Intellectually Mature” come from? What does maturity have to do with anything? We are talking Fact versus Fiction or Lies or Falsehoods or Fake News. We are talking Good versus Evil, God versus Satan. Every adult considers themselves mature and smart at some level so how is “Intellectually Mature” differentiating. Sorry but use of this phrase drives me crazy as a marketer.

    Any way – hope I haven’t upset you. I do enjoy your show and appreciate your helping to get the word out about what is going on,

    Congratulations on your engagement. I wish you and Tara all the best.

    God bless,


  • Eddie Flowers says:

    I’m sorry Doug, your “breaks” are way too loud. I had to stop watching because I can’t sit here with my fingers on the volume button. Please STOP the SCREAM. . .

  • Taylor Eckhardt says:

    Hi Doug! Simon Parkes is one of my very favorite Patriot Truthers; TY for bringing him on as a guest. I love that he fully believes that President Trump will be back; I’m believing that as well. Thanks for your incredible patriotism to We the People and our country. Am so proud to have you out there representing our country as THE GOOD AMERICAN, as I have been ashamed of our Americans who are clueless as to what’s going on with our country and don’t seem to care. That’s why I stay plugged in daily to Patriots like you, as I need to be connected to my fellows who love God, country, our Constitution, our flag, our national anthem and law & order…and all that America was founded on as a Republic. Keep up the great job doing your shows. And let’s continue to pray that President Trump will be back soon, that us Patriots WILL win back our Republic with God’s help and for ALL evil to be purged from earth. God bless you and congrats on your upcoming wedding!

  • Alan Young says:

    Thank you Simon and Doug

  • david frankel says:


  • J says:

    Until we see trump take over i dont care about voting

  • J says:

    Simon at first you said there are tribunals taking place
    You also said biden was gone and there was an actor
    I dont think anyone trusts voting until we get some real truth and Trump takes over like tomorrow

  • Laura DeSantis says:

    We can’t have the President and Vice President resign, that will make Speaker of the House President

  • Jred says:

    Tired of hope and faith in man i only give that to God
    Get tangible results now if man and woman want my trust
    Let me see the tribunals supposedly being held

  • Barbara Knight says:

    I so love watching 2 men of God fight for our Country AND our Flag.
    Doug Billing & Simon Parkes – THANK YOU!

  • Mel Dunn says:

    The US Flag is a hate symbol to those in the same way in which holy water is offensive to the offspring of evil

  • Stephanie Lane says:

    Trump said in one of his rallies, as he egged on the press, “How would you feel if I was Pres 13 years?” Doesn’t count as a term now, and he won a 4 year term so he finishes this term and will stay next term bc he won.
    President Trump each morning circled articles with black sharpie telling his “people” to help pay for this and that for those in need. I was in the Soviet Union 1978. I brought many jeans because they sold for $200 then. I went to the synagogue in Moscow where the very elderly shoveled snow with no gloves. I gave the old people gloves and pairs of jeans to get 200+ per pair. I could use my credit card for the Dollar Store to buy many pairs of gloves.

  • Nuna Urbiz says:

    ELECTIONS ARE MEANINGLESS! STOP SPREADING FALSE HOPE! Trump CRUSHED Pedo Joe, and it DOESN’Y MATTER! I REFUSE to participate inn a rigged system. WHY would I EVER vote again? Anyone talking about 2022 is an IDIOT! They have given up on 2020, and are too STUPID to think that the votes will MATTER! Tell me how my vote over comes Dominion? You all are MORONS!

  • richard sanborn says:

    hi, Doug Simon, you’re great patriots and mean well I’m sure! first, off it was in the german news Hillary was hanged at Gitmo and second Biden is being played by Jim Cary and James woods you know that what the deal why aren’t you going with the real story?

  • Ursula Jahn says:

    First of all Doug many many “german” thanks for your work and your being and for all your efforts!!
    Simon, my deepest deepest appreciation for you, Becky and all the coordinators of CC, I am very convinced that we are going into a wonderful world soon
    and I hope that we will all meet some day.
    Love and Light from Bamberg, Bavaria

  • Leo F Derosia says:

    I think the pols and judges are so terrible that this fraud will never be rectified.

  • phil poe says:

    giving hope is nice ,
    but seeing how the rotten vicious species who has taken the world , infected it, is intoxicating it ,brainwahing it, dividind it, preying on all trafficking and deviances ,pushing for perversions , dishonest fraudulent , traitors ….and none is in jail or executed yet , it s pretty obvious that the winners so far worldwide are not those y pretend. even justice is as much corrupted or too overfed to fight . all proof were yet available for a long time , and the so called justice even didn t look at them…
    those starving the world , hoarding the lands are the same shits in power , look how much those viciou people bought recently after making the previous owner bankrupt , who i aking the farmer to detroy their crop , preventing them to water them ….
    beside do not use the word nazi only, that is a communist tactics to pretend that nazis are not like them , when indeed they are competitor for a form of vicious globalism too , hiding that the zis comes for zozialists . all socialim communism led to awful dictature , it s even worse when they are with rotten extreme eugenist capitalists…exactly what dems and ccp are .

  • vince minuta says:

    How can I advertise on your site?

  • Ruth Burns says:

    Why does Simon not publish on other channels beside U Tube. He is always canceling d/t being kicked off U Tube.

  • Anjela Hawkins says:

    Dear Doug,

    It is with some small sadness that I would direct you to search out a you tube channel called “M Seeker of Truth” – he “outs” less than honest people. I am afraid that he has done so with Simon Parkes. I used to be quite enamoured with Simon, I don’t feel that way any longer.

  • Marsha Caissey says:

    I still see chemtrails which, if my memory is accurate, have never been addressed by Simon or for that matter, few “Patriots”. I can see chemtrails with my own eyes with which the cabal is using to poison the air. I read or hear from so many Patriots about information regarding the lies and deception from the cabal with assurances that “we have everything.” Having information is useless unless the information can be used to institute changes and therein is lies the problem. The courts and and people in law enforcement do nothing or, worse, enforce only laws which are detrimental to Patriots. We were led to believe that most of the military was with the people to protect and defend the Constitution which includes affronting enemies foreign (China, British Crown) and domestic. All 50 states had their AGs elected with the financing of Soros and that is one of the big problems. The people fell asleep and allowed this take over to happen as planned by the Luciferians over 100 years ago. What I see is an awakening to the slaughter house for most as Agenda 21 is in place to depopulate 90% of our country. The best awakening is for people to repent of their sins, trust in the blood atonement of Jesus Christ and live a life of love, peace and joy as given by our loving heavenly Father. Then ask the Father to give understanding of the times because the Scriptures show what is happening and they are revealed only to those who love Jesus Christ. The Christians are the target and have been for 2 millennia and the time of the church age is closing fast, but the Christians shall have eternal life while those outside the blood of Jesus Christ face an unimaginable and eternal horror. As Q quoted many times the true warfare is stated Ephesians 6:12 and only those empowered by God’s spirit can take on that fight. Love to all.

  • William says:

    Dear Rush Limbaugh wannabe …

    Rush Limbaugh never sucked up to anyone the way you suck up to Simon Parkes. We get it. You are frineds with him.

  • G says:

    It is always nice to hear from you guys, and I tend to agree that Trump/the Mil… had to “show” the people, rather than solving the problem for them. But don’t you think they have seen it and learned it by know? Some people are really suffering, loosing relatives etc. Why does Trump allow that so many people get the V? Why is Trump so proud that he arranged for the (lethal) V in less than a year? It is increasingly difficult to continue believing that the good guys have no other agenda. Please ask Simon what he has to say on that.

  • My Name says:

    I very much appreciate your purposefully visible loyalty to Simon. I feel like Simon has good intel and he obviously loves President Trump!

  • Rozalia Papp says:

    Oh yeah, STOP giving money to these fakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • N. and J. Haagenson says:

    Thank you, Doug and Simon. Love your humanity, patriotism and wholesomeness.
    Doug, would you please tell Simon that his microphone is not good.
    Sound is muffled and is very difficult to hear some words. Love from Australia.

  • Michael says:

    Collective consciousness is a New Age Spirituality. It does not recognize Jesus as the Son of God who died on the cross to save us. It has nothing to do with the Holy Spirit who is the One who God the Father and Jesus the Son sent to us help us walk in the Spirit and Light of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. This New Age Spirituality is of Satan. It is the lesser of two Evils in comparison to the child sacrificing Luciferians. But it is still anti Jesus Christ.

  • Rod MacDonald says:

    Question: Where is the Insurrection Act??? It clearly states : Any Foreign or Domestic Interference in a Federal Election then the sitting President
    (Trump) will remain President! so my question is why isn’t this enacted and why waste time with the Election fraud audit ? other then to show the people
    of America the Cabal’s true face!

  • Lisa A Ward says:

    I live un Illinois and would love to have a job with Simon for healing centers. My husband could use healing center. He has copd and heart failure getting worse daily

  • Linda Wright says:

    Great, great show. Love and trust Simon!

  • freedomslastcall says:

    No re-vote! Trump won, the cheaters need to go to prison or be shoot for treason. No options!!!!!

  • freedomslastcall says:

    Sorry I meant shot!

  • Vstil says:

    Many will not vote again if 2020 is not resolved. Period. I can personally name 23 such individuals. We’re done. All of the system can go to hell with the demise of the greatest nation on earth. We have arrived at that point. Americans are not able to come together to defend themselves and most wait for someone else to stand up. Meanwhile they line up to be injected with poison because their television told them to do it. The Supreme Court is a joke – don’t try to tell us to trust them… it’s past time to cut bait. 7 out of 10 people, the number were told who took the vax, will die or suffer so greatly they will need dare until they finally die. This is where we have landed listening to others. Either we take up tools to resolve this ourselves or we accept we are doomed after this generation. I have little to no faith at this point. But then again, my distrust was earned.

  • Barbara Jaenne Ladond says:

    I’m very interested in Simons CC program in CT if you have any contact information. I have been following the both of you since last year and am extremely appreciative of both your work to keep us informed.

  • Mildred Ferrell says:

    If AZ and/or others are flipped then it’s simple, those votes are withdrawn. The same as if in any race, competition or “award” of any kind such as a tennis title, beauty contest (Miss America for example) , horse race, etc. The “award” is removed, the status, position and all benefits of such are removed and given to the rightful winner.

  • Robyn says:

    It’s not “Democratic”, but rather Democrats. There is NOTHING democratic about Democrats. This has been a marketing ploy of the Demon Party, and people have continued to pass on their misrepresentations without any thought at all.

  • Robyn says:

    I just hate it when someone says, “People don’t understand ____”. People DO understand. Exactly what are we supposed to do? We find ourselves in a huge quandary today, not from corruption that just happened, but corruption that started in 1871. A well designed international playbook to take down the most successful civilization known to mankind. This is pure Luciferian. The American people MUST demand that these bastards pay the ultimate price for TREASON. Every branch of government must be cleaned out. Every. Single. Branch.

  • Tina Weaver says:

    Hello, I am Metaphysist / energy worker.. I would like to have the opportunity to work in one of Simmons clinics. Blessings, Tina

  • Rita Goodhead says:

    Thank you so much Doug & Simon.

  • Oscar Berrios says:

    Simon is crazy. Check out his older videos on his encounters with aliens. Says he fathered a space alien named Zarka.

  • Karen Sueetta Joyce says:

    I believe Pompeo would be an excellent VP choice for many reasons. Or JFK (Jr) would be awesome for even more reasons. 🙂

  • Karen Sueetta Joyce says:

    I believe Pompeo would be an excellent VP choice for many reasons. Or JFK (Jr) would be awesome for even more reasons. 🙂 And as I understand it, returning to our original Constitution, President Trump can then run for a third term. This was changed to two terms in later years.