Doug's Latest Chat with Simon Parkes, 8.5.2021

Doug’s Latest Chat with Simon Parkes, 8.5.2021


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137 replies on “Doug’s Latest Chat with Simon Parkes, 8.5.2021”

  • Ginny says:

    How much longer does this need to continue. America is falling and we are waiting for Trump to do what he said he would.

  • Renate Kloefkorn says:

    I am so happy to see Simon. Whenever I listen to him , he calms me. And and am picking up a lot of things in your conversations that gives me hope. Right Side Broadcast has become my favorite and actually only news channel I follow. I hope you will rise when MSM is finally gone. Keep up the good work and thank you both for fighting for us.

  • SUSAN BRANDT says:

    Awsome to see Simon Parkes ; Bill have missed his regular podcast on fb..but; I have a feeling that will be soon changed 🙂

  • Sue Miley says:

    Doug, can you plz state on your show whether or not Maria Zack is ok? Last time she was a guest (June 22 nd) you stated she was going to be on your show more frequently. We are all concerned for her safety😬🙏🏻

  • Larry says:

    Positive energy of change. Knowing the bad guys have nothing to lose. What a time to be alive.

  • Peg Gentle says:

    I appreciate your broadcasts so much! Your discussions with Simon have made a great difference for me. My spirit is lifted up after watching this one in particular. Your enthusiasm and Simon’s wisdom are quite edifying! I pray that you and Simon will have that meeting in Florida! What an amazing experience that would be!! Thank you for caring so deeply about America and for everything that you share with us. God bless you! Sincerely, Peg Gentle

  • Renee Bloomfield says:

    My pastor we had when covid started and now even our new pastor … believe you n this covid n vaccine and all this mess ….and encouraging everyone to take the jab!! Plus they are for Trump and don’t believe what is going on in the world ….so I can’t count on my church to teach people about the mark of the beast and they won’t talk folks out of taking the shot …it’s crazy …this is some of the main reasons I haven’t gone back to this church !!!

  • APRIL Hook says:

    I love Simon, he’s a gentle, kind soul. Amazing human who cares about humanity. Thank you so much for continuing to have him on. He’s up there with Gen Flynn and Lin Wood to me…my favorite Patriots.

  • Terri J Hill says:

    What do you think about the 4 suicides from Jan 6th officers. That is insane.

  • Jason S says:

    DOUG – you do a good job w/ good guests like Seth Keshel & George P & Genl’s Flynn & McInerney. But when a knucklehead like Simon Parkes makes a statement like “needles are engraved with the number 666” then you have to, for you own personal integrity and that of your show, stop him dead cold & say “…give me a freakin break.”
    Come on, man….

  • Kimberly Worrell says:

    I really enjoy your shows! You and your show are AWESOME and I am grateful that you are on the “Right Side” both Godly and a Patriot! We are thankful to have great shows that help us through these trying times! Prayers and blessings for you and your continue hard work, service, and voice during this silent war we are hopefully and prayerfully coming to the end of and winning! God bless and thanks again!
    Would love to get signed up for your email too! I am on my cell and have a

  • Marianne Doucette says:

    No audio on any video today.

  • Evelyn says:

    Thank you for another Chat with Simon. I have been listening to him for over 7 years, he is genuine and brought much hope in these times especially. I joined his cc group last fall and im excited ( and somewhat antsy) for the positive changes ahead of humanity. God bless you all and thanks again for the show.

  • Richard says:

    Why does the US military tolerate Chinese troops in British Columbia, Canada, and in Mexico?

  • David Brandt says:

    So you seemed to indicate that the Book of Revelation won’t come to pass if the current fight is done right. Do you mean for forever or for now? If you are saying forever, that would make GOD a liar.

  • Amada says:

    St. Michael the Archangel,
    Defend us in battle.
    Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil.
    May God rebuke him, we humbly pray,
    And do thou O Prince of the Heavenly Host
    By the power of God
    Cast into Hell
    Satan and all evil spirits
    Who prowl about the world
    Seeking the ruin of souls.

    St. Michael the Archangel, pray for us!

  • Sue Miley says:

    Doug, please comment on Maria Zack. When she was on your show last, June 22nd I believe, you stated she will be on more frequently & we we haven’t seen her since. Please respond if only to say she’s safe🙏🏻🙏🏻😘

  • Catherine Zimmerman says:

    Doug you are a inspiration to all who have ears to hear the truth.
    God is guiding you just remember we are saved by a wonderful merciful savior Our Lord Jesus Christ! He will guide all your ways
    in these most trying times. Just as he led you to your relationship with Simon Parks he will led you to victory over all obstacles because you stand for truth. God bless!

  • Daniela says:

    It was absolutely very great and lifted video. Thank you Simon and Doug!!!

  • Carol Howland says:

    Wonderful show. So glad to hear Simon indicate that our situation in the United States is looking better. I have been feeling so discouraged lately. Very happy to hear that Simon will be coming to Florida soon. We have been waiting to hear that all year. C. Howland in Florida

  • Brenda Gouldrup says:

    This was the most awesome video lately because of the hope that we have to look forward to. I have kept the faith about all that was told and I will keep having the faith. Simon you are one of Gods Angels and like they say that God has chosen Trump well God has chosen you for what you are doing. Anyone that is doing what you Doug and Simon are doing are the ones who have been chosen. I’m not sure if the is going to be read but just incase it is. I live in Florida also and I have always watched Simons videos since all the bad has been happening. I got really involved and have done a lot of research on topics to make sure it was real. I remember when Simon saying that he needs volunteers to help with the CC and I would love more then anything to be a volunteer. I have an incredible background with never of no wrong doings. My daughter is a nurse in the pediatric unite also. We love children and we would love to help with anything that would save these children that have been abused in the sense of you know what I’m talking about. So please if there is anything I can do to help I would love more then anything to be involved. My husband was a police officer and he was out out of work medically in 2016. We were living in NC close to the Outer Banks and when the drs put him out of work we sold our house and moved to Florida where my daughter and her family are. My husband was only 51 yrs old and I believe he has taken me on this journey for a reason. We adopted a child when he was a baby and now I am raising him myself. His name is Austin and he is now 12 yrs old and let me tell you that God has blessed this boy with the talent of music. He has never had lessons and he plays drums, guitar and learns his music by listening to the songs. I have had musicians tell me that he was given a gift by God… Anyways I just wanted to give you a little insight of our life. But please take into consideration of letting me know of any help I can do. Thank you both Doug and Simon for all that your doing for our country 🥰

    P.S. my email is almost like my last name I switched the “ u “ to “o” at the end of my last name.. So please don’t think it’s a typo 😊

  • Cynthia Silk says:

    Thank you Doug Billings for your informative interview with Simon Parkes!

  • Randi Charron says:

    I always love your show, Doug, and love it when you have Simon Parkes on as a guest. I would like to know more about the vaccine; (the mark of the beast) and if those who have received it, can be saved?

  • Tom Stengel says:

    Love to hear Doug and Simon. I want to believe what they say

  • Simon Diep says:

    Hello Doug , I am Simon currently living in cyprus love ur show a huge fan. I have a question which I guess I can’t get a clear answer too anywhere or from any true patriotic source and that is : what will happen to everyone vaccinated? The way its being talked about it sounds like everyone that has received this so called devils Jab is going to die or ? would love ur opinion and even Simon Parkes opinion on this especially since President Trump had said its safe several times which I know for a fact he wouldn’t say if it would kill us …I am a huge supporter of President Trump like u can’t even imagine. Really hope I can get an answer on this maybe during ur next show with Simon Parkes and thank u for everything keep up the Good and amazing work you are doing I support u all the way. Stay safe and God Bless

  • Gail Broekhuizen says:

    Wow!!! I so needed to hear this. What an excellent show! Thank you Doug and Simon. Prayers for my husband who received the jab back in April. He was admitted to the hospital this past Saturday with Atrial Fibrillation, Pneumonia and COVID. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🕊🕊🕊❤️❤️❤️ He listens to you guys all of the time.

  • L. Weir says:

    What are your thoughts about the possible mandatory vaccine for active duty military?

  • Steve says:

    I think that Simon does mean well, but… he is not a follower of Jesus, he can’t be because he is so ecumenical.
    1 Timothy 2:5,6 “For there is one God, and one mediator between God and mankind, the man Christ Jesus; who gave himself as a ransom for all, the testimony given in due time.”

  • Ballbeerfish says:


  • John Christophel says:

    I am a pastor, and I am trying to help prepare my congregation for what is coming. I try to do research for real truth to share. I know many in this movement are urging patience. We are trying to do so. I pray for all of those who are fighting the fight. God Bless!

  • Randall Roop says:

    God bless you Doug, that was a great message at the end !!!



  • Gareth Mordue says:

    Love you show

  • SANDRA says:

    The Georgia Guidestones, erected in the state of Georgia in the 70’s said the worlds population would be reduced to 350 million. Their plan has been in plain sight for decades. LUCIFER IS REAL…..Master Deceiver has half the world convinced he doesn’t even exist. There are millions of Satanists in the world. Pedophilia and child sacrifice has been going on since the days of the offerings of children to Moloch. Pedophilia is rampant in the upper echelon of society in every country. You can not be a 33 degree mason without being a participant in PURE evil.
    Yes, we are in a war between good and evil and live in the days of the final adjudication of the Lucifer rebellion. CHRIST WINS !

  • Edelmira Gonzalez says:

    Great information, looking forward to hear more.

  • Debbie Hall says:

    The mark of the beast is not the vaccine. God doesn’t lie. Sooner or later Revelations will come to pass. Be careful what you are promoting.

  • Frank De Deken says:

    Thankxs from Belgium!

  • Derinda Tynan says:

    love Simon & appreciate any broadcasts w/him.


  • Mary Parkin says:

    Simon how are you getting into the U S when you dont believe in the vax as we dont .Do you see an end to this hoax ,or do you have a special dispensation to get onto a plane .Pray tell

  • BRET KEPPLER says:


  • Lorraine Kuno says:

    Lorraine you Doug and Simon Parkes is a very intelligent man , I go to Simon as my source, I am also a member of Connecting Consciousness 🙌❤🙌

  • Lu says:

    Do you know that Simon Parks is affiliated with the people putting up Starlink that is raining radiation across the planet and destroying it ? Who is serving the devil? He has gotten his seat at the table.

    Ask him about Five Gee and the destructive use of microwave radiation to control the planet and us. Monsters. They are monsters. Charlie Ward is the face of microwave radiation control of the financial system and Simon Parks is the face of the Med Beds that will collect DNA information for microwave radiation mind and medical control. In their lust for power and control they have failed to question who they serve. They have helped bring the nightmare upon us. ASK HIM!

  • Marisol Joy says:

    Thank You for share this conversation with Simon Parks, I was desperate for hear about you two 😍😍 Doug You bring so much hope In this moments. God bless You and protect you ❤️ So you can continue with this grand labor. I send You blessings from México 🇲🇽 ❤️

  • Olga says:

    Doug, thank you. I found this conversation excepcional. You both breathed and transmitted OPTIMISM. It’s contagious, after so many mayor negative events surrounding us all over world.
    (a Venezuelan in Spain… for the moment) I was specially touched and share the last part of your show were you share with us your most-inner feelings. Like you said… I feel GOD hands have put us all together. GBY . We are fighting along your side to DEFEAT the evil.

  • Don T. Worcester says:

    Simon needs a better microphone, very muffled

  • Lorraine Kuno says:

    Doug and Simon Parkes is a very intelligent man , I go to Simon as my source, I am also a member of Connecting Consciousness 🙌❤🙌

  • Suzy says:

    Great as always. More discussion and information on the Simon’s Consciousness groups in the US, please. I have signed up and know there is a large group here in Phoenix but have not been contacted and not sure how to contact them. Thanks for all you do.

  • Frieke says:

    In Austria there are Catholic priests who support vaccination ahead of their preachings…..awful!

  • Mystery of Nature says:

    Peace be with YOU Doug
    Thank you for your work

  • JoAnn Fahrenwald says:

    While we may have a window of time and opportunity to once again share the gospel of Jesus Christ, and a period where people will see their need for salvation through the Name of Jesus Christ, God’s Word is eternal and the book of revelation WILL come to pass, God is not man that He would lie.

  • Mary Cason says:

    Doug, I am a member on Connecting Consciousness and I am humbled to be one! I look so forward to the day that I am able to meet Simone myself! I am a Patriot and also a very awakened American! This particular show really touched me, we are coming to a TURNING point and RELATIONSHIPS are going to be like never before! I am getting chills while writing this! I am praying boldly and asking God how he would like to use me in the MOVEMENT! I have a voice, I love to talk and I have INCREDIBLE humility and love for this universe and others! All the Glory always to God. I would love to chat and meet with you too. Thank you for all that you do.

    God’s blessings,

    Mary Cason

  • Vstil says:

    You know, I enjoy and look forward to Doug’s show but the traditional interruption of the ADHD advertising technique and then the calling out of “the right side with Doug Billings’ every couple of minutes makes me feel like I’m watching mainstream media. I turned off my tv and cut my cable for a reason…this technique is one of them. Love ya Doug but I don’t visit with you often for this reason. Maybe you can rethink the box and change your format along with the rest of us.

  • Lynne says:

    if you visit simon in florida, doug, will you fly commercial? how much will you put up with? 🙂 thank you both for this good news! i have seen several reveals on mainstream in the past few weeks and simon is backing this up! more optimistic than ever!

  • Lisa j crosland says:

    I wish there was a more for sure direction for America, that is the good for America. Biden and his administration suck. All of this stresses me out. U talk of relationships, well my boyfriend is pissy alot. Sometimes I think he needs an exorcism.

  • Scott Farrow says:

    I wish the people in Canada would wake up. Most are really sleepy up here. We have a really hard time waking people up because they aren’t seeing things on the Main stream or they don’t watch the news or don’t watch the news from the US. The main come back I get is If it doesn’t effect me I don’t care and I just want to get back to normal so I will comply. You can give them links to the truth and they won’t even look at them. I feel bad for these people as they will be getting a huge shock when the truth comes out. I have been down the Rabbit Hole for about 40 years so can see the corruption very easily. I started watching Simon and Charlie way back in January 2021 and then shortly after that Doug and Mel and everything they were saying resonated with what I have been following for years.
    No one is mentioning Romana Didulo but yet a lot are following her. 35000 followers. I don’t believe she is the Queen of Canada but find it very interesting that so many are following her. None of the truthers since Charlie mentioned her in one of his videos have talked about her so that leads me to believe that she is not legit but at least she is making some waves. And now Trudeau is pushing for mail in voting. We know how that will work.
    Just wanted to thank everyone for all the hard work and research they have been doing and giving me a piece of mind that what I have been seeing and saying for years is actually the TRUTH. The Truth will always win.
    God bless you all
    Thank You
    Scott Farrow
    Ontario Canada

  • Colleen COLLEEN Gilmartin says:

    AMAZING VIDEO!!!! Always love Simon but this was was over the top wonderful!

  • April Myers says:

    Oh no, Simon, there isn’t a snowball’s chance that Revelation won’t play out. Don’t even dream it. I think Trump will come back for a time and people will rejoice a lot, but the Bible is not up for changing. It isn’t up to the people to decide much except their own decision to accept Jesus Christ as a sacrifice for all one’s own sins. Only by being forgiven in God’s eyes through accepting Jesus blood to cleanse one of sins, will people have the ultimate assurance that is needed. The power of the people is a myth. It is the power of the Lord that matters. Not faith in the people. That said I do know God is using Trump and others for good, but the ultimate end will not deviate from Scripture.

    Love you Simon!

  • Marcy says:

    Wonderful interview. Simon is such a mellow laid back man who always calms me down with what he has to say. Both Doug and Simon make a good pair. I hope they do get to see each other in Florida. I look forward to that. One thing I would like you to address Doug, with Simon or other truthers out there is Roman Didulo. She has come forward as the self proclaimed Queen of Canada and at this moment has 35,000 followers on telegram. This woman sounds more like a dictator than any good leader. Charlie Ward was the first to mention her when he posted her video on his insiders club, then, the video disappeared. Not one single truther out there has mentioned her since. I do not believe she is a white hat. I think she has gone rogue. Here are a few of her dictator type statements. People will not be allowed to get married until age 24. People who cross her will end up with bullets to the head. I could go on and on about this but i won’t. I just want confirmation that this woman is not who she says she is. This is her “signature” line in all of her posts: HRH Romana Didulo,
    Head of State and Commander-in-Chief,
    Head of Government of Canada,
    Queen of Canada/President of Canada
    Again, I want someone to confirm a yes or no answer. Is this woman legitimate with the white hats. Yes or No.


    General Gerber, Commandant of the USMC is currently the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs.

  • JS says:

    I learn a great deal from your intelligent interview and am encouraged. Please keep doing what you do – telling the truth. People are educated by your interview. We shall have victory at the end. God wins and we win as well.

  • Suzanne Holcombe says:

    Two of my favorite people. This was a great interview. We will win because we love one another as people of God. We love our country. And Doug, seek ye first the kingdom of Heaven and all these things will be added unto you. Only HIS will.

  • Mary Parkin says:

    This for Simon i know you are like us and do Not want the vax ,so how are you getting onto a plane to the U S in a couple of weeks time without the jab and the unbelievable cost of the p c r test £250 per person to go and coming back £ 150 morePray tell .as we have noticed ,many of your followers ,you Never speak about Cov. or the Vax on any of your podcasts with charlie ward etc .Millions of your followers would like to know

  • Syd Chaden says:

    Great show!
    Thank you Doug, for asking Simon the right questions, and thank you, Simon, for answering them.
    I’m delighted to hear that Milley is, in fact, no longer the Chairman. I’d be even more delighted, if he was retired.
    Certainly, the Joint Chiefs of Staff should not sit by and permit the forced vaccination and Wokeness of our Military.
    And, Texas should file a suit against the Biden Administration for violation of State’s Rights. Would such a suit enable Discovery that would permit requiring access to communications between the DOJ and the Drug Cartels?
    Simon’s description of the weak-minded people who serve Satan could be summed up in one word, “Progressives”.
    God Bless Simon and Doug, and President Trump, and all Patriotic citizens of the USA, ONE NATION, UNDER GOD.

  • Tracy Lucca says:

    I made two an independent films about our current state of affairs. I hope some of you can take the time to watch. Thank you.
    Dark State and The Finders. You can see them both on Amazon.

  • Jeannie J LeFrancois says:

    My opinion is If you want to be seen as a Christian did not go to the brothal of Pompeii so why are you going to Las Vegas. If character matters, if ethics matter, if appearance matters then don’t go there for a conference.

  • john schweers says:

    This is fine to hear from people who do not stare at their intestines all day. But someone in the Republican Party has to step up and have the “balls” (could be a female or male) to fight for truth without fear of “retribution” from the “snake media”regarding: Nov 3, 2020, the Jan 6, 2021 “event” partially orchestrated by the intelligence agencies and Nancy Pelosi, and the “CCP virus” event and management.

    We keep hearing about “change” happening…first in January, then Feb, then…well you should know the rest of the calendar even if you attended gov schools.

  • Penny Williams says:

    Enjoyed watching Aug chat. Thank you both for being there for us.

  • Linda says:

    Hi Doug’
    Really enjoy your show its refreshing to have a spiritual venue re what’s going on in the world. I do want to make a comment tho about antichrist, it is going to come down to the matter of worship, God’s way or the devils way. God asked us to remember Him and his creative power by resting on the sabbath day. The mark of the beast is in your forehead and in your hand, bible uses a lot of symbolism as you know, forehead represents your mind- aka (choices) hand represents action, aka what you do. There will come a time when we have to choose whether to obey God’s or Man’s law. Just wanted to clarify what the Bible says.

  • Thomas Hensgens says:

    Coming from Rainy England, Simon is going to go bat-S***t crazy over the Florida weather unless he rides through a major hurricane or something. He will not want to leave once he has spent 3 weeks there. Just breathing that salt gulf air will make him feel better the first day. I am so happy for him. I know he will have a great time there. Not to mention the great seafood he will experience there.

  • Eli Tyl says:

    Unable to get audio on this video. Have tried all sites…bitchute, rumble, RSBN, simon’s page

  • Eiien Picket says:

    Dear Doug, watched your interview with Simon Parkes and yes, he is a nice man. However, his belief in moving into the fifth dimension from the fourth dimension is new age thinking which is unBiblical. Then today he takes about revelation and that what we are about to witness or experience will be different from the Bible story!! Has someone given him the authority to rewrite the Bible? There is a warning that you should neither take away or add to the Word if God. It is a finished revelation. Also if you read the book of Job, God gives Satan permission to beset Job. God is in control and that includes even evil, because He is omnipotent. His ways are above our ways. So I would be a bit leery in believing or buying into what Simon Parkes has to say as having any legitimacy.

  • Randall J Card says:

    How do we do better than the Bible? I’ve followed you both for several months…but this rubbed me wrong. I am a huge fan, but I’m confused how we can out play Revelations.

  • Ise says:

    Hi Doug,

    Thanks for your inspiring show with Simon Parkes. These days hope is very precious in these dark times .

  • Kathy Mayer says:

    Simon is SOOO full of crap! There is no way US Intelligence is giving him info. Also, he says his mother is a space alien. Liar

  • Bengt Arnesson says:

    Hello Doug, from patriots in sweden.

    We love you and your show and we love also Simon Parkes.

    We have during 20 years designed the end time payment and transaction platform based on gold, released to all countries for all Christians.

    We also started a humanitarian organisation named Global Mercy Operation (GMO) in 160 countries.

    I have tried to reach Simon Parkes to discuss a Co Operation between our organisation GMO and his CC.

  • steve says:

    YOU LOST. How is Simon 9 ft green alien mom doing?

  • Robin B says:

    If you look at these people coming in – they are very well dressed and well fed. Our own poor are MUCH worse off. These people will be taking away from our own poor who need these resources.

  • P at says:

    The Catholic Church in England and Ireland are promoting the vax. Our local priest said it was our moral duty to get the jab.

  • Jessica stanton says:

    I am sad for whatever transpired with you and the lady you proposed to. You deserve to be happy. Do try to hard. If she can’t see how important that was to be asked to marry in a general Flynn event, than maybe she isn’t the one. Thank you for all you do. Keep strong. You are hope for us all.

  • Elizabeth Dick says:

    Doug –
    Always get uplifting news from Simon. Some of your listeners and myself included are concerned for Maria Zack. She and her team uncovered some very intense and dangerous information, most especially about Obama. If possible, can you let us know if she is safe!
    In other concerns, it would seem that the time has come that we have proof of the stolen election, with the forensic audits, with thousands of affidavits proving without doubt that Biden IS NOT the President. When is something going to be done? If foreign troops start moving toward our borders, do you feel that it may be time for our military to move in? I believe that many of our Patriots would be behind military intervention!
    Thanks Doug – bless you and your family and lovely Tara. Please let us know about Maria Zack
    Thanks – Liz

  • Fritzy says:

    Really…who is this guy. He is someone who thinks he has inside information or is special in some kind of way. Give me a break. Bring real guests on. Tired of seeing good people fall for BS. or seeing Parkes repeat what is already out there. You are better than this Doug!

  • Renee Scheuerlein says:

    The vaccine isn’t the mark of the beast. No one can be tricked into receiving the mark of the beast.

  • Ricky Ricardo says:

    This guy is pysc ops a fake seer. None of his predictions come true.
    So sad for you Doug..

  • Ricky Ricardo says:

    This guy is pysc ops a fake seer. None of his predictions come true.
    He is well known as fake

  • chris gibson says:

    Why can’t you guys see that this “Great Awakening” you keep referring to is just the next step in the Problem Reaction Solution process. This is not some organic movement, it’s complete manipulation…It’s supposed to happen…it’s been planned that way. We’re being prepared for the antichrist to appear on the scene, not as some evil, horned monster, but as a hero, or savior, who will rescue the world from the dark “satanic” new world order chaos that is still to come. It’s a set-up. This is the great deception, or at least one of them. I think there will be many. You cannot frame someone as a savior unless there’s something for him to save you from. Cue the Covid pandemic, the great re-set and all the threatening scenarios already seen and those not yet realized, because the darker and scarier it gets, the more heroic the false savior looks and the more people are going to be deceived into thinking he’s the real thing.

  • BobH says:

    Looking forward to seeing you crack open that bottle Doug. I think it will be missed on screen, but at least its consumption will be for the best cause ever.

  • Keith Wilburn says:

    Can we not go to the border and stop it our selves , or would they just throw us in jail!

  • Vallerie Farmer says:

    Thank you Doug and Simon. Wow Simon and Florida! I Pray for safe travels and accomplished meetings. We are so fortunate to have you Simon.
    God bless you both awesome warriors.

  • Madeleine McAveney says:

    Doug, so many thanks for bringing the truth to us through your informed guests as well as your own insights. Having found you, Simon, Charlie and Mel has made this nightmare easier to ‘swallow’ because we know it will end, the truth be told and the evil destroyed. Sometimes we personally suffer during these trying times yet God gave us the tools to cope, just as long as we bother to look inside ourselves and bring them to the forefront. So look inside yourself my friend, for you too have those tools, and to put them to good use. There is a lot of goodness in you…just let it come through…

  • LC says:

    Simon’s one of the few people that I trust. I’ve seen thousands of posts during my research. Simon and Lin Wood are the main two that I listen to.

  • Tom says:

    On the Aug 5, 2021 show w Simon Parkes: I was disappointed w the lack of beef. Where’s the beef?
    All I heard is Simon is such a great guy, I will gladly visit you in Florida, etc. No beef. No questions to Simon about what is happening w our military to counteract the DS, no question on Simon’s insight into what the DS has planned for us and how we should react in the US. Just I am so happy for Simon’s friendship and I can’t wait to see you soon in Florida. Where’s the beef?
    A wasted hour, a wasted show, a lack of probitive questions, a big disappointment.
    Btw, Have fun w Simon in his hotel room in Florida. We don’t want to hear about it …

  • Steve says:

    Hi, when Simon said (in other words) that he believed that God would change his Word by bypassing Armageddon, You Lost Me! HELLO?

    Who are you? Please spend some time on that.

    Don’t accept everything Simon says for Gospel. I like him too, but the more I have seen him speak I don’t believe he knows The REAL Jesus, The Christ.

    I honestly don’t believe he studied or understands Scripture. Please do NOT worship him and accept everything he says just because he helped you gain traction in your endeavors/career.

    You are a PASTOR. Be not deceived!

    Please listen… I Do Not Write Everyone… actually I have RARELY, very rarely, wrote anybody in the THOUSANDS of videos of Christian speakers I have watched. You may only be the second.

    I believe my contacting you is God Led and hope you hear this in your SPIRIT. You are accountable to your flock. Your flock is many, like ME, that you have NEVER MET!

    God BLESS YOU, BROTHER… I Pray That God Takes The Scales Off Your Eyes! Simon is OFF BASE. Analyze what he says.

    Love in Christ,

  • Ted Brady says:

    I understand monitization of your channel. Perhaps you can change the format. I detest advertising and I don’t believe I’m alone. Thank you for your patriotism. You’re a good man Doug.

  • Ed Tillyer says:

    Perhaps Simon Parkes has overlooked the fact that the majority of churches are fundamentally compromised by their dependence upon their charitable status. In Britain in particular this makes them answerable to the Charities Commission, a government agency which can perhaps revoke that status for any radical opposition to government policy. Many such churches also run subsidiary charitable works, all likewise duly registered. All these organisations have become at least partially dependent upon tax concessions, gift aid tax relief and other concessions on their buildings and assets, etc. Many employ salaried ministers and supporting workers. The government effectively has a financial gun to their heads and the recent lockdowns have enabled easy monitoring of their preaching during the Zoom services to which many have resorted. We’ve come a long way since a Puritan inspired rebellion ousted Queen Mary from the throne and not so long since ministers of many denominations were encouraging whole communities of young British men to offer their bodies as sacrifice in the killing fields of Flanders and France upon the false promise of being back home by Christmas 1914.

    I see Simon’s hope in the uniting of all religions in common purpose as ill founded, at least considering the fundamental Bible based Christian world view of the times in which we live. Many may hold an adverse view of him in light of certain Bible prophecies in that respect. It’s my personal hope that he has examined his position carefully in that light and according to that doctrine.

    I’m quite prepared to receive responses to this comment.

  • Ewa says:

    Such a pleasure to listen to you, guys, always! I’ve been following you from Poland where the crazy plandemia continues…How long yet..?

  • Francis an ex-idiot? says:

    This is really breaking in the news: Stew Peters has just recently interviewed someone that could reveal…

    That interviewee is Dr. Shiva. He slams Tucker and Trump as detrimental to our freedom under attack. It does remit what we thought was going on. If true, in other words, Trump is a traitor that conspired to launder censorship BY signing on CISA. Waiting, in his thought, this is our downfall to wait, either on Trump, MSM, Military, etc. In light of it, Q is just another narrative that will end to our own demise. CISA circumvent the first amendment. In other words, we already lost the first amendment by Trump signature.

    I am glad that surfaces, as it describes the possible author of the misery and suffering and pain… The people might turn also on the whitehats with the impassivity and secrecy and NDA’s and and and … It questions the real necessity of people that stand by and accept this inflicted waiting on our supposed benefactor leaders like Simon and many others.

    If they don’t move significantly out of the secrecy for all to see, and stay in thereof in truth in front of all, I guess we already lost, contrary to what they make you believe with Q, digital soldiers, patriots. Didn’t JFK warn about SECRECY? There you have it: Whitehats is all about secrecy.

  • DaveB says:

    In the U.S. all of our agencies and departments need to be audited. I believe every agent, employee and possibly contractor working at the federal level will all need to be revetted, and perhaps re-take their oaths. and maybe even revise the oath somewhat to ensure clarity towards following the Constitution to the letter without let or exception. that’s what I think needs to happen.

  • Mack MCKAY says:

    I would like to see more of the right side

  • Marjorie E. Hopkins says:

    According to information from this man who follows military planes, planes are going out of the country down south and bringing in people that way!!! Check out Monkey Werx

  • Allen Cook says:

    I hate to have to tell you this but Patrick King did not actually win his court case. Just watched a video on rumor mill news, where he himself says so, from earlier today.

  • Allen Cook says:

    Patrick King did not win his court case, just watched video of him saying so himself which was posted on rumor mill news earlier today.

  • Andre says:

    Hi Doug…Regarding Canada and what happened in Alberta court, the gov. just withdrew the case and cancelled the fine to this guy…so no case, no judgement was made…That was a fake news…and everything remains the same…
    Thank you for what you’re doing…Andre.

  • John Thomas Kelsey says:

    Doug: How is Maria Zack doing ? Do you know if she is ok? She has not been on in awhile, obviously. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • Thomas Restaino says:

    I cannot play your videos on my computer. Too much bandwidth for my internet.. Do you have a lower version?

  • Linda A Rusche says:

    I love Simon Parkes.

  • bold truth says:

    Sorry Simon. When the chapter of Revelation occurs, it will occur exactly as the bible says but i think it is true that we are at a crossroads. God may give us 2 Peter 3:9 or the rapture could occur and Tribulation begins.

  • Stephanie Tofield says:

    I’m confused. You’ve just praised a Canadian man for challenging in Supreme court the question “does Covid-19 exist” This was thrown out of court because there is no proof that Covid-19 exists.
    Then you say that some of the aliens entering the southern border have Co-vid-19. So, which is it…you agree that Covid-19 doesn’t exist or not?
    Thanks for your work. I appreciate what you do and get annoyed with incongruity.

  • Kristen Fields says:

    I like you two guys very much! Thank you both!

  • Phil Lloyd says:

    God Bless to you guys, you make us proud.. We Will prevail into the divine light 🙏🏻

  • Lynie Toussaint says:

    August 8, 2021

    I absolutely adore Simon and Doug. They both are such wonderful souls. God Bless both of to of my favorite people.

  • Elizabeth says:

    Love Simon! I’ve lost so many relationships during this insanity. I felt that they were bringing me down spiritually and I had to let them go. I have even prayed on these relationships. My understanding as to why this darkness w Biden and his corrupt administration is never ending is to wake those up who have no clue. Many good things are happening internationally. I believe many things are happening in the USA too but the main stream media is not reporting and Google and utoobe are censoring all conservatives. Gods truth is marching on!

  • Judith Sawyer says:

    when a politician’s popularity is in the 20% range and lower they get threats and sh ot at, so pelosi is in that stage now and has two metal detectors installed in congress, gov of NY and CA same way, four states getting space industry MI, CA, AZ, and TX, is that why northern CA is on fire get land for new industry? i remember fifteen or twenty years ago the gov military stored tons of C-Rations under ground in the major cities in most states, food storage for the troops and civilians i guess, no one says anything about that, maybe 100 years storage supply

  • Ruth Schumacher says:

    If someone loves you, they love you just the way you are! You can never become what someone else wants, and remain true to yourself. Your true self is what you need to love and that is what the right person will fall in love with. On the other side you need to accept and love your partner in the same way. A marriage is not a self-improvement project, although self-improvement is a natural part of life. You improve yourself because you like yourself better when you achieve your goals, not because your partner demanded it. Sometimes a friends suggestions do lead you to reevaluate yourself, but you change because you chose to.

  • Meegan Fixler says:

    Thank you Doug Billings and Simon Parkes! I always love listening to the positivity you both put out when you converse. God bless you both.

  • Kathleen Greville says:

    Hi Doug,
    I love your show especially when Simon Parkes is on.

    You mentioned Ireland,Canada and Australia being under tyrannical leadership,can you throw any light on the rumour that Canada has a new leader in Queen Romana Dildulo .

    She posts regularly on Telegram and states she has been approved by President Tump and the Military .

    Thank you again Doug for all the good work you are doing in keeping all us Patriots around the globe,well informed.

    You are the true epitome of a real Christian.

    Take care ❤️Love and best wishes from Scotland U.K. 🤝🤝🤝

    Kathleen Greville x

  • Martha Courville says:

    Thank you for all you do! Love seeing Simon on your show, he has such a calming spirit about the truth🙏🏻 More and more people are awakening to the truth and realizing, this is biblical! We already know, God wins.
    Your comments on relationships were eye opening, thank you for sharing what god has put on your heart to share! Lots of people need to hear that.

    God Bless you!

  • Bev P. in Texas says:

    Doug, thank you for everything you are doing. Thank you for speaking freely about the spiritual warfare we’re encountering. I’m glad that you continue to have Simon on your show. That’s how I found out about your program. Your statements at the end about relationships were very powerful and spoke directly into my situation. Many, many thanks. “The Lord bless you and keep you….”

  • Karen Sueetta Joyce says:

    Attended my first Collective Consciousness impromptu meeting in Kansas (metro KC area) yesterday with about 19 others. It was beyond energizing to connect with ones of like mind, same beliefs, willingness to help one another and other in every way. Have other friends interested in joining as well. God’s new army!

    Doug, used to hang out as a friend in KC of Rush Limbaugh some 40 years ago and glad to see you are picking up his voice for us too.

    Hopeful of one day meeting you, Simon Parks and our wife Rebecca, as the inspiration for so many of us moving forward in positive ways. Just so exciting to know that there are so many others of like mind as for too long have felt alone in this position of truth seeking and a desire to make changes for humanity. God bless America, God bless us all.

  • Morgan says:

    I would love knowing if the med beds will be able to reverse the effects of the jab? Thank you gentlemen so much for your bravery in speaking the truth

  • Dale summers says:

    The 666 mark cannot be given without permission. A person has to actually request the mark of thr beast,it cannot be hidden & placed upon 1 in secret. You have to willingly accept the mark of the beast. And from what i gather,it will become extremely hard to deny it. I guess when family are starving to death & other things so horrid,it would be hard,but just remember,once you accept it,you are dambed for eternity,the mark is the only thing i think that 1 will not be forgiven for. Once taken willingly,your soul is damned for eternity.

  • Terry Weinbender says:

    He lost the court case which was about a covid ticket he got. However, it is correct that the gov. could not provide the information proving a virus exists. They stated they don’t have the info! So even though the case wasn’t about proving the virus exists, it made it clear the whole thing is a scam and that gov. and others have committed crimes against humanity! The house of cards is about to fall. Other people will have to finish them off with this evidence of criminal acts world wide. Please stay saf
    e people, it’s nearly over!

  • Tamara E. says:

    I am a Connecting Consciousness member so glad you’ve found a career in journalism. You have a voice that reminds m of radio in the 70s I love your show

  • Patti Roberts says:

    How do you explain the uptake in Covid cases in the hospitals and more people are dying? I will not get the vaccine and I just wonder though when you say their is no virus what you mean?

    • Dbillingusr says:

      Hi Patti,
      First of all CoVid is not a big deal. In fact, it’s the biggest nothing burger in the history of hysteria. To date only approximately 61,000 people have died from it when it is the PRIMARY cause of death. Furthermore, unlessyou’re over 85 and/or medically fragile, you have a statistial 100% chance of survival. So, when we hear or read that “new cases of CoVid19 are on the uptake,” our response should be, “So what!?” It’s simply not true that CoVid is causinf more hospital census increases or deaths. Asthma, heart conditions, diabetes, obesity and extreme age are causing the deaths.
      God bless you.

  • David Webster says:

    Doug what is the deal? You are freaking advertising the enemy, The View is against us all liberal Satanist!! It is uncalled for, bad enough you slam us with these awful ads over and over. I barely can handle being here, I only am here too hear Simon reports. Turns out like usual not a lot of news that is positive. Our world is upside down and all we have to go on is Simon and a few others. Your place Doug among people like Simon, you offer nothing but ads!! Not fond of this at all I do not watch TV at all and your ads are worse then TV sorry.. Format blows!

  • Ursula Jahn says:

    Doug, I so much appreciate your shows, especially those with Simon – he is absolutely gorgious and his work is so much appriciated also – GOD BLESS YOU ALL – Love and Light from Bavaria, Germany – Ursula

    • Dbillingusr says:

      Hello Ursula,
      Thank you so much for the kind comment. I consider Simon a friend and I enjoy our conversations which are friendly and non-controversial.
      God bless you!
      Cheers to all of you in Bavaria, Germany!

  • Rhonda Marek says:

    Oh yes, we are awake and so ready for all this to be over. Keep up the good work. Right side news is the only news I listen to now. Love Simon.

  • Benny says:

    Basically all what Simom said in last 7 months did not happen. This works against the integrity of the show. On one side general Flynn on the other conspiracy lunatic like Simon.

  • Bug Dillings says:

    Doug – please weigh everything you hear from the likes of Simon Parkes or Charlie Ward very carefully. I’ve been studying their interviews for about a year now and nothing they’ve said has shown any proof of being authentic. I’m about 95% sure they’re all controlled disinformation. They may not know it yet, but I’m starting to believe that they’re not offering a dose of reality. Remember the old saying about hope just being a way to extend man’s misery.

  • Justin Swenson says:

    So where the hell is Simon Parkes now??? All of a sudden he has nothing to say about our country and the insanity that’s happening? All his intel, all his foresight? He used to have so much to say but after nothing he said has come true, he’s just MIA now. Just focusing on this connecting consciousness thing… Was it all a rouse to get this CC thing off the ground? Also kinda weird that he never allows comments or discourse on his videos. He just silences any and all talk on all his platforms/videos. Does anyone find this odd? It’s bullshit and this country is falling apart. Why do we continue to humor this guy…

  • Valerie says:

    We love Simon Parkes as he is such a calming, intelligent influence with a hope of light at the end of this long dark tunnel.

  • Rosie says:

    Love the important and truthful information. Thank you
    This current fashist government is leading us to so so much political unrest, division and false hood to those with there heads in the sand.

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