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  1. ken shea

    You all are talking about presidential election 2020.President trump signed an exectuvie order in 2018 stating that if there was interferance inside the country or outside which there was by 6 countries because our election was on the internet that election would be null and void but no one is talking that.If that would have happened trump would be president

  2. Eb

    No doug this attitude is heading in wrong direction!! Peiole at ground level CANT change whats happening or happened- Only way is a MASSIVE MILITARY MOVEMENT TO “END IT AND START ANEW” -BEFORE- THE NEXT ELECTION- THATS exactly what people are “WAITING”, HOPING, AND “BELEIVE” IS GOING TO HAPPEN— IF NOT, WE ALL KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN!!!!!

  3. Paul Dalton

    Yes Doug, you are the honorable Rush L. replacement and then some!! Press in as we need you at this time with no words to explain!! We see an extreme amount of common sense, get it done, Jesus is God, etc., etc., Your way of delivering in a short amt. of time with excellent results is priceless!!! God Bless you and your family! Yes, he shall return!! (we know who!) SOON!! Do not open the wine yet!! LOL LOL God Bless, Paul Dalton

  4. Ray Ray

    Love your interviews, Doug!!!! Simon Parkes is a fav for sure 😊

  5. Nancy Hicks

    GREAT interview!!!!! Thank you for the facts!!!

  6. James Chapman

    you are an exceptionally good resource=keep on !

  7. James Chapman

    you are an exceptionally good resource=keep on ! Like to see Charlie and Simon back on, can ya do that ?

  8. Cynthia A Einhellig

    Highly intelligent, fluent, knowledgeable and experienced is George Papadopolous. I totally understand why the deep state targeted him, to silence him and put him out of influencing and helping the American conservative people and leaders. What a man of faith and hope, and yet a prophet of what can come if we can’t put the deep state liberal agenda down. He should be speaking with all of the conservative newscasters and hosts. Have him back!

  9. Frances FOX

    I newspapers, and tv News must be honest or our country will be destroyed! If our citizens do not hear the truth, democracy will not work .

  10. Julie Philbrook

    Great interview as always.

  11. Chuck Arendas

    I live near Youngstown, Ohio. I wanted to tell you that China is buying up scrap yards all over Ohio. The few scrap yards that are still privatly owned told me that the goverment now has too many rules that they have to follow like turning in your name if you bring in aluminum siding or copper wiring or copper tubing or brass valves and the owners can’t find enough time to do all the regulations so they want to just sell their scrap yards and say the hell with it all. I’am telling you the truth, check it out

  12. Kay Holtzclaw

    Love the way you tell us the facts and your guest help us to understand what is going on. Thank you.

  13. Nicholas Cekinovich


    Very informative. I can see why you had this man on your show. A true, God-fearing patriot with a lot of good knowledge.

    Thank you for what you do.