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  1. Fred Spencer Taylor

    I live in Manhattan Beach, CA and walk about 2 miles a day….without a mask. I cross the street as necessary to avoid folks. Just today, a guy stopped short, put his mask on and bolted across the street.

    How many citizens are walking in unnecessary fear??

  2. Melanie Cruz

    God bless your work Doug 🥰

  3. Camille Bood

    what is so frustrating is that Gov. of Florida has set us free from wearing the masks and he made it a $5,000 fine if any business or school refuses us access, but everyone is still wearing masks. People say they are afraid of the mutant strains and that we can still get it again. The MSM sure did a good job brainwashing people. I knew from the start this was a fake pandemic. I am a person of faith and after praying about it, I just knew it was fake. I have had the so called Covid 19 and it was identical to when I have had the flu. Why are so many people still drinking the kool aid? WE ARE FREE IN FLORIDA…….but now there is no gas!!! LOL.

  4. Futures Trader

    I agree that conservatives must rise up, but the reason the election was stolen was because of the collusion of the GOP. The refused to fight for Trump or even examine the evidence. Rubio didn’t say a word until weeks after election day. It was only when thousands (including me) contacted his office and said, “No more donations” that made a few weak statements. They knew it would be stolen and had agreed to let it go.

    Cheap foreign labor, endless wars, and sweet deals with China are just too juicy for many Republicans. The Deep Swamp within the GOP won by losing.