Doug's latest interview with General Flynn, 7.23.2021

Doug’s latest interview with General Flynn, 7.23.2021


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30 replies on “Doug’s latest interview with General Flynn, 7.23.2021”

  • Jeremy says:

    So I really, really, really want to know from general Flynn what the military’s role in this is? Are they not supposed to protect our country and constitution from foreign and domestic terrorism? Was this mess not already proved by Mike Lindell and now the audits? At what point do they do something? Do they just sit by now as our country is dying? We’ve obviously been infiltrated from within and are at war. Has our military been overtaken as well from within? I guess so.

  • David Herder says:

    Looks like the interview was edited in a couple points, just as Gen Flynn was about to quote statements from Senator Fann’s hearing. That’s really too bad!! Eventually, these statements will be published somewhere… and I was hoping I’d catch an honest interview with Flynn.

    • Dbillingusr says:

      Good day, David,
      You’re incorrect. The interview was not edited. I assure you.
      Thanks for watching it. Glad to have you as a viewer. I don’t “edit” my interviews… You can count on that.
      God bless you.

  • Priscilla Stevens says:

    Sean Hannity did not say get the covid shot he said to consult with your doctors, and then make your decsion

  • Bob Halpin says:

    Why can’t these people be arrested for noncompliance and equipment confiscated?

  • Susan Ald says:

    Another wonderful interview. Doug Billings, you’re the best! General Flynn, lead on. Your actions and words are inspirational. God bless you both, God bless the USA 🙏❤️🙏

  • Madeleine McAveney says:

    I always love hearing from Mike Flynn. Doug, so many thanks for getting the truth out to us.

  • Sonya C. says:

    Thank you General Flynn for your dedication and service to our nation. Thank you for your insight, especially in regards CCP. We have enemies internally and externally, all patriots must stand up against what is going on in our nation before our beloved nation will be completely desteoyed.

  • Orlando Gonzalez says:

    I think that Ron Desantis blew it by getting in the controversy of the vaccine without any need. He is not a doctor or scientist so stay out of it!!!

  • Capelady822 says:

    Kayleigh McInerney is promoting these gene modification injections too… she and Hannity are both on FOX – so that may have something to do with their message though it doesn’t say much for their character!

    DeSantis too… it makes no sense.

    People are troubled by Trump talking about these “vaccines” but at least he has suggested it is optional and he has touted the various alternative treatments too.

  • Annette Reyes says:

    You should of asked him what happened to the july 4th suprise he promised NEVER HAPPENED ??? Hard to believe someone that lies 😢

  • Lidia Amariei says:

    Thank you for this Great information. I really appreciate this simple, honest news.

  • Steve Ely says:

    Doug…I am convinced that Michael Flynn is in the same class of warrior as George Patton, Omar Bradley, Curtis LeMay, and Douglas MacArthur. He would have been a great JCS Chairman. Please pass along to him my thanks for being so outspoken and honest. BTW, I’m a retired USAF Lt Col. Keep up the great work with your program!

  • Jakob says:

    General Flynn is a true American hero

  • Tracee Ann Sawyer says:

    Did Pres. Trump listen to you & Mr. Flynn talk about the shot? HE NEEDS TO. Its ok when he talks about his accomplishments with aiding the American People in trusting our Healthcare system to deliver and deliver THEY DID. But, not what DJT thought they delivered and they will blame him…they blame him for everything.


    Please ask Gen. Flynn or someone in the know: What point is it in voting if even after all we have seen and know about this last election there still isn’t any results in ousting Biden and his cronies. What hope do we have in our vote if even in the face of clear fraud happening we still end up with no way to remove fraudulent winners? If they keep telling us to get more involved what is the point when cheating has been canonized by the media, and Dems and RInos, what more are we supposed to do? Just a question from someone who has been giving up hope since January.

  • Sissy says:

    Doug, Thank you so much for bring the truth. You are right, I do do even more research on top of what you share. God Bless your journey.

  • Ron Tribbey says:

    Got you on my home page for sure

  • Randy Franks says:

    Love the show and honesty. Need to pull Flynn, Lin Wood, Sydney Powell and then anchor with Charlie and Simon.

  • Lisa Gonzalez says:

    Hi Doug,
    Just a quick note to say you truly give me hope and confidence that there are others out there that think exactly the way I do. Thank you so much for bringing us the truth. Thank you to all your guests who work so hard at uncovering the truth. When I’m feeling at wits end, I tune into your show. It’s very uplifting and factual. God bless you and thank you again.

  • gabriel says:

    The problem is that O’Biden’s DOJ is 100% on the side of the criminals. Ignoring the subpoenas? No problem Garland will take care of that. So just like crime on the streets. Crimes are rampant/no police. So General how do you deal with it to get the truth and consequences to happen?

  • Sandra says:

    God Bless You Both!! Thank you for your service to this great country. I know that you’re giving us all Americans the best information as possible.

  • David Herder says:

    Doug… C’mon, man!! There’s an OBVIOUS edit at the 4:36 mark in the video. You’ve edited out Gen Flynn’s quotation from a source.

  • Dave says:

    The killer shots must stop immediately.
    Anyone endorsing these gene therapy bioweapons is the enemy. Convid 19 was pattened 20 years ago.
    Dr martin knows.
    It has never been isolated..because it doesn’t exist.
    Sure fauci lied to Congress but blaming china is just a distraction..trump said he saved the world with the vaxx..not true.
    If a dummy like me can figure it out in the basement in Vancouver Canada then trump knows ..there are tens of thousands of people who have died worldwide.
    6uild 6back 6etter.
    Globalist agenda.
    Just like all wars..
    Bankers fund both sides and the military industrial complex makes a killing.
    Excuse the pun.

  • Michele says:

    Excellent interview, Doug. During my national security career, I had the privilege of working with Mike Flynn. He is a true patriot with a great love for our country and extensive knowledge of the military and intelligence. I feel like we just got an intelligence brief!