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  1. Elizabeth Dick

    Doug – Have you apologized to Maria Zack for throwing her under the bus? You call her your “”dear friend”? With friends like you, who needs enimies? I actually have communicated with her through Nations in Action. YOU have hurt her very deeply! And you have lost a lot of listeners! We used to trust you.

  2. Donna Maxwell

    Mr. Billings, please ask Gen. Flynn why he said “one religion, one nation under God and one religion, ” in a speech somewhere. Saw it today! Now I’m confused, sounds like the NWO to me. I thought he was on the right to side.

    • Dbillingusr

      Hi Donna,
      He didn’t say that. He said we should be one nation under God… Just as the Founders intended. He’s being taken out of context. He’s a Christian. I know this for a fact.
      No need to worry.
      God bless you.

  3. Jim Melop

    This show has become a complete embarrassment. It’s not even a show anymore, it’s an infomercial. Hawking weight loss products now?!? YIKES!! The only reason people ever watched this “show” was because of Simon and Maria!!

    • Dbillingusr

      Hi Jim,
      No worries. You’re free not to watch.
      48 mibutes of content and 12 minutes of sponsors… Not bad. Capitalism was created and inspired by God along with our Republic.
      Thanks for the comment.
      God bless you.

  4. Jana

    Is there anyone that can save our country? It needs to start in from the top down.
    . you have the backing of the people. The ones that rule the world need to be removed. Corporations and Tech need to be dissolved. The people can’t do it with out solid backing. It’s unfair to expect the people alone to fight this. It takes too long to do this legally….do they obey American laws? Are we even aloud to protect ourselves? This is an INVASION of our country. The Military needs to be involved worldwide.

  5. Paula Huse

    Dear Doug,
    I can’t find RIGHTSIDEHEALTH.US on the internet.

    • Dbillingusr

      Hi Paula,
      It’s there: Must be an issue with your computer or security settings. You can text your name to (816) 260-4589 and ask for info.
      God bless you.

  6. Marvin Clark

    General Flynn, I am a licensed attorney for 40 years. I spent 15 years researching these problems. And at the end of the day, I was FORCED to conclude, “There is NO NICE WAY to solve these problems. The enemy is too numerous and too deeply entrenched, and will NEVER LEAVE TOWN QUIETLY. The enemy will have to be DRAGGED OUT BY HIS HEELS.”

    Sir, you are a soldier and need to be one. This country will NEVER be secured unless Generals act like Generals and FORGET BEING NICE!

  7. David C Wilson

    Watching to hear Gen Flynn, but danm I cant stand Billings.

    • Dbillingusr

      Hi David,
      No worries. I wish you and your family a happy Thanksgiving. Glad you like General Flynn.
      God bless you.

  8. Monty Lines

    Where did we get with that Doug? At some point you are going to have to give up the punch line to conclude this agenda you good wealthy patriots are presenting. It can and will only go on so long.

  9. Michelle Lamont

    If you 2 really wanted to help you wouldn’t charge for it. You can give FREE info to help people instead of making a profit off of it. Her ingredients are not exclusive to her. Is she the only human that these ingredients are available to? I went from 255 to 175 in a year and a half by eating fruit veggies and meat. I quit eating junk food. That advise is free folks! God wouldn’t want you to make a profit off of people’s health. That’s what big pharma does. You’re no better! You just lost a viewer. You used General Flynn to get people to watch your profit pitch!

  10. Donna

    To General Flynn, why didn’t the FBI go to that persons home and ask him questions, like the poor mother? Thank you if you could answer. God Bless our country America. Donna B Oh and God Bless General Flynn for all that you and your family had to take in the past. It was my first time to vote in my life and I am 71 years old. I watched President Trump for awhile . And I voted for him in 2020. He won on November 3rd. I’m worried about a man called Miley running our military. Thank you again.

  11. Nancy Yount

    Nancy Yount
    I am interested in TheRightSideofHealth.
    I was not able to pull up the site.
    My only concern is. that I have severe food allergies, so a shake that has milk or other protein is something that I can’t do.
    You are welcome to call, text or email me. I am very interested.

    • Dbillingusr

      Hi Nancy,
      Go to for information.
      If that doesn’t work, text your name to (816)260-4589 and ask for info.
      God bless you.

  12. Gordon Sternberg

    I want to know what happened to Maria Zack! She was suppose to come back & talk about the French man the following week! Never seen anything about her or him. What has happened to her?

    • Dbillingusr

      You’ve got to keep up, Gordon. I did a show on that months ago. Go to and look through the video catalogue.

  13. Viki

    Please less of that health program. It reduces your personality / charactera . Use commen sense. Omit ‘I’ , your body health image nosense . Fast on bread and water to pray better. That is from God

  14. Troy

    Doug, you always say go to the commander’s Unfortunately it comes up as unsure if it’s legit. Soo confused? Really would like to get a painting but I’m getting when trying to find surely not the only one.

    • Dbillingusr

      Hi Troy, this is Dave…Doug’s Webmaster. Concerning it is indeed the same as Michael Marrone, (The Commander’s Artist) several years back began displaying his artwork on Twitter, and @therealmaddog58 was his handle there. He’s a good guy and friend of Doug and the show.

  15. Justin Swenson

    This show was so much better before Doug signed on to whatever this network deal is. This show is like a giant infomercial now. Also, all this “hope-ium” is getting tiring. Literally, nothing goes in our favor save for the recent Rittenhouse win. Very tiring…

  16. Christine Grassam

    After hearing what Kyle Rittenhouse said about Lin Wood on Tucker Carlson tonight (Monday the 22nd) and what he and the other original attorney (Pearce) did to him (leaving him incarcerated longer than what he should have been in for as there were funds raised to get him out) is deeply disturbing. Seems he had quite an agenda with Kyle being his pawn for his own agenda and fame. Never again will I give that individual any respect. He is no better than a liberal leftist. I would like to know how you feel and what your thoughts are on this situation and what he did.


    I would like information on Doug’s weight loss program, please — I cannot find it on the web!!