Doug’s latest interview with Sidney Powell

by Dbillingusrpublished on April 30, 2021

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  1. Lera Sheppeard

    I can not understand with all the proof of fraud in the 2020 election, proof of other countries interfering in the US election; why in the world has the military not acted. If our military has taken an oath to protect the constitution of the USA why are they not protecting the constitution? Why are they allowing this communist party and other countries to try and destroy our freedom and America?

  2. Kathy Faulk

    With all the proof of fraud and the involvement from other countries why is it taking so long to make this right. The American people are sinking deeper in debt and loosing hope in our country more everyday. When will this wrong be set right. I just hope we don’t get to a point of no return. My trust is in God but he has given us free will to make the right choices.

  3. Lee Good

    Dear Doug Billings:
    Great show and I must admit I am a relatively new listener.
    I have listened to many of your recent interviews.
    My question for you and your interviewees, — with all of the fraud evidence, which is VERY clear, does anyone have any evidence WHO is behind all of this?

    Thank you!


  4. buzzjoe

    The US Military has not been defending this country .. Their negligence is criminal!

  5. Carol Wood

    I concur with Lera Sheppeard wholeheartedly! Do we have an answer for that one? Otherwise we are screwed as there is no way out I’m afraid.

  6. Alberto Levy

    If the DOJ, intelligence federal agencies and MSM are part of the coup, how on earth do you believe the american people can win this third world war ?

  7. Sharon Ferdock

    Hi, I think all of us feel like we’re in a war
    of another third world country nightmare.
    I just wish it was so we could all wake up. Theirs more then one thing on my mind but I’ll just touch on this one. The talking about our military. Several of the things they have n are doing with them.

    Using them for the sole benif of advancing their parties agendas is in my eyes a crime. Watching the day n nightly displaying of our loved ones who are n should stay respected not used as their idea of part of manipulating skeems to try n embarrass them. Their displayed as photo opts for the lies they have tried to tell n show to cause people to think their display means our own US citizens of maybe 200 who did not come packing war type weapons, who did not all unite together planed our but a couple spray cans eye irritant ,flag poles, a couple sticks (at least one of them) was waving his towards a crowd of people who was filmed minutes before beaconing them to come in as he opened the doors n directed them all to a stairs (all while their Professional camera was not recording) That policeman appeared to be pretty happy.
    This same policeman once reached the stairs n composed himself he turned raised his stick/baton as if he was going to strike those same people who were acting as if they were after him charging up the stairs. After their proCamera guy being in sink with the officer paused the camera paused (as if practiced) the p officer had to then compose himself before the camera n capital policeman could continue every few steps everyone in accord crowd n p officer were very happy with their film of his heroism n the persistent mob like crowd. It looked quite professional like video leaving out all the laughter n pauses. There was a bright light that came on I noticed as the camera was going but I couldn’t tell where it was n who was taking them doing their video but it appears they were unaware of it because of the way their actions were. All this n thou it was not right what happened the policeman who shot the woman that was coming in the window that was not from the protesters. The other were from possible stroke n two others one looked caught in door idk other was not sure last I heard. I’m not making light of it but it doesn’t reach the level at all of what the mainstream media’s were trying to ramp it Up to be. Comparing their ideas of that needing now all the military n razor wire fences secured n all the added sight of added military n emergency service state n a slue if vehicle of huge top of the line medics enough to pack a pro ball team field n then some at times when no one is allowed to even enter as usual for decades. I heard Nancy’s request for army tanks at first was declined. To some this is terrifying. To some this is funny. To some this is an embarrassment acting out to demean those who have done these kind of things for real all over the world giving of their lives to save sometimes people they don’t know or may even not like them. But they help them anyway. For real.
    Our country has been told to fear n lock down mask up etc on countrywide. Mainstream media’s have for a yr + spoke of real deaths some fra virus but they seem very selective of who’s lives n livelihoods are worth even a mention as night after nite day after day states were being gutted by what they called peaceful protests despite unessesary murders of Innocent children, frail elderly, young reporters, some because of their differences of job color sex views on religion politics beliefs etc. But most just because got their heads bashed in while others watched, cars set on fire while occupied, businesses torched robed shot run over plus. In these same states these people if arrested were bailed out by those in charge of protecting them. They abused raped right proud of destroying another persons hard worked for living n legacy as they cried n begged for help police were told to stand down. The democrat states this went in all last yr plus while no help was called n no help was sent as the mayors n governors said those who tried to help n bring light for them were threatened forced to leave even their media’s showed a bias view n constantly said same that no rioting only peaceful protests were going on. One or two other media’s were showing n they were called liars.Only when a few top officials were endangered did they call for help as their own personal property.The others have guards. Even thou they protected their attackers. Easy to see how this party has as it appears to be an agenda.After P. Trump offered them our national guard number of times, just as he knowing there was a possibility of trouble that day P. T.Had it set before to have national Guard extra protection just in case. Apparently they were told they weren’t needed by the D.H.
    With any comparison n a lot of other truths n a mix of untruths n hidden facts not counting the trillions of dollars n lives n people being used unjustly that at this time is harming our Families freedoms n Futures as this continues to harm n separate us as half of our country is being told lies causing a real war possibility as each day goes by.Sorry so long but this just a tip of it all n our country can’t take much more. Nancy said we are being threatened from within. I agree but her finger is pointing in the wrong direction. God bless our country as we pray for eyes to be opened n understanding. Ty
    S. F.

  8. Kara petelle

    Thank you for all you do Doug Billings I watch your show all the time I pray everyday sometimes three four times a day. I’ve gotten involved in many ways trying to turn people the right side it’s not easy out there a lot of people are just so asleep but I will never give up God gave me the strength to keep doing this and I will keep doing it thank you for all you do.

    • Dbillingusr

      Hi Kara,
      Thank you for your support and prayers.
      God bless you.

  9. james shepard

    My Wife and I Thank You Doug for the great content.
    Sidney Powell is awesome and such a blessing. My wife and I thank her as well!!!


    Up to this point, it did not surprise me when Pence (JUDAS / Never had peace about him either), the Repubs (as a whole), SCOTUS, FBI, CIA and so on, stabbed our TRUE POTUS (Donald Trump) in the back after the fraud election. They ALL are Whores to the Enemy!! Then you had the WEAK, PATHETIC Christians like Franklin Graham (Globalist Pawn) that wanted to get everyone together to sing a song and get along. Which just like the “Christians” that have voted over the years for a party or person that stood for unrighteousness and ungodly laws like abortion, will have to answer to Our Father and will be held accountable.

    Do I trust them and what they are saying? I can only trust them to a certain level since trust is earned and not given. To this point, not very much of what they have said has happened to increase my level of trust for them.

    Now for Lin Wood, Sidney, Liddell and others like them, I DO TRUST THEM AND THEY ARE HEROES!!!!! They have proven themselves tremendously. As for Trump, YES I do trust him, completely and is a GOOD MAN AND A HEROE!!!!

    But whom I am GREATLY, GREATLY disappointed in is our US Military. Even with Father not calculated in, our Military has a legal obligation under oath to step in and shutdown the fraudulent / corrupt administration and gov offices/people that have stolen the country and are attempting to destroy the USA. The very minute that Biden took the oath, Military should have been there, ready to arrest the whole lot. BUT THEY STOOD DOWN!!!! VERY VERY SAD DAY!!!!!

    NOW, there is all the buzz about, “TRUMP 2024”. What a load of crap!!!!!! The enemy is getting away with a stolen election and has 3.5 years to bolster the rigged system and THEY control the Admin, Congress, Senate, SCOTUS, FBI and CIA!!!! WOW!!!! And people think that the enemy will just roll over and let Trump win, is someone on drugs????

    There are only 2 ways Trump gets back into office with other righteous men and women:

    A. Military steps up and does their JOB!!! Like the Myanmar Military did. Also chopping off the head of the globalist snake.
    B. Our Heavenly Father intervenes!!!!! (Father would use option A as a tool to push the enemy back, along with other tools and his power of course)

    If neither of the above happen, then the USA is done. Because there would never be fair elections again and the system of so corrupt, it can only be taken down for change to happen.

    Father spoke to me 2 days ago and said that the Globalist will be taken down like Goliath. They are standing and mocking Father and daring anyone to take them on.
    BUT GOD OUR FATHER, (I sensed) has brought forth a David that will slay Goliath with a sling and cut off its head. Then the Globalist Army will turn and run with the masses being slaughtered by our US Military. But not all. Just like with David.

    Is Donald J Trump, David? I sense in my spirit that he is. I Pray I am not wrong. BUT if I am wrong, Our David IS HERE NOW!!!!!
    Our present Army (US MILITARY) is standing in fear, just as the jewish army did. Once David conducts the slaughter and cuts off the head, the US Military will be encouraged and rise up to take out the vast majority of the enemy Globalist (but not all). They will be pushed back and will rise again to power after the rapture. Ushering in the Anti Christ.

    THEN, in 7 years, Our King returns to setup his throne and throw the enemy into the bottomless pit with his cohorts. Then we know what happens.

    I may be wrong!!! I may be 100% or 50% or 25% wrong, I do not know. BUT I KNOW WHAT I AM SENSING IN MY SPIRIT!!!!!!
    The Prophecies about the Lord intervening to take down the false administration and other elected officials, WILL HAPPEN!!!!!!!!
    When???? I do not know.

    Keep up the Great Work and God Bless You and Family!!!!

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  11. Cheryl Riege

    The interview with Sidney Powell was so uplifting. To hear her joyful laugh and to realize that her faith in the Lord is what keeps her going and gives her the strength and fortitude to pursue truth and justice was very encouraging. Only an interview by you Doug, could allow those of us that are still standing, hoping, and praying, to see and know the multiple dimensions of this warrior woman. I am so thankful for her and you and will continue to hold you both up in prayer.

  12. Jen

    Thank you Sydney for everything you do.

  13. Jo Ann Querio

    As you were talking to Sidney Powell if Trump is reinstated and Biden is the illegitimate (as I do believe he is not president) will all the damage Biden has done to our country by executive orders, and how congress has taken over to just run and pass so much to push Bidens agenda, or Obamas agenda as it looks, is everything overturned as well. So much damage has been done.
    This has been on my mind for a while.
    Thank you
    JoAnn Querio

  14. Sher

    Why don’t we do a recall with the supreme Court? I researched it. Please ask Sidney

  15. Claudia Andreoli

    Totally agree with this! We so need rule of law. And Trump is the only legal president!

  16. Tina Smith

    Love this show! Getting to the facts and letting us know that we need to get involved and have our voices heard starting with our local, state, and federal officials. Also I personally watched the election when I saw the numbers changed between 2:30 am and 3:00 am. It was happening when Bret Barr was talking about the update of results and who was in the lead especially saw it happening in Arizona, Michigan, and Wisconsin on national television the numbers changing. I couldn’t believe this was happening and even Bret Barr had to see it as well because he hesitated during the results coming in.

  17. Paul Mulcahey

    We love you, Sidney Powell! And will help with prayers and $$!

  18. Joyce A. Burton

    Great show ~~ Sidney Powell is my hero; a truly amazing woman and Patriot.

  19. Monty Erickson

    Why can’t people tell TRUTH, it’s so simple!

  20. Michelle Blake

    Doug, I know u know we battle not against whats physical but against the unseen force’s of darkness that’s lulled us 2 sleep n has brought us 2 this point!
    Therefore we must fight this on the Spiritual level were we’ll acknowledge within our selves we know nothing ….surrendering 2 the Holy Spirit’s POWER – in God we are mighty – Only He can pull down all strong holds n cast down our imagining’s – he’ll align every thought into the obedience of Christ’s mind…if from our hearts we pray 4 each its like we’re adding countless quivers w/limitless arrows 2 each of our brother’s/sister’s fighting this fight n we each need ask 4 God’s armor of protection 2 : )