Doug's Latest Interview with Simon Parkes. Our Differences and Unity

Doug’s Latest Interview with Simon Parkes. Our Differences and Unity


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111 replies on “Doug’s Latest Interview with Simon Parkes. Our Differences and Unity”

  • Melissa Hyde says:

    I am always happy to hear what Simon has to say. His very voice places me in a state of calmness.

  • Renate Kloefkorn says:

    You need to take a GOOD look at Biden and compare to older pictures. There are so many differences that it is obvious that it is not him who you see today. That is why so many people are still asleep to what is really going on because they do not think or research. And it’s also others that are not around anymore. But it will all come to light. So wake up people

  • Sheryl Alford says:

    This was nice to bring Simon Parker’s on your podcast. I agree that Patriots are like minded, but still hold different perspectives. If I read anyone bashing another Patriot…I step back and re-evaluate who is making such statements and what is their purpose for all the bashing…Especially when the one doing the bashing never provides a reason/s as to why they would make such a statement. Love sent to you from Pensacola, FL. If Simon Parker’s relocates to the USA, I would love to have him as my neighbor. God Bless you both and Thank you for all you do. WWG1WGA.

  • Mei says:

    Please continue to tell us the truth. I enjoy your interview. Simon and Doug make a good team.
    Whether you believe it or not, JFK jr is alive; Princess Diana is alive; the real Joe Biden was arrested and expired last year. The current Joe Biden is played by an actor, 3 actors all together playing Joe Biden. Nobody really knows the whole picture, except Q. Some white hats present the half truth, omitting intel, and misinformation just like the black hats. We have to discern so not to become disoriented and confused.
    Overall, your interview is in high quality, worthy to listen.

  • Nancy says:

    I agree with you Simon. I’m sure many voted for the donkey but, they ended up with the ass.

  • Kathleen Hudson says:

    Great show! Simon Parkes was my introduction into alternative media and I always enjoy him!

  • Winnie Hellebust-Ganidagli says:

    Thank U.
    What about S_wee_den in this?

  • SPChamb says:

    Biden is not in control and never has been – Biden is merely Obama’s puppet.

  • Lynne says:

    Your question, why does Biden keep doing what he is doing…e.g., Afghanistan…surely HE is not the one making unilateral decisions like that! He gets the credit (blame) for it, but he can’t just do something huge like that w/o a lot of behind the scenes planning/coaching from others. Why even ask what he is thinking? HE isn’t! Great conversation, byw. Keeping an eye out for tomorrow!

  • Frank Mize says:

    Thanks for getting together with Simon again. Like everyone else, it’s hard to know what to believe, and I whole heartedly agree with your approach. Alternately, I want to believe some of the things I hear Simon says, even though there is no proof. I have a feeling we will all know soon enough, so it really doesn’t matter. I’m in the wait and see group, hoping for the best. Stay the course, my friend!

  • Michael Casono says:

    Simon, the former driving instructor, alien shagger, and local socialist politician. What a shameless scammer he has become.

  • Lisa Fowler says:

    Thank you so much to Simon and Doug for being true Patriots! I always look forward to what Simon has to say as he is always so compassionate at what people are going through. The truth will always prevail! Thank you again to both of you. Lots of love!

  • Melanie Cruz says:

    Simon Parkes is one of the most gentlemanly and mature people I’ve ever heard.

  • Mary says:

    Doug, I seriously think that you really need to do your research where it concerns the facts surrounding JFK Jr.’s fake death!! Most of the Truther community believe the fact that he is still very much alive!! I think that the MAJORITY of your listeners, who tune into your broadcast when you are interviewing Simon Parkes, all believe that JFK Jr., jFK Senior ( until 2021), Marilyn Monroe, Princess Diana, Michael Jackson & Elvis Presley are all still very much alive!! You sound pretty silly whenever you say that you don’t believe that JFK Jr. is alive! I am very surprised that you still have this mindset, since you have been mingling with alot of the Truther Community during these past 2 years!!!🙄

    If you do a little more research into the current beliefs of the followers of the Truther Community, I think you would come to a different set of realizations about who is still alive & who isn’t!! I would then be more apt to follow your other broadcasts, besides the ones you do with Simon. Thank you for considering my suggestion!

  • Steve says:

    People who are questioning someone’s credibility are not doing so because they have a different opinion or they disagree with something as you stated. They question someone’s credibility because they make claims that don’t come to pass which some of your guests have done. And you agreed with some of what they said and now you don’t, with no explanation as to why. So what conclusion do you think wii be drawn. Also, it’s not intellectual immaturity, you go a little over board with that. I’m not intending to be critical just observing.

  • Christina Armas says:

    I like Simon I am on his site love him
    We are all children of God
    God bless America
    God bless President Trump and family

  • Nancy R. says:

    Is he still selling those Chinese USB sticks as protection against 5G? And how old is his alien child Zarka?

  • Melissa Smith says:

    Please stop apologizing for having him on your show. You do not owe anyone an explanation. Be proud of everyone you have on. If people don’t like it they can tune out. His fan base will watch

  • Lumeri says:

    You may want to listen to Cathy O’Brien about what lay under Reagan’s mask, Doug. You will not like what you find. The best that may be said is that perhaps he was conflicted within and not wholly given to darkness.
    How are our heroes fallen!
    Thank you. Peace and love from CC northern Ontario Canada and Taralend Nova Gaia Commune-Unity.

  • Brenda Martin says:

    Just curious when you will have Maria Zack back on your program.

  • Madeleine McAveney says:

    I just love it when Simon comes on the program. His gentle demeanor and Intel is always so welcomed. Doug, so glad you and Simon have become compatriots in your mission to spread the word and truth to us.

  • Layne Blanchard says:

    Doug let Simon down easy, and let him know that the airports are controlled by the Feds, and they’re still PRETENDING there’s a Federal Law REQUIRING Masks. It’s still Nazi town, even in FL. But once you’re past the brown shirts, rip the mask off. I don’t wear a mask anywhere. And no-one dares ask about it.

  • Renee says:

    I’d like to be honest and suggest you not worry so much about explaining your connection to Simon or try so hard to explain why you have him on your show. I found you because of Simon and trying to explain why you like him no matter what has been brought forth about his past, I think is no longer necessary. By now, people love and trust him or they don’t. Just be bold and own your relationship with him and let naysayers go ignored. I’m just suggesting you no longer have to justify why you have him, or anyone on your show. Keep up your determined patriotism – you are a voice of freedom and hope. PS: where is Maria? Be blessed Doug!

  • S B Joiner says:

    Why do you apologize for Simon, I follow him and believe him. I think that it is an insult to him for you to apologize.

  • Sherry says:

    I Love Simon and Becky! He has put his life on the line to help us all. I’m sure his government is keeping a close eye on him. It saddens me when people say things about his past. We All have a PAST! I believe the Bible when it says, “He who is not against me is for me”. God forgives and we must do the same to be forgiven or perish. Thank you Doug, you are truly the Best right now and I’m glad you bring Simon on your show! God Bless You.

  • diosdado rivera says:

    fighting to cure my depression and post anger, by viewing this news. cc please keep up the hard news we the few are receiving. In God We Trust.. OORAH!!

  • Chris Barnhart says:

    What ever happened to Maria Zack and the Frenchman?

  • Donita J Taylor says:

    I thought Simon + were supposed to be in the states by now?????

  • Harvey says:

    Those who create, control…….

    God created man
    Man created Government
    Government created Corporations and Laws
    Corporations created companies
    Laws created chaos


  • LaDonna says:

    Love when you bring Simon on your show!

  • Joseph-Gerard; DiSalvatore says:

    good program – hopefully things will start to move more quickly – just glad America still have guns –thanks-

  • Gaye Smith says:


  • J Brown says:

    I’ve been a regular follower of simon parked over the last year or more, I’m concerned to hear him say that ‘Britain’ does not have a constitution, technically he is correct, the British Union does not have a constitution, because it isn’t recognised as a country but a political union (like the EU). The English have a Constitution and the English Bill of Rights which the US constitution is based on. We certainly do not want the British Establishment rewriting their own Constitution and riding roughshod over the English.

  • Monica Benninghoff says:

    Thank you for having Simon Parker’s on your show again. He has such a calming energy about him that I find what he says is respectful and solid. He genuinely cares about people.

  • Trooper says:

    This is the second show I’ve seen where you focused on different views between you & your guests. Wish you’d just let them tell their thoughts. Naturally you don’t have to agree on everything, and guests have different sources of intel. Look at Biden from years back & compare side by side — not the same man.

  • Bill B. Wilson says:

    Has anything that Simon’s ever said come true? I remember he said Trump would be back in power by now. To me, he’s controlled opposition…purposefully disseminating false information, whether he knows it or not. I take everything Simon says with a HUGE grain of salt, but he’s entertaining as hell to listen to and follow. But nah…he doesn’t know anything of substance.

  • Quentin Holt, Deplorable Thought Criminal says:

    In ’55 I was living in Puerto Rico and so never noticed the advent of Elvis on the modern scene. He came into my conscousness in a big way in October of the following year when I was in Washington State and his “Ain’t Nothin’ But A Hound Dog” came out. He suddenly was the cottonpicking rage of the age, but I never understood why. To me he was then and is now just kind of silly. As for those teenaged airhead girls who worshipped him, they were even sillier.

  • Mary Eisvang says:

    Now is NOT time for divide and conquer. We love hearing from Simon. Thank you for having him on your show.

  • Steve D says:

    God Bless Doug and Simon. Excellent show today as always. I am passing this one along. Brillinatly on-point with the discussion of the Constitution and Bill of Rights impact on where we sit as a nation in the US regarding the power We the People really have in contrast, unfortunately, to so many countries around the world. Simon, as he stated in this episode (in the perspective of what all he knows that we don’t), along with so many others over the past month to two months, is correct stating that what is going on in this country with the border crisis that we, as a country, can’t go on like this any longer. It has been baffling to me, and I venture to say most of us, that we’re even in this debacle – the prolonged insanity at the southern border and coming up on 2 years dealing with Covid. What happened to “2 weeks to stop the spread”? I have to agree that without “living through it” the impact won’t be made and society will be at risk of repeating what led us here, but for those of us that are already of the mindset to not get us in this debacle it is a painful period of time while there is a smaller sector of society that still hasn’t “woken up” or “come to their senses”, and even more – some never will “wake up” or “come to their senses”. At what point do those directing things say “I think they’ve had enough of this now”?

  • Rande Christoferson says:

    Excellent interview, gentlemen. One suggestion from an audio production perspective, Simon needs a higher quality microphone so as to match the clarity of Doug’s microphone. Simon’s video camera is adequate, but the important thing here, is what is being said and thus Simon’s voice clarity should be of utmost concern for the benefit of his listening audience. Hopefully, Simon and his support staff agree. A microphone of a similar frequency response as that of Doug Billings, would make a discernable improvement, with the microphone needing to be closer to Simon’s mouth so as to limit room ambience. The brand of microphone is unimportant, as long as the quality, clarity, and frequency response are similar to Doug’s. I am also a CC member, so all of Simon’s Updates going forward, would be greatly enhanced by a microphone upgrade. Just a suggestion, but an important one, me thinks!

  • SimonLiesForALiving says:

    Simon has wrong about:
    Biden being made President
    Biden Arrested at Inauguration
    White Hats being in control (kids are about to be given the death jab)
    No mass alerts
    We need real info not mountains of lies and disinformation.
    Simon not helping anyone.

  • Andrea Warner says:

    Could anyone please tell me if anything Simon has said has actually come to pass? I am genuinely curious.

  • SREMEIKIS says:

    I love Simon Parkes. I found Simon to be very ethical and moral individual. He has a good heart and is striving to help many people across the world. I look forward to having Simon on your show.

  • Monica says:

    I think Simon Parkes believes that Biden is dead and that JFK jr is alive, and I agree with him. 😊 💖

  • Ken says:

    The movie Back to the Future time destination is 1955

  • Blue Wolf says:

    Sorry Mr. “Doug Billings”, but you should know better than that about “fake Biden”! Some actor, or just even at times, masked persons, played his role in front of cameras (some of them very poorly as a matter of fact!!) one might think they played badly on purpose! At other times CG were used on screens. Real Biden is dead! Those who put fake “Bidens” there are in trouble now aren’t they? Kamala is out too…Of course THEY can go on with the broken record by creating other “fakes over fakes”…And if Americans still do not realize what’s going on, then it’s over!

  • Russ Littler says:

    As a UK CC member, I can relate so much with the values espoused by both Simon and yourself, in particular the 2nd amendment, the constitution, reducing big brother government, and reclaiming traditional family values. Let’s get rid of the giant multi-national corporations, and get back to a nation of family run local business’s to keep the wealth within the community. Let’s get rid of centralized power, and hand it back to the counties at local level. We must regain control of our courts, our judiciary, our police, our education system, our Universities, and our civil service and intel agencies. They have gone rogue with no accountability, and it’s vital that we regain that control again. A free, prosperous people, are a happy people.

  • Shelbie says:

    I really don’t understand the context he set of this interview from the start. Starting off almost giving excuses as to why he had Simon on, making it clear that they have differing opinions and do t have to agree…I’ve never seen Doug introduce, let alone address a guest like this and I find it VERY strange. Why would he feel the need to spend the first 10+ minutes of the interview specifying this? Frankly, not to be rude, but I personally don’t care if you have differences in opinion. Who doesn’t? What concerns me is your making this statements & pressing the issue so. To me, it seems as if you’re speaking to/for someone else; to make sure that someone hears your explaining why you have this particular guest on, and making sure that that listener knows that you don’t agree with Simon, even though you’re having him on your show. Doesn’t give me a real trusting feeling.

    Personally, out of all the people I’ve watched, listen to and tracked the information they’ve given, I would say that Simon stands in a minority group; given he doesn’t insult others, he doesn’t criticize others, he always keeps a positive attitude & encourages others to do the same & to help others. As for the information he’s provided, unlike many out there who are “Patriots,” now many fighting amongst themselves like a bunch of dogs who are fighting for the biggest bone & most attention, Simon hasn’t spread false, unconfirmed information.

    In closing, as I hear you once again justify Simon’s presence on your channel before going to break, frankly, I’m more concerned with who you have at your back that you’re so concerned about justifying his presence, than I am about anything having to do with Simon. As a man of God, as you say you are, I find this push of justification quite concerning. Possibly, if you’re getting pressure applied, it’s time for you to reach out for help; rather than (possibly) succumbing to those who are corrupt & seek to control others.

    Said with love & concern only.

  • Tielle Tea says:

    In my experience, on social media around issues of patriotism or accurate medical information, those who attack personalities with out of context vitriol or dismissive and bullying viciousness are actually only trolls for higher. Regular folk are just not that nasty. The biggest tell is, those who circle round throwing darts do so if and when the information being presented reveals truth about what the criminal cabal wants to hide.

  • David Hans says:

    Thanks for having Simon on…I always check him out on his platform as well as others with like minds. It is past time for the American people to wake up. This has been and still is an attempt to take this country down from the inside. We have been infiltrated throughout the government and our judiciary. This is why it has to be the military. It’s a war! Not like what we’ve seen in the past with bullets, but it could come to that. I don’t like what I see going on right now with the military. Obama started it by getting rid of true patriot leaders, now they are purging the military through the vaccine mandate…which is not a mandate or a law. It’s unconstitutional and unlawful. But, I’m afraid that we can’t even count on the Supreme Court. I think they have been infiltrated as welll…maybe blackmailed. It has to be done by Americans standing up…and the military. But time is short. It must happen soon. And obviously won’t happen overnight. But we need something to occur to give the people some hope, a turn of events or a flipping of the narrative that even the mainstream media can’t ignore. I hope, I Trust and have faith that that moment is coming. The people are beginning to fight back and stand up and now we need to see something dramatic. Like maybe a big name indictment through the Durham investigation or some military move. But…this can not continue. Those that have not awakened yet…will probably never awaken…so the time has come. Let it be and come to pass! WWG1WGA!

  • diana M thompson says:

    Have you seen the news that now 4 bomb types of boxes have been found on barges on the Ohio River?

  • Adolfo Rios Pita Giurfa says:


  • Lee says:

    Simon is a kind man. I love listening to him and his positivity. He puts me in a state of peace, it’s exactly what the world needs. I have a love for him

  • Nicholas Cekinovich says:

    JFK Jr is long dead as is Princess Diana. The comments that these people are still alive is ludicrous. JoeBama OBiden is alive, but not well, and it’s obvious he is not running anything except his bumbling, blithering mouth when he is told to by his handlers and puppet masters.

  • Patty Jo Vickers says:

    Followed Simon since January 6. Look forward to you and Simon’s chats.

  • Rosy says:

    Have you lost weight Doug? Looking good! 🥰

  • Cheryl Zarns says:

    I love Simon Parkes. That’s my 2 cents. The negative commentors lack a degree of intelligence to appreciate Simon and his mission. God keep Doug and Simon safe.

  • Cathy says:

    I agree Doug, Simon is a good man and a patriot

  • Michael Murphy says:

    See how Simon Parkes tells false information, just like his friend Charley Ward. I can’t pick your friends, but it’s a shame you somewhat crucify Maria Zack french man and Simon says there is going to be a war on the border today. Well, lets see if you do the same thing to him. This kind of crap is why I stopped listening to him and ward. They are so full of it. You keep this up and you will see your numbers drop Doug. You say you need proof, so hold Simon to the same principle.

  • Dean says:

    Our conscience is our BS meter. If we live a decent life and seek the truth, our conscience becomes more and more in tune with the truth. When we hear BS we know it. While I’m nowhere near perfect, I try to live as good and decent a life as possible. I know BS when I hear it, and Simon Parkes does NOT speak BS. He speaks the truth. While I don’t believe that Joe Biden is dead and JFK Jr. is alive, Simon and others know more than I do and have access to several people on the inside that I certainly do not. In the same vein, I adore my wife. We disagree on things every once in a while, but I still adore her and she is usually right about her opposing thoughts and opinions. Such is the case with Simon. I agree with him 99% of the time but at the end of the day I love him, I believe him and I support him.

  • Todd says:

    Dear Doug,
    A few weeks ago you featured conversation with Maria Zack wherein she indicated there would be new details coming out of France (the next week) on the 2020 election. I don’t believe she has been back since that show. Please advise when you might expect to get her back on your program with her update.

    Thank you.

  • Carol Lancaster says:

    I always enjoy your program and Simon is my favorite guest that you have on. Keep bringing us listeners the truth as you know it. God bless you.

  • toxicgreyhoundfarts says:

    Biden is not in control of his bowel or bladder never mind a country !

  • Clint Fleming says:

    My wife and I have been living like it’s 1955 for over 20 yrs. Raised a family on one income and sent a daughter to college nearly debt free

    What I’m doing:

    Responding to the Call

    Becoming a firefighter/paramedic was a call for my life that served a significant part to help me understand my walk as a disciple of Christ. As a Paramedic, I took an oath to save lives. “That a life may be saved..” was a statement that was engraved in my mind. What is interesting, a very similar responsibility had already been planted in my heart when I received Jesus Christ of Nazareth as my savior and LORD.

    In Matthew 28:19-20 we see Jesus Christ delegating His authority to His disciples; commissioning them to be responsible as members of His body so “that a life may be saved”.

    In Matthew 22:37-40 Christ instructs you and me how we are to implement our responsibility in this “life saving” process.

    Today I am pioneering in an endeavor to reach into the chaos of the “fire” to dare to attempt to “rescue” those who serve the public as first responders. Not all first responders serve from a capacity of one trained in law enforcement, fire, EMS, dispatch, or armed forces. They are the general public, one who takes it upon him or herself to “serve and protect” “that a life may be saved” to rescue the one in need.

    Responding to the Call is a ministry reaching those who are willing to act in a time of need serving their community, training them to become “Kingdom Responders SM” available to “Resuscitate the heart of man back to God”.

    Jesus called or invited those who professed to follow Him to do the same as He. To be a “Good Samaritan” Luke 10:30-37, to lay down their life for another. How? Read the parable!

    Do you sense the “call” in your life? Have your received Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior? If so, do you understand your responsibility to respond to the Great Commission and play your role in your community so “That a life may be saved”?

    Visit Responding to the Call today for further information on how you too can expand your relationship with God and fulfill your responsibility as a “Kingdom Responder” SM. Like Responding to the Call on Facebook.

    I look forward to serving you.

    In Him, for Him, through Him,

    Clinton Fleming

  • Joe says:

    Reagan was a cia puppet of Kissinger. Read Cathy O Briens transformation of America. She is a MK Ultra Survivor and was groomed to be a presidential model sex slave. Reagan was an abuser according to Cathy. This also confirmed by Susan Ford another survivor in her book Thank You for The Memories. Trump is promoting the vaccine how does that make him a great Man? He is just another puppet of the deep state. Wake Up People. Research don’t believe everything Simon Says. If he thinks Reagan was a good man he obviously has not done his research.

  • Kitty Lou Evers says:

    Thank you for having Simon Parks on your show, Doug. He is an uplifting voice that I appreciate so much!

  • Patrick Thornton says:

    Simon is a genuine person, but he’s being used to push a fake narrative. Nothing he says ever comes true. He’s being used to delay the push back, kicking the can further down the road while the vax is being rolled out. In my opinion he’s just controlled opposition.

  • Pam Shirk says:

    Love that you have Simon Parkes on your show. But I have always been bothered by the statement that families “have to have” two incomes to make it. I am living proof that one wage earner is possible. I own a house and two cars, but it took time.
    I think a lot of folks who announce their perception of what it takes to make it, want to start out on the top. And with that, I agree, two wage earners are a necessity.

  • Marta Pirnat says:

    Simon Parkes has made it very clear that the Pentagon takes orders from Donald J Trump “Commander In Chief” and does not recognise Biden as President! Also, Simon has said clearly that the military takes orders from Trump. One thing that RINGS with me that comes straight out of Donald Trump’s mouth “THE BEST IS YET TO COME” let us not forget this!

  • John Thomas Kelsey says:

    This Parkes guy has a laundry list a mile long of things he alleged was going to happen going back to last November that NEVER happened. Just go.back to his old YouTube posts if you need proof. How can you say this guy is credible as a guest on your show.? What is his end game?

  • Graham says:

    Simon is a pleasant fellow however my Spidey Sense tells me he’s full of shit. Did he also not privide evidence to back up his claims?

  • CC says:

    I hope things change. King County Washington is full on communist. I got discriminated against at the coffee shop in my neighborhood for not producing a vax card. I called in an order and tried to pay in person and they said they couldn’t process my payment without the card. I said that is why I called it in and the person on the phone told me to pay when I get there. They finally gave in, but wow unbelivable. Many nurses and police have been fired because they won’t get the jab. One minute they are heros and now they get kicked to the curb. How insane is that. Many businesses are loosing business because they are following the governors mandate of not allowing unvaxed people in resturants, gyms and theaters. I hope our military comes and takes care of this tyranical government in Washington State.

  • Larry says:

    What happened to Maria Zack’s follow up story.

  • Larry Kibler says:

    What happened to Maria Zack’s follow up story.

    • Dbillingusr says:

      She could not provide any shred of evidnece of her amazing articulations.
      The Frenchman is a fraud. I addressed this over 3 weeks ago on my show. Go back to and watch my assessment of it.

  • Amy v says:

    Doug, please don’t take your air time to worry about the “nay sayers”.. fill that time with your conversation with Simon or guests… people can go to other places to get information. Stay true to your message – the enemy is trying to get you off course

  • Mary says:

    My dentists parents live on the border of TX. AND Mexico. They say there is absolutely nothing happening where they live. I respect for you both and we could be talking about completely different parts of the border.
    I am a Patriot and am fighting for my grandchildren. Researching and speaking to people for 2 years.

  • Jolanda says:

    2 realy great man! Thank you so much for everything you do for mankind💕💕💕

  • Roger Corby says:

    This is the same nonsense that has been talked about for months. Here are the facts:

    1. Biden is alive and we are seeing the real Biden.
    2. JFK Jr is dead, dead, dead. My friend was a navy rescue diver and recovered the body of JFK Jr.
    3. HRC is not dead and is very much alive.
    4. There was no shoot out in Germany over the election servers.
    5. There were no secret flights to Gitmo transferring deep staters to prison.
    6. Absolutely no one was executed in military tribunals.
    7. There are no pending military tribunals for deep staters…absolutely none.
    8. There was absolute voter fraud. The coverup goes so deep that over 90% of people in the government are deep staters. This includes every part of the government including the military.
    9. Nearly 100% of the media, bankers and corporate official’s are deep staters.
    10. The US education system, including teachers, is almost completely infiltrated by deep staters.
    11. DJT will not win in 2024, this is absolute fact. The fraud is so deep that only deep staters are assured of election wins.
    12. Obozo is completely running the country. Remember Obozo’s interview about the ear piece. Biden is just a puppet.
    13. The deep state cannot finalize their evil plans because of the 2nd amendment. Make no mistake about it, the 2nd amendment will be eliminated.
    14. The Cloward-Piven strategy was written by two Communist Columbia professors named Cloward and Piven. Obozo said the were mentors to him. Their strategy outlines how to turn the USA into a communist nation. As of today, we have followed every one of their steps to turn this country into a communist nation. If you don’t believe me, look it up.
    15. The vaccines serve one purpose only…to kill you. All deep staters who brag about getting the vaccine were never vaccinated. They were all given placebo’s. Hint…everyone on TV pushing the vaccine, were never given the vaccine. All the foolish people who received it, never did any research on the vaccine and what it will do to them. There is a name for these people…useful idiots. I feel sorry for these people but their lives have been shortened to just a couple of years if they are lucky.
    16. There is only one way to end the tyranny…..

    • Dbillingusr says:

      Wow! I’ve rarely read a post with such truth and passion! I agree, somewhat with almost all of your points… Except for #11.
      I like the way you think, Roger.
      For the Republic.

  • RAFO says:

    People have a love/hate relationship with Simon Parkes. Some love him and follow every word he says… others swear he’s a shill who’s been blowing smoke up our skirts for a long time. So, which is it? Are we to trust him our not?? To me, what hurts Simon’s credibility is his earlier interview videos where he talks openly about having relations with an alien. Has he grown beyond this craziness?? I don’t know. We all have to try and read him as best we can. He APPEARS to be on the level, OR, he’s a great actor. I can’t figure this guy out.

  • P Johnson says:

    Doug, I love when you have Simon on as your guest. I have followed him for two years and he brings clarity and comfort. I find him to be kind, truthful and caring. Thank you for bringing him on as your guest. You have hosted many fine programs with people I trust, such as General Flynn. We need honest commentary and I find that when watching your show. Thank you for all you do. God Bless you and God Bless America.

  • Lorraine Melville says:

    When is Maria Zack returning to your program?

  • Ellen Loftus says:

    I think people voted for Biden as a vote against Trump (TDS) and hope they realize that vengeance is the Lord’s….

  • Rhonda P says:

    Doug, Please stop apologizing, explaining your friendship with Simon. This is so not necessary. People as a whole do not agree on everything, ever. I appreciate you both. Thank you for keeping us updated.

  • Kathleen Edwards says:

    I enjoyed your talk with Mr Parkes , Simon is good people and really uplifting. I appreciate your show and what your doing , get the word out we have to wake people up ! Great job guys . Im 70 and wishing I was younger so I could do more , I do what I can from home and my computer and where I can support the Patriots but if the left pushes hard enough I will be out fight hand to hand with my last breath to keep our country free for us and future generations. We need God and should all pray for his forgiveness and help in gettting our land healed ! God Bless you

  • Keith Gradwell says:

    What l think we should do is when the QFS cools out, the money should go to your official mailing address or last known address. Then all these people will most likely turn around and go back home on their own in order to collect their checks. Problem solved all over the world. And l believe when all is said and done, most people would rather be back in their home countries where they grew up.

  • Kathie says:

    Hello Mr. Billings,
    I used 2 watch your show on u tube all the time & then U were gone. I have not been able 2 get on telegram, rumble r any other platform so I’m stuck w/you tube only. I guess I should b thankful that I am able 2 get through my Apple tv. My point is u tube is pulling up shows from a year ago & presenting them 2 b present time. This is frustrating. I wish that each show would actually say out loud the date, month, day, year, or possibly a very visible calendar with day, date & year. Some programs seem 2 b coming back 2 u tube, thankfully but I’ve missed a whole bunch of stuff that was on telegram, rumble etc., I live in Raymore, Mo. I know you r in Raytown. Flyover Conservatives are also in MO. I am a 70 yr. old widow and I started really waking up in 2019 when I was suspicious that something was so wrong. This process slowly started when Bush was re-elected 4 his 2nd term. Now when AG, John Ashcroft, decided 2 retire 2 spend time w/his family was a huge red flag. My father-in-law was a personal friend of his, if he knew anything he never spoke of it. Anxiously awaiting the end of the movie and med-beds & lovely President Trump & JFK Jr. Thank U, Kathie

  • Pamela M Forbes says:

    So what day did you interview Simon recently where he said firefight on the border “tomorrow”?

  • Susan Edwards says:

    Always enjoy Doug and Simon Parkes! 2 wonderful, likeminded Patriots who bring geniuine hope and a calm, healing perspective on world events.

  • clive says:

    [“One great problem is that we all accept titles such as Mr, Mrs, Ms so easily and the acceptance of these titles lowers our status from a man/woman to chattel, i myself have stopped accepting titles. Write to your titled persons like PRIME MINISTER who believes he is your overlord while in fact he has voluntarily lowered himself below man/woman and give him your law, tell him that you will no longer accept any title and any documents sent to your contracting venue (your post box) will be returned unopened and unclaimed, with addressee not recognized, return to sender for cause without dishonor in commerce, no lawful consent, no legal contract, offer to contract declined, you do not accept any all caps name, any Mr, Mrs or Ms, by them sending you an envelope addressed to an all upper case name they are coercing you to accept something that is not yours and is misrepresentation.”] i a man all rights reserved

  • peter alan shuttleworth says:

    I too been hearing what SP has been saying for some years now and at times is re-assuring…however, over a month ago he stated that we should read our bank statements and look at the credit card charges…he more or less said that these charges will disappear…and the M25 would have been blocked by the military ( last year) , and C ahrlie Ward saying this is a movie, the EBS will appear ( to be hones if any EBS is going to aired, it will be the BBC airing documentaries when the QE dies) …I am getting sick and tired of these people saying this is going to happen on this date and that date…If anything I find juan o savin more credible.

  • Kenny Lenop says:

    I can’t believe you give this guy a forum. You and your show are losing all credibility by having this kook on your show. You are showing everyone that you are not a serious person. The “Trump Team” has never reached out to this kook!!

  • Rodrigo Tomic says:

    All is well all be well all be safe.

  • Len Dobrzyn says:

    Dear Doug & Simon: *(Hope you both see this!) — Watched this clip where Simon states he can’t rightly figure how anyone could have voted for Biden, and wishing if they could have their vote back would not have… I have news for you… I live around Scranton, PA where they say this moron grew up (*fake news really!) and they are changing Spruce Street’s name to Joe Biden Street and the Central Scranton Expressway to Joe Biden Expressway. I spend much time as a patriot trying to wake people and there are quite a few that I have sent clips on the 3 corporations who run the world, on the cabal, Pizzagate, and many of your wonderful clips with Karen Kingston — AND THEY DON’T CARE — THEY STILL SUPPORT BIDEN… I virtually gave up on them with sadness in my heart and move on to others hoping they will wake up! God Bless you both for what you do!! Thank you so much!!! I love you both!!

    • Dbillingusr says:

      Hi Len,
      Thank you for your support of the show, of Simon and of me. I appreciate you.
      You’re doing God’s work and your patriotic duty by trying to wake people up. There will always be some (perhaps many) who don’t want to wake up. From there, we pray for them and move on without them. But we never give up… Just as you’ve demonstrated.
      Love you back.
      God bless you.
      For the Republic!

    • Dbillingusr says:

      Hi Len,
      Thanks for your message. I’ve seen it! 🙂 I’ll forward it to Simon as well.
      God bless you.

      PS we love you back!

  • Kiwi Rose says:

    WOW – loved this interview with Simon. I follow Simon Parkes closely and find him so refreshing and calming in these times of turmoil. Thank you Doug, as always, and you too Simon. Wonderful video and clarified so much that I’m already aware of.

    ps: I’ve noticed for at least a couple of years that the old Biden looks nothing like the Biden that’s been rolled out in recent times. Clearly 2 different people!!! How can people not see that? Clearly obvious IMO 😉

    Love from NZ

  • Deborah Hardeman says:

    I am so glad you said our military will do what they were hired to do protect the USA and its citizens. And from attacks within our borders from US Terrorist. God Bless, you always make me feel better. Deborah Air Force Veteran

  • Loyed says:

    A constitution without a supreme court to back it up is only toilet paper.

  • Paul W says:

    Doug, I am a big fan, but I hope you understand the hypocrisy here. You bailed out of your interview with Maria Zack at the last second (instead of giving us the chance to decide for ourselves) because you said she lacked proof of her claims, as did the French attorney. Yet Simon Parkes, who HAS never shown proof for ANY of his claims, including here, is back on your show again. So, you’ll let one guest spot stuff that isn’t true (& has never been right about anything) but you won’t for another who has been right before about stuff, like Italy helping steal our election last year. It’s a shame you can’t discuss “differing opinions and credibility” with him but not them. Why is the Frenchman a liar but not Simon, who has made way more outrageous claims? Some food for thought so your program doesn’t jump the shark.

  • Paul W says:

    Doug, but I hope you understand the hypocrisy here. You bailed out of your interview with Maria Zack at the last second (instead of giving us the chance to decide for ourselves) because you said she lacked proof of her claims, as did the French attorney. Yet Simon Parkes, who HAS never shown proof for ANY of his claims, including here, is back on your show again. So, you’ll let one guest spot stuff that isn’t true (& has never been right about anything) but you won’t for another who has been right before about stuff, like Italy helping steal our election last year. It’s a shame you can’t discuss “differing opinions and credibility” with him but not them. Why is the Frenchman a liar, but not Simon, who has made way more outrageous claims? Some food for thought so your program doesn’t jump the shark.

    • Dbillingusr says:

      Hi Paul,
      I appreciate you. You’re off the mark here… I don’t discuss issues with Simon that require “proof.” We have a friendly banter and he’s a friend. He may offer opinions of things on other shows, but on my show, he’s not spinning into conspiracy theories or such. Maria came on, specifically to prove that a Frenchman, would bring down “shadow governments” and etc. She couldn’t provide any evidence… No documents, no recordings, nothing. This is MUCH different that what Simon and I talk about.
      God bless you.

  • Lisa says:

    Simon and Doug , I really appreciate you both trying to keep us up to date with things….I am so worried they’re turning our country into Venezuela.. please keep on doing what you’re doing thank you both!!

  • Vee Cee says:

    The media needs to be cleansed as well. Taken out of the hands of the 8 or 9 corporations that now control most of the media.

  • Clint Fipps says:

    You keep saying that the white hats are waiting for a percentage of people to wake up before acting etc., etc. I am going to tell you and the white hats that if you dont get off your ass and get busy now, there won’t be an America much longer…the damage economically, our standing politically here and in the world and everything else is getting well past the tipping point. We are running out of time…NOW! GET BUSY or the American people WILL handle this and it wont be pretty.

    • Dbillingusr says:

      Hi Clint,
      You’re not looking at the correct answer… It’s YOU who has to get involved to save this Republic! I’ve NEVER commented on “white hats.”
      But I have said, repeatedly, that it’s up to WE THE PEOPLE to save America. If you sit around and wait for me, or anyone else to do it, you’ve missing the entire point of Determined Patriotism! Now, may I respectfully suggest that YOU get off your ass and get involved – just as I am.
      For the Republic!
      God bless you.